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VT's Duff has lost the plot on Trump & the GOP

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VT's Duff has lost the plot on Trump & the GOP


He's a pathological democrat, who bizarrely supported Obama*


Now, he's out to get Trump, and painting him with tar, to make him look worse than dangerous Hillary.

Despite the title of this article, there's rarely anything "straight" from Duff


Straight Talk About Trump

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor on August 2, 2016

Is Donald Trump insane? Of course he is. So is Hillary, any idiot can see she is drugged out of her mind, look at that gaping smile. Also, let’s be straight, Hillary’s obsession with Russia and Putin being the enemy, of destroying Syria, indicates that she is being handled by people divorced from reality. She thinks the American people really believe this. She has been around the rarefied few for too long, just like Trump.
These are no longer real people. Hillary is closer, though she comes from Chicago “medium money,” went to the best schools and shows almost conspiratorial grooming, pushed to the top of the Democratic party early on, working on the Nixon impeachment and being named one of the top lawyers in the country though there is little record of what she did to deserve any of it.
Because of the stupid things Hillary says, I don’t trust her but I do believe this, that Bill Clinton makes the decisions around the house and I trust him implicitly. Clinton could have cruised to a 3rd and 4th term like Roosevelt and nobody would have said anything were it not for Fox News and the Israel lobby. They hated Bill for his support of Palestinian rights and they hate his wife for the same.
Is Hillary mixed up with the neocons? Yes. Should we worry? Yes. As for her domestic policy, with the exception of gun control, it is very good, not “Bernie Sanders” good but quite excellent.
Trump’s is pure shit. Where Trump shines is that his handlers cruise the conspiracy sites on the internet (we know this to be a fact) and give him daily quips based on site traffic and how bad the grammar is on the comment boards, the worse the better, as he has admitted from time to time.
I respect his hatred of the American people, he hates them (us) for our idiocy and has promised to punish us and make us suffer for being total assholes if we are stupid enough to elect him. I feel that way from time to time myself but then pick up a cat and pet it or walk the dog and that feeling goes away. Other people drink.
Does Trump have a better grip on American foreign policy? Yes.
America has no foreign policy. Going conspiratorial on folks, quite frankly America appears to have no functioning government at all. Trump at least notices this and expects to be killed or suffer from a rigged election like Gore and Kerry did and probably isn’t wrong. However, those who rig elections may well be backing him with one exception, I don’t think they like either candidate.
We know this, Jeb and Kasich were supposed to be the GOP nominees, that was the “fix.” I got that from the “detective club” boys some time ago. Jeb and Kasich are WORSE than Trump, hands down.
This is the rub, can America survive a GOP president? I think not. I don’t care if the borders are closed or who Trump hates, not really. I think the whole thing is an act anyway. We need Al Gore brought back. Past that Bernie Sanders has my support and past that, the best we can do is put Bill back as “first lady” and hope he slaps some sense into Hillary or keeps feeding her the happy pills.
* Heinrich Palmgren was so amazed (and appalled?) by Duff's support of Obama, he did not do part-2 of this interview

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