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Hillary vs. Trump - the Pattern of Press Bias

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(here's the sort of article you can find a J Street, a Jewish-oriented website):


Trump's racist and hateful campaign an affront to Jewish values

March 16th, 2016


J Street has not endorsed a candidate for President in the three Presidential elections since our founding in 2008, and we do not intend to change that policy in 2016. However, the statements made and actions taken by Donald Trump are so deeply at odds with our values and our view of American interests in the Middle East, that we feel compelled to express our adamant opposition to his candidacy.


J Street was established to be the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans. In our political work, we bring to bear a belief in tolerance, justice and equality -- principles that are rooted in Jewish values and experience and set forth in the founding documents of the United States and of Israel. These values are core to our identity as pro-Israel, pro-peace activists.

As people who experienced personally -- or whose parents or grandparents experienced -- the horrors of authoritarian regimes in the last century, we are particularly alert to the threat of demagogues who prey on fear and peddle prejudice while inciting their supporters to violence.

Sadly, Mr. Trump’s campaign to date, characterized as it has been by outrageous and alarming attacks on immigrants, Hispanics, women and other groups as well as his call for a total ban on Muslims entering the United States, runs diametrically counter to the values J Street espouses.

Trump has demonized in a most un-American way refugees fleeing the horrifying humanitarian crisis in Syria. As we said at the time those remarks were first made, they indicate a profoundly dangerous worldview which considers billions of people as a dangerous “other,” undeserving of basic compassion and understanding.

Such a worldview is completely inimical to our democracy at home, as well as to serious diplomacy and conflict resolution in today’s complex Middle East. It leads us to believe that Trump lacks the seriousness and capacity to advance American interests and to help Israel meet the difficult challenges it faces.

Nothing in the campaign to date gives us any confidence that Donald Trump, as Commander-in-Chief, would make rational and principled judgments on the foreign policy issues of consequence to us or that he would act in accordance with the core principles that define this country as a democracy.

Taken together, these factors in our view render Donald Trump unfit to be President of the United States. Trump and his campaign, driven by racism and hate, are beyond the bounds of acceptability for the vast majority of Jewish Americans. Indeed, Mr. Trump’s statements have received widespread condemnation from leading voices in the American Jewish community including the ADL and the Reform Movement.

In the coming days, including at the AIPAC Policy Conference, we hope that Jewish Americans -- no matter what may divide us on other issues -- will join the Union for Reform Judaism in finding ways to “engage with Mr. Trump … in a way that affirms our nation’s democracy and our most cherished Jewish values.”


> http://jstreet.org/blog/post/trumps-racist-and-hateful-campaign-an-affront-to-jewish-values_1


Jewish values?

I would like to see an unbiased definition of what that means, apart from Israel First in all political questions

"Trump lacks the seriousness and capacity to advance American interests and to help Israel meet the difficult challenges it faces"

(in other words, Trump wants to be neutral and even-handed in negotiations)


"a belief in tolerance, justice and equality" - they left out:

ONLY So Long as these are measured by SLW standard promoted by the Jewish-controlled media

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Jewish values?

Do they mean : Exaggeration and lying for their cause?


"Trump has demonized in a most un-American way refugees fleeing the horrifying humanitarian crisis in Syria"


I suggest that J Street talk to a REAL SYRIAN, like Syrian Girl before they write such tripe !


Syrian Girl speaks sense

Hillary Clinton Is The Chaos Candidate


Listen to her answer, when she is asked what she thinks of Hillary Clinton vs "Islam-aphobe" Donald Trump


David Duke also interviewed her


Date: 03-18-16

MP3 : http://mediaarchives.gsradio.net/dduke/031816.mp3


Dr. Duke starts by refuting vicious Jewish lies about Trump and Hitler then talks with Syrian Partisan Girl on why Zionists hate Syria!

Today Dr. Duke had Syrian Partisan Girl as his guest for the hour. She provided a native perspective on the Syrian civil war, which is really more of an international invasion than true civil war. This war threatens to expand into a greater Middle Eastern war or even a World War.

