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The Bonfire of the Mainstream Media, & its Presstitutes

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The Bonfire of the Mainstream Media, & its Talking-head Presstitutes

The destruction of the careers and vanities of the talking heads in MSM may be straight ahead of us


CAREERS IN FLAMES?  Are they flaming out?

Good riddance to a horrible and corrupt bunch - I hope they run through their (remaining) fortunes quickly,

since their very high salaries seem to be paid outfor lying to We-the-people

Jay Weidner and Jeff Rense have spoke about the One-sided support by most of the MSM for Hillary.

Jay Weidner - Trump, Hillary & The Mainstream Media

Herein, Alex Jones react to a shill's "13-minute freakout" - where this host takes on Alex, Infowars, and male vitality



A strange name, MADDOW, where does it come from?

Her paternal grandfather was from an Eastern European Jewish family (the original family surname being "Medwedof"),

Watch in the weeks to come as her vanities go up in flames

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Why the heavy anti-Trump bias? Is there a Globalist banker cabal in operation?  Seems like it sometimes

Alex Jones Calls Out Israeli Operative Wolf Blitzer

Published on 13 Aug 2016

CNN and the liberal leftist Israeli operative Wolf Blitzer gets called out by Alex Jones over trump attacks.

Some may think I must be obsessed with Jews in making such an observation - but let's look at some statistics

They are 2.6% of American population, but seem to be 30% or more - of the political talking heads that we see in the MSM

Is it right, that we have such a heavy imbalance?  Who is this serving, and how did it come about?

I would happily concede a 5% mind-share, even 10% or more if the news was impartial. but 30% seems far too large.

Perhaps if we are to have Impartial news, we will need to talk about Quotas.  Let is hope that the Media's biases will be re-evaluated after the election of President Trump.

(that, at least, is what I am expecting... and hoping for during the term of President Trump.)

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Rumble: It’s Time to Break Up Media Monopolies


Published on 8 Sep 2016

Bryan Pruitt, RedState & Danielle Blevins, Freelance Reporter & Charles Sauer, The Market Institute all join Thom.

CNNs Dana Bash admitted on Tuesday that Trump has been held to a lower standard than Hillary Cllnton. But since when does being a first-time politician mean that there are lower expectations for a person who is running to become President of the United States? Anyone who is running to become America's Commander-in-Chief needs to be thoroughly vetted by the media and held to the highest standards - not treated with kiddie gloves. But the mainstream corporate media doesn't care about legitimately vetting candidates - they only care about stirring drama to drive viewership and advertising - and they can get away with it, because the Telecommunications Act of 1996 created a wave of media mergers that have left us with a few virtual media monopolies. So isn't it time to start enforcing the Sherman Anti-trust Act to break up the media monopolies that control our online and print newspapers along with our TV and radio stations?

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SOFT BALLS for Hillary

... as Reporters say: "Isnt it our Job to take down Donald Trump"

New Questions After Hillary Clinton Holds Her First Press Conference In 278 Days - Cashin' In


A RESET or Reboot is needed to bring these idiots back to a truer version of Journalism

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Stefan Molyneux Why The Mainstream Media Is So Disgusting & So Against Donald Trump

Published on 3 Sep 2016

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Bill O'Reilly points out "inaccurate statements" (Lies) in the NY Times


Bill O'Reilly Super Pissed at James Comey! I DON'T RESPECT YOU ANYMORE!



The NY Times and others are accusing Trump of Hate speech, and it simply is not true

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The Bonfire of destruction might also spread to the FBI

The Case Against James Comey

Not since Hoover has an FBI director shown such a lack of accountability.

By Riley Roberts

September 11, 2016

With hard, hooded eyes and a pugilistic bearing, J. Edgar Hoover’s official portrait glowers—face fixed in a bulldog scowl—down the hallways of the FBI’s Washington headquarters. Even the building itself—a crumbling brutalist cathedral, windowless at street level and wreathed in security cameras—seems to evoke something of the man, its namesake, who bent the bureau to his will during the terms of eight presidents, from Coolidge to Nixon.

Hoover never so much as crossed the threshold of the office where his latest successor, James Comey, now works. Yet the edifice and the institution remain haunted by Hoover’s legacy of unchecked power, which rendered him judge, jury and executioner of anyone who came into his sights.

