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Gran Columbia (GCM.t) : 218,000 oz/yr Gold miner

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I wasn't planning on letting mine go at $4, but might make sense if you have got alot.

pg10 / Yr.End 12/31: C$2.82 - at $1281 Gold price (0.22%), C$Gold was C$1715 (0.164%)

Update: 1/16/19:  C$3.46 +22.7% in 2019 / 1-yr. Vs 200d : 377d.ma : 610d : 987d. : 700-945d : Mkt.Depth :


Date------- : GCM.t: CAD$: $Price: ShOS MktVal : 8%-Debs: Date: Cash: EntVal. / $Gold : OZ's/ Prd. years.: 221wtx12.2M
08/10/18: $2.44 x.761= $1.857 48.2M $89.5M: $98.0M: Est.: $28.0: $159.5M /$1219: 131k/200: 0.660: $0.23=$2.81M
10/02/18: $2.40 x.780= $1.872 48.2M $90.2M: $93.1M: Est.: $28.0: $155.3M /$1204: 129k/212: 0.609: $0.19=$2.31M
12/31/18: $2.82 x.733= $2.067 48.2M $99.6M: $83.4M: 12/31 $29? $154.0M /$1281: 120k/217: 0.554: $0.61=$7.44M
01/03/19: $3.18 x.741= $2.356 48.2M $113.M: $83.4M: 12/31 $29? $167.0M /$1295: 129k/217: 0.594: $0.97=$11.8M
01/04/19: $3.15 x.747= $2.353 48.2M $113.M: $83.4M: 12/31 $29? $167.0M /$1284: 130k/217: 0.599: $0.94=$11.5M

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18 hours ago, drbubb said:

I am pleased, of course.

Like other people in a situation like this, I wish I had bought more - haha/

So far, I have only done minor selling, but somewhere near $4.00 or so, I might let bigger chunks go

GCM.t ... long chart :


Not the only one pleased and wishing he’d bought more.

Great call though, can please not cause a slump at $4 😊

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