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Khizr Khan : a Losing figure? / Globalism in Trouble?

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(Arse) Khizr Khan : a Losing figure for the Dems ?

Globalism in Trouble?


At the DNC the platform was filled with every sort of horror, parasite, and victim you can imagine.

Does this really enhance the election prospects for a party that allows its Nomination to be stolen?


Trump Bludgeoned As Hillary Gets Away With Murder


Published on Aug 2, 2016

The Mainstream Media press has declared war on Donald Trump. Favoring what their globalist masters have ordered their propagandized professions to twist into pretzel logic to sway the vote towards Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump didn’t take too kindly to the attack on his character by Muslim father Khizr Khan at the DNC. Notice how the Clinton News Network presided over the ongoing smear campaign?

Meanwhile a real criminal offense is occurring, Kurt Nimmo writes " In 2013 Hillary Clinton lied to Congress. During testimony on the Benghazi attack, Clinton denied she knew anything about the “rat line” running weapons from Libya to jihadis in Syria, including AL-Qaeda and the Islamic State.
Lying to Congress is a serious offense. It can result in a five-year maximum prison sentence. If the lie involves terrorism, the maximum prison sentence under Section 1001 of US Code is eight years.

Not only did Clinton know about the arms program, she oversaw it. Memos retrieved from the Benghazi compound show Clinton’s State Department was involved in weapons transfers.

Julian Assange told Democracy Now Wiki Leaks has emails that will further demonstrate Clinton’s role.

Assange told Democracy Now said. “...the disastrous, absolutely disastrous intervention in Libya, the destruction of the Gaddafi government, which led to the occupation of ISIS of large segments of that country, weapons flows going over to Syria, being pushed by Hillary Clinton, into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, that’s there in those emails. There’s more than 1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection, that we have released, just about Libya alone.”



Khizr Khan’s Deep Legal, Financial Connections to Saudi Arabia, Hillary’s Clinton Foundation Tie Terror, Immigration, Email Scandals Together

4 Aug 1, 2016 Source: breitbart.com


Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that the mainstream media and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have been using to criticize Donald J. Trump, has deep ties to the government of Saudi Arabia—and to international Islamist investors through his own law firm. In addition to those ties to the wealthy Islamist nation, Khan also has ties to controversial immigration programs that wealthy foreigners can use to essentially buy their way into the United States—and has deep ties to the “Clinton Cash” narrative through the Clinton Foundation.

Khan and his wife Ghazala Khan both appeared on stage at the Democratic National Convention to attack, on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s behalf, Donald Trump—the Republican nominee for president. Their son, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, was killed in Iraq in 2004. Khizr Khan, in his speech to the DNC, lambasted Donald Trump for wanting to temporarily halt Islamic migration to America from countries with a proven history of exporting terrorists.

Since then, Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos—who served as a senior adviser to the president in Bill Clinton’s White House and is a Clinton Foundation donor as well as a host on the ABC network—pushed Trump on the matter in an interview. Trump’s comments in that interview have sparked the same mini-rebellion inside his party, in the media and across the aisle that has happened many times before. The usual suspects inside the GOP, from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to House Speaker Paul Ryan to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, have condemned Trump in one way or another. The media condemnation has been swift and Democrats, as well their friends throughout media, are driving the train as fast as they can.

But until now, it looked like the Khans were just Gold Star parents who the big bad Donald Trump attacked. It turns out, however, in addition to being Gold Star parents, the Khans are financially and legally tied deeply to the industry of Muslim migration–and to the government of Saudi Arabia and to the Clintons themselves.

Khan, according to Intelius as also reported by Walid Shoebat, used to work at the law firm Hogan Lovells, LLP, a major D.C. law firm that has been on retainer as the law firm representing the government of Saudi Arabia in the United States for years. Citing federal government disclosure forms, the Washington Free Beacon reported the connection between Saudi Arabia and Hogan Lovells a couple weeks ago.

“Hogan Lovells LLP, another U.S. firm hired by the Saudis, is registered to work for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia through 2016, disclosures show,” Joe Schoffstall of the Free Beacon reported.

The federal form filed with the Department of Justice is a requirement under the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, which makes lobbyists and lawyers working on behalf of foreign governments and other agents from abroad with interests in the United States register with the federal government.

The government of Saudi Arabia, of course, has donated heavily to the Clinton Foundation.

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has given between $10 and $25 million to the foundation while Friends of Saudi Arabia has contributed between $1 and $5 million,” Schoffstall wrote.

Trump, of course, has called on Hillary Clinton to have the Clinton Foundation return the money.

“Saudi Arabia and many of the countries that gave vast amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation want women as slaves and to kill gays,” Trump wrote in a Facebook post back in June, according to Politico. “Hillary must return all money from such countries!”


“Crooked Hillary says we must call on Saudi Arabia and other countries to stop funding hate,” Trump posted in a separate Facebook posting at the time. “I am calling on her to immediately return the $25 million plus she got from them for the Clinton Foundation!”

Of course, to this day, Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Foundation has kept the money from the Saudi Arabian government.


> https://redice.tv/news/clinton-cash-khizr-khan-s-deep-legal-financial-connections-to-saudi-arabia-hillary-s-clinton-foundation-tie-terror-immigration-email-scandals-together

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Elites’ Globalization In Danger, What’s Next?