The FBI’s history is divided into two distinct epochs: Hoover and post-Hoover. After Hoover’s death in office in 1972, Congress enacted laws designed to curtail the abuses—from illegal wiretaps and “black bag” jobs to campaigns of intimidation and blackmail—that defined his 48-year reign. Of the six directors who have followed, all but one have projected far lower profiles, eschewing the dramatic assertions of power that made Hoover so dangerous. Only James Comey, the seventh and current FBI director, has strayed from this well-worn path.

On the surface, there are few direct parallels between Comey, a widely respected former prosecutor, and his most infamous predecessor. Where Hoover was pugnacious and inscrutable—lurching, hunched and furtive, between power and paranoia—the 55-year-old Comey is affable and open, with a reputation for honesty and a well-known aversion to politics. Yet there is a growing consensus that Comey has wielded the powers of the directorship more aggressively than anyone since Hoover—to the consternation, and even anger, of some of his colleagues.

Since taking office, Comey has repeatedly injected his views into executive branch deliberations on issues such as sentencing reform and the roots of violence against police officers. He has undermined key presidential priorities such as crafting a coherent federal policy on cybersecurity and encryption. Most recently, he shattered longstanding precedent by publicly offering his own conclusions about the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email. (The FBI did not respond to a request for comment.)

It would be difficult to argue—in terms of temperament, manner, or motivation—that he is, or ever will be, the next J. Edgar Hoover. But increasing numbers of critics believe he has displayed a worrying disregard for the rules and norms that have constrained all but one of his predecessors, straying with blithe confidence—and with increasing regularity—across the fine line that separates independence from unaccountability...

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Chris Wallace seems more sneaky (and subtle) in using his platform,

But can anyone consider this guy to be Neutral and Unbiased? - he's a Zio*-spin machine

Newt Gingrich: If The Left ‘Can’t Smear Trump, They’re Going To Lose’


*His father was the respected TV commentator, Mike Wallace.

But Chris seems more Leftist & biased than his father.  Even so, he is far from the worst

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Calling HorseFeathers on FAUX Media

These headlines are complete nonsense from the BOZO-the-Clown-like ("Bozo*-aic" ?) media.

Why do they report in such a biased way?

Why Donald Trump gets a pass
Politico-2 hours ago
Donald Trump's trip to Mexico was declared a success even after he mischaracterized the crux of his conversation with Mexico's president.
(This word "mischaracterized" is not accurate - Add: Politico to the list of those belonging in the great bonfire.)
(Come on, you stupid shills at Huffpost! Weren't you the idiots who failed to take seriously Trump's magnificent, and successful campaign?
You carried it in your Entertainment section. How ridiculous is that. I think Huffpost should be used as kindling. haha.)
(Sure. He doesn't want WW3... and Hillary, Who does?)

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Can't stand the Heat, Hillary? Get (t.f.) out of the Kitchen

(Isn't it time for her to drop out?

You cannot maintain all you feminine privileges running in the reckless way you do in such a serious race)

A Trump-Clinton Double Standard?

The race is getting closer, and Clinton’s supporters are blaming the media.

Hillary Clinton was on her new campaign plane last Tuesday, talking to reporters about Donald Trump and his record: “the scams, the frauds, the questionable relationships.” His businesses had murky debts, and he hadn’t released his tax returns. There were reports that his personal foundation had violated the law by channelling a twenty-five-thousand-dollar campaign donation to Pam Bondi, the Florida attorney general, just as her office was deciding not to investigate Trump University. “He clearly has something to hide,” Clinton said. He had to “come clean,” and the press and the public had to insist that he did.

Clinton then took questions from the reporters, as she had briefly done the day before. That was a welcome development; it had been two hundred and seventy-five days since she’d held a full press conference, provoking worry not just about access to the campaign but about how transparent a Clinton Administration might be. The first question was why the news of the day was still focussed on what Bernie Sanders once called her “damn e-mails.” (There had been a micro-development in the story, in the form of a new investigative demand from the Republican congressman Jason Chaffetz.) Her expression was one of hard bemusement, as though she were watching someone struggle with a math problem she had long since worked out. Perhaps, she said, it was because there was “a different standard for Trump than for me.”

