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Trump vs Clinton : The Classic Debates

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/ with the conference ahead of time, he could soft-pedal this issue in the 2nd debate /

Trump Explodes on Clinton w/ Truth: Alex Jones Freaks Out Pounds Desk

Love the second video.I think Trump does a great job talking about Hilary.

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NBC giving HRC a 14 point lead vs Trump


I think some of the pollsters could have some real egg on their faces at the end of this.


Gonna be interesting to see the final night tallies


They probably polled 80% SJW's - Overweight women, in government jobs, or taking state handouts (Hillary's Core)


David Duke and Don Advo spoke about how MSM audiences are shrinking


MP3 : x


"they are migratory, and are leaving them..."


In fact, these media outlets no long serve the public, and their only role is to push the agenda of the corrupt elites

(who belong in jail or in exile)

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THE USUAL excellent analysis from these two


Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton | Second Presidential Debate Analysis

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Well, I'm pretty sure you'll find that accusation - true or not - does not affect mens intention to vote either way.... And makes women much more likely to vote Hillary.

So I'm sure you'll hear it from both sides of the aisle. GOP that dont know its affect on voters, and Dems that do.


So if Trump does bring up the Bill thing - having certainly been briefed on this little tit bit, it will confirm beyond all reasonable doubt that his intention is to make sure the GOP lose and Hillary takes it.

Seriously. "Hillary's husband is at least as bad as Trump" is not a winning argument for Trump.

And he didn't just "bring it up" - he went all in with a press conference all about it before hand.


Trump is a plant and I claim my 5 pounds.

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"Hillary's husband is at least as bad as Trump"


No one said that - Bill is a rapist and multiple abuser of women,

There is no evidence that Trump is anything like that

He is no saint - but he has the respect of many many women.

Do ANY women respect Bill Clinton? Does Hillary respect him?

Is that before or after she throws the ashtrays ??

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"Hillary's husband is at least as bad as Trump"


No one said that - Bill is a rapist and multiple abuser of women,

There is no evidence that Trump is anything like that

He is no saint - but he has the respect of many many women.

Do ANY women respect Bill Clinton? Does Hillary respect him?

Is that before or after she throws the ashtrays ??

You mean you personally have refused to accept there is any evidence, despite trumps own words,

All the lawsuits and women giving interviews of how he abused them (including the latest)


And an educated white females reaction to his garbage attempt at a debate:



And then go on to accuse others of bias....


Do ANY women respect Bill Clinton?


Does Hillary respect him?

No, and she has said as much. She even kicked him out of the white house during the Monica thing.


Does any of that get Trump elected?



End of the world had better be fun. There is no hope.

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"The Donald wins round two and seems to fulfill all the requisite criteria for POTUS." - the bugler



Some will want her send straight to Hell...along with her paid-for media, like CNN


(CNN) Donald Trump will live to fight another day -- but it took the nastiest, most bitterly personal presidential debate in recent memory for the Republican nominee to stanch the downward plunge.

Trump's campaign was in free fall when he entered the debate hall Sunday night, reeling from the revelation of a 2005 video in which he spoke of women in lewd and sexually aggressive terms. The video sparked a dramatic rebuke of Trump, with dozens of Republicans in Washington and around the country saying the billionaire should step aside and let his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, lead the GOP ticket.

The icy tone was set early when decades of tradition eroded as Trump and Clinton declined to shake each other's hand.


> http://edition.cnn.com/2016/10/09/politics/presidential-debate-highlights/


They burn witches don't they?


But first she needs to be tried and convicted.

The country needs to watch the process of fair justice unfold.

It will be cleansing.

The elitist media needs to be broken up. Companies like CNN bankrupted,

and probably nearly all the so-called journalist fired, maybe some jailed, maybe some torched


...dozens of Republicans in Washington and around the country saying the billionaire should step aside and let his running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, lead the GOP ticket


Whomever those elite turncoats are in the GOP should be shattered in some important ways too.


