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The Bonfire of the Mainstream Media, & its Presstitutes

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Another big Slapdown for Madcow, the "Witch of the airwaves"

Rachel Maddow Is Not A Journalist - Michelle Malkin - Sean Hannity - Fox News - 3/15/17
Rachel thinks she "explains the news" - But she's a propagandist, not a journalist
The excellent Michelle Malkin explains:
+ She "be-clowned herself"
+ Maddow "failed upwards, for years and years"
If the bosses of MSNBC had any sense they would fire Madcow, and the rest of their Fake journos,
and hire Michelle Malkin, or this smart young lady:
Tomi Lahren Destroys Liberal Rhetoric While Telling Her Bio - Sean Hannity - Fox News - 2/7/17


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They don't GET it !

Rush argues here that Rachel, and her followers are "so consumed by hate" (for Trump) that they do not

realize that their treatment of the Trump Tax return story was an Epic Failure


Rush Limbaugh Podcast 3/15/17 | The New Narrative: Republicans Tricking Trump on Obamacare

Rachel (and team) are certainly not as clever as they pretend to be

"they are unhinged, irrational, and insane" - made so, by their hatred of President Trump

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Maddow was Roasted on the Left too

On 3/16/2017 at 1:08 PM, DrBubb said:

MORE ROASTING of the "witch" of MSNBC




LEFT EAT OWN: Colbert Brutally Mocks Maddow Tax 'Scoop'...



'The Late Show' host teased the punchline to an exclusive joke about President Donald Trump for nearly three minutes while dressed as the MSNBC host.

Stephen Colbert poked fun at MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Wednesday's Late Show, following Maddow's show on Tuesday night when she revealed two of President Donald Trump's tax forms.

"I hold in my hand something very significant," Colbert said, dressed in Maddow's signature blazer in front of a graphic that resembled the backdrop used on The Rachel Maddow Show. "It is a joke, a joke that we have confirmed has been heard by Donald Trump. We believe this is the first time any joke dealing with Donald Trump has been released."

Colbert rambled on, poking fun at Maddow's nearly 20-minute-long preamble intro on Tuesday's program before revealing the tax information, an act that made Maddow the subject of much Twitter mockery.

"Why did the chicken ...," Colbert teased before adding, "but first a word on chickens" and segueing into a lengthy informational rant on the fowls and pulled out a live chicken in a necktie.

"Why did the chicken cross the road?" Colbert finally continued. "OK, what are roads?" he added, launching into another series of non-sequiturs.

When it finally seemed as though Colbert would deliver the punchline, he tossed to commercial.

=== ===

/ 2 /

NBC fuming over Maddow’s Trump tax scoop

Host Rachel Maddow teased the story on Twitter, then withheld the story till later in her program, revealing in a big ­anticlimax that Trump paid $38 million in taxes in 2005. “It’s their cable network, but it’s still NBC News. [NBC] did not appreciate being kept in the dark … To hype such a big story and not really deliver is a bit embarrassing. Airing a story you’ve hyped 20 minutes into your broadcast makes it a lot less of a ‘breaking news’ story.”

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"i have the paper!" - Another Epic failure:





As it happened, the paper did not acheive what it was meant to


Adam Carolla ROASTS Rachel Maddow on Donald Trump Tax Return Leak EPIC FAIL
Published on Mar 16, 2017

Rachel really tried you guys. She just sucks at her job.

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A GREAT ROASTING of the Witch, by a sharp-tongue lawyer

Ben Shapiro Reacts to Rachel Maddow's EPIC FAIL on Trump's Tax Return!



"She humiliated herself on national television in the most extraordinary way"


Another roasting of the Witch-in-flames


Idiots Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Maddow Gush About Her Trump Tax Returns Stunt As If It Were A Success

Published on Mar 16, 2017
Rachel Maddow went on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the day after her epic failure of an over-hyped story about Trump's Tax Returns, not to apologize to her fans, or to make fun of her self, but to actual brag about what she calls is the "scoop." Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

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A GREAT ROASTING of the Witch, by a sharp-tongue lawyer

Ben Shapiro Reacts to Rachel Maddow's EPIC FAIL on Trump's Tax Return!