She explained that Syria has numerous religions and ethnicities, and that Zionist supremacists have long tried to exploit this in divide and conquer fashion. She said that proposals for federalism in Syria may sound reasonable to American ears, but that federalism would tend to exasperate religious and ethnic divides and would deprive residents of certain regions the benefits of the resources of the country as a whole.

This show will educate you about a vital issue about which the media does nothing but lie. Please share it widely.


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TWO SIDES of the same coin - ie looking at ISIS - & it matters who is right!


The Washington post, using Cheroff (who was the first head of DHS) as an attack-dog:


Why security experts called Donald Trump’s response to the Belgium attacks ‘preposterous’

By Peter Holley and Lindsey Bever March 22 at 4:59 PM

Former homeland security secretary Michael Chertoff slammed Donald Trump’s response to the Brussels terror attacks on Tuesday. (AP)

For months now, Americans have wondered whether Donald Trump’s most controversial foreign policy proposals — such as closing U.S. borders to Muslims and extracting information from terrorism suspects using techniques deemed to be torture — were anything more than campaign bluster.

In the hours after bombings that killed dozens in Brussels on Tuesday, those statements took on new gravity, as the Republican front-runner was asked how he would respond to a similar attack if he were president.

“I would close up our borders to people until we figure out what’s going on,” Trump said Tuesday morning on Fox News. “We have to be smart in the United States. We’re taking in people without real documentation, we don’t know where they’re coming from, we don’t know what they’re — where they’re from, who they are.”


> https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/03/22/why-security-experts-called-donald-trumps-response-to-the-belgium-attacks-preposterous/


(other side is on VT):


NEO – Is ISIS a Scam?


Recent revelations inside Iraq have exposed ISIS. They don’t exist, simple as that, not across Iraq, not in Mosul, not in control of any oil regions, not in any way remotely resembling what the world has been told.

The real “ISIS,” more recently identified as a Turkish, Israeli, Saudi construct is, at least in Iraq, run out of Erbil, not Mosul or Raqqah, cannot be identified, or explained. It is a ghost. Let our story begin.

In January 2014, I met with Sunni governors to discuss their views on the ISIS threat as it applied to their regional security issues. At that time ISIS was in Ramadi only, seen by a cynical but powerful few as a useful tool to leverage political reforms from the Shiite led government.

The new “ISIS” made militarily impossible simultaneous moves across Anbar, Nineveh, Salahaddin, Tamim, Dyala, Karbala, Babil, Najaf, Qadisiyyah and even Sulaymania provinces — and this is in Iraq alone.


This evidenced early on that the tribal, interrelated Sunni political groups, all of which had long since formed militia organizations with which I am very familiar, had suddenly become “ISIS” in Iraq but that there were other powers as well acting under the theatrical guise of ISIS or ISIL or the Islamic State.

Thus, we knew from the first, and by “we,” I mean the Iraqi government, Iran, Russia and maybe even the United States, that the ISIS threat was misrepresented.

This has long been an unspoken fact that the insurgency we suspected was nothing more than an Iraqi civil war, not the rise of a mystical cult of “head choppers” with mad internet skills and lots of Hollywood backing.

If the thought has crossed your mind that ISIS isn’t what it seems to be, your suspicions may well have been justified. If you had heard of conspiracy theories about ISIS, that intelligence agencies were helping it or that it isn’t quite what it seems, there is reason to believe, reason rooted in facts that you are shooting well short of the mark.



> http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/03/22/neo-is-isis-a-scam/


It seems to me that fewer and fewer Americans believe the mainstream media, and are willing to buy into the narratives they find in the WP, and that they hear coming from world-class Zionists, like Chertoff. A wholly-opposite point of view would be: Maybe Trump could get the truth of 911 by water-boarding Chertoff. That's impossible in today's world. But if public opinion continues to shift against the mainstream, maybe it will not always be impossible for a President to think like that. That is what the establishment fears: Trump might turn on the establishment, if he perceives them as the real villains - as many Americans do.

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Trump is getting media voices to show their true (whorish) colors


What an irritating article this is from an irritating publication, the New Republic - owned by :



Ownership changed*


How Donald Trump Exposed AIPAC
The rapturous reception for the Republican frontrunner revealed the gap between AIPAC and the majority of American Jews.
March 24, 2016

When the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) announced that Donald Trump would be speaking at its annual policy conference this year, there was a loud cry of outrage. Even some supporters of AIPAC said it was inappropriate to host a man who had fomented violence and racism. More liberal Jewish organizations protested, and some objectors said they would organize a quiet walkout when Trump took the stage.

