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Trump's first 100 Days - the Plan announced in Gettysburg

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Trump's first 100 Days - the Plan announced in Gettysburg


Some of these Good ideas have been around for Decades :
Like Term limits, and prohibitions on lobbying.
The elites will HATE it, but they are not supporting Trump anyway


SR1285 – Trump's Gettysburg Address


"The Rules are rigged, 1/5 households have no one with a job"

"We will never solve our problems, by relying on the same politicians...
"We are at a Fork in the road"


The First 100 DAYS:
1. Term limits on all members of Congress
2. Hiring freeze on govt employees, to reduce the federal workforce (except military,public safety)
3. For every new regulation, two existing ones to be eliminated
4. Five year ban on white house, & congressional officials becoming lobbyists
5. Lifetime ban on white house officials lobbying for foreign govts.
6. Ban of raising foreign money for white house election

Seven actions to protect America workers
+ Totally renegotiate NAFTA
+ Withdrawal from TPP, a potential disaster
+ China to be labeled a currency manipulator
+ Identify all foreign trading abuses that hurt American workers, and end them
+ Lift restrictions on production of America Energy reserves: shale, oil, natgas, clean coal
+ Lift Obama/Clinton roundblocks on vital energy infrastructure projects (keystone pipeline, etc)
+ Cancel billions in payments to UN climate chg. programs- instead fix our own environment

Five Actions to restore security and constitutional law
+ Cancel every execurtive order issued by Obama
+ Seek replacement for supreme court judge Scalia
+ Cancel federal funding of sanctuary cities
+ Remove criminal illegal aliens, and cancel visa of those countries who will not take them back
+ Suspend immigration from Terror prone regions, where vettings cannot safely occur


New Legislation: on Taxes, and Acts
+ Middle Class Tax relief and simplification - largest tax reductions for the Middle Class (35% cut)
+ 15% corp tax rate, 10% tax to bring back overseas profits
+ Tariffs on imported goods from those business that left the country
+ American infrastructure act - $1 Trillion in spending
+ School Choice and Education act : give choice to parents, and end Common Core

+ Repeal and Replace Obamacare Act : Health savings accounts, is one way
+ Cutting Red tape at the FDA
+ Affordable child care and elder care Act : tax free dependent care savings accts
+ End Illegal immigration Act : Mexico to pay for the wall (they will reimburse)
: 2-year minimum sentence for those who re-enter, 5-years if they enter again

+ Restoring community safety act

+ Restoring national security act : ending sequester

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Even the Corrupt Media reported on it... but with the usual twists


  1. In historic Gettysburg, Lincoln spoke of unity; Trump complained of a ...

    3 hours ago ... GETTYSBURG, Pa. — ... Proxy Highlight

    Donald Trump traveled Saturday to the site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War, where he suggested that the United ...


  2. Donald Trump Pledges to 'Heal Divisions' (and Sue His Accusers ...

    2 hours ago ... Proxy Highlight

    Donald J. Trump spoke with a park ranger during a trip to Gettysburg, Pa., on Saturday. Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times.

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Will Trump be allowed to change anything?


Keiser Report: Double Government (E983)


"Elected officials serve as a mere cover for the real decision-makers"


(who are the Secret Government, or the Deep State)

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"We have TWO Systems of Justice in America..."


Justice Judge Jeanine | Oct 22,16 | Interview w/ Trump Jr.; Crimes & Lies of Hillary; Trump's Agenda



She recalls more Clinton lies, more likely criminals "skating".

How much longer can we allow the FBI to flub these cases ?

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