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CITY GATE, KROMA Tower, & AFT (photos)

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(N., see my private message to you. re: petition / private KTO thread)

Kroma Rents & Prices. 1BR: 450 units + studios, 2BR= 820+ units in total - CGK7


*NEW* High Floor 1BR UNIT at Kroma Tower - Available Soon For Lease

Floor plan for upper floors.

This 59sqm - 1 Bedroom unit faces Dela Rosa, Legazpi Leisure Park & Manila Bay


Should be good for tenant seeking long term lease arrangement,
and wants to choose own furniture, & stay for at least two years.
2-3 year term available, at fixed price.
Bare unit of 59sqm = 55sqm inside + 4sqm balcony

High floor, sensational view towards Manila Bay.

P 58,000 per Month
Available from Feb. 2019 (provisionally)

Text message / Or questions to: "HiFloor Kroma" @ 0995 298 5718


Note: Rents on lower floors average P1,100 psm, Fully Furnished


Kroma is one of ONLY TWO CONDOS on the walkway - the other is Eton Tower

Stay "high & dry" in comfort in Kroma, on the Artsy-end of Ayala Avenue

> LINK to here: https://tinyurl.com/kroma-ckg7

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KROMA TOWER, Listed for Sale, 1BR's 11 units (Dec. 2018)
2BR x4: 20,000K / 98.0 = 204.1k psm : 2BR, 2ba
Stu.-x2: P5,650K / 28.0 = 210.8k psm :
1BR --  : 15,805K / 58.0 = 272.5k psm : 1BR, 1ba
1BR --  : 14,500K / 56.0 = 258.9k psm : 1BR, 1ba
1BR --  : 13,000K / 59.0 = 220.3k psm : 1BR, 1ba
1BR-x4: 12,000K / 56.0 = 214.3k psm : 1BR, 1ba,
1BR --  : 11,600K / 56.0 = 207.1k psm : 1BR, 1ba, ??
1BR --  : 11,000K / 54.0 = 203.7k psm : 1BR, 1ba, 46fl
1BR --  : 10,900K / 56.0 = 194.6k psm : 1BR, 1ba, 46fl
1BR --  : 10,200K / 56.0 = 182.1k psm : 1BR, 1ba, 25Fl
===== : 
10 units: 119.2 k / 56.E = 212.9k psm (threw out High)
Parking: P 760k / 12.5 = P60.8k psm : podium parking
Median: 11,920k / ave.= 212.9k psm : Dec. 2018 / 10x 1 BR's
Prior --  : 10,375k / ave.= 185.3k psm : July 2018
RENTS : 1BR : P65,000 /56sqm = P1160 psm, aver.9 units
(source: DotProperty - early Dec. 2018) +14.9% since July

We have a seller on this website, go the prior page: CKG7

1BR, hi fl. corner: P208K psm x 56sqm = P11,650k

compare: when I update to Q3.2018, it will likely be over P200K psm


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"Stay High & Dry at Kroma Tower"

Kroma is one of only two condos on the Dela Rosa walkway, connecting to Greenbelt and giving easy access the high-paying jobs along Ayala Avenue. The other walkway access Condo is Eton Tower with mostly tiny units.  Measured space inside studios there is only 19sqm, tho' Eton (falsely) reports them as 22sqm

Possible Rent Squeeze is dead ahead at Kroma & Makati North.  Why?


Basically: three new office buildings have completed within 1-2 minutes walk of Kroma, and tenants have started to move in.  I estimate perhaps 20-25,000 employees will be working in those three, and some of the employees will want to live very near their offices.  The Rise & Air Residences were partly timed to cater to these workers (and their bosses), but these buildings are not completed yet, and are unlikely to be allowing their first turnovers until mid-2019, at the earliest. 

The last possible Rent squeeze I spotted was near Techzone on Yakal st.  Rents nearby rose by perhaps 20-30%.  I am not expecting that much at Kroma, but it could push rents up by maybe 10-20% over the next 6-12 months. Let's see what happens

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Possible Budget for furnishing a 1BR flat - An illustration

P500k Budget "sounds about right"
Major items, & categories below... shift to tastes/ requirements
+ 100K : Air Conditioning. 2 units, costing total P100k
+ P50K : Condensing washer/drier, around P45-50K
+ P25K : Refrigerator
+ P32K : Range, hood & strong fan (7k)
+ P10K : Tiles & Tiling work
+ P40K : Sofa, or Sofa Bed
+ P40K : Bed & mattress
+ P30K : Wardrobe?
+ P40K : Dining table and chair
+ P25K : Desk and chair
+ P20K : TV
+ P10K : Water heater, mirrored cabinet
+ P 6K : Microwave (4k) & Rice cooker
+ P 4K : Kitchen accessories
+ P20K : Lighting
+ P20K : Paintings or other artwork
+ P28K : Labor, installation, delivery

> 500K - Sub-Total
+ Other: Coffee table, end tables, shower enclosure etc./ missing?

> Some photos, etc: (members only):

Kroma Private Discussion - for KTO Group

MEET-UP : Sat. Mornings (10am normally, this week @ 9am: SBC, DelaRosa)

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A's One Bedroom Unit - rented in Dec. at P65,000 a month - that's about 1,100 psm


More Photos : #2 : #3 : #4 : On the Private KTO thread

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