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Liar. Liar, Hillary's Pantsuit on Fire. Media, Money, Mud & Fear

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Liar. Liar, Hillary's Pantsuit on Fire. Media, Money, Mud & Fear


Hillary loses on TRUST and virtually every Policy Issue


All she has is 90% support from the corporate Media, loads of Money, & Mud to sling



"completely and utterly false"


Hillary’s Deleted Emails: Yoga Routines and Classified Diplomatic Talks
Clinton emails recovered by the FBI include sensitive government information

by Edmund Kozak | Updated 21 Oct 2016


The State Department released a slew of Clinton emails on Friday obtained by the FBI as part of their investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server whilst secretary of state.

The new release includes one email that, while it did not contain classified information at the time at which it was sent, did contain information that the State Department has now decided should be classified. The email had been deleted by Clinton from her private server.

“I chose not to keep my private personal emails.”

“Today, the State Department is making publicly available online 112 documents totaling 247 additional pages of emails sent or received by Secretary Clinton in her official capacity during her tenure as Secretary of State,” State Department Spokesperson John Kirby said in an official statement.

“There is one new document that has been upgraded to Confidential,” he said.

The newly-classified email serves to underscore the extent to which Clinton’s initial claims that her deleted emails related only to personal matters were completely and utterly false.


> http://www.lifezette.com/polizette/hillarys-deleted-emails-yoga-routines-classified-diplomatic-talks/



Does the Clinton Foundation pay for all of those pantsuits?

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We may be PAST "Peak Bitch"


A woman president is okay, but not THIS woman


(Hillary's best polling moment: about mid-August, 2016)



The Daybreak Poll is considered by some to be the most unbiased and accurate



Hillary in her white pantsuit at Debate #3 - Only her owned-Media thought she won it




Time Magazine promoted her (kiss of death?) 2 1/2 years before "Peak Bitch"


> www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=20765&page=2

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The Character of the would-be Leader : A Very revealing interview


Ex Secret Service Agent & Ex-CIA Agent Talk Truth About Hillary


+ Repeated incidents showing anger issues

+ Treats those around her badly

+ No empathy

+ Serial Liar : Will say anything to get what she wants

+ Thinks there are special rules for herself; different than for everyone else

+ Everything she touches has been a disaster


SL keeps asking: Why does the Media support her?


At the end:

"For those who don't recall the Clintons in the White House, it was an awful time... with many scandals.

Hillary would demand that people break the laws for her, and when they did they would get into trouble...

and even go to jail."


"If she gets elected, we are all going to prison"


The Irony - HRC has spoken about Trump's temperament

But she is the one with anger issues

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As Gary Byrne said (in the interview above)


She will Lie about anything to get what she wants...

And the Media often supports her with Lies




Hillary wanted Clinton Foundation to keep taking foreign donations - and to find a way to move Qatar's millions for Bill's projects off its books as she prepared to run

20/10/16 21:42

Hillary Clinton favored an approach that allowed foreign donations to keep pouring into the Clinton Foundation as she prepared to remove herself from activities and run for president.


/ 2 /

The media helps spread the Lies:

Voters in battleground states say Hillary beat Trump by a 10-point margin in the debate – and just a third of Trump's own battleground supporters back his refusal to endorse election results


Voters in 13 battleground states say Donald Trump won Wednesday night's final presidential debate. Voters said Clinton won by 49 to 39 per cent, according to the CBS survey.


This is another lie - Trump did not say that

Hpw can he endorse an election result, before he sees how much cheating has occurred?

The CBS poll looks faked to me


/ 3 /

A persistent Trump critic tells some home truth


MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough issued an angry rant against the media Thursday morning, arguing that reporters are taking one “little phrase” from Donald Trump and having a “freak out” over something that Democrats have been complaining about ever since President George W. Bush beat Al Gore in 2000.

On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Mr. Scarborough pointed out a double standard in the media after reporters pounced on the Republican presidential nominee’s statement during the final debate that he may or may not respect the election results.

Mr. Scarborough said it’s just another example “of the media having to find a little phrase and freak out.”

“When as a Republican I have listened to Democrats talk about the only two times we won the White House in like 800 years that we stole both elections,” the host said. “I had to sit through ‘Fahrenheit 911’ and a lady was sobbing violently behind me on the Upper West Side about the election being stolen from George Bush and I patted her halfway through. I go, ‘It’s all right, it’s all right, ma’am. It’s all right. It’s all a lie anyway.’ Democrats have been whining for 16 years, they are still writing articles about how Bush stole the elections in 2000 and 2004. So this holier-than-thou attitude about, ‘This is the first time anyone has suggested that the election is not a sacrosanct process,’ it’s a joke. So you guys bathe in that hypocrisy if you want to — I’d just like to hear how the debate went. Go ahead, bathe.


> http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/oct/20/joe-scarborough-rips-media-reaction-to-trump-on-el/

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Hillary Rest, Talks, Lies - doesn't Deliver


Renee Elmers knocks Hillary Clinton’s debate prep: What woman has that much time?