But when Trump did speak earlier this week, there was no protest, and the respectful applause gradually rose to roaring cheers instead. By the end of his speech, Trump had clearly won the AIPAC crowd over.

AIPAC itself recognized that the imagery here was disastrous. It was especially perturbed that Trump had gotten a huge ovation for saying that President Barack Obama “may be the worst thing to ever happen to Israel, believe me, believe me.” So much so, in fact, that the group made a statement rebuking Trump and its own audience for egging him on.

But while the boorish Trump was obviously offensive, the substance of his remarks was not terribly different from what the other candidates at the convention had to say. Only he and Hillary Clinton even mentioned the notion of brokering a deal between Israel and the Palestinians. All the candidates at the gathering placed the blame for the ongoing conflict squarely on the Palestinians, with only Clinton even mentioning settlement expansion.


> https://newrepublic.com/article/131994/donald-trump-exposed-aipac


The Bias disgusts me,

The article says:

"inappropriate to host a man who had fomented violence and racism... the boorish Trump was obviously offensive"

I say:

The biased New Republic was over the top - have a look: the publication is owned by someone from the Obama finance committee !!


"AIPAC may have finally demonstrated for all to see that it has completely lost touch with the mainstream Jewish community."


Can it get worse that AIPAC? So it seems if the New Republic has its wicked way



*Ownership changed very recently:

"On January 11, 2016, Chris Hughes announced he was putting the magazine up for sale, indicating the need for "new vision and leadership".[6][7] It was sold in February 2016 to Win McCormack.[8]"

> wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_Republic

As a political activist, McCormack served as Chair of the Oregon Steering Committee for Gary Hart's 1984 presidential campaign. He is chair of the Democratic Party of Oregon's President's Council and a member of the Obama for President Oregon Finance Committee

> http://www.winmccormack.com/

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The Dems must be afraid of Trump, given the viciousness of the attack in the New Republic on Trump


Look at McCormack's Democratic connections:


Win McCormack, a longtime local publishing executive and Oregon's leading Democratic political donor, has purchased The New Republic magazine.

McCormack, editor and publisher of Portland's Tin House magazine and books, earlier published the Oregon Magazine and has published Oregon Business, Travel Oregon and other local publications.

Today, his son, Noah McCormack, announced via Twitter that McCormack had bought the 101-year-old New Republic. The venerable political magazine hit rocky times in the past couple years under the ownership of Chris Hughes, a Facebook co-founder.

Hughes wanted to move the magazine sometimes referred to as "the in-flight magazine of Air Force One" from its fusty print-dependent past into a web-based model. Many longtime writers and editors quit.


> http://www.wweek.com/2016/02/26/portland-publisher-win-mccormack-buys-the-new-republic/


The New Republic had been bleeding cash, for its prior owner, a young FB founder:


Hughes own tenure as owner of the magazine was a disappointment. He bought The New Republic for an undisclosed sum -- sources with knowledge of the deal have put the figure at $2.1 million -- and then invested over $20 million in trying unsuccessfully to rebrand it as a "digital media company." Last year, traffic to the site declined by nearly 40%, according to comScore.


> http://money.cnn.com/2016/02/26/media/new-republic-chris-hughes-win-mccormack/index.html


May the loses continue!

But I reckon this attack on Trump will get some advertising dollars from Hillary's campaign, and maybe also from the anti-Trump GOP.


Possible there was a quick infusion of cash triggering the piece

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Frankenstein speaks




Fox News' Charles Krauthammer unloads on Donald Trump: “He's ...
Salon-10 hours ago

Donald Trump has not hidden his disdain for conservative icon and Sunday morning staple Charles Krauthammer, calling everything from “the worst” to “a dummy,” but on Sunday Krauthammer struck back, accusing Trump of not being “fluent on the issues,” “out of his depth,” and just “terrible.”

Krauthammer was responding, in part, to host Howie Kurtz’s defense of Ted Cruz, in which he called out Trump for including a “passive-aggressive postscript” in his non-denial denial of having leaked information to the National Enquirer.