That suggestion has become ever more central to the election, in part because the race looks close. While Clinton leads in most polls—including one that gives her an edge in Texas, of all places—they have grown tighter. It came to the fore last Wednesday night, on NBC’s “Commander-in-Chief Forum,” during which each candidate was questioned for just under thirty minutes before an audience of veterans. Matt Lauer, the moderator, asked Clinton repeatedly about her e-mail server, saying, “Why wasn’t it disqualifying?” Between his questions and one from a veteran who informed Clinton that she had “clearly corrupted our national security,” the e-mails consumed about half her time. Lauer then asked Clinton to keep it short when she spoke about subjects he seemed to regard as boring, such as the Iran nuclear deal. But, when Trump said that America’s generals had been “reduced to rubble,” Lauer himself seemed to crumble. He sat back as Trump falsely claimed to have opposed the Iraq War, reiterated that sexual assault was the inevitable consequence of enlisting women in the military, and expounded on the leadership skills of Vladimir Putin.

Just a few weeks ago, it looked as if the Trump operation might collapse, amid the candidate’s attacks on the Khan family, whose son died a hero in Iraq, and the departure of Paul Manafort, his campaign manager. Trump replaced Manafort with Kellyanne Conway and Stephen Bannon, the chairman of Breitbart News, the far-right Web site. The new team has been as little interested in a pivot to moderation as Trump has been, yet this seems to be working for him, poll-wise. It is still plausible that Trump, an entrenched bigot, a conspiracy fabulist, and a casual disparager of international alliances, could become President. The search for those responsible for this course of events might start with the leaders of the Republican Party. Some have rejected Trump as a dangerous con man, but many others are more or less shamefacedly supporting him, citing Supreme Court appointments or their mistrust of Clinton.

Clinton’s supporters blame the media for playing to that antipathy. According to an R.C.P. average of polls, more than fifty-eight per cent of voters view Trump unfavorably, and nearly fifty-five per cent have a similar view of Clinton. Polls indicate that temperament is a bigger problem for Trump, and that honesty is bigger for Clinton. A good number of voters seem to have decided that the choice this year is between two candidates they don’t like, one of whom they see as crazy and the other as corrupt. (And in the American psyche the winner in that matchup is not always an obvious call.) The dichotomy is infuriating to Clinton’s supporters, given that, despite any number of investigations, she appears to be neither a kook nor a crook, while Trump appears to have a better shot at both titles. Clinton’s flaws aren’t just smaller than Trump’s, they are not on the same scale. It’s as if the American Presidency might suffer the same fate as the NASA orbiter that was lost because someone mixed up metric and non-metric measurements

“This is not new to me,” Clinton said. “You can go back and look at a lot of what’s been said about me, by so many people, going back twenty-five years, and so it’s something that I’ve just accepted.” (Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy found that last year Clinton received a far higher proportion of negative coverage than any other candidate.) With that acceptance, however, has come a certain level of carelessness, coupled with over-cautious defensiveness. The e-mail story may be overblown, yet it is a cautionary tale about the risks of giving in to those instincts. Lauer was a flop, but Clinton’s performance, though informed and thoughtful, was at times detached and legalistic. More freewheeling encounters with groups of reporters will serve her well, particularly in preparing for the debates. Clinton is not going to solve her trust problem by chastising members of the media for being aggressive or skeptical. That is a move more worthy of Trump, who works up crowds to berate reporters as “scum.” The press doesn’t get to dictate how it is judged, either. But there’s something to be said for a high standard all around.


You Deluded Witch!
Let;s talk about your rampant lying, the law-breaking within the state department

And the Money you have stolen through the Clinton foundation

The reality is the reporting has been massively imbalance in YOUR FAVOR!

If you do not like the game, please leave it... for your sake, and the the sake of the country

But do not think dropping out is going to keep you out of prison.

You wanted equality, now take it! Because Equal Justice is eventually headed you way !

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The Madcow & MSM defense of Hillary fell apart with her "medical episode"

Definitions of the Reality obscured by the Biased Main Stream Media (the "Lie Stream Media"?)

"Conspiracy theory"
A legitimate news story that the controlled media is trying to cover-up,
because it might embarrass a powerful person or a powerful institution


"Hillary's Softball Team"

The pool of journalists that follows Hillary around.

"A beautiful day in New York city"

A day when Hillary's campaign collapses

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Hillary Lies about everything, we know that.

Now Hannity points out that THE MEDIA Lies about the weather, to give her cover


Hannity 9/12/16 | Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton on 'Deplorable' remarks & Health Concerns



Hillary collapsed because of the 77 degree "sweltering" weather - It isn't hard to debunk the lie !

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Despicable Blitzer takes on Deplorable Pence



Gov. Pence slams Clinton over 'deplorables' comment...