Singer Vicente Fernandez, left, and former President Bill Clinton, second from left, applaud together as Democratic presidential candidate


October 20, 2016

Rep. Renee Elmers, North Carolina Republican, said it’s curious how much time Hillary Clinton spent off the public campaign trail preparing for Wednesday’s debate and asked what woman in the country has that much time for anything when they’re balancing so much.

“You know, it’s interesting — Hillary Clinton was MIA for over five days getting ready for this debate,” Ms. Elmers said Thursday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“Now here’s the thing: What woman in this country has five days to prepare for anything? We’re balancing our lives with work, children — every issue,” she said.

Donald Trump was on the campaign trail up to almost [the] exact moment before that took place. Why? Because he’s a worker,” Ms. Elmers said. “He’s not a talker.”


> http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/oct/20/renee-elmers-knocks-hillary-clinton-debate-prep-wh/

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By Contrast... Trump delivers...


A Gettysburg address

SR1285 – Trump's Gettysburg Address - the 100-Day Plan


Connect with me; Bill Still: Newspaper Editor/Publisher, Economics Reporter - top US Publications, authored 22 books, 4 Documentary Videos & daily host of this Y/T Channel THE STILL REPORT: https://plus.google.com/u/0/109353617116072656672


/ give Bill a Thumbs up on this video, if you appreciate his work /

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SYSTEM is "sewn up... elites Lie & Deny... and the Media covers it up"


The push the lies onto 3 groups:

+ The unaware, + The Accepting, + The Aware (but feeling helpless)


Fraud & Corruption: The Ruling Elite EXPOSED -- Louis Cammarosano


Published on Oct 21, 2016

Louis Cammarosano from Smaulgld.com joins me to expose the ruling elite's lust for power. The shadow government is being exposed for what it is - and now they are acting like the cornered rats they are.


"their lies. their games... rigged to be played their way... in a rigged market"

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At Last !



Intergalactic Law Enforcement Officers Place Energy Shackles On Hillary Clinton

NEWS IN BRIEF | October 19, 2016

PARADISE, NV—Materializing through a dimensional portal in front of a stunned audience at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, intergalactic law enforcement officers reportedly appeared onstage during Wednesday night’s presidential debate and placed a pair of glowing blue energy shackles on Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. “Secretary Clinton, you have been found in violation of interstellar law and have been called to stand trial before the Galactic Conclave,” said the justice official from the Centaurus System while a pair of uniformed extraterrestrial enforcers grabbed the former first lady’s shoulders with their forelimbs and pincers and escorted her toward the rippling space-time rift from which they had entered. “By order of the Nebulon Federation, you will depart with us at once to the Halls of Justice on Axio Prime, where you will await judgment for your crimes. If convicted, you face up to 900 cycles of hard labor within the comet mines of Zorlon B.” At press time, Clinton’s campaign team had issued a press statement referring to the criminal charges as “more baseless accusations” and assuring voters that the candidate has always complied with all transcosmic protocols.

- The Onion

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Her sense of entitlement will just get Worse, if she wins


Catherine Austin Fitts-Clintons Addicted to Privilege


Published on Oct 23, 2016

So, what needs to be done to fix the economy? Investment advisor Catherine Austin Fitts contends, “The big issue in 2017 is how the government is going to get people to pay their taxes if the government is not viewed as legitimate? . . . We have a win/lose relationship between human productivity and labor productivity. If we want to get more labor productivity, and if we want a stronger stock market, then we need to change those models to win/win. The problem is you have folks like the Clintons who only know how to play in the win/lose model. They only know how to slap out government money, and they are deeply corrupt. They are very vested in the current model, and they don’t want to change. They think if you change the model, you are going to have to change to different kinds of people, which is true. You are going to need engineers instead of lawyers. They (Clintons) are not willing to change. They are not willing to bring more transparency to the system. They are basically addicted to privilege. The question is how do we change the leadership? It now appears the leadership is not willing to change without a crisis.”

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A good summary - showing her character, and her lies

Anonymous - Message to Hillary Clinton 2016

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MORE OLD LIES, and old crimes revealed



Details From The National Enquirer About Hillary's Hitman

NeutralAvatar_36x36.jpgby Stephen-Kersey on Yesterday

The National Enquirer has dropped its own October Surprise it’s a doozy. Running a cover that boldly proclaims, “Hillary Hitman Tells All!” the tabloid rag claims that it has finally made contact with Bill and Hillary’s “Mr. Fix It,” a shadowy figure who was responsible for sweeping a slew of sleazy Clinton controversies under the rug and out of the public eye – all the way back to 1992.

He had worked as a “fixer” in Hollywood throughout the ‘80s and early ‘90s, someone who would tap into his network of journalists and publicists to prevent any unflattering stories about his clients to come to light. In 1991, the Clintons, who were then just beginning to appear on the national stage, sent a middleman to recruit Mr. Fix It for their own nefarious purposes.

While Bill remained somewhat oblivious of the arrangement, Hillary monitored Mr. Fix It more closely, secretly diverting $4,000 a month to keep him at hand. Even back then, Hillary had her sights set on a high-powered political career, and she would not let anything – or anyone – get in the way.