“I still remain adamantly amazed by the [Trump] phenomenon,” Krauthammer said, “but I’m not surprised.”

. . .

“He’s out of his depth,” he added, “and while he’s obviously a good candidate, if he wins — and I don’t think he will — he’s going to be bad for the country. That’s the only criteria by which I judge him.”


(I can tell you this...

The outsized coverage given to Zionist "ikons" like Charles Krauthammer is CERTAINLY bad for America.

Under Trump, he might be put back in an underground cave where he belongs.

Trump's policy is AMERICA FIRST, not Zionist Israel first.)

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(I was AMAZED to find this story in Salon):


Camille Paglia: This is why Trump’s winning, and why I won’t vote for Hillary


GOP needs to wake up and realize Trump is its fault. But the Trump/Clinton death match is a national nightmare

Camille Paglia

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump (Credit: Reuters/Andrew Kelly/AP/Charlie Neibergall/Photo montage by Salon)

This week’s horrific terrorist attacks on the Brussels airport and metro raised the pressure in the already tight U.S. presidential campaign. Candidates of both parties were instantly measured against voter expectations of how a president could and should behave in a similar crisis. Meanwhile, it was jarring to see a beaming President Obama relaxing at a Cuban baseball game, while grisly photos of the wrecked terminal and dazed, bloodied victims in Belgium were on steady media feed all over the world.

Given that most people, sequestered at their workplace, were unable to monitor the full range of responses throughout the day, the candidate who emerged on top was almost certainly Donald Trump. Despite his alarming enthusiasm for waterboarding and torture, Trump’s central campaign theme of securing the borders and more stringently vetting immigrants was strengthened by the events in Brussels, a historic city whose changing demographics he had already controversially warned about. Trump’s credibility would be enhanced if he treated the vital immigration issue in general policy terms rather than divisively singling out specific groups (Mexican, Muslim), the majority of whom are manifestly law-abiding.


Hillary Clinton’s Brussels response was basically boilerplate, calling for solidarity with Europe and playing chess with Trump to paint him as a greenhorn and hothead. Bernie Sanders (whom I support and contribute to) had little to say, beyond conveying condolences to the Belgian people, because foreign affairs have unfortunately remained a sideline for him.


> http://www.salon.com/2016/03/24/camille_paglia_this_is_why_trumps_winning_and_why_i_wont_vote_for_hillary/

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Undemocratic Huffpost wants to teach about Democracy


(These are the guys who reported Trump stories in their entertainment section for 6 months,

taking jokes like Bush and Rubio seriously - what do they know about freedom of speech?)

5. Superdelegates are fundamentally undemocratic
Hilariously enough, the arguably undemocratic role of superdelegates — who are tasked with casting their votes for a candidate of their choosing at party conventions — only exist on the Democratic side. Despite the fact that their votes are not bound by the results of popular elections in their state, their votes weigh much more heavily than the votes of average citizens. While Bernie Sanders earned 15 pledged delegates to Hillary Clinton’s nine in New Hampshire, six superdelegates have declared their support to Clinton, forcing an effective tie at the convention. If New Hampshire’s two uncommitted superdelegates end up swinging into Clinton’s camp, she will defeat Bernie Sanders on the floor despite losing the popular vote in that state by more than 20 percent.

While superdelegates are solely a byproduct of the DNC, Republicans have their own version of the “smoke-filled room”: unbound delegates, or delegates who essentially become free agents if the candidate to whom they were bound suspends their campaign. And because there is no law barring unbound delegates from accepting bribes, they could theoretically sell their vote to the highest bidder on the convention floor.


> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/maru-gonzalez/5-reasons-the-presidential-primary-system-is-in-need-of-reform_b_9583006.html

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Sharp and Angry?


Someone criticized me for my sharp and angry tone on many threads (I am paraphrasing a milder critique)


My attitude is if you are not sharp and angry now, you are complicit in the power grab that has happened in the US (and in many other countries)

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Hillary makes wild claims - and LIES.


But they do not get reported like this:


Apr 04 3:07pm:

Donald Trump claims America is on the verge of a "very massive recession."



When did you see an article: "Hillary's latest LIE"?