Published on 12 Sep 2016

In an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Gov. Mike Pence slammed Hillary Clinton for calling half of Donald Trump's supporters "deplorables," saying anyone with that low of an opinion of the American people shouldn't be president.


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When, if ever, will this sick woman's supporters admit:
+ She's a liar, a criminal, and dangerously ill
And totally unsuited to be President.
How many lies and crimes and episodes of illness do you need to have exposed, before they ADMIT REALITY?

I would have thought it was blindingly obvious by now,

Perhaps the problem is that the LYING mainstream media still backs her, covers for her, and spins the news in such a way that the true facts are hidden.

But we can see her support crumbling day by day as people do slowly admit what is now so obvious. Along with the shift in perceptions about Hillary, is a falling trust in Media.

By protecting Hillary, the Media may be destroying itself... And THAT may be a very good thing!



  • 32% say they have "a great deal" or "a fair amount" of trust
  • 14% of Republicans express trust, down from 32% last year
  • Confidence drops among younger and older Americans

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Americans' trust and confidence in the mass media "to report the news fully, accurately and fairly" has dropped to its lowest level in Gallup polling history, with 32% saying they have a great deal or fair amount of trust in the media. This is down eight percentage points from last year.

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"Utterly, utterly biased"


Yes, Mainstream Media Bias is Getting Ridiculous...But Why?


Published on Sep 14, 2016

SHOW NOTES AND COMMENTS: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=19879

Have you noticed how over-the-top ridiculous the mainstream propaganda is getting during this (s)election cycle? Of course you have. And so have most of your mainstream-believing friends and co-workers. So why is the MSM pushing this in the public's face? Is there an agenda at play here?

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TRUMP has the MSM in his sights - BANG !


Milo Gives It Straight #1: Trump's Trolling


Here's one of the master trollings - this one on the Birther question - Trump comes on right at the end


FULL: Donald Trump "Birther Conference" - Watch Trump troll reporters into covering Endorsements

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(((Chris Wallace))) is truly shameful here in the way he tries to smear Trump


He talks about Trump "inciting violence" - that's not what I heard.

I heard a slightly awkward comment intended to show what a hypocrite Hillary is in trying to grab guns


Hillary only told Tim Kaine of Her Sickness AFTER he Confronted her! Fox News Sunday 9/18/16



If you read the comments under the video they are negative towards Chris Wallace and not towards Trump


As for the books:


+ STRONGER TOGETHER : Hillary Clinton / Tim Kaine



Trump's book is a more accurate assessment of the challenge facing America, and the is introducing some serious policies.

We've had 8 years of Obama. How positive and upbeat has that been for America


The Clinton / Kaine book has been a huge flop, and might be subtitled : Pushing people towards the NWO

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(the people at Infowars are so very stressed, very angry right now - and with good reason):

No Pardon for Washington Post


Published on Sep 20, 2016

As Oliver Stone’s film “Snowden” premiered this weekend, the surveillance state fought back from a surprising source — the Washington Post. The Post had been part of the expose’ of the crimes of the surveillance state. But now they have turned on Snowden, whose documents the Post used to get a Pulitzer Prize, saying he should not be pardoned, but punished. In doing so, the Post is putting their own head in the noose as well. More importantly, the Post is lying about the significance of Snowden’s revelations and downplaying the danger of corporate/government spying represented by PRISM and the danger of metadata Geospatial Intelligence to “Master the Human Domain”.

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CNN Gets Caught Lying AGAIN! About "Bombs" and "Racial Profiling." A Trump Smear. (REACTION)


Published on Sep 21, 2016

CNN is apparently engaging in a pattern of questionable, if not … outright deceptive, journalism when it comes to the defense of Hillary Clinton, and the rejection of Donald Trump.

The latest incident came about when Hillary Clinton was asked a question about the New York bomber on her private airplane. The press did not call him “bomber” but she said that the attacks were “bombings.” This is after Donald Trump received criticism for labeling the attacks as “bombings” before they were officially labeled that by the proper authorities.

The media seemed to be shocked by her response, as they seemed to be setting up a series of questions that was to be punctuated with the question about Trump referring to the attacks as “bombings.” She then proceeded to say something to the equivalent of “we need to wait until all the facts come out.”

