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Toxic Two: Are Clinton and Bush Un-electable in 2016?

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Trump Insider: Jeb Bush Accessory To 9/11


Published on Feb 27, 2016

Trump insider reveals more info on Jeb's ties to the 9/11 cover-up and how his part was bigger than first thought.


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Jeb and the Bush Crime Family (CTRAFFIK music video)


Roger Stones says that GHWB was the only one to ever "run for Vice President" six times.


He set his goal to be Veep, since he saw a pathway to the Top

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Craig Hulet explains... on this show with an audience of Black Americans


"Nine years I told everyone that the elites had chosen Jeb Bush as the next president after Obama.

I have been telling everyone that, so that it would not happen.

Maybe my explanations have contributed to..." (people waking up and rejecting JEB Bush)


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Exit poll: Voter resentment fuels Trump, Sanders victories

March 8, 2016, by Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders rode a wave of voter discontent with the Washington establishment and deep anxiety over the economy to victory in Michigan’s primary election Tuesday, exit polls showed.

Despite their vast differences, both Trump and Sanders were the overwhelming favorites among voters who said the next president should be a political outsider.


> http://q13fox.com/2016/03/08/exit-poll-voter-resentment-fuels-trump-sanders-victories/#

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Those offended by identity politics are voting for Trump, not the...

B.I.T.C.H. = Bitter Individual Coming from the Hill, (the Hill in Washington)


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Such Good friends - though they pretend not to be




> https://twitter.com/DavidChalian/status/709200276226449408/photo/1


Will they soon merger their separate "crime families" - so they can battle Trump and WE-the-People?

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This is from a man who really knows the Clintons,

and who broke most of the 37 Clinton scandals


How To Stop Hillary 2016, 2 Words..... Larry Nichols


What a picture he paints of Hillary Rodham (starting at 4 minutes)


...Spouting F-bombs... and that is only the beginning


(when you listen, you will understand why some have called her:

an 3vil B/tch from H3ll, and that may be kind.)

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Sour Grapes from TYT who backed Bernie, and don't like seeing him lose to Hillary

What Hillary Clinton Was REALLY Saying In Her Victory Speech


They are right.

Now that Hillary has sewn up the Nomination (mathematically), she will change her message and move to the Center,

leaving behind all the useful idiots who supported her because she told them she was a "progressive who would get things done"


Another transparent lie, by one of the most successful liars of our age - who raised billions, to gain personal power, and take it from We-the-people


Hitlery speaking for herself - can you smell the false odor?



"Fighting for US" (Bill and me, to be dictators)

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Interesting thesis

(- but pay attention to the "it gets worse"):


Hillary Clinton Will Lose to Donald Trump

Here’s why:

Delegate Map, Clinton v. Trump

Again, what matters in a general election is who wins swing states and who turns out their base. So let’s see how things look in a head-to-head between Clinton and Trump:

Remember the majority of swing states that Hillary has either decisively lost or tied in? Six of these have voted on the Republican side, and Trump handily won half of them (New Hampshire, Nevada, Florida). Trump also carried all of the swing states that Clinton won in except Ohio–and in that case, he nearly defeated a sitting governor with an active campaign infrastructure still intact from his recent re-election. Kasich only managed to pull off a victory at the 11th hour, after Rubio instructed his voters to vote for the governor instead. In Florida Trump managed a landslide victory over Rubio on his own turf in the process and secured an endorsement from current Florida Governor Rick Scott. As for the solidly-red southern states that comprise most of Clinton’s pledged delegate lead–guess who carried all of these rather decisively on the Republican side, and often with record turnout? That’s right, Donald Trump.


That is, Trump is likely to decisively beat Clinton in virtually all of the states that she has performed strongly in so far, and seems poised to win many of the states she lost as well. This leaves her relying heavily on the solidly blue states, which overwhelmingly voted against her in the primaries, suggesting that enthusiasm will not be high with her base. Forget national polling. When one takes a sober look at the electoral map—at who can turn out their base in solidly partisan states and appeal in swing states, based on how the primaries have turned out thus far, the edge is cleanly with Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.