It would be more accurate, probably, than the story on Trump, which has this excerpt:


Donald Trump claims America is on the verge of a "very massive recession."

But don't worry, Trump says he can save the economy and get America out of debt. Just give him eight years in the White House and he'll make America's $19 trillion debt go away.

How? Trump wants to slash taxes and fix trade deals with China, Mexico and other nations.

"You have to do a tax cut. Because we're the highest-taxed nation in the world," Trump said in a recent interview with The Washington Post.

Experts say: Yeah right.


What experts? Zio-owned economists??

What they fail to point out is that :

+ Hillary favors wars (as usual), and

+ Trump wants to get supposed allies (including Israel) to pay for their own defense.


This might make some difference in the deficit, but does it get reported?

Of course not, beacuse the Zio-owned media favors those Wars-for-Israel too


Look, I dont believe that Trump can fix the deficit in 8 years.

But there is a chance that he might stop those expensive wars for Israel, that Hillary favors and promotes

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Sharp and Angry?


Someone criticized me for my sharp and angry tone on many threads (I am paraphrasing a milder critique)


My attitude is if you are not sharp and angry now, you are complicit in the power grab that has happened in the US (and in many other countries)

Meh, stage 2, anger.


All the super fun is ahead of you...

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The Trump campaign moves onto New York - and so does the media circus


Rudy Giuliani to vote for -- but not endorse -- Donald Trump
CNN-3 hours ago
New York (CNN) Rudy Giuliani confirmed in a pair of interviews Thursday that he will vote for Donald Trump in the upcoming New York primary ...
Donald Trump's unfavorable rating is unprecedented
New York Post-2 hours ago
WASHINGTON — For Americans of nearly every race, gender, political persuasion and location, disdain for Donald Trump runs deep, saddling ...
(take it from whence it comes - the NY Post)

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Many articles now are so negatively spun that they are unreadable - like this one


Salon - ‎11 hours ago‎
Donald Trump, with all the eloquence and brilliance of a barroom belch, has introduced illegal immigration into the political debate, often claiming that it is one of the reasons that America is “going to hell.
. . .
I wonder if anyone else would like to see the whole of the US Mainstream media crash and burn, like taken out by drones, or whatever

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We need less of THIS



(ABC News)


and more Reality, like this:




and this:



(National Enquirer)

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The MSM reported this story when it made Trump look bad.


How many are now reporting it, when he looks good for standing by his employee?


Donald Trump Was Right: Corey Lewandowski WILL NOT be Prosecuted

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Hillary's NOT Well / She's losing it


Completely Spaces Out During Speech The presidential candidate continues to raise questions about her health.

Posted on Apr 25, 2016


Hillary Clinton completely forgot what she was talking about over the weekend.

In a Scranton, Pennsylvania, speech, Clinton criticized Bernie Sanders in front of a cheering crowd. The 68-year-old then passionately spoke about what she would do differently then Sanders as president.

“…We do not need another big contentious debate about healthcare,” Clinton said. “We need to make what we’ve got work really well and improve it and the get the cost out of…upward spiral…now I want to mention two other things…”

The Democratic front-runner paused for a few seconds, losing her train of thought, then quickly powered on with her speech.

Clinton has raised questions about her health, continuously coughing in speeches and potentially suffering from post-concussion syndrome.

Donald Trump said only a month ago that he believed his likely general election opponent does not have the energy necessary for a U.S. president.


> http://radaronline.com/videos/hillary-clinton-spaces-out-speech-health-risk-video/?utm_source=Outbrain2&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=SpecialPush&utm_term=5512170

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"It is time for the Naked and Nasty Truth", says Diamond

"Get off that Democratic Plantation!"


(the Truth is getting out on the Alternative Media):


Why Donald Trump Is Under Attack | Diamond and Silk


Those women had me at "They need to fight for freedom in their own country".

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The Guardian - ‎5 hours ago‎
Trump seems even more likely to dominate the so-called “Acela primary” - a reference to a rail line that runs through Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland - but faces a potentially more complicated route to victory if he ...
/ 2 /
Donald Trump Advises Bernie Sanders to Run as an Independent
ABC News-6 hours ago
"Bernie Sanders has been treated terribly by the Democrats — both with delegates & otherwise," Trump tweeted this afternoon. "He should ...