"She humiliated herself on national television in the most extraordinary way"


Another roasting of the Witch-in-flames


Idiots Jimmy Fallon and Rachel Maddow Gush About Her Trump Tax Returns Stunt As If It Were A Success

Published on Mar 16, 2017
Rachel Maddow went on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon the day after her epic failure of an over-hyped story about Trump's Tax Returns, not to apologize to her fans, or to make fun of her self, but to actual brag about what she calls is the "scoop." Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.


Great clip and commentary on Maddow.Sums it up nicely.

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The Empire fights back?




Published on Mar 24, 2017

Your favorite YouTube channels could be about to disappear.


Compare with CNN... "Same issues, wrong opinions"


PJW: The Left Is Collapsing Under Their Own Laziness


"They are lazy, they're talentless, they're hacks"

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"We're the counter-cultures and your time is running out!" - says PJW



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Triumph of (Witchly) media ... Or faked?


(I think faked, is a real possibility)



The Madcow is slightly ahead of Carlson in total views, and behind only O'Reilly.

Maybe there really are so many zombie-like people left willing to watch her, but the numbers should be checked


Why would anyone (who is sane) listen to the ravings of an angry lesbian on cable,

when they can listen to someone speaking sense on the Internet.

Here's an example of SENSE being spoken


Trump Holds Executive Order Signing Ceremony, Never Signs Order


(more fake nonsense here - by the Demos):


DNC Perez Unleashed: 'Trump Didn't Win Election'...

Republicans 'Don't Give A S**t About People'...


Newly elected Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez campaigned for Democrats in Newark, New Jersey Friday by telling a crowd the Republican Party doesn’t “give a shit” about them.

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Gutfeld: Happy April Fool's birthday, Rachel Maddow

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Rachel's self-promotion and pushing of Trump-hatred seems to work with a segment of cable viewers.

And the drip-drip-drip of O'Reilly sex allegations have hurt her competition


( if these figures are accurate )



Fox News' 'Factor' host tops in total viewers, again up week-to-week, but dips from Monday and Tuesday.

As the likelihood of Bill O'Reilly addressing his current scandal on-air appear to dwindle, so did his Wednesday showing in the key news demo.

His third original telecast since The New York Times broke news that he and Fox News Channel have settled multiple sexual harassment claims levied against the top-rated host, he lost No. 1 status for the night to MSNBC's resurgent Rachel Maddow. Maddow, fresh off of key wins in March, outperformed O'Reilly by 8 percent on Wednesday night. She averaged 607,000 adults 25-54 to his 561,000.

O'Reilly, naturally, scored a bigger audience. He averaged 3.6 million viewers. And while the nightly win marked gains from the previous Wednesday, it ranks as his least-watched and lowest-rated telecast of the week — albeit marginally.

More than 20 advertisers (and counting) have pulled spots from The O'Reilly Factor since the Times published its story, but ratings appear to be unaffected. Despite Wednesday's dips, this week is still pacing ahead of the previous one. O'Reilly's audience is up 10 percent, through three days, though he is essentially flat in the demo.


> more: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/tv-ratings-maddow-tops-oreilly-wednesday-as-scandal-coverage-continues-991844

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Stoke up the flames, the Witch's day is coming!


TV Ratings: MSNBC, Maddow Scoring Huge Wins With Comey Coverage

5/12/2017 by Michael O'Connell

Courtesy of MSNBC/Charles Ommanney/ Reportage by Getty Images
MSNBC dominates its third night of primetime since Trump's FBI ouster, as 'The Five' proves more of a draw than Tucker Carlson for Fox News.

