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The Ephemeral Ken Bone (of the 2nd debate)

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The Ephemeral Ken Bone (of the 2nd debate)


He became famous when he asked a question about Energy, while wearing a Red Sweater



See this reference (at xx minutes) in the SNL Spoof


Bone appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show


Published on Oct 10, 2016

At the last Presidential Debate America was introduced to an undecided voter in a red sweater named Ken Bone. Ken quickly became the darling of the Internet so Jimmy invited him on our show.


And Stefan Molyneux did a segment on him


"Why do people try to hurt others?"


What Pisses Me Off About Ken Bone

Published on Oct 16, 2016

Various mainstream media outlets have taken an innocent man with fifteen minutes of fame and decided that he must be smeared and attacked. Stefan Molyneux is pissed off over the treatment of Ken Bone and offers a word a warning to the jackals who participate in this kind of public disassembly of harmless periphery public figures.

Background: http://nypost.com/2016/10/14/why-did-...

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His "Crimes"?

He is white. He is male... and he has some politically incorrect opinions

So the Trolls SWARMED


Why did the trolls have to take down Ken Bone?


Dear snarky trolls: You’ve certainly shown us what happens when an average guy tries to be civically engaged.

I’m referring to the hubbub over Ken Bone. An undecided voter from Illinois, Bone committed the cardinal sin of being a chubby white guy who owns a semi-goofy sweater and asking a question about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s energy policy at Sunday night’s presidential debate.

The nerve!

Rather than praise this guy for his involvement, Internet users and journalists pounced — laughing at him for his appearance and seeming aloofness and taking him to the woodshed over some of his past posts.

Such treatment reflects the Internet’s disgusting penchant for troll-swarming against easy targets. Bullies (some professional) hiding behind keyboards seem to have no qualms about directing their snark against any average Joe who dares step into the public spotlight.


> More: http://nypost.com/2016/10/14/why-did-the-trolls-have-to-take-down-ken-bone/



I want to see the world change.


I want a world where supporting Hillary Clinton, is seen as the Life-destroying, Satan-supporting PC act that it truly is.


If it took real courage to support Hillary, why do so many braindead Zombies do it?


Bone just asked a question... he did not even support Trump

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