But it gets worse:

Trump has a large and passionate base. And while many Republicans are not comfortable with Trump, they passionately hate Hillary Clinton–and faced with such a stark choice, most would vote for Trump if only to deny Clinton the White House. Reports of Republican elites who say they’d vote for Hillary over Trump are more-or-less meaningless in terms of indicating how most voters will perform: the entire Trump phenomena is a testament to how far out of touch these party elites are with their voting base (meanwhile, endorsements of Hillary Clinton by prominent neocons would only further alienate her from the Democratic base). Make no mistake: Republicans will rally around Trump (or against Clinton), and they will turn out in large numbers to do so.


> http://www.counterpunch.org/2016/03/18/hillary-clinton-will-lose-to-donald-trump/

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(Hillary has been promoting herself to the black community as Obama's Term #3.

So is this going to help her?):


CNN - ‎4 hours ago‎
Seattle (CNN) Bill Clinton, while campaigning for his wife in Spokane, Washington, on Monday, seemingly knocked President Barack Obama's legacy in a riff that his aides said was unintended.
(in edit - HRC seems to be stopping Bill's campaigning):
Washington Times - ‎2 hours ago‎
Former President Bill Clinton speaks at Clark College in Vancouver, Wash., Monday, March 21, 2016. Clinton was speaking on behalf of his wife and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

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"A BIG CLEAN-UP is needed in the USA"

A year or so ago, I started to realize that Trump was a serious candidate, and was on the right side of many issues. All along I have said the choice of Hillary versus Bush was indigestible, and that Hillary was probably the least likeable, most vulnerable candidate that we have seen in decades. Only because we had been sold the idea that "it was a woman;s turn" to be president did anyone take her seriously.

NOW even the Bozos in the mainstream media are beginning to wake up and realise they have to take seriously that idea that Trump will be our next President

= quote =
In any case, the probability of a Democratic win in the IEM marketplace plunged at midweek to 62% from 74%, its biggest one-day drop this year, BIG observed. That put it back near the level recorded around the S&P 500’s low on Feb. 11. If the decline isn’t reversed, which was the case as of Friday, BIG suggests that it could be a “yuge” shift in sentiment. “If that is the case, unless the market begins to get more of a sense of clarity on the policies of Donald Trump, it could cause some problems for equity prices,” the advisory group concluded.

On that score, Greg Valliere, the veteran Washington insider who’s the chief strategist at Horizon Investments, lifted his odds of a Trump win to 45% from 35% on Friday. Washington has capitulated to the Donald, he wrote after the candidate’s sit-down with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The latter, Valliere told clients, “wants Trump to listen to true conservatives, and Ryan wants to be the messenger (and the 2020 nominee). But the House speaker is isolated; virtually every Republican in this town has surrendered to Trump; even archenemy Lindsey Graham had an amiable 15-minute phone chat with him.”

Hillary Clinton has stalled, he continued, with negatives close to those of Trump’s, owing to Sanders, the latest revelations about the Clinton Foundation, and “the curious performance of FBI Director James Comey, who keeps talking about the FBI probe [of her use of personal e-mail for government documents], keeping it in the media limelight.”

The bottom line for the markets, according to Valliere, is that it’s time to start factoring in a potential Trump presidency and its policy implications....

= unquote =

> Barrons: http://www.barrons.com/articles/trump-and-clinton-reality-bites-the-markets-1463197678?link=TDheadline_3

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Hitler Caught Planning Bilderberg 2016

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Have we truly seen the end of the Toxic Bushes in the GOP?


Sharing the Joy


Someone should rent a ballroom, and paint Bush's image on the floor,

so people can have the Joy of Tapdancing on his face




Fred Astaire. Putting on the Ritz.


Taco's Version:

Taco - Puttin' On the Ritz (Original Uncensored 1982 Version) [HQ]



The Black face slice is not PC - is anyone offended?

Trump Campaign Outsmarts Cruz, Foils Delegate Walkout Plans


The old RAT republicans are meeting in Cleveland to plot how to regain power in 2020


Delegate Walkout Failure Spells End for Never Trump Movement

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Trump ally Roger Stone talks about attempted rebellion at RNC


Published on Jul 18, 2016

Longtime Trump ally Roger Stone discusses an attempted rebellion on the floor on the Republican National Convention, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and more outside the convention Monday.

