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Hillary Caught lying; Judges ask indictment

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Hillary Caught lying; Judges ask indictment


Here's what SHOULD be in the mainstream media every minute of every day, if it was honest




"I may have short-circuited. And for that, I will... try and clarify"
The Lying bitch.
She thinks LIES can be remedied by, ah, clarifying ???
The CLARITY COMES when the Lies are FACED, not by covering them up, or ignoring them

LET THE SUN COME IN, and show Empress Pinochia all all her lying glory !


/ Judge 1 /

Judge Jeanine Backs Comey Into A Corner! We Must Indict Hillary!!


Longer Version


/ Judge 2 /

Stunning Video! Napolitano and Wikileaks Charge Hillary with Corruption!



Let 'er rip!

Time to move these cases forward, and get Hillary off the screens and out of our lives.



I have had enough of her lies, and enough of her insane cackle

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Cue the Crickets - the MS media gave this big story little or no attention


Wikileaks: Hillary Lied Under Oath About Arming ISIS


Even Ben Shapiro (who has been a huge critic of Trump) defended him and compared the unfair

treatment in the mainstream, who ignore so many lies from the Empress Pinochia


Ben Shapiro: Wikileaks story – Clinton was on the board of an organization that contributed XXX



Published on Aug 3, 2016

What Donald Trump said correctly…yet the mainstream media still **tacks him.



Ben is coming home.


What is this? Ben Shapiro defending Donald Trump? Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

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Ron Paul said it too

Hillary ‘deliberately and blatantly lied’ if Assange claim true – Ron Paul


Ben Carson wants Donald Trump to "stop taking the bait"

(starts at 11 minutes)

Hillary "was consistent. It was a consistent lie"


Ben Carson slams media as being 'in the tank' for Hillary


"the press has distorted the intent (of Press Freedom) by what they are doing"

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Hillary's Short-circuiting Brain



A short-circuiting brain ++ Leaks are a dangerous combination


Here's a formerly-enthusiastic democratic candidate who cannot bring himself to vote for Clinton,

(and comes close to support Trump):


Hillary Clinton Short Circuited Email Statements Regarding FBI James Comey's Testimony

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"Robin Hood in Reverse"

A MASSIVE FRAUD ! And a 5-star interview

"Strict" Rules for Foundations are being broken,

Big Money raised for Haiti never was spent there


If the MSM were not hopelessly corrupt,

this would be headline news everyday, until Billary are cleared or convicted


The Clinton Foundation Exposed | Charles Ortel and Stefan Molyneux


"You have to identify a TRUE charitable purpose"

But the corrupt CF has spread out to become an octopus with its tentacles everywhere


22 Years of Non-compliance with the laws.... And a lack of independent trustees


Part of:



In some countries (where the Clinton Foundation operates), the penalty for charity fraud...is Death.


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Another Free Pass for the Clintons


Aug 11 14:52

Loretta Lynch’s Justice Dept. Declined FBI Request To Investigate Clinton Foundation


/ 2 /

DOJ Rebuffed FBI-Requested Investigation of Clinton Foundation

First of all, this should be the headline, not an afterthought in the 20th paragraph of the story. Secondly, those last two sentences raise obvious questions:

What prompted the FBI's request for a Clinton Foundation probe? And why would DOJ officials rebuff the FBI based on old information?

Haven't we learned more and more information about the foundation and its seedy inner-workings over the past year, as the parallel email scandal has unfolded?

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/ 1 /
The Forces of Justice are rising
Rand Paul, Judge Jeanine, Napolitano All Say “Lock Her Up”! The Gloves Are Off!

/ 2 /
More dark and delicious revelations concerning Hillary at State
Clinton emails show charity asking favors of State Dept.

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"Two vast and trunkless legs of stone..."




All things must pass.




Tree-trunks! - that describes Hillary's legs. They may have seem like something that would endure forever.

But now she and her reputation are fading fast too.


Rand Paul And Donald Trump Agree: Hillary Created ISIS

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The Clinton scandals may go beyond emails servers and massive charity frauds



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Judge Jeanine is no radical les-being who supports Hillary


She calls the Clintons: "the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics"


"She did it for greed and power... to do favors for Clinton Foundation donors"


Judge Jeanine Pirro 8/13/16 | Opening Statement: Hillary Clinton is a Lying Thief! She's Caught!


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Like Virulent Weeds in a garden - Clinton scandals are popping up everywhere


And it is getting harder for the media to ignore them


From Whitewater to Benghazi: A Clinton-Scandal Primer
The Atlantic-10 Aug 2016
Newly released emails have shown again the troublesome interconnections between the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary Clinton-led State ...

These Are the Big Differences Between the Clinton and Petraeus ...


