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Toxic Two: Are Clinton and Bush Un-electable in 2016?

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PROFOUNDLY Disturbing, is Hillary / Bush selection



…(from FT)

Ken's View: http://redefininggod.com/category/ron-paul/


Faced with the situation of having the “Washington machine’s” tainted candidates (Bush and Clinton) shoved down their throats again, the public will be looking for a credible “outsider” who offers to “Defeat the Washington Machine and Unleash the American Dream.” And once the next economic crisis hits and the MSM pillory the Federal Reserve for causing it, Mr. “Audit the Fed” will look like a genius.

In the next update, we’ll look at Rand Paul’s connection to the Mises Mafia. For the previous updates in this series, click here.


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To think, they called this guy a "front-runner" - hahaha

JEB was rated #9 (in the Dredge Poll) for his performance in the debate !


Is Jeb Bush Still the Republican Front-Runner?

New York Magazine-10 hours ago
Hillary Clinton was going to be the Democratic nominee, and Jeb Bush would win the Republican primary.
As the Republican race began to ...

In the months before anyone had announced that they were running for president in 2016, many observers acted like the contest had already been scripted and everyone had obtained advance copies. Hillary Clinton was going to be the Democratic nominee, and Jeb Bush would win the Republican primary.

As the Republican race began to populate with campaigns that were no longer imaginary — nearly 20 of them — modifiers quickly crept into descriptions of Bush’s electoral odds. He was now the “fragile front-runner,” the “weak front-runner,” the “front-runner-in-name-only.” The former Florida governor’s weaknesses became more glaring, and his younger and shinier adversaries — Marco Rubio and Scott Walker, in particular — started to look more exciting.

=== ===


Apart from Trump, who else will now be besting him in the polls?


Ted Cruz? Ben Carson? Carly Fiorina


It would be such a laugh if Carson proved a durable candidate,

and wound up running against Bernie Sanders !

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Here's the debate

GOP Debate 2015 Fox Debate FULL DEBATE 8/6/15 Republican Presidential Hopefuls Debate



The people are REJECTING media horsefeathers !

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Scott Walker and Jeb Bush Have a Rough Night
The Atlantic-5 hours ago

Only one debater left Cleveland in a stronger position than when she arrived, and the pronoun gives away her identity: Carly Fiorina. She managed the rare trick of maintaining her dignity while demonstrating her combativeness. Whichever pundit first suggested that there might be advantages to appearing on the less contentious 5 p.m. stage rather than the 9 p.m. all-holds brawl—that pundit had a point.

The majority of the debaters leave Cleveland no worse off than they were before. But the two candidates long thought of as front-runners look seriously worse today than yesterday: Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.


Donald Trump was riding high before the debate and continues to ride high now; Jim Gilmore and George Pataki had nowhere to go but up; for John Kasich, simply making it onto the 9 p.m. stage counted as a victory; and Rand Paul and Chris Christie face campaign problems that are so serious that one bad night at a debate doesn’t make a difference.

. . .

For Walker and Bush, though, the evening was a disappointment. Both men planned their debate on the assumption that it was more important to survive than to win. Jeb Bush, after all, is the heavy favorite among the Republican Party’s big donors, a group that usually gets its way. Scott Walker has positioned himself as the single candidate least unacceptable to all major Republican factions—the kind of candidate who got picked in the era of the smoke-filled room and who still often prevails today (think Bob Dole for the Republicans in 1996, or John Kerry for the Democrats in 2004). Novelty candidates may flare from time to time, as they did in 2012, but Bush and Walker have the financial and political resources for the long march—or so they and their backers can believe.

That belief took a battering last night.

. . .

Jeb Bush, he had the worst night of all. His job in these debates is to replicate Mitt Romney in 2012: to prove himself the most professional, most knowledgeable, and least-flawed choice in a big field. The activists may not like it, but as one after one of their preferred alternatives falters, they will have to submit to the reality, “Guys, there’s only one potential president on that stage.”