The public is beyond angry, and there is revolution in the air - let's keep it peaceful and lawful

Spot on


We need a purge

To mimic penac we need a.. Night of the long knives type event.

Metaphorically speaking of course

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Spot on


We need a purge

To mimic penac we need a.. Night of the long knives type event.

Metaphorically speaking of course


Yeah. metaphorically.

Done right, the metaphoric End of these people will be more effective and long-lasting than a physical takeout

Because lessons will be learned, and Justice will be served

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Drudge Reports...





Donald Trump on Saturday called for himself and Hillary Clinton to take a drug test prior to the third presidential debate.

During a campaign rally Saturday in New Hampshire, the GOP presidential nominee compared himself and Clinton to athletes.

"Athletes, they make them take a drug test, right. I think we should take a drug test prior to the debate," Trump said.

"Why don't we do that? We should take a drug test, prior, because I don't know what's going on with her, but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, 'Oh, take me down,' " Trump said, imitating Clinton.

. . .


Donald Trump's campaign raised a record $100 million during the month of September.

The joint fundraising committees and the candidate's campaign had $75 million on hand at the end of the September, it said in a statement.. The Republican presidential nominee's campaign says it has raised $360 million to date.

Trump's latest haul of $100 million includes $2 million from the candidate himself.

"Donald Trump continues to have incredible broad based support from across America," Trump finance chairman Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.


(Meantime, the Satanic one goes after the Big Money from elites):

Hillary Clinton keeps fishing for big money while lagging behind with smaller donors

Shortly after Michelle Obama finished a rousing speech denouncing Donald Trump’s behavior toward women, Hillary Clinton’s campaign texted supporters asking them to “chip in $1 to fight for women.” But that wasn’t where the big dollars were coming from. Later that night, Clinton flew to Beverly...

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Her Temperament (not Trump's) should be a big issue for discussion

Hillary has massive anger issues...
Along with her monumental character flaws

SR1271, NBC Crew - Crooked Hillary’s Massive Meltdown at Sept. 7th Forum

We cannot have this dangerous monster in the White House
She needs to be held accountable for her crimes, and investigated for possible murders.
Too many people around her have died
If she feels such Glee for the demise of someone she never met:
How many other enemies' demise has she cackled over??

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Nigel Farage: Trump To Destroy Hillary in Final Debate


Published on Oct 19, 2016

Nigel Farage breaks down Donald Trumps plan for the final debate and predicts that Trump will deliver the, "knock out blow" to Hillary Clinton.

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He is about to speak...


LIVE: Bill Clinton Son Danney Williams Surprise Pre-Debate Announcement

  • 7,839 watching

Thursday, October 19, 2016: Danney Williams, who claims to be Bill Clinton's long lost son, makes a surprise announcement, appearing live in Las Vegas only hours before the third


Two minutes later; 8,319 watching now... as he is being introduced: 8,915 watching now


Danney will ask for Bill Clinton DNA samples, and a test


DW: I have authorized my attorney to file Suit


I have been trying all my life to prove this - but now the media is interested


The Hillary campaign has some sharp questions - which he answers in a credible way

He denied any connection to the Trump campaign, or to Roger Stone.


"All I want to know is where I come from."


David Knight: The type of DNA submitted before to Ken Starr was not specific enough


The Daily Beast reporter attacked him for not doing an interview a Year Ago

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No surprise there.

If she died on stage they would have called it for her.

