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White Privilege: "It doesnt exist; but Jewish privilege does"

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White Privilege: "It doesnt exist; but Jewish privilege does" - so this podcast says


But you HEAR about White Privilege, because it is so VERY REWARDING for its supposed victims


Slattery & Joyce -- The Jewish take over of Academia


There are a handful of Jewish academics peddling the notion that "White studies" (examining White privilege) is a serious field for study


Some of these include:



Barbara Applebaum : Barbara Applebaum is an associate professor in Cultural Foundations of Education at Syracuse University

> http://www.educationalstudies.org/2011nominees/bapplebaum.html

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Ms Applebaum has no sense of Irony:


She seems to think that some (gays) have a right to have their sensibilities protected, but not others (Christians)

B. Applebaum: Journal of Moral Education, Vol. 32, No. 2, 2003
Social Justice, Democratic Education and the Silencing of Words that Wound
A classroom encounter illustrates the dilemma that is at the heart of this essay.
Early on in one of my graduate classes, a student “came out” to me in private but admitted to me that he does not feel safe disclosing to the rest of the predominantly white, Christian students in our class that he is gay. This was a course on democratic education and diversity and at one point in the curriculum I assigned some readings about the lives of gays, lesbians and bisexuals in public schools. One of the white, Christian, heterosexual students in the class, a prospective assistant principal, declared that she would have no problem with homosexual students in her school because she has learned to “love the sinner but hate the sin”. When I challenged her remark by asking how she thinks gay or lesbian students would feel having been referred to, by her, as “sinners”, her defensive response was to claim adamantly her right to express her religious belief.
Astonished at her brazenness and the confidence with which she spoke, I continued to query her. “As an assistant principal, how would you respond to a gay adolescent in your school who confides to you that he was contemplating suicide? What would you tell a student who asks you whether all gays are abomination in the eyes of God and will go to hell? Would you support the inclusion of books that include discussion of children with same-sexed parents in your First Grade curriculum when you know that the aim of these books is to convey a positive message about these families to your students?” Rather than respond directly to my questions, my student accused me of trying to silence her and anyone who holds the view that homosexuality is morally wrong. She claimed that she certainly does not discriminate against anyone, nor does she have any hateful feelings against homosexuals. Moreover, she was incensed that schools, in the name of “tolerance”, silence all objections to open homosexuality. The biggest insult, according to my student, was the hypocrisy demonstrated. “Where is the ‘respect’ demanded by homosexuals for those who are ‘different’ from them?” she contended. While my religious student felt entitled to voice her view in our classroom, I could not help but notice that the student who told me he was gay remained silent


> source - her paper: http://web.pdx.edu/~abyron/peace_ed/Wk7/applebaum.pdf


Someone must ask Ms. Applebaum if she has "hateful feelings" towards those with string Christian religious views. Might that be the real problem here?

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If WHITES, and especially White males, have genuine privilege, why do Lesbians fake hate crimes?


Perhaps they see Victimhood as a sort of "currency" they are trying to monetize in some fashion.

Just as those who promote the notion of White Privilege are one step away from claiming Victimhood, and asking some form of compensation


Milo @ Texas Tech: Why Do Lesbians Fake So Many Hate Crimes?


The Dangerous Faggot tour has started a new academic year

... with some humor, plenty of flash, and some provocative ideas.



This Dangerous Fag tour is said to be costing $1 Million. Who is funding it? And Why?

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BEN Shapiro RIPS into the concept of White Privilege


... jump in at 12 minutes ...


Ben Shapiro Explains Diversity - CSU-LA Don't Like It



He reveals the SAT score adjustments, on the old scale of 1600 points:


+ Blacks are given a bonus of 230 points

+ Hispanics are given a bonus of 185 points

+ Asians get a downwards adjustment of 50 SAT points, on average


Why is it done? It doesnt bring admissions in line with general population.

... It just gives a feeling of moral superiority - But it isn't moral, and it isn't superior

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Marvellous! A way to put an END to victim worship in Schools


Every High School Principal Should Say This


Published on Aug 29, 2016

If every high school principal said this, it would change students' lives and would change America. So what exactly should every high school principal say? Dennis Prager explains.

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What is White Supremacy?


Does citing a FACTUAL difference in the IQ's of the races mean you are a Supremacist?