The essential precondition for replicating the Romney strategy is to avoid mistakes. Jeb Bush keeps stumbling into them. In May, Megyn Kelly hit Jeb Bush with the hardest—but also single most-predictable question—he faced as a candidate: Knowing what you know now, would you have supported the Iraq war in 2003? Bush famously floundered for nearly a week before at last pronouncing the answer: No. Last night, Kelly hit with the equally predictable follow-up: If Iraq was a mistake, as you now agree, what do you say to those who lost their lives in your brother’s war? Bush floundered again.

Bush’s troubles must raise two concerns in the minds of his supporters, one mildly disquieting, one extremely so.

Mildly disquieting: If a candidate can’t cope well with the predictable hard questions, how will he cope with the unpredictable hard questions?

Extremely disquieting: Doesn’t a Jeb Bush nomination inevitably reframe the 2016 election as a referendum on George W. Bush’s legacy, Iraq and all?
Scott W. is not running for president... he's walking for President
And Bush has not yet shed the "family baggage" - and perhaps cannot

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(these two may never get the chance to spar):


Jeb Bush was doing just fine answering a question at the Southern Baptist Convention on Tuesday about stripping federal funding from Planned Parenthood. Then it all went wrong.

“You could take dollar for dollar — although I’m not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women’s health issues — but if you took dollar for dollar, there are many extraordinarily fine organizations, community health organizations, that exist, federally sponsored community health organizations, to provide quality care for women on a wide variety of health issues,” he said. “But abortion should not be funded by the government.”

The 15-word aside contained in that quote — starting with “although” and ending with “issues” — almost immediately created a firestorm. Within the hour, Hillary Clinton’s campaign tweeted at Bush: “You are absolutely, unequivocally wrong.”


> https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/who-had-the-worst-week-in-washington-jeb-bush/2015/08/07/aeae2140-3c73-11e5-8e98-115a3cf7d7ae_story.html


Bush must think:

Why spend billions on women's health, when you can spend it on war

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This seems like it was recorded a long time ago - when Hillary and JEB were seen as clear favorites


The blonde (who is not dumb, but has too much hair- I think she's called Ann Coulter) speaks sense and gets a strong reaction


Ann Coulter Thinks Donald Trump Is GOP’s Best Bet, Maher Panel Erupts


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The idea of another generation of Bushes worries me:


George P. Bush helps dad Jeb on the campaign trail
PBS NewsHour (blog)-2 hours ago
George P. Bush delivers an introductory speech for his father, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, in Miami, Florida on June 15, 2015. George P.
(the Kennedy family got a "curse". Why are Bushes immune from one?)

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Checkout the reaction to Jebbie-Boy at the RedState watch party


Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has suffered from criticism that he has not fought back against those who sought to diminish his campaign.

At the RedState Gathering on Saturday, Bush delivered passionate remarks and named his enemies: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


Bush went after Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for her unwillingness to take a stance on whether to construct the Keystone XL pipeline. At a town hall event on the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Clinton avoided providing a yes or no answer about whether she would support construction of the pipeline.

"She can't now have an opinion on that — really?" Bush said. "I know what her opinion is. She's opposed to it. I'm for it."


During the presidential debate on Thursday, conservatives gathered at the RedState watch party vehemently booed Bush. A few even shouted obscenities as he spoke about immigration and Common Core educational standards.

. . .

"I can promise you this, if it's about delivering great speeches, I'm not going to be president probably," Bush said. "I can do OK; I don't have a self-esteem problem. ... We can't just keep electing people that give great speeches; 2008 is the living proof of that isn't it?"


> http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/jeb-bush-takes-the-gloves-off-at-redstate/article/2569891


Hey 2000, and 2004 were examples of what we get if we select people as Prez who cannot speak

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Seeing Likely Nominee, Hillary Clinton Hits Jeb Bush Hard


AUG. 5, 2015

Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke to supporters during a campaign rally at a dance club and restaurant in Denver on Tuesday. Credit Brennan Linsley/Associated Press

Hillary Rodham Clinton has very noticeably and intensely trained her sights on a single rival candidate for president: Jeb Bush.

On Friday, she lambasted Mr. Bush, a former Florida governor, as he waited in the wings at a National Urban League conference in Miami, twisting his campaign slogan into a critique of his stands on the Affordable Care Act and raising the minimum wage. On Tuesday night in Denver, she called him “out of touch” for questioning, earlier that day, how much government should spend on women’s health — a quick insert into a speech in which Mrs. Clinton had already planned to hit Mr. Bush on immigration.