The incredibly eventful couple of days in Washington D.C. has been a boon to MSNBC. The cable news network, which has seen ratings surges for star Rachel Maddow, just won its third night of the week.

MSNBC easily topped Thursday in primetime among adults 25-54 with an average 635,000 viewers in the key news demo across the three-hour block. Maddow led all of cable news, with 734,000 demo viewers and 2.87 million viewers, but the most interesting victory might be the one Brian Williams' scored in late-night. His 11 p.m. show, which trailed lead-in Lawrence O'Donnell for No. 3 status in all of cable news last night, actually outperformed Fox News' Tucker Carlson by 12 percent among adults 25-54.


At the risk of sounding dramatic, such across-the-board MSNBC advantages over Fox News Channel and CNN are in the realm of unprecedented — and offer the most substantial proof to date that viewers are tuning into MSNBC for coverage of the embattled Trump administration.

The week's coverage, of course, has been dominated by the Tuesday news that President Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey — a story that has seen FNC maintaining its advantages among total viewers but not in the demo, where it's used to being No. 1. MSNBC naturally reaped some Thursday halo effect of NBC News' host Lester Holt's interview with Trump, but "gets" rarely move the dial in cable news that significantly.

These ratings shift come at a time of significant flux for FNC. It's been just a few weeks since Carlson took over ousted Bill O'Reilly's 8 o'clock time slot. The early ratings victories he's had have not been as decisive as his predecessor, though the hour typically remains the most-watched — and last week FNC did win primetime in the demo.

The moves seem to have been better for the newly primetime The Five. Though the panel show did not top MSNBC's main three, it did outperform its lead-in. The Five averaged 535,000 adults 25-54 to Carlson's 480,000 — a number that, by the way, also put him behind Sean Hannity (494,000).


> http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/tv-ratings-msnbc-maddow-scoring-huge-wins-comey-coverage-1003324


Scr3w you, MSNBC and XX!

Trump is not mebattkled, he is winning.

The Witch and her network are only of interest to useful idiots

More and more people are watching independent media and waking up

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"Rachel is trying to poison the well"


MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Is In Denial About James Comey's Perjury & NYT's Fake News

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"Rachel's bizarre conspiracy theories need a rambling 10-miute set-up"

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow Reaches A New Level Of Propaganda With Election Hacking Lies


"The audience, most of it including me, know that this is bullshit, laughable bullshit, but some fall for it."

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THE FRIAR's discussion regarding Rachel Maddow ("a gracious lady") is amusing many


Do others agree that (((Rachael Maddcow))) should be either fired, or fed to dragons?

x 111 likes

Why the fuck are you trying to punish innocent Dragons?
x 11
LOL. Some reptilians live on the sour flesh of roasted Liars. (They eat their own.)
x 6
Rachel is fool.

x 9

"Rachel is fool".... Rachel is fuel (for lies and anti-Trump conspiracies)
Dr. Rachel Maddow is a gracious lady who speaks the truth, unlike Slanthead.
haha. Are you one of (((them))), or just another Useful Idiot, believing Rachel's lies?
That's not good for the dragon's health. Toxic food like that is not easily digestible, probably full of parasites.
Feed to a wood chipper
Arthur,that's just no true.
Dragons will understand what a deliciously decadent delicacy Rachael really is. (For them, like pudding.)
A witch with such a reputation is not easy to find - and much younger than Hillary, a dried-out witch to be sure.
Love the dragon idea! good one
So how are all these comments about wishing death on Dr. Maddow any different than Cathy Griffin holding up a fake bloody head?