(If so, then Stefan here, sounds like a supremacist)

Stefan Molyneux The Hatred Of Low IQ Minorities For Whites


"It is only going to get WORSE, until we put our heads together, and figure out what to do about it"

"If the problem is not acknowledged, it cannot get solved."

"I am optimistic that something CAN be done... Part of it is education, child-rearing, and beast-feeding..."


Here's the dictionary definition of Supremacy:


the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status.
"the supremacy of the king"
synonyms: ascendancy, predominance, primacy, dominion, hegemony, authority, mastery, control, power, sway, rule, sovereignty, lordship, leadership, influence

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"RED-pilling" is spreading


When I listen to this, it makes me think many Millennials may be more awake than Boomers


Jazzhands Mcfeels - Alt-Right Is All About The Future of White People - Radio 3Fourteen


Published on Sep 16, 2016

Jazzhands McFeels is the host of Fash the Nation, a popular Alt Right podcast.

To begin, Jazzhands explains how he acquired such a unique pseudonym. We contemplate the future of Fash the Nation; although it has been primarily focused on the 2016 election, Jazzhands tells us that the podcast is here to stay – regardless of who wins in November. We then switch gears to discuss Hillary’s health, with Jazzhands shedding some light on the political ramifications of a nominated presidential candidate dying during the election. Jazzhands also briefly describes his red-pill process, which brought him from mainstream conservatism to American Renaissance and, eventually, The Right Stuff. We talk about Milo and what has been dubbed the “Alt Light” – that is, the watered down, civic nationalist version of the Alt Right. Naturally, that brings us the rather taboo subject of Jewish influence and subversion; Jazzhands notes that Jews – and, in particular, Jewish organizations – overwhelmingly oppose White interests. We conclude the show by considering the future of America and our dire need for an ethno-state.

Guest's website: http://fashthenation.com/


"Wealthy American Jews are get $100 Billion a year for their ethno-state"

"I am running away from Neo-Conservatism at Light Speed"

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Where are we in Racism? It doesn't exist anymore

Lil Wayne: God knows I've been blessed...but I've never dealt with racism | UNDISPUTED



Published on Sep 13, 2016

Lil Wayne discusses Colin Kaepernick's protest with Skip and Shannon; and talks about his own experiences with race in the United States.

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"Hollywood Values" are Anti-White


In many movies, it is rare to find a sympathetic white male character,

and the gays, the blacks, and the Jews are always sympathetic


Slattery & Sloan: Hollywood values and deplorable racists


Published on Sep 18, 2016

Dr. Slattery and Professor Sloan look at the movie "Imperium" and the television series "Man in the High Castle" and dissect Zio-Hollywood's agenda in spewing out content designed to vilify white nationalism. The assess the impact or lack thereof of these efforts.



The World of 'The Man in the High Castle' (Alternate WWII Scenario)


The Man in the High Castle - Official Trailer: What If? | Amazon Video

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Is there a “Jewish soul”?

Uri Avnery examines the so-called “Jewish soul” referred to in the Israeli anthem, noting its inbuilt contradictions as well as the notions of chosenness – “God’s chosen people” – and victimhood that are central to it and the collective Israeli psychology.>>

most (Jewish) Israelis are immensely proud of the power of the state they have “built out of nothing”. One hundred and fifty years ago there were hardly any Jews in the land of Palestine, and these were completely powerless. Today, Israel is the most powerful state in the region, a nuclear power excelling in many fields of human endeavour – military, technological, economic, cultural, etc.

Yet listening to many Israeli outpourings, one might come to the conclusion that we may be wiped from the map at any moment. The world is full of people whose sole aim in life is to destroy us. Therefore, we must be ready at any moment to defend our very existence.

How do these two contradictory attitudes go together? No problem. They do very well.


First, there is the ancient belief that God chose us from all the peoples.

Why did God do that?

God knows. He does not have to explain.

The thing is a bit complicated. First the Jews invented God. There are also Egyptian and Mesopotamian claims, but Jews know better.

(It has been said that many Jews do not believe in God, but believe that God has chosen the Jews.)

Jews learn at a very tender age that they are God’s chosen people. Unconsciously, this knowledge remains anchored in their “soul” throughout their life, even though many of them become total atheists. True, many peoples on earth believe that they are better than other peoples. But they don’t have a Bible to prove it.

I am sure that many Jews are not even aware that they believe this, or why. The Jewish soul just knows it. We are special.