/ 2 /

Halperin and Deutsch: Clinton Scandals 'Should All Get More ...
Breitbart News-6 hours ago
Halperin and Deutsch: Clinton Scandals 'Should All Get More Scrutiny,' Hillary 'Doesn't Tell the Truth,' and 'Plays Quid Pro Quo'
/ 3 /
Obama administration provides Hillary Clinton's first line of defense ...
Washington Times-14 Aug 2016
Just as stunning as the unending stream of reports of scandal and subterfuge that has come to define Hillary Clinton's tenure as secretary of ...
Abedin's Overlapping Jobs Renew Focus on Clinton Conflicts
=== ===
Why are Obama and Loretta Lynch defending her?
If she goes down, they may go down too.
Or at a minimum, Obama's legasy may be endangered
The HEALTH issue may be a convenient way to get rid of her before more bad news on scandals comes out

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At last, someone in power has the cajones to go after "the satanic one"


Congress Files Perjury Charges Against Hilary


Watch this for (relevant) amusement, while we await the slow wheels of justice


Milo Show Foreplay: Chuck Dixon Says the Clintons Are 'Comic Book Villains'

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Rule of Law: We need to end the Tolerance of Clinton criminality


Here's an explanation regarding why the Rule of Law needs to be restored


Karl Denninger-Only Way Out is Stop Lawlessness Top to Bottom


Published on Jul 31, 2016

The latest is called “America is Doomed Without Restoring the Rule of Law-Karl Denninger.” Trader and entrepreneur Karl Denninger has a dire warning. He basically says if there is lawlessness at the top of society, there will be lawlessness at the bottom. Denninger, who is so distraught he has suspended writing on his popular website, explains, “It is illegal for any entity with market power or anybody else to price fix. It is illegal to price commodities of like, mind and quantity in the market place. That is a federal law, and violations of these laws are not civil affairs, they’re felonies. . . . The only deterrents for corporations against bad behavior is people go to jail or the firm has its charter revoked because it runs out of money. The reason that is the case is as long as I can pay a fine and shift the cost onto the customers or shareholders or both, there is not deterrent—at all. . . . When does a CEO ever get indicted? When do members of the board ever get indicted? The answer is never.”

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(Can anyone beat the Clinton's for utter and amazing cheek? I think not!

The idea that they would try to claim the ethical high ground suggests Hillary is having another brain short-circuit.)


Clinton Foundation Gets Ethics: after the fact


Op-Ed published via the WSJ


After years of claiming that the Clinton Foundation poses no ethical conflicts for Bill and Hillary or the U.S. government, Bill Clinton now admits the truth—sort of.

The Man behind the Woman.. The "Charitable" Foundation behind them both


If his wife becomes President, he says the Super PAC masquerading as a charity won’t accept foreign or corporate contributions. Bill will also resign from the foundation board, and Chelsea will stop raising money for it.

Now they tell us.

If such fund-raising poses a problem when she’s President, why didn’t it when she was Secretary of State or while she is running for President? The answer is that it did and does, and they know it, but the foundation was too important to their political futures to give it up until the dynastic couple were headed back to the Oval Office. Now that Hillary is running ahead of Donald Trump, Bill can graciously accept new restrictions on their pay-to-play politics.

Bill must be having a good laugh over this one. The foundation served for years as a conduit for corporate and foreign cash to burnish the Clinton image, pay for their travel expenses for speeches and foreign trips, and employ their coterie in between campaigns or government gigs. Donors could give as much as they wanted because the foundation is a “charity.”

President Obama may have banished Sidney Blumenthal from the State Department, but Bill could stash his conspiratorial pal at the foundation, keeping him on the family payroll while Sid flooded Hillary with foreign-policy advice. Her private email server was supposed to hide their email traffic—until that gambit was exposed last year. But FBI Director James Comey let Hillary off the hook on the emails, and he declined to investigate the foundation, so it looks like they’re home free.

By now the corporate and foreign cash has already been delivered, in anticipation that Hillary Clinton could become the next President. So now it’s the better part of political prudence to claim the ethical high ground.

If you choose to believe or have a short memory. Readers may recall that the foundation promised the White House when Mrs. Clinton became Secretary of State that the foundation would restrict foreign donations and get approval from the State Department.

It turned out the foundation violated that pledge, specifically when accepting $500,000 from Algeria. The foundation also agreed to disclose donor names but failed to do so for more than 1,000 foreign donors until the failure was exposed by press reports.

You also have to suspend disbelief that the foundation won’t live on as a Clinton political vehicle. Even if Bill and Chelsea take eight years off, the Clinton entourage appears to be taking no such vow. That would let friends and retainers continue to solicit donors and keep the joint running until the First Couple can return in 2025.

As an ethical matter, is a donation solicited by long-time Clinton body woman Cheryl Mills different than one solicited by Bill? Even in a smaller, more restricted form under these new donation limits, the foundation will continue to operate as a campaign-in-waiting for a future Senator Chelsea Clinton.

If the Clintons were serious about their new ethical virtue, they wouldn’t merely limit donations. They’d shut the foundation down...


> http://www.marketslant.com/articles/clinton-foundation-gets-ethics-after-fact


Read those words again: " campaign-in-waiting for a future Senator Chelsea Clinton "


Some one, the country as a whole, please spare us all from that possibility


= PABITB, both of them

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