" how are all these comments about wishing death on Dr. Maddow any different than Cathy Griffin holding up a fake bloody head?"
Do you really want an answer? Assuming you do here it is:
+ Rachel supports the "forces of darkness" - she lies and lies, and undermines the President with misinformation, while Trump has spent a massive fortune, and taken enormous amount of negative press while working to save the country, This difference is obvious to me, and should be to you too. But I will assume you are a typical Useful Idiot, who may not agree with the obvious moral difference, so I will give you other reasons:
+ Maddow has an obnoxious voice, incredible arrogance, and a circumlocutional way of speaking that I find impossible to listen to, while the President attracts huge and enthusiastic crowds to hear his positive message. I want to spare people the pain of listening to her,
+ While many who detest Maddow would like to see her suffer, as payback for the damage she has done, I don't actually want that
- I simply want her fired. Using the "eaten by dragons" is a rather obvious hyperbole which can not be taken seriously. I make that suggestion instead of showing an image of Rachel being burned at the stake because someone might think I was serious about wanting her dead. The suggestion she be "Eaten by dragons", is unlikely to inspire anyone to cause actual violence upon her. Instead, it may inspire ridicule of "Dr" Maddcow, which is more appropriate than kidnapping her, and tying her to a stake, and then setting her on fire.
The FIRING alone is sufficient, in my view
Friar Newborg .... the difference is a sitting POTUS is the most powerful man in the world. The very thought of his death or even a false assumption he has died & the time before his VP can take over is our most critical & weakest time in our EVERYTHING. We could be attacked from every direction including Mars. Rachel Is a disposable journalist & her position holds no value to our day to day well being safety & security. You can NOT threaten or make any kind of act to incite violence against a sitting POTUS bc if something did happen to him it could be LETHAL for every single person in this country (plus elsewhere) & your political stance or ignorance won't fucking matter we will all be dead. Do they not even teach how important this position is anymore?
Fired since I wouldn't subject that horror to a dragon
. . .
Arthur Currier Because dragons don't exist
" Because dragons don't exist?" Hmm. Perhaps Ms/Mr Maddcow has a theory about the existence of dragons. I found a photo of one

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CARLSON Crushes the Maddcow... and so does Hannity


> latest ratings: http://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/scoreboard-tuesday-august-22/339230



Many are dining on roasted maddcow



======== : Carlson------------------->: Hannity : Maddcow: TheFive : Carl>Madd
======== : 8 p.m.: 11 pm : combine : 10 p.m. : 9 p.m. : 9 p.m. :
All viewers : 2,711 : 3,545 : 6,256 : : 4,578 : 3,088 : 2,844 : +3,176 : + 103.%
Age 25-54 : 0,574 : 0,832 : 1,406 : : 1,104 : 0,817 : 0,654 : +0,575 : + 70.4%



CNN is not much in the running... except the gay black guy, Lemon

(Interesting that so many of the Fake News talking heads are gay)

Best CNN ratings are:

+ 2.006 - all viewers, for Lemon at 10pm + 1.929 for Lemon at 11pm = 4,935 / that's 21% below Tucker

+ 0,671 - age 25-54, for Lemon at 10pm + 0,632 for Lemon at 11pm = 1,303 / that's 7.4% below Tucker


Rachael roasts well


Haha. no More does the angry Lez-being "reign supreme" / instead, she roasts supremely (figuratively, of course)

> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/rachel-maddow-trump-taxes-interview_us_5941465de4b003d5948c7b59

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Maddcow disease? Maddcow's colleague goes mad


MSNBC Talking head loses it - & maybe his reputation too



Lawrence O'Donnell GOES BERSERK in Leaked Video

20 sep 2017


It couldnt happen to a more-suitable scumbag!

(Laurence loves to talk about Trump's communication skills)


Styx reacts:

Stop the Hammering!: MSNBC Host Lawrence O'Donnell Goes Ballistic


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Maddcow depressed?



The conservative commentator, who has been relegated to No. 2 status of late at 10 p.m., won the battle for both total viewers and key news demo during first night out. That means Hannity outperformed MSNBC's formidable progressive Rachel Maddow in their first head-to-head match. The Rachel Maddow Show trailed Hannity by 610,000 viewers and a modest 75,000 adults 25-54, with Hannity averaging a robust 3.27 million viewers and a demo audience of 666,000 (spooky!).