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The reporting by the SCMP newspaper here in Hong Kong has been disgustingly one-sided


The huge scandal of the email leak which revealed how Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC worked

to steal the Nomination from Hillary was not treated with the seriousness it deserved


Here's the Headline from the story in Sunday's paper




They highlighted on section - blowing it up, and here it is:

"The DNC should push back DIRECTLY at Sanders and say that what he is saying is false and harmful."

- Clinton campaign lawyer


I cannot think but if the story had been about the RNC and Trump, they would have highlighted something

similar to this:


SANDERS supporters demand resignation of Wasserman-Schultz, and freeing of all DNC delegates.


Trump has a real challenge in that he is not only battling a well-financed candidate in Hillary.

He is also battling the media which has shown a consistent and strong bias in favor of his opponent.


The good news is that the candidate herself is one of the weakest and most vulnerable in living memory.

(Note: I have been using this line for a long time. and I think events are demonstrating both her weakness

and her vulnerability.)


For Hillary the revelations that come out are not "false and harmful", the news is harming her because it is TRUE and very revealing of the reality of her lack of respect for the true and the law.


The facts, spilling out one after another back up my comment from many months ago:


"I certainly believe that Americans are clever enough to see the difference between Ego (Trump) and Evil (Clinton). The globalist-controlled mainstream media has tried very hard to promote Republicans who are owned by the Donor class, but the voters saw through it and rejected the puppets than ran against The Donald. They also understand that Hillary is the ultimate puppet, bought and paid for by the people who have ruined America, these war profiteers and banksters have kept America at war for decades. To keep the wars going, the elites have plundered the wealth of the middle class.

Trump may or may not live up to his promises, and the high expectations that his supporters have for him, but at least with the Donald there is a chance for real change, and the possibility that American interests will be put ahead of the interests of rich globalists."


Does anyone still think this assessment from several months ago was overly harsh?

Let's tell the truth about this monster, and not help the globalist media in covering it up.

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Will they soon merger their separate "crime families" - so they can battle Trump and WE-the-People?


Yes, it is now official


George H.W. Bush to vote for Hillary Clinton

A Kennedy outs a Bush who favors a Clinton.

By Darren Samuelsohn



Former President George H.W. Bush is bucking his party's presidential nominee and plans to vote for Hillary Clinton in November, according to a member of another famous political family, the Kennedys.

Bush, 92, had intended to stay silent on the White House race between Clinton and Donald Trump, a sign in and of itself of his distaste for the GOP nominee. But his preference for the wife of his own successor, President Bill Clinton, nonetheless became known to a wider audience thanks to Kathleen Hartington Kennedy Townsend, the former Maryland lieutenant governor and daughter of the late Robert F. Kennedy.

On Monday, Townsend posted a picture on her Facebook page shaking hands next to the former president and this caption: "The President told me he’s voting for Hillary!!”

In a telephone interview, Townsend said she met with the former president in Maine earlier today, where she said he made his preference known that he was voting for a Democrat. “That’s what he said,” she told POLITICO.



POLITICO screen grab


Asked about Townsend’s post, George H.W. Bush spokesman Jim McGrath in an email replied, "The vote President Bush will cast as a private citizen in some 50 days will be just that: a private vote cast in some 50 days. He is not commenting on the presidential race in the interim."


George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush have stayed out of the political debate since campaigning earlier this year for their son Jeb's unsuccessful bid for president. Neither George H.W. Bush nor his son, former President George W. Bush, attended this summer's Republican National Convention in Cleveland where Trump accepted the nomination.

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"NO UNDERSTANDING of how ordinary people live their lives"


"People have had their fill of being sneered at"


Farage: Clinton is in for a big shock



(Farage is not the only one who thinks this)


Sheriff Clarke on Clinton attacking Trump on race

Published on Sep 16, 2016

Milwaukee County Sheriff Sheriff David Clarke weighs in on Hillary Clinton calling out Donald Trump over race issues.


"The One word that comes to mind when I think of her is SINISTER"

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DEBUNKED: Trump is Hitler? Why HILLARY is More Like The Führer...


Published on Sep 20, 2016

You've heard it a hundred times: "TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER!"

But when you look past the click-bait rhetoric and compare actual policies, it's obvious the Hillary has far more similarities to the Führer...

