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CIRCUIT's Attractions. Makati's new entertainment area*

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It appears to be that the proposed station in Makati is by Kalyaan Avenue. A quick search shows that this is right next to Rockwell and approx 1km from Makati Ave. I wonder why Makati Ave doesn't have a proposed stop? Too dense// disruptive to construct a station there? Any thoughts?

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"So Circuit Makati is 3.8km away from Makati CBD vs BGC is 2.9km(??) from Makati CBD"


(3.8km is the distance from Circuit to the MRT station at Ayala/Edsa.

The distance to Citygate on Ayala Avene will be about half of that.)


There has long been talk of a Dedicated Bus lane connecting Circuit with Ayala Avenue, going down South Avenue

Negotiations are said to be underway.


If this can be arranged and built, it should mean a reliable and predictable transit time between the two locations.


Also, there will be jobs at Stiles Tower 1 and Tower 2. and even more coming if the BPO's that are planned for the place get built.

I reckon that Ayala will get the transport sorted out and one or more residential towers completed before they announce the BPO.

This may all happen within the next year or so.


Rockwell has thrived as a self-contained multi-use mini-city near the Makati CBD. Their projects are well-designed a well-built.

and prices (and rents!) are a premium to the average for Makati. It is natural for a a future MRT plan to pick up Rockwell as a stop.

No one yet lives at Circuit, and it is not "on the way" in the way that Rockwell is, so the bus connections are probably all it will get at this stage

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CIRCUIT is finally coming of Age


The showroom model now suggests what a "finished" Circuit Makati will look like - note the 70 floors+ builidings planned by ALP /  Ayala Premier.

The Ayala mall (front, center) should be finished in 2018, I was told

/ 2 /


Connectivity and proximity to the Pasig River should be a long term positive

/ 3 /


Some of Circuit's towers will have exceptional views of the Makati skyline

/ 4 /


Solstice / Callisto tower over Circuit Streets shopway and will "make" Circuit's skyline from the river for the next 2-3 years (at least)

/ 5 /


Air and Rise are coming up fast, and can be seen from the PRC square, near Circuit

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Another price jump at Circuit?


SUMMER MADNESS in the Property market?




"135k to 156k per sqm" - that's +15.5% in One day*!



This was not really a true price rise, No one was able to buy units in the development at P135k per sqm.

That was an "expected" Launch prices, which before it was actually offered for sale, The price was amended

to a new official Launch price. But nevertheless it suggests a big jump from phase one, Union Square.

To the new phase 2 at ARCA South, which is called: V---.

(This info comes to from an Avida agent, Christelle, who was well informed about the matter.)


A friend told me:

"Avida has raised the price for at ARCA South from 135k p sqm to 156k and some buyers have backed out".

Nevertheless many others are still expected to buy at the (higher) new price. - It seems there are some panicky buyers around - Is Avida trying to SPIKE the market up, into a Peak? That sounds like madness, but it would describe what we are seeing. Since RENTS are not rising, these high prices do not look sustainable


SLIDE: showing... 1BR Condo at One Central was P4.62M in 2012, an P7.47M now
That is a 37.22% price increase - 7.44% every year, for 5 years



7.44% per annum Rise is not unreasonable - but 15.5% in One Day - per my friend's report on Avida seems outrageous. That's two years worth of rises in just one day!

Crazy stuff - which I am calling "summer madness"


(In edit - Alveo's Circuit is joining the "summer madness" move, apparently):




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Corporate Center / BPO's at Crcuit City


There was a Rainbow appearing when this photo was shot at night - last September




Now the buildings are racing to completion




> ssc: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1838492&page=3

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As buildings top out, some surprising news


FLATS-of-Circuit Dormitories (new ssc thread)

This may not go down well with Investor-buyers in Circuit units.

There goes the demand from Tenants-who-Share !



The early building are topping out


post_new.gif Yesterday's post:

Ayala Land will put 2 dorm-like building in Circuit.
Based on the Inquirer article, each tower will have 300 rooms, both of which are targeted for completion by 2020 to accommodate 2,400 people*. These dorms are seen to open up living space to office workers at P5,500 to P6,000 per person per month.
Circuit will be more affordable to renters, but these new towers are bad news to rental investors.
I wonder where these 2 buildings will be located within Circuit. Anyone have more info?
* ALI putting up dorm buildings | Inquirer Business

Aug 9, 2017 - Property giant Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) is building a chain of affordable ...

Each tower will have 300 rooms, both of which are targeted for completion by 2020. ...

two Circuit Makati dorm buildings can accommodate 2,400 people. (4x people per room)

I suppose this is designed to answer the question of potential BPO tenants:
"Where will our employees live?"
It should make it easier for Ayala to attract BPO tenants paying their employees P25,000-30,000 (or less)
/ 2 / (added in edit)
OUTSIDE No dorms in Circuit makati - that's the opinion of this poster:
"dont worry guys those dormitory or flats will not be constructed inside circuit makati. its going to be built somewhere in between circuit and makati cbd. circuit makati will not waste its valuable space just for this. it needs to maintain the prestige of those who invested in the condos and its premier land value so i dont think circuit makati will do that"
Makes sense - There was/is a plan to put ALP (premier) buildings in Circuit.
I don't think that Ayala would put an ALP building next to a dormitory

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Some think there will be a knock-on effect in Mandy... and even in Circuit City


Announcement regarding a property investment of an Associate company of SBS Philippines Corporation involving a 5-hectare property in Mandaluyong City. Please refer to the attached Press Release.

Background/Description of the Disclosure

Cleon Phils. Holdings Corp., an associate company of SBS Philippines Corporation, is acquiring a prime real estate property located along J. P. Rizal Street in Mandaluyong City comprising of a 54,598.17 square meter lot. The purchase is intended for investment and is expected to close within the month.