> http://www.nytimes.com/2015/08/06/us/politics/seeing-likely-nominee-hillary-clinton-hits-jeb-bush-hard.html?_r=0

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GOP hasn't figured out how to handle Trump yet


The GOP’s great dilemma

Published on 9 Aug 2015

Michael Gerson of the Washington Post, Jonathan Martin of the New York Times, Ed O’Keefe of the Washington Post, and USA Today’s Susan Page break down how the GOP hopes to embrace the voters Donald Trump attracts


YT Comments:


Susan's first remark was right: better tread carefully, and be humble.


I think their assessment of Rubio is wrong.

He comes across as a smooth liar. He's young, but very old-politics.

The sooner he is deleted or rebooted, the better.

JEB should change his name to DOA

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A controlled reaction, bringing together Matter and Anti-matter ?


Bush: Clinton shares mistakes leading to Islamic State rise
Yahoo News-4 hours ago
BURBANK, California (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush will step up his criticism of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her tenure ...

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Enough is Enough- no more Bushes! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

> http://edition.cnn.com/2015/08/11/politics/donald-trump-twitter-rand-paul-jeb-bush-insults/


(no more Clintons too !)


"Those weapons of mass destruction gotta be somewhere," Bush 43 jokes.

22 photos: Who's running for President?

Then enters Megyn Kelly -- Trump's newest nemesis -- asking Jeb Bush if he would have authorized the invasion of Iraq, to which he responds, "I would have."

And finally, a jump-cut to a clip of Jeb Bush that appears to show him criticizing his father and brother. "My brother did this wrong or my dad did this wrong," Jeb says, before the video cuts to a black-and-white slate that reads, "The third time won't be a charm," accompanied by Trump's campaign slogan, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

Trump tweeted out a link to the video, with a message that reads, "Enough is Enough- No more Bushes!"

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The Futility of a Third Bush
Politico-10 Aug 2015
If Republicans nominate a third Bush to face a second Clinton, they will suffer their third consecutive loss in the battle for the White House.

'Enough is enough' of the Bush family, Donald Trump says in ad
International-MarketWatch-11 hours ago

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We’re Sick of the Bushes and the Clintons. Let’s Ban Them


Why not amend the Constitution to prevent presidential dynasties?

Something simple would do, like Any immediate family member of a former president is ineligible to run for the presidency. And there’s precedent for restrictions: The Constitution already disqualifies those who are not native-born citizens, or younger than 35, or have already served two terms.

When it comes to the polls, we just cannot help ourselves: We choose the brands we know.

Yes, amending the Constitution is mighty hard, as comparative constitutional scholar Rosalind Dixon warned us — all the more so when it aims to curtail the powers that be. Still, Dixon liked the idea of the amendment, and she flagged a couple reasons why the specter of a Chelsea Clinton-George P. Bush matchup in 20 years makes us so queasy. First, dynasty might signal a festering democratic malaise. Even if it doesn’t, and the system is pretty fair, dynastic politics just looks like an illness — the kind that can alienate voters.

Of course, We the People have often brought dynasties upon ourselves. We might whine about them, but when it comes to the polls, we just cannot help ourselves: We choose the brands we know. Clintons and Bushes, Romneys, Gores, Kennedys, Roosevelts. Which is one problem with singling out dynasties, argued Mark Tushnet, a comparative constitutionalist at Harvard: We should be worried about nonpolitical families too. Would a Chelsea-George P. matchup be “any more bothersome than the image of a Bill and Melinda Gates grandchild running against a Koch brothers grandchild?” he asked.



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Washington Post - ‎10 hours ago‎
Basically nobody who follows politics in any depth thinks either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders could be elected our next president.
. . .

So how is it possible that the chattering classes are still giving them almost no chance – not only to win the presidency, but even their parties' nominations?


There’s actually a very good reason: It’s because people do care about electability. They just don’t care about it yet.

Witness this new poll showing Sanders leading Clinton in New Hampshire. The poll, from Franklin Pierce University, shows just 7 percent of people say being the most electable is their top criterion. On the GOP side, just 3 percent says it's their top criterion. In both parties, about six in 10 emphasize the issues, first and foremost.