Whenever word of Bill’s rampant lechery threatened to go public, Hillary summoned Mr. Fix It to make the bad press go away by whatever means necessary. The underground operative describes bribing reporters and photographers, buying silence from Bill’s victims, and swapping favors on behalf of the Clintons to ensure that Hillary’s name was never tarnished.

Mr. Fix It finally quit his gig with the Clinton’s in 2008, claiming that he could no longer work with such a hostile and morally bankrupt family. He had initially planned to keep their secrets: Bill had largely faded from the public eye due to heart troubles and Hillary finally seemed content to have achieved the post of Secretary of State, a powerful job to which Mr. Fix It believed Hillary could devote herself.

However, Mr. Fix it decided that it was time to break his silence after seeing the Clinton campaign hypocritically drag Donald Trump through the mud for supposedly abusing women.

“Predictably, the liberal media is focusing on one man’s alleged misdeeds and ignoring another’s proven sins,” he wrote in his own words, adding: “Nothing I have heard comes close to the sexual and moral corruption of the Clintons – many of which have yet to be revealed.”...


> MORE: http://www.break.com/article/national-enquirer-details-about-hillarys-hitman-3056039

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Hillary's ODOR




Secret Service: Hillary and Obama stink like sulfur | Fellowship of the ...

Oct 17, 2016 - They say listen, Obama and Hillary both smell like sulfur. I never said this because the media will go crazy with it, but I've talked to people that ...

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Clinton's "Fixer" speaks out


Sean Hannity FULL Interview with The " Fixer " Clinton Operative Jeff Rovin National Enquirer Story



October 24, 2016 - Sean Hannity FULL Interview with The " Fixer " Clinton Operative Jeff Rovin National Enquirer Story - Fox News

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This Is Amazing: O’Reilly’s Epic Response To Hillary’s Lies Will Change The Outcome Of The Election!

xx Views / xx Likes - since Yesterday !



Published on Oct 30, 2016


BOR: "Everyone knows Hillary did not tell the truth about her email"
"... With the Exception of One Person: FBI Director, Comey made no mention.."

(( see below ))
"He either knew about it, or covered it up."
"Either Comey knew, he should have known - but did not mention it."
"Why did the American people not get told about this email??"

"It's obvious now the FBI booted the investigation."

"it's obvious that she lied about it - Now the American people have to go an Vote for a President."



What is the Email - O'Reilly is talking about ??


Clinton staffers were concerned about Obama's emails to Hillary's Server
Sheryl Mills: "We need to clean this up..."
Neera Tanden (Mar.2015): "Why did they not get this out like 18 months ago."
Podesta: "Incredible"
Neera T.: "I guess I know the answer, they wanted to get away with it."
- she emailed on March 2, 2015 - "There's your smoking gun!" - OReilly

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You're Not in the Club, but: "I'm here to tell you Fools what to do!"


FULL Robert De Niro Statement Trashing Donald Trump - Parody Anti- Hillary WikiLeaks


... Lied to the FBI... Lied to the State Dept... so what?


FULL Robert De Niro Statement Trashing Donald Trump


A reaction:

Jon Voight blasts Robert De Niro for 'ugly rant' and defends Trump


And this more Direct plea:

Jon Voight's plea to save America AND VOTE FOR TRUMP !!

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FEAR - of Hillary has been a unspoken but HUGE factor in the 2016 campaign


Bill Clinton Impeachment Chief Investigator: I'm Terrified of Hillary

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Clinton Impeachment Chief Investigator: I’m ‘Terrified’ of Hillary

NEW YORK — Dave Schippers, who served as the Chief Investigative Counsel for the House Judiciary Committee’s probe into whether Bill Clinton committed impeachable offenses, stated in an exclusive radio interview that he is “terrified” of Hillary Clinton.


Schippers described the room at the Ford House Office Building where the evidence was housed during the impeachment probe as having armed guards outside. He said those who were permitted to enter were not allowed to bring anything in or out.

He said he was one of the few people who actually reviewed all of the evidence in the impeachment case. He said that only 65 House members accepted an invitation to review the evidence in the room and that all senators declined before they voted against impeaching Clinton.

Asked about the specifics of the evidence, Schippers said he is barred from answering the question. However, he replied, “Let me say this. Sixty-five Congressmen saw that evidence. And 64 voted to impeach. Take your own conclusion.”

[link to www.breitbart.com]
“Today, I am still terrified of Hillary. Absolutely I am terrified. Because if she gets into office. In fact, I’ve told my wife, I said, ‘If Hillary gets elected, look for the FBI or somebody to come and pick me up the next day.’

“And I think I’m the only one left. [Former Congressman] Henry Hyde is dead. [independent Counsel Kenneth] Star didn’t really hurt her. Yeah. I was scared when I was out there… I’ve been terrified ever since. Because things happen. Things happen.”

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Sean Hannity gets it right again


AN ORGY OF LYING by Mrs Clinton early in this broadcast


Sean Hannity 10/31/16 Trey Gowdy ; Comey Tells Congress The Truth About Clinton Email Server


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