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Soros the Disrupter: Refugees, Black Lives Matter & Stealing Elections

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Exclusive Excerpt — Michelle Malkin: ‘Open Borders, Inc: Who’s Funding America’s Destruction?’


Médecins Sans Frontiéres (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders facilitates illegal immigration at our southern doorstep as well as across the Mediterranean Sea, as you’ll see in chapter two. Since 2012, the group boasts, its activists have been providing medical care and mental health care in Mexico to migrants and refugees from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador moving along the migratory route up through Mexico toward the U.S. MSF personnel are on the scene at migrant shelters and mobile clinics that parallel La Bestia railway lines. In addition, the organization opened a comprehensive health center in Mexico City in 2016 for caravan participants. Psychologists, medical doctors, and social workers are at the ready, along with staff who provide a full range of caravan concierge services: “guidance, information on the migrant route and legal rights,” plus “referrals to second and third level medical and mental health service providers.” MSF workers treat “dehydration, skin infections, fatigue, acute stress, anxiety and depression,” injuries from traveling on top of freight trains, and “injuries from violent incidents.” …

The Mexico City region hosts a multitude of casas de migrantes. The El Samaritano migrant house provides meals, baths, medical care, and phone services. It is conveniently located along the train tracks, and has become an inevitable magnet for narcotics and human trafficking. “We will be here until the last migrant passes through,” El Samaritano’s Sister Rosa Bogado vowed to a Miami Herald reporter. At Casa Mambré, a special LGBTQI unit houses transgender migrants who receive separate shelter and psychotherapy services. Casa Tochán (which means “our house” in Nahuatl) teaches guests how to do woodwork and sell artisan crafts. Families bunking at CAFEMIN (Casa de Acogida, Formación y Empoderamiento de la Mujer y Internacional y Nacional, or “House for Shelter, Training and Empowerment of International and National Women”) bake bread and receive asylum advice. Casa del Migrante de Saltillo is gated and has “stunning” mountain views and close proximity to the train tracks. It provides three free meals a day and sells additional snacks and calling cards. Canada, the Netherlands, and the European Union provide donations to the migrant shelter.

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I refer to the news article on " Soros Fuels Dark Money Judicial Group That Fights Kavanaugh, Trump Nominations" in the 2nd preceding posting shown above, 


Due to Demand Justice's arrangement with the Sixteen Thirty Fund, which acts as its fiscal sponsor, it does not have to file annual tax forms to the Internal Revenue Service. Those who contribute to groups housed at the Sixteen Thirty Fund can also mark the money to the fund's name, where it is passed to the intended groups while ultimately masking the destination.



The writer(s) are actually hinting to readers of the article that the fiscal is corrupt too. Of course, we know that.

However, who has the guts to write these lines and post on the Internet? The writers of the aforesaid article have. 



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