The new battle, the result of the latest of many FNC scheduling changes over the last year, comes at the end of a quarter that made Maddow the undisputed queen of cable news. Though competitor FNC won the three-month span in primetime and total day, her MSNBC hour bested Hannity among total viewers with an average 2.72 million to his 2.54 million and among adults 25-54 with 606,000 to his 533,000.

The race to No. 1 will be especially interesting during the last three months of the year, now that the shows are airing simultaneously — and Hannity has the advantage of more U.S. TVs turned on during his new time period.

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Is Rachel Maddow Dangerous To Journalism? W/Abby Martin

Published on Nov 14, 2017
Is Rachel Maddow Dangerous To Journalism? W/Abby Martin

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Very Very FAKE NEWS !







CNN misreported key details of an offer made to Donald Trump Jr. last year of a batch of stolen Wikileaks documents.

The story, which CNN published on Friday and covered extensively on TV, was touted as the first evidence that the Trump campaign was given a heads-up about documents stolen from Democrats.

But the story appears to have been riddled with errors, while also lacking key context.

Perhaps the most jarring error in the CNN report is the date on which Trump Jr. was sent the email...

. . .

Why it matters:

In today's hyperpolarized world, "fake news" has become a refrain to describe stories that observers on both sides of the spectrum decide that they don't like. These reporting issues by esteemed media organizations give credence to that ignorance, which further damages the value of insightful, impactful reporting — especially when it comes to one of the biggest, most polarizing stories of our political age: the Russia probe.

The misses

  1. Flynn's testimony: Last Friday, ABC News reported that former national security advisor Michael Flynn was prepared to testify that President Trump, while still a candidate, directed him to contact Russian officials. But later in the day, the network issued a "clarification" that the direction came when Trump was president-elect. That changed the impact of the story entirely as it's a common occurrence for presidential transition teams to reach out to foreign governments.
  2. Deutsche Bank subpoena: Reuters and Bloomberg both reported on Tuesday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation had subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for information on accounts relating to President Trump and his family members — seemingly confirming that Mueller had expanded his probe to investigate the president's financial dealings. The WSJ defused that bombshell in a follow-up report stating that the subpoenas actually dealt with "people or entities close to Mr. Trump."
  3. WikiLeaks emails: CNN reported this morning that senior Trump campaign officials, including Trump himself, received an email from an unknown sender on September 4, 2016 that linked them to what could have been unreleased WikiLeaks documents. WaPo issued their own report later in the afternoon that the email was actually sent on September 14 — and linked to a trove of documents that WikiLeaks had publicly released a day earlier.

Trump calls on voters to back alleged sex abuser Roy Moore and even mocks one of his accusers in huge Florida rally – fifteen miles from Alabama – as he unloads on 'fake news' and can't resist a jab at Hillary Clinton

  • President Donald Trump rallied his supporters in Pensacola, Florida, a town that's less than 15 miles from this month's political ground zero
  • Pensacola voters will decide the strange U.S. Senate special election between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones
  • During his speech he jabbed at one of the nine women who have accused Moore of misconduct, Beverly Young Nelson, who revised a detail of her story Friday
  • 'You know the yearbook? Did you see that? That was a little mistake made. She started writing things in the yearbook,' the president scolded
  • Trump also stopped and pointed to a man in the crowd at one point and said: 'This guy's screaming, 'We want Roy Moore!' He's right'
  • Trump kicked off his speech taking a swipe at 'fake news' media on the day CNN had to correct a story
  • It had falsely claimed Trump's son Donald Jr. was tipped off to a cache of hacked emails before WikiLeaks published them
  • He said the reporters he loves to hate 'have been apologizing left and right'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5161757/Trump-rallies-alleged-sex-abuser-Roy-Moore-Florida.html#ixzz50laeIQEx


Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me). They are all bad. Winner to receive the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!