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WHITE GUILT is Black Power
Or problem is no longer Racism. It is Freedom.
We have to learn how to deal with Freedom... And to take responsibility


"OPPRESSION is over!", says Shelby Steele

"We are a Free People now... Some people have problems dealing with Freedom"

Life, Liberty & Levin 7/15/18 | Mark Levin Fox News

"That is the new and STUNNING Fact of Life we have to deal with."

"The protestors are Just Stuck"

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White Supremacy Is a Code Word For Jewish Hate

White supremacy has no factual reality. There is only Jewish supremacy and their hatred for the white race. Such hatred manifests through the minorities that they have mind controlled and manipulated as agents for inducing white guilt and ultimately white genocide.

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WHO Painted this?  Usually, it is Jews who do it


Anti-Semitic ‘I WANT JEXIT’ Spray-Painted at DC Businesses

- Police say they are investigating after anti-Semitic graffiti was found spray-painted at several business locations in Northeast D.C.

FOX 5's Bob Barnard says he spotted graffiti on the ground in front of the Shalom Auto Service Center along the 1000 block of Brentwood Road. Yellow paint was used to write the words, "I WANT JEXIT!" in large letters. Officers say the situation is being investigated.

(meantime, dangerous anti-white comments get mostly ignored, or allowed to pass)


Racist Progressive University of Georgia TA Irami Osei-Frimpong: ‘Some White People May Have to Die’

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A Brief Look at Jewish Wealth

Throughout history, the power and influence of the Jewish Lobby has been legendary. This power in turn derives not from political might, nor from popular support, nor from moral rectitude, nor from God. It is, simply, the power of money. The wealthy have always held disproportionate influence in their societies, typically to the benefit of individuals or their families. But when a distinct ethnic minority works more or less collectively, with great wealth behind them then that minority can exercise massively disproportionate power. This power is amplified by Jewish power deriving from ownership of media in the media age, their position as creators of media content (here, p. lvi), and their influence on elite culture, particularly in the academic world.

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2 hours ago, drbubb said:


Damn communists

How dare they make themselves so wealthy by working together rather than against each other.

Or something like that eh?

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WHITE PRIVILEGE Ended... when they stopped serving breakfast at Whammy Burger

Falling Down [1993] Hamburger Scene


Efforts to restore it met with limited success

Sheila was very cool in this scene.

Perhaps she knew that Female privilege would be retained, and go on the upswing

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Jewish Supremacy - it is there to be seen, if you look

Who Rules France?  Not the French

Who Rules France? Not the French

The Representative Council of Jewish Organizations in France (CRIF) has instructed their puppet, the President of France, to criminalize opposition to Israel’s racist state ideology of Zionism. The puppet complied. Anti-Zionism is now equated with anti-Semitism. As Israel is Zionist, criticizing Israel is now considered hatred of Jews and is a hate crime. Thus has Macron put the final nail in the coffin of the Palestinian people and silenced all citizens of France who have a moral conscience and oppose the Israeli theft of Palestine and slaughter of the Palestinian people.

/ 2 /


The debate over the influence of pro-Israel groups could be informed by an investigation by Al Jazeera, in which an undercover reporter infiltrated the Israel Project, a Washington-based group, and secretly recorded conversations about political strategy and influence over a six-month period in 2016. That investigation, however, was never aired by the network — suppressed by pressure from the pro-Israel lobby.

In November, Electronic Intifada obtained and published the four-part series, but it did so during the week of the midterm elections, and the documentary did not get a lot of attention then.

In it, leaders of the pro-Israel lobby speak openly about how they use money to influence the political process, in ways so blunt that if the comments were made by critics, they’d be charged with anti-Semitism.

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There are no fig leaves left to cover the uncomfortable and illegal facts about Israel

There is nothing left of the rotten fig leaves which have been used to cover Israeli Apartheid. On 19 July last year, Israel’s parliament and main democratic institution, the Knesset, passed the racist Nation-State Law, which gave the right to self-determination in Israel only to Jews. In the run up to tomorrow’s General Election, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pointed Israel’s Arab citizens to the 22 Arab countries to which they could move.

Emboldened by US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty over the illegally occupied Syrian Golan Heights, Netanyahu’s appetite for more land theft has turned to the West Bank. He declared that Israel must exercise security control west of the River Jordan and insisted that he will not move a single Jewish settler out of the illegal settlements, whether in the blocs or isolated areas.

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