I will watch for myself with no further input

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NOTES: as I listen

SUPREME COURT: - Hillary starts with a big lie (no surprise): "standing up against the powerful" - Right. She all about favoring the elites who finance her.
+ Trump emphasized the 2nd amendment, and that he has listed 20 Judges that he had listed
+ She claims to uphold the 2nd amendment, but mentioned 33,000 deaths. Trump: she was angry about the DC amendment. HRC mentioned toddlers.
+ Trump mentioned that Chicago has tough gun laws, and the most deaths. Will appoint justices that will not damage 2nd amendment
ABORTION: - Trump on Rowe V Wade: Goes to the individual states. Will put pro-life justices on the Supreme Court
+ Hillary is a big supporter of Rowe V Wade, and will defend it.
+ Trump disagrees with 9th month abortions, but Hillary does not want to have the govt making this decision
IMMIGRATION: - Trump: She wants to give amnesty; we want strong borders: we have not country, if no borders
+ (smirky smile, Hillary): "I don't want to rip families apart. We should not round up people. I have been for border security
+ Hillary favored the Wall. (she responded, there is a place for a limited wall.)
+ Her plan is open borders, "people can sun across the border", HRC: "we will not have open borders"
+ Chris W: "You gave a speech, to Brazilian bankers, saying you want Open borders
+ Hillary: I ws talking about energy - you are quoting Wikileaks, hacked by Russians
+ Trump: That was a great pivot from Open Borders to the Russians,
+ HRC: Goes on accusing Putin of making hacks, but DT says we do not know who did it
+ Trump: She and Obama have been outsmarted at every turn, we spend $6 tr & lost Middle East
+ HRC: misquoted Trump, he says
JOBS & ECONOMY: HRC: my plan is based on growing middle class... green jobs... min. wage... blah-blah
... Free college, wealth to pay their fair share... blah-blah
+ Trump: Her plan could double taxes; Why are Japan and Saudi not paying; we doubled national debt with BO
+ (HRC smirky smile): Let me intrepret, I will cut taxes, and not increase debt; I do have investments in new jobs
+ CW: I want to pursue your plan: Is it like the Obama stimulus?
+ HRC: I believe fhat Obama's steps saved the economy; We should not invest from Top down
+ CW: Your numbers do not add up
+ DT: China and India are growing fast, and we are not growing, we are not manufacturing. NAFTA is killing us
+ HRC: I am against TPP, and I will be against TPP when I am president; will have a trade prosecuter
+ DT: Why the hell did you not do these over 20-30 years. You do not get things done. $6 bn lost in state dept
+ HRC: Let's look at the last 30 years: I was helping people in government when he was building his company
+ Trump: they've been largely debunked; it was lies and fictions
+ HRC: He said what he did to women - DT: I did not say that - She goes on and on rambling (virtue signalling)
+ DT: Largely debunked, and he pivots to the 33,000 deleted emails (4 star general, on something she got a pass)
+ HRC: Rambling, going back to attacking Trump, on a series of things... He incites violence
+ CW: Donors got special access to you - did you keep pledge?
+ HRC: Everything I did as SecState was in the country's interest. I'm happy to talk about Clinton Foundation
+ DT: Saudi gave $20 million, why don't you give the money. Haiti hates the Clintons
+ HRC: We spent 90% of the money that was donated. Bill and I haev helped Haiti for many years
+ DT: Defended the Trump Foundation
+ HRC: Pivots to the Trump tax return
+ DT: I followed the tax rules, and so do your donors
+ CW: You have been warning that this race is rigged. Your running mate pledge to accept the results
+ DT: The media is so corrupt. You will see people who are registered. She should not be allowed to run
+ CW: There is a tradition that the loser accepts the results
+ HRC: There was a year long investigation, Donald's mind is to call things rigged; we must accept the outcomes
(at 1;04: she was allowed to really go on a long time - this was unfair)
+ DT: brief mention of the meeting on the tarmac with her husband and CW cut this off