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"A period of Self-destruction" of the MSM

"They are disqualifying themselves"


Another Massive CNN Fake News Failure! | True News


"You've been lied to"... about Free Markets, and more

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CNN = Utter utter Fake in "humiliating Debacle"


GREENWALD: Media Suffers Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages...


Friday was one of the most embarrassing days for the U.S. media in quite a long time. The humiliation orgy was kicked off by CNN, with MSNBC and CBS close behind, with countless pundits, commentators and operatives joining the party throughout the day. By the end of the day, it was clear that several of the nation’s largest and most influential news outlets had spread an explosive but completely false news story to millions of people, while refusing to provide any explanation of how it happened.

The spectacle began on Friday morning at 11:00 am EST, when the Most Trusted Name in News™ spent 12 straight minutes on air flamboyantly hyping an exclusive bombshell report that seemed to prove that WikiLeaks, last September, had secretly offered the Trump campaign, even Donald Trump himself, special access to the DNC emails before they were published on the internet. As CNN sees the world, this would prove collusion between the Trump family and WikiLeaks and, more importantly, between Trump and Russia, since the U.S. intelligence community regards WikiLeaks as an “arm of Russian intelligence,” and therefore, so does the U.S. media.

This entire revelation was based on an email which CNN strongly implied it had exclusively obtained and had in its possession. The email was sent by someone named “Michael J. Erickson” – someone nobody had heard of previously and whom CNN could not identify – to Donald Trump, Jr., offering a decryption key and access to DNC emails that WikiLeaks had “uploaded.” The email was a smoking gun, in CNN’s extremely excited mind, because it was dated September 4 – ten days before WikiLeaks began promoting access to those emails online – and thus proved that the Trump family was being offered special, unique access to the DNC archive: likely by WikiLeaks and the Kremlin.

It’s impossible to convey with words what a spectacularly devastating scoop CNN believed it had, so it’s necessary to watch it for yourself to see the tone of excitement, breathlessness and gravity the network conveyed as they clearly believed they were delivering a near-fatal blow to the Trump/Russia collusion story:



FAKE, fake, fake. Good God, the reporter struggles to complete each sentence. I reckon, it is because he does not like Lying Just looking at the two almost identical bald-guys was hysterical. "Former FBI" hahaha. I could not stop laughing,. The black color reporter said: "This is problematic." (a classic SJW catchphrase)



There was just one small problem with this story: it was fundamentally false, in the most embarrassing way possible.

Hours after CNN broadcast its story – and then hyped it over and over and over – the Washington Post reported that CNN got the key fact of the story wrong.

The email was not dated September 4, as CNN claimed, but rather September 14 – which means it was sent after WikiLeaks had already published access to the DNC emails online. Thus, rather than offering some sort of special access to Trump, “Michael J. Erickson” was simply some random person from the public encouraging the Trump family to look at the publicly available DNC emails that WikiLeaks – as everyone by then already knew – had publicly promoted. In other words, the email was the exact opposite of what CNN presented it as being.


Seven Times CNN Botched News In '17...

Trump Calls For WASH POST Reporter To Be Fired...


Weigel had tweeted a picture of Trump’s rally that appeared to show an empty arena, but it was taken well before the rally got underway in front of a packed venue.

Weigel apologized in response to Trump’s tweet, at which point the president declared victory and called on Weigel to be fired. Weigel, Trump tweeted, “just admitted that his picture was a FAKE (fraud?) showing an almost empty arena last night for my speech in Pensacola when, in fact, he knew the arena was packed (as shown also on T.V.). FAKE NEWS, he should be fired.”

NYT: President watches up to eight hours of TV per day...

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Another Lie-Stream Predator to Bite-the-dust?

Surely we can find some Raptors who might want to dine on Mr Matthews


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