> http://edge.pse.com.ph/openDiscViewer.do?edge_no=57e7ca9195bb47403318251c9257320d#sthash.T481Sppz.XuTrbLnD.dpbs

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Looking more and more finished







Stiles is looking up too



Alveo Land wins Best Office Development (Philippines) in the 2017 Asia-Pacific International Property Awards for The Stiles Enterprise Plaza, its flagship office development in Circuit Makati. Its model unit designs for The Gentry Residences and Portico also received awards in the Best Interior Design - Show Homes (Philippines) category, with the former winning an additional 5-star award in the same category.

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TRANSPORT concerns expressed


"How can they fix the roads? It is impossible. They can't just destroy the houses and make the roads wider.
The only "big" roads going there are Chino Roces ave. and JP. Rizal ave which are not really big and kind of narrow with endless traffic.
Circuit Makati will never be accessible due to this and will always be kind of isolated from the center of Makati.
Anyway it seems that this isn't a concern for a lot of people if Ayala can sell it for over 140k/sqm. "

- M.


> ssc: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1939181&page=2


Some possible "solutions":


+ Express buses will add Circuit stop

+ Dedicated bus lane on South Boulevard / Ayala Avenue extension

+ use of water taxis

+ potential new bridges may help

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Circuit Makati : November 2017


Circuit was once Santa Ana Racetrack


Buses & Jeepneys may get this far ... someday (making Circuit more accessible)



Looking past Circuit's rising Mall, towards Century City



Solstice rises over The Coffee Bean



Circuit's watery heart

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Looking good



The Main mall when completed - will be a big step forward

"I've seen a photo of the mall lobby it has high ceiling from ground floor to top floor of the roof deck, sort of airport lobby! "


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... The Mall at Circuit will open later this year

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Circuit is looking more and more finished

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STILES won an Award




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Mystery owner of  Circuit area plot

question, kasama rin po ba to sa circuit makati project?



AFAIK, that parcel of land is owned by the Lucio Tan group -- though I admit this information is not confirmed.

> per SSC: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1443736&page=49


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Not Long now - the Shopping mall at Circuit opens soon - next Friday!


The official list of tenants for Ayala Malls Circuit (also listed are the existing tenants in Circuit Lane) have been announced





> MORE: https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1905634&page=7

> TENANTS : https://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=1905634&page=8

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People turned up, though few shops were opened yet -- as shown in SSC photos

There's a FREE BUS Ride from Gloriette for the next few days

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The Makati City government has implemented a one-way traffic scheme in the South Avenue-Zapote Loop in line with its thrust to create a growth center in the northern part of the city.

Mayor Abby Binay directed the city’s Public Safety Department (PSD) to strictly enforce City Ordinance No. 2017-026 which include the South Avenue-Zapote One Way Loop.

Under the scheme, South Avenue is designated as a one-way street for northbound traffic while Zapote Street is one-way for southbound traffic.

The city government also declared as no-parking zones the entire stretch of South Avenue, Ayala Avenue Extension, Hippodromo Street, A.P. Reyes Street, Zapote Street and Kamagong Street.

The city ordinance states that no vehicle is allowed to park on both sides of a road declared as one-way. The absence of “No Parking” signs does not mean parking is allowed.

> https://makeitmakati.com/news/makati-sets-traffic-rules-in-new-growth-center/

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Hop on Circuit Makati’s Newest Shuttle Service

Circuit Makati offers a more convenient way of discovering the city’s newest entertainment district via its free shuttle service.


Covered in graphic novel-like designs, the coasters will be hard to miss as it travels along its set route.

The shuttle takes riders to Circuit Makati from several pick-up points within the Ayala Center and Makati CBD. The service runs Mondays to Fridays from 4 to 8 pm – its route starts at the main station, which is at the Hotel Intercon open car park (near the Ayala MRT station). Going to Circuit Makati, the shuttle also fetches passengers from the loading areas near Ayala Triangle Gardens, Smart Tower, Zuellig Loop, Circuit Makati’s transport terminal, and Circuit Lane. Conversely, the shuttle drops off passengers at Glorietta and the BPI Head Office, before heading back to the main station.

“This is one of the ways we are linking passengers to new developments in the city, and it is part of our objective to provide convenience to those who want to explore the different offerings of Circuit Makati,” said Manny Blas, Ayala Land Inc. Vice President and Project Development Head for Makati. Circuit Makati, one of the six nodes included in the 125-billion over-all plan for the city’s revitalization, showcases some of the most exciting entertainment venues, such as Globe Circuit Events Ground –home to various music festivals all year round—and several outdoor facilities such as the Gatorade Chelsea Blue Pitch, the Mountain Dew Skate Park, and City Kart Racing.

Recently, the two-storey Circuit Lane opened featuring initial offerings such as dining outlets like Torch, Backyard, and Steveston Pizza; as well as a Power Mac Center and Nike store. Slated to open this October are Miracle Art, Palm Corned Beef Corner, and Seafood Island. The retail strip is likewise home to Power Mac Center Spotlight – a 300-seater black box theater that is currently showing #NoFilter 2.0 by the Sandbox Collective; and will be showcasing Maria Isabella, by Bit by Bit Productions in December.

The free shuttle ride aims to provide the public easier access to the trendiest shows and the hippest entertainment places that Circuit Makati has to offer. For more information, visit www.makeitmakati.com/circuit-makati to know more.

> https://makeitmakati.com/news/hop-on-circuit-makatis-newest-shuttle-service/

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Circuit's 1BR Show Unit


Nice set-up for the kitchen.  That is a Alba Range hood

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