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(As a Reminder of how Right how Early we were, I am posting on this June 2015 thread):


18 months ago - No on wanted to believe Trump when he said he would Run & Win


Tucker Carlson reacts to Donald Trump winning the presidency


"The People who Run the Political class do not like you, the sneer at you"

"The people said (to celebs & the media)... I am not going to take your political advice"


The only shock in this election was how many votes she actually got.

There was either tons of vote fraud or America really is that stupid to vote for Clinton. I find both disturbing

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Brooke Baldwin - Trump ‘ Crushed Two Political Dynasties ’ Bushes and Clintons - 11/9/16




The 20% who think Trump is not qualified to be President may be simply those who only imbibed

the Toxic Koolaid offered by the controlled medai.


Let's EDUCATE them, so we can move forward together

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FLAWED ASSESSMENTS were not questioned or tested against reality
They Always Wanted Trump

Inside Team Clinton’s year-long struggle to find a strategy against the opponent they were most eager to face.

It was supposed to be Jeb Bush, if you asked Democratic honchos in mid-2015, except when it was always supposed to be Scott Walker. Eventually, they insisted, it was always supposed to be Rubio.

But it was never supposed to be Trump.

Clinton circles' initial planning for Bush began even before Democrats’ wipeout in the 2014 midterms. In an October 31, 2014 memo, informal confidant and longtime friend Sidney Blumenthal mapped out a “CONFIDENTIAL” path for Clinton, which she then forwarded to aides Nick Merrill, Brynne Craig, Huma Abedin, Philippe Reines and Cheryl Mills, with the note: “Worth discussing elements.” Mills then forwarded the note to campaign manager-in-waiting Mook and Podesta.


“The Republican presidential campaign will begin on November 5th,” Blumenthal wrote. “If Jeb Bush doesn’t run, there is no viable establishment candidate. If he does run, he will be subjected to an unprecedented assault that might culminate in a splintered party, even a third party."

Around that time, an increasingly politically engaged Clinton started telling friends and political advisers that she expected something close to a classic battle about the economy against the Republican establishment’s choice.

. . .

So to take Bush down, Clinton’s team drew up a plan to pump Trump up. Shortly after her kickoff, top aides organized a strategy call, whose agenda included a memo to the Democratic National Committee: “This memo is intended to outline the strategy and goals a potential Hillary Clinton presidential campaign would have regarding the 2016 Republican presidential field,” it read.

“The variety of candidates is a positive here, and many of the lesser known can serve as a cudgel to move the more established candidates further to the right. In this scenario, we don’t want to marginalize the more extreme candidates, but make them more ‘Pied Piper’ candidates who actually represent the mainstream of the Republican Party,” read the memo.


“Pied Piper candidates include, but aren’t limited to:
• Ted Cruz
• Donald Trump
• Ben Carson
We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to [take] them seriously."

. . .

That hoarding plan remained in place deep into 2016 as some senior aides stayed convinced that a race against Trump would be a dream for Clinton, but as others kept insisting on tweaking the long-term plans against Rubio and Cruz—convinced the GOP would ultimately coalesce around the Floridian.

. . .

Clinton’s slow pivot away from Bernie Sanders and their expensive primary was far from over. Eager to begin the general election, she began speaking against Trump after the March 15 primaries—declaring, “our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it” that night in West Palm Beach, Florida — but she quickly dialed back the effort when Sanders made clear he wasn’t going anywhere by kicking off a winning streak the next week.



> http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/11/hillary-clinton-2016-donald-trump-214428


Team Clinton was like a huge echo chamber, repeating the flawed assessments of Hillary Clinton, and under-estimating Trump,

while being massively out-of-touch with the attitudes and intentions of ordinary Americans.

The personality cult around Clinton had real difficulty in getting the Truth through to her, and still does.


I think a majority of Americans what her crimes fully investigated, and her in jail (if warranted)


"she began speaking against Trump after the March 15 primaries—declaring, “our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it”


Her arrogance is stunning to me.

Did she really think her record as a failed SOS showed she had more coping ability than Trump?

Who was going to believe that, with her email fiasco, the Benghazi disaster, and the constant lying?

She made her own failure by being so out-of-touch with reality

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