SYRIA & ISIS: Hillary rambled irrationally... blah-blah - I am going to favor a no fly zone
+ DT: It's so sad. We had Mosul, when she took everyone one, we lost Mosul... Who will benefit? Iran
+ HRC: He supported going into Iraq. You can fact check (DT: wrong!) ...That's how Donald thinks
+ DT: Bernie says you have bad judgment. Podesta says (in wikileaks) you have terrible instincts
ALEPPO: CW to DT: You said Aleppo had fallen... there are 250k people there
+ DT: Aleppo is in terrible shape, do you need a letter? It has fallen... Thousands of Syrians are coming here
+ CW: Asks about the No Fly Zone
+ HRC: I am concerned about the risks you have mentioned. I am not slamming the door on children - 4yr old
+ DT: we are being outplayed
NATIONAL DEBT: CW: Why are people ignoring the big increases?
+ DT: They are wrong (about my plan): I am going to create jobs and growth. We need to use better negotiators
+ HRC: I wonder when he thinks America was great? he has been critizing America for decades. ... Donald thinks
"I do not add a penny to the national debt... We are going to ask the wealthy to pay their fair share."
+ DT: I diagreed with Reagan. Now we are going to get this right
ENTITLEMENTS: we are going to run out of money. Entitlement benefits to be cut
+ DT: We are going to grow.. We need to repeal and replace Obamacare. Premiums going up 70-100%
+ HRC: The payroll contributions will go up. I will not cut benefits.. i want to help women. We need to get costs down
+ HRC: Im reaching out to all Americans, we need your talents... and ambitions. Children & families my cause
+ DT: Make America great: fix the military, we need law and order, and justice

Chris Wallace:
how was fair and classy, except for letting Hillary ramble once or twice.


Between the two candidates: close to a toss-up, with Trump making more sense,

and HRC lying, dodging and rambling too much

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Hannity 10/19/16 Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton - Third Debate Analysis; Interview



Published on Oct 19, 2016

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Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton | Third Presidential Debate Analysis


Published on Oct 20, 2016

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Guardian - two extremes - which side do you think the Jew was on??


Jamie Weinstein: ‘The only question is whether he now faces a Mitt Romney-style disaster or a Michael Dukakis-style catastrophe’

Donald Trump needed a devastating knockout. At best he narrowly lost on points.

He came into the third and final presidential debate far behind in the polls. With tens of millions watching, he did little to change the trajectory of the race.

Compared to the first two debates, Trump did do a better job hammering home his message that a vote for Hillary Clinton is a vote for the status quo.

“She’s been doing this for 30 years – why didn’t you do it over the last 15, 20 years,” Trump said of Clinton when talking about negotiating better trade deals.

“You talk but you don’t get anything done Hillary,” he later added.

Trump also did a better job at controlling his emotions when Hillary tried to bait him by calling him a choker and a “puppet”. (Well, at least until the end when he lashed out and called her a “nasty woman”.)

But all this was not nearly enough. The only thing the media will talk about in the hours and days after the debate will be Trump’s refusal to say he will accept the results of the election, making him appear small, petty and conspiratorial.

“I will tell you at the time,” he said when pressed on the question by the election season’s best moderator, Fox News’s Chris Wallace. “I’ll keep you in suspense.”


Christopher R Barron: ‘Trump stuck to the issues and forced Hillary to talk policy’



Donald Trump came to this behind in the polls and reeling after weeks of negative media coverage. He needed a big night – and he got one.

For a campaign that prides itself on its mastery of policy, Hillary spent much of the night trying to get Trump to take the bait on sideshow issues.

In previous debates, Trump took the bait. Tonight, however, we saw a much more disciplined candidate. Trump stuck to the issues and forced Hillary to talk policy


> more : https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/oct/20/who-won-the-final-presidential-debate


Includes some predictable comments from an SJW Hillary-supporter

and negative comments from another guy with a Jewish surname.

How many of these arseholes do we need to hear from?

If there is anyone brave enough and honest, to risk being called an anti-semite, they should say: Enough! Already !


(Notes from those on the Hannity show - HRC's comment from post-debate):


Hillary: "It was horrifying what he said on the debate stage tonight.
We have a long history... and a tradition of accepting the results"

Right Hillary - you total scumbag - what about Al Gore? Remember that?