Similarly, last month’s national Washington Post-ABC News poll showed picking a candidate who “has the best chance of winning” was the top priority for just 3 percent Republican- and Demcoratic-leaning voters. 3 percent!

So it’s not-so-surprising to see a candidate like Sanders (or Trump) rise to the top.


=== ===


Since sort of comment really pisses me off


Hillary Clinton is...


+ UNLIKED : 10% higher unfavorable - than favorable ratings,

+ UNTRUSTWORTHY : as the news flow surround her emails shows, and much other history besides

+ UNCHARISMATIC : people find her speeches boring, and annoying


Yet, she is somehow ELECTABLE?

Why? Because the elites tell us so. Well, I think We-the-people have had enough of the elites and their dictation.

So lets show that by supporting Bernie, Trump... and Rejecting the establishment candidates, like Hillary / Bush


I would add, that anyone "who follows politics in depth" should start waking up that a different sort of politics is now emerging.

The elites and their control mechanisms have been uncovered, and are breaking down

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Here's some further evidence of change...

Mainstream politicians are pushed back to THIRD place, as Carly (another non-politician) rises in the pack


New poll: Donald Trump tops in Iowa, Ben Carson second
FOX31 Denver-12 hours ago
WASHINGTON — Donald Trump has a significant lead in the race to win over likely Iowa caucus-goers, according to the first CNN/ORC poll in ...
Donald Trump has a significant lead in the race to win over likely Iowa caucus-goers, according to the first CNN/ORC poll in the state this cycle.

Trump tops the field with 22 percent and is the candidate seen as best able to handle top issues including the economy, illegal immigration and terrorism. He’s most cited as the one with the best chance of winning the general election, and, by a wide margin, as the candidate most likely to change the way things work in Washington.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson follows Trump in overall preference with 14 percent, bumping Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who had held the top spot in most recent public polling in Iowa, down to third place with 9 percent...
=== ===
Maybe someone should start talking about "term limits" to end traditional political "reigns"

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What a truly disgusting family!




Doesn't she realize that her grandfather's nickname comes from the family making its fortune in illegal drug trade?

Maybe she should have been more honest and named it "opium" or "heroin"



Does this surprise anyone?


Jeb Bush Leaves Door Open For Use Of Torture
Huffington Post-10 hours ago
DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) — Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Thursday declined to rule out resuming the use of torture under ...

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A real CHOICE instead of a programmed selection is possible


The populist sentiment fueling both the Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump campaigns
Los Angeles Times - ‎10 hours ago‎
If Donald Trump were running against Bernie Sanders in the general election next year, Americans would face a choice between an unabashed capitalist and an enthusiastic socialist.

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Cubans stunned by Kerry speech, but skeptical of change

Sat Aug 15, 2015

HAVANA (Reuters) - The sight was so unlikely that some Cubans could scarcely believe it: a U.S. secretary of state lecturing their Communist government about democracy and human rights on state television.

As the U.S. flag was raised at America's embassy in Havana for the first time in 54 years, John Kerry called for a "genuine democracy" in Cuba and his comments were broadcast across the country in full, translated accurately into Spanish so everyone could understand.

Cubans should be free to choose their own leaders, Kerry said, telling the government to respect international norms of human rights.


> http://ca.reuters.com/article/topNews/idCAKCN0QK0CH20150815

=== ===


Cubans should be free to choose their own leaders, Kerry said


What a great idea!


Americans should be free to choose their own leaders too!

Without the pre-selection of elites, and their millions and hundreds of millions in "legal" campaign donations

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Jesse Ventura On Running With Donald Trump on Cnn 'Trump Is Wonderful'



Published on Aug 14, 2015

jesse ventura joined chris cuomo on cnn newday to discuss donald trump's presidential run. gov jesse ventura talks being v.p. for donald trump. Jesse Ventura: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders campaigns remind me of mine Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura says real estate mogul Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont are shaking up the presidential race and they’re reminding him of his successful 1998 run for governor. “We have differences of opinions on many issues, but I think Donald Trump is wonderful that he’s shaking the system to its core.”


I think it is great that Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are shaking up the system.