Though Sanders and Trump's views are vastly different, these two populist stars do have a few similarities. For one, they have enjoyed some of the largest crowd sizes of any presidential candidate. And Trump has likened their candidacies, comparing the struggle he says both men face.

"This is a crooked system,” Trump said earlier this month in Rochester, New York. “I’m not a fan of Bernie. I couldn’t care less. As far as I’m concerned, I couldn’t care less about Bernie. But he wins. And he wins. Like me.”

Trump has decried the primary system in both parties, calling them rigged, accusing the votes of being in the hands of the delegates not the people.


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As she gets fatter and older, it is harder for the biased press to take a positive photo of Hillary


US News ran this photo (but with the full slogan)




I reckon that the state assistance granted to people supporting her, must be truly a mind-boggling amount


Is Hillary "Fighting For Us" ?

Did you ever notice that those who play victim(s) have Unlimited Needs?

No doubt, Israel (the ultimate player of I am a victim) will have its needs looked after by HRC more than the dim-witted support seekers

who are backing her

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Live Updating-Los Angeles Times-8 minutes ago

Voters in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Connecticut and Rhode Island head to the polls Tuesday.

  • Donald Trump's bid for a sweep out East opens with victories in the 3 biggest states
  • Even if he is effectively shut out of the Democratic nomination tonight, Bernie Sanders will fight on
  • More Republicans say they'd vote for Trump in a general election, according to exit polls
  • The effect of a Ted Cruz-John Kasich merger and other points to watch in the primaries

The Cruz-Kasich merger debuts.

Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Ohio Gov. John Kasich pulled a Sunday night surprise, announcing that they were teaming up to prevent Trump from winning the nomination.

Kasich has agreed to stop campaigning in Indiana's May 3 contest to give Cruz a chance to beat Trump there. Cruz has ceded Oregon and New Mexico, which vote later, to aid Kasich.

The pact does not include the states voting Tuesday. But it is a tacit admission that neither Cruz nor Kasich has much of a chance to notch any wins among them
  • Follow along with live results tonight here



TRUMP SWEEPS all 5 states


BREAKING: Donald Trump wins Republican primaries in Rhode Island and Delaware.

@AP race call at 8:34 p.m. EDT. #Election2016 #APracecall


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At last - a picture of Trump smiling in the MSM




Front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton rack up strings of wins in the East Coast ...

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NOT AS SUPERFICIAL as the MSM says they are

Why Gen Y has been unfairly represented - Red Alert Politics


"The best people are the black lives matter, and the feminists - who do all the work"


Published on Apr 26, 2016

I was interviewed by Ryan James Girdusky (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAjI...) of Red Alert Politics, and I lay out how the Millennials/Gen Y are getting a raw deal in media representation. Plus, that outfit... I mean look at me. Amazing. Anyway sub to Ryan to catch part 2 of this amazing interview.

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If you cannot make Trump look bad, make his supporters look bad


/ the negative image assault by the Zio-owned media continues - see hit, grok it, criticize it /




U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters after speaking at Crosby High School, in Waterbury, Connecticut, April 23, 2016.

Donald Trump has reached 50 percent support from Republicans and Republican-leaners nationally for the first time since the beginning of the NBC News | SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking Poll in late December. This milestone is significant as the 2016 primary heads into its final few weeks of contests, as there has been intense speculation that Trump's support has a ceiling. Though his support has hovered in the high 40s since mid-March, the front-runner had yet to secure half of Republican voters.

These results are according to the latest NBC News | SurveyMonkey Weekly Election Tracking poll conducted online from April 18 to April 24 of 10,707 adults aged 18 and over, including 9,405 registered voters.


> http://www.cnbc.com/2016/04/26/poll-trump-reaches-50-percent-support-nationally-for-the-first-time.html

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Is Trump "Playing a Part"? - Can he get 1,237? - Paul Manafort


Published on Apr 24, 2016

Donald Trump's newly appointed Convention Manager Paul Manafort joins Chris Wallace to discuss the campaign strategy to get 1,237 delegates before the Cleveland convention


Chris Wallace is such a tool, and it is so obvious here

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