I think the Satanic One knows she lost

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LOOK WHAT the MSM Scumbags said:


MSNBC's Presidential Historian Calls Trump Not Accepting The Results Of The Election "Absolutely Horrifying"

NBC’s Nicolle Wallace: Trump Put The Nail In His Own Coffin By Refusing To Say He’d Accept Election Results

CNN's Jake Tapper: Trump's Suggestion "He Might Not Accept The Results Of The Election" Was "Staggering"

CBS' Bob Schieffer Excoriates Trump For Refusing To Accept Election Results: "This Is Not The Way We Do It In The United States Of America"



Pure Scumbaggery - which even usual-Cux Joe Scarborough refused to join in:


( see video )


JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): What was [Trump's] exact quote?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI (CO-HOST): He said I will leave you in suspense.

WILLIE GEIST (CO-HOST): He said I will look at it at the time and keep you in suspense.

HAROLD FORD JR.: So that means he is not willing to say I will accept the outcome.

SCARBOROUGH: No, what that means is he will look at it at the time. I love everybody saying -- I woke up to these screaming headlines saying, "Donald Trump will not respect election results." He actually said I will look at it at the time. I'll see.

FORD JR.: Has there ever been a presidential candidate to say that?

SCARBOROUGH: If there are voting irregularities, then any presidential candidate, anybody --

MIKE BARNICLE: What would you have said? What would your response be to that question?

SCARBOROUGH: I'd say yeah, I'll certainly respect the outcome of the election. I of course would want to make sure that's fair. I will want to make sure that it's fair, it's on the up and up.

BARNICLE: Well, he didn't say that.

SCARBOROUGH: Yeah but you know what? This is an example the media got something they can absolutely freak out about and claim that he is an agent of Vladimir Putin and destroying democracy in America. And it's just another example of the media having to find a little phrase and freak out. When as a Republican I have listened to Democrats talk about the only two times we won the White House in like 800 years that we stole both elections. I had to sit through Fahrenheit 911 and a lady was sobbing violently behind me on the Upper West Side about the election being stolen from George Bush and I patted her halfway through. I go, it's all right, it's all right, ma'am. It's all right. It's all a lie anyway. Democrats have been whining for 16 years, they are still writing articles about how Bush stole the elections in 2000 and 2004. So this holier than though attitude about, "this is the first time anyone has suggested that the election is not a sacrosanct process," it's a joke. So you guys bathe in that hypocrisy if you want to, I'd just like to hear how the debate went. Go ahead, bathe.


> https://mediamatters.org/video/2016/10/20/joe-scarborough-lashes-out-media-defends-trumps-refusal-say-whether-hed-accept-election-results/213978

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The Telegraph's Jew (I think he's Jewish) was also annoying (and wrong IMHO):


Nick Allen


Disaster for Donald Trump. He undermined his own composed and reasonably effective performance in one moment, when he refused to say that he would accept the result of the election if he loses. That overrode any good work he did during the debate - and there was some.

Arriving in the last chance saloon Mr Trump was unusually calm of temperament. He hit the key buttons he needed to, especially making clear to people that he would cut their taxes while his opponent would raise them. It was by far his best debate. But all that will be overshadowed by the fact he does not respect the basic foundation of American democracy. Therefore, Hillary Clinton, who as usual did not put a foot wrong, was the winner by default.


> http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/10/19/who-won-and-lost-the-third-presidential-tv-debate-donald-trump-o/



Are these scumfucks unaware that there is ample evidence in the Project Veritas videos that Team Hillary

is planning Massive Votere Fraud on Nov 8th?


Are the voters so un-discerning, that they will not see this?


Also, Hillary put her foot in her mouth by lying several times, and her willingness to have babies killed a few days before their birth will appall anyone with religious sensibilities, and respect for life still in the womb, which has the ability to survive independently

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