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich

They’re finally getting the message! We, who pay the freight, are getting fed up with the way they handle things, so now they are running scared.

Isn’t it about time, and shouldn’t we keep the heat on longer and even higher? Why ask that question?


Well, Bloomberg News recently tackled a similar subject with the publication of “With Globalization in Danger, G-20 Double Down on a Defense.” Reading that rather perceptive article, one also has to read in between the lines. What’s being delineated, I think as one who is an armchair economist not well versed in macro- or microeconomics, is that the world’s movers and shakers run scared when the “mice stand up and roar.” And why shouldn’t they shake in their shoes when, basically, they have ruined many of the economies in the world!


Most manufacturing jobs have moved off shore! China’s going to make much of the U.S. pharmaceuticals, including vaccines. Job cutbacks plague every industry, and now they are hitting the tech industries, too! Goody, goody! Why such an exclamation? Because corporate greed and technology are responsible for putting most folks out of work, when one objectively examines the dynamics that accompany bottom lines on financial statements of corporations run by the ‘money changers’. Robots will replace workers who need to feed families!


Probably nothing shook their shoes like the heroic people of Great Britain voting to save their culture and country. “Brexit was a big hit!” They didn’t see it coming? How could they have not seen it, when financial discord and strife are all over the European Union? The English Channel keeps Britain a little “safer” from all the social unrest forced upon the rest of the EU due to the manufactured Syrian and refugee crises by the warmongers who also influence, if not run, the money markets, in my opinion.


Next should be Francexit. A few more countries in the EU, namely Greece, a country forcefully placed into almost perpetual financial servitude should bite the bullet like little Iceland did and say “yassas or antio sas,” goodbye in Greek, and forget any air kisses.


Probably nothing scares them like The Donald!

Trump is too much not like them, and that has them running really scared. Nothing—and I mean nothing—exemplifies how scared than how the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia was ‘covertly’ run by those pulling strings from behind political curtains. Paying $50 to fill empty seats for warm bodies to yell and clap for Hillary is not a way to show party unity or jack up a candidate’s popularity.

The media, which they control lock, stock and barrel, performed a deliberate public relations campaign for Hillary – and a public disservice – by almost totally disregarding the political unrest and upheaval within the convention regarding the “Bernie people,” another genre of ‘mice’ who have them concerned. However, Bernie’s apparent caving in to the DNC’s obvious (?) arm twisting indicates just how things are done when they want them done their way. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

more -

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Karl Denninger — Only Way Out is Stop Lawlessness Top to Bottom
from Greg Hunter:

The latest is called “America is Doomed Without Restoring the Rule of Law-Karl Denninger.” Trader and entrepreneur Karl Denninger has a dire warning. He basically says if there is lawlessness at the top of society, there will be lawlessness at the bottom. Denninger, who is so distraught he has suspended writing on his popular website, explains, “It is illegal for any entity with market power or anybody else to price fix. It is illegal to price commodities of like, mind and quantity in the market place. That is a federal law, and violations of these laws are not civil affairs, they’re felonies. . . .

The only deterrents for corporations against bad behavior is people go to jail or the firm has its charter revoked because it runs out of money.

The reason that is the case is as long as I can pay a fine and shift the cost onto the customers or shareholders or both, there is not deterrent—at all. . . . When does a CEO ever get indicted? When do members of the board ever get indicted? The answer is never.”

In closing, Denninger says, “If we don’t cut this out and start looking at the rule of law as meaning something again, I don’t see how we get out of this.


The only way out of this box is to stop the lawlessness and let entrepreneurial people come in and find the technological innovations that drive the recovery. . . . Lack of the rule of law means America is doomed unless we change it.”



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(About the Kiss-her-Ass Khan affair):


WHERE Does this Make sense?:
+ Khan's son died in 2004
+ That was when Trump as OPPOSING the War, and Hillary was supporting it


WAR is a horrible thing, and losing a child in one is maybe the worst thing that can happen to a family.

Shouldn't he be opposed to those who promoted Wars-for-Israel, like Hillary?

"Donald Trump did not make a sacrifice" - said Khan
Did Hillary? Did Bill? Did Obama?

None of THEM fought for their country.

The lack of logic by Mr Khan, and DNC was appalling

Khan raised a copy of the constitution that he clearly hasn't read or understood:
"The constitution does not mean that anyone of any religion is allowed to enter our country" - PS

The constitution guarantees religious freedom to citizens of the country, not an open door.

This man makes his money getting Muslim immigrants into the country, and is a not unbiased

Dr Patrick Slattery on Aug.3/ MP3 - at xx (20?) minutes : http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/dduke/080316.mp3

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Khan Paid Off By Clinton Foundation...Anonymous - Click Here

Shimatsu - Hillary’s Shariah Law Expert Khizir Khan Folds His Tent - Click Here*




"Khizir Khan was, if anything, deceitful and rude, and so it is Muslims in the United States who should be out front criticizing him.

It is disgraceful to treat such a deceiver as an icon." - Yoichi Shimatsu



*$375,300 - paid to Mr Khan by the Clinton Foundation - if the image is accurate


Thanks, Hillary - for all your efforts to steal freedom from Americans

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