CNN, in their infinite wisdom, decides to air the line of questioning from the reporter to Hillary, and Hillary’s responses...except for when she first began talking when she called the attacks “bombings.” Of course, this makes her appear to be criticizing Trump without making it known that she, in fact, did the exact same thing she is criticizing him of. All of the exchange had been recorded, but somehow the first part of her conversation was cut out.

Seems to be a clear-cut case of media manipulation. Attempting to make one individual look good over another. For whatever reason it may be, nefarious or not. A similar thing was done in the case of a young black male shot by police, Sylville Smith in Milwaukee. At a candlelight vigil, his sister was talking about not destroying the black community in which she lives by rioting, and instead, taking the violence further out, to the suburbs. CNN cut it to make it seem like she was saying simply “don’t bring the violence here” ….without playing the part where she said the violence could go.

Then, you have the case of Donald Trump saying that the United States should be more like Israel and “profile” people. He did not say racially profile, because there are many ways to profile a person that do not include race, obviously. But CNN decided to add the word “racially” to now have Trump as saying that he would like to “racially profile” people. Seems like another pro-Hillary and/or anti-Trump move. What better way to disparage someone on your network than to paint them as a racist, especially when they are a conservative? Unfortunately for CNN, the people they are trying to reach, those in the center, often think a lot... and well. And they won’t be fooled by CNN lies



People are waking up to the manipulation (even? especially?) intelligent black people

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Epic Rachel Maddow Meltdown: Lies and Distortions Flow

Published on Sep 9, 2016

Rachel Maddow again attacks Alex Jones, trying desperately to salvage her dwindling ratings as the public begin to ignore the mainstream media more and more.

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BALD FACED LIAR - who can bear watching her?


More Pieces Of Donald Trump Russia Dossier Check Out | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Published on Mar 7, 2017

Rachel Maddow notes that while the dossier of intelligence about Donald Trump ties to Russia remains unconfirmed, pieces of it have checked out upon investigation by the press, though the primary government investigators are former Trump campaign officials.

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In England, burning was a legal punishment inflicted on women found guilty of high treason, petty treason and heresy.

Over a period of several centuries, female convicts were publicly burnt at the stake, sometimes alive...


> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_of_women_in_England

Does this type of Punishment need to be done figuratively, as in SEEING A CAREER GO UP IN FLAMES?

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An over-cooked 'nothing burger'

THIS is exactly what I mean, when I speak of being "Burned at the Stake" (figuratively)


She was a she, and a pretty one, once-upon-a-time before she chose witchcraft or whatever drives her now


We’ve dodged two winter storms in a row. The first was the named Stella and the second looked to be called Rachel, as in Rachel Maddow.

Nature will take its course, but Maddow veered wildly off course last night when the pride of MSNBC announced via social media that she had Donald Trump’s tax returns and would release them at 9 p.m.

As the big moment approached, she clarified that it would be returns from just 2005 that we’d see.


Then the moment of truth and ...


Maddow had Nothing... but two pages of Trump’s 2005 tax return which showed him earning $150 million and paying $38 million in taxes.

No Russians. No shady deals. Nothing.

And with that, millions of people who dared to sample MSNBC, if just once, returned home to the comfort of Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

The left built the “fake news” template to explain away the 2016 presidential election and has repeatedly fit into it seamlessly.

They don’t even notice anymore. The National Enquirer must envy the flim flam accusations the media has thrown at Trump.

But they have nothing.

Last night was a perfect illustration.

Who is calling the shots at the big cable news stations?

Who would let Maddow torture viewers with her usual 15-minute monologue and have no payoff at the end of the ordeal?

Crazy people, that’s who.


Set aside the fact that Rachel’s hero, Hillary Clinton, took foreign donations routinely.

There is a psychosis at work and the left needs professional help.

Let’s get them that help. They used to be proud journalists and now they’re third-rate dumpster divers behind the H&R Block.


> http://www.bostonherald.com/news/columnists/tom_shattuck/2017/03/shattuck_rachel_maddow_left_with_nothing_after_fake_news_report



Rachel Maddow... at home.  Just a normal sweet L--- couple?

Blockbuster or Trump's would-be ball-buster? Or just a failed hero / heroine ?

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Rachel / Richard Roasted


Trump Leaked His Own Tax Returns to Troll Critics?


Thank You Maddow! And Did Trump Leak His Taxes? Mike Cernovich Periscope

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MORE ROASTING of the "witch" of MSNBC




Gutfeld: Maddow falls for Trump's baited trap

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