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Are we living in Hillary's Backwards Bizarro World?

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Hillary's Backwards Bizarro World




BIZARRO world provides a Presidential candidate

bizarro-world.jpg : bworld.gif




Maybe there is a good and honest Hillary on the Bizarro Planet. How'd we get stuck with this one?



(Her supporters are close to admitting how false the coverage is -

But for now, there are mainstreamers everywhere protecting her - many protectors are Jews):


Hillary Takes On Trump's Bizarro Health Claims By Opening Pickle Jar On TV


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In Dear, Deluded Cindy's World, Hillary has already been arrested


Hillary Bagged and Perp Walked. Gratitude to US Special Forces.


"I'd like to get all the versions of Hillary out of the way"


Maybe she lives on the Bizarro Planet,

Where the Good Hillary lives, and she gets arrested for crimes she did not actually committed,

while on our planet, the Bad Hillary commits crimes and walks free


Cindy backs something called the "Airship Economy", or is it the Airhead Economy ??

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Other glimpses into Bizarro Land



Listening to your video's above I feel like we're in Bizarro land. You've got the kangaroo courts where Hillary's allowed another 2 weeks to answer the judicial watch questions and that's a joke in itself from what I'm watching. Any other courts would be subpoena-ing all of them and with the wikileaks so far Comey and others would have already been arrested. The niceties are mind blowing. And that's where I can't see the light at the end of this mess. Constitutionally all these alphabet agencies only have jurisdiction within the 10 square miles of D.C.
Then you've got Ron Paul saying it doesn't matter who is elected, nothing will change....
↓ ↓ ↓


And any news anchors already know they'll lose their jobs if they speak out.


And then you've got what's happening at the Dakota pipelines.....this goon hires his own mercenaries and the protesters are the ones being jailed? Has anyone looked at the mess that's happened in Peru or even Louisiana with the broken pipelines for that matter?


Changing the Secret Govt and the Deep State will not be easy,

But thank goodness, things are changing already, at least in the Independent media, where credibility & confidence is growing,

and some Alt-Media people have had a whiff of Victory


Superman always defeated Bizarro Superman in comic book land, so the forces-of-Right, will not easily give up here either

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Edward Snowden discusses Bizarro World at the Top of Government


An organization (NSA) with a mission to protect people, instead SPIES upon them

Edward Snowden Who Really Rules The United States ✪ Blow Your Mind

"Decisions are made in the Dark, and the quality of those decisions suffers"
Things happen that never should of happened... without any legislative authorization
Why are these decisions made? Why is the public not allowed to participate?
Congress does not even know... The Courts are reluctant to scrutize.
This led me to stand up and say something about it


Instead of ferreting out the criminals in Government, it protects elite insiders from whistleblowers

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Will Homeland Security SAVE US from Rigged elections, or will it Rig them?


Homeland Security To Save Us From 'Rigged Elections'?


Aug 31, 2016

Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson is reported to be considering declaring the US voting process a "critical infrastructure" of the United States and thus under the control of his agency. DHS already controls 16 other "critical infrastructure" sectors. Didn't they promise that the creation of this Department would streamline government rather than expand government control?

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Bizarro Clinton (who lies about everything) started a rumor back in 2008...


I see this the Birther thing as a non-issue now, and believe that was started by Hillary 8-years ago.

But She has so little to talk about, her campaign uses her own birther issue against Trump in 2016


Trump Drops False 'Birther' Theory, but Floats a New One: Clinton Started it

New York Times-4 hours ago

He also falsely accused Hillary Clinton of having first raised ... Donald J. Trump publicly retreated from his “birther” campaign on Friday, tersely .


(the evidence of who started the rumor can be found on Youtube):

Hillary Calls Trump Original ‘Birther’, But Her Campaign Actually Started It In 2008


(even more evidence):


PROOF! Hillary & Chris Matthews FIRST BIRTHERS!


Looks at Documents from Chris Matthews in Dec, 2007

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Is Loretta Lynch on Hillary's LIST as a potential Supreme Court justice?




That's what Mike Rivero says.


The idea is thoroughly disgusting!

Rivero thinks that a deal was done (with Bill Clinton on the tarmac) to give Lynch this job,

in return for no indictment on Email-related charges.


This sounds wild, but with so many infractions made by Hillary already, it is plausible.


This is truly bizarro world, where Cover-up of Crimes, might put someone on the bench of "the highest court in the land"



The FBI has revealed that BARRACK OBAMA sent emails to Hillary's private server using a false name.

This shows Obama knew about, and lied about his knowledge.

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