We need to pass a law limiting campaigning to the year of the election

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Shifts in two weeks - in the Fox Poll
--------(30Jul-2Aug) to (11-13Aug)
Hillary Clinton-- : 51% : 49% : - 2%
Bernie Sanders : 22% : 30% : +8%
Joe Biden------- : 13% : 10% : - 3%
Donald Trump- : 26% : 25% : - 1%
Ben Carson --- : 07% : 12% : +5%
Ted Cruz ------- : 06% : 10% : +4%
Jeb Bush ------ : 15% : 09% : - 6%
Scott Walker--- : 09% : 06% : - 3%

Clinton/+Bush- : 66% : 58% : - 8%
> http://www.foxnews.com/politics/interactive/2015/08/14/fox-news-poll-sanders-gains-on-clinton/

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Hillary Clinton Is Rooting for Jeb Bush (they "know" they can beat him)
Politico-6 hours ago
There is an obvious subtext to the panicked effort to purge the GOP of Donald Trump: to allow the party’s true hero to emerge to vanquish Hillary Clinton and restore peace and justice throughout the land. To most GOP elites, of course, the savior is Jeb Bush, complete with the Clark Kent glasses and aw-shucks good guy demeanor. The Chamber of Commerce crowd is so convinced that Jeb is the man that it (so far) has placed a bet of more than $100 million on that proposition.

There’s just one problem—the Clintons want Jeb Bush to be the GOP nominee, too.

It was Trump himself who picked up on this fact when Hillary Clinton singled out Bush for criticism over his remark that “I’m not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.” Bush later said he “misspoke.” (This is supposed to be the safe, gaffe-free candidate, right?) By going after Jeb directly, and far from the first time, the Clintons want to “elevate” him, Trump charged, because they know they can beat him.

. . .

As has been famously chronicled, the Clintons and Bushes are pretty good frenemies. Not long ago, George W. and Bill were yukking it up yet again at the launch of their joint Leadership program—an initiative I thought was an Onion parody until I looked it up. Only two years ago, Jeb himself gave Hillary a medal for dedicating “her life to serving and engaging people across the world in democracy.”

The Clintons know that not-so-deep down the Bushes are basically Greenwich Republicans who are only too happy to pal around with them in private, when they don’t have to pretend to be hard-core conservatives. The Bushes are fierce competitors, to be sure, but they also are very predictable. They will hire the same people, with the same strategies and arguments as they always do. The kind of guys who led Bush 41 to a polite defeat against, well, the Clintons.


(Cough. there's more than one layer of scvm floating on the political waters, it seems)
A trio of Republican establishment favorites -- Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio -- are all losing ground in the party's 2016 presidential field, a new Fox News poll shows.

Donald Trump, meanwhile, continues to dominate the race, earning 25% support nationally, while another outsider, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, is running second at 12%. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, known for locking horns with Republican congressional leaders, is third at 10%.

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SOLID at 5%? Perhaps not !


Jeb Bush's biggest hurdle: himself

CNN-8 hours ago
Des Moines, Iowa (CNN) Jeb Bush faces many challenges in his bid to become the Republican presidential nominee: a position on ...

After a flat performance in the first debate and a slide backward in national and early state polls, the former Florida governor has taken to calling himself the "joyful tortoise" of the race, a role that many did not expect the candidate with more than $100 million to be playing. But at a time when Republican voters are looking for a candidate to channel their anger and frustration, Bush's bookish -- sometimes awkward -- demeanor is preventing him from connecting with wide swaths of the primary electorate.

He refuses to compete with Trump's antics and swatted away questions about his current position in the race during his recent visit here.


Jeb Bush, seemingly perfect on paper, just hasn't caught on with ...
In-Depth-Los Angeles Times-Aug 17, 2015


A CNN/ORC poll taken in Iowa and released Wednesday showed Bush with 5% support compared with front-runner Donald Trump's 22%.

An E for effort ? -


"During this curiosity stage, outsiders, newer faces in the national scene are an attractive option till voters start getting very serious," he said. "This very serious stage will probably begin in late October, November."

Bush has the resources to sustain a long, multi-state strategy. Many of his rivals do not.

"It's a long haul," Bush said. "We're just at the beginning of this."

The former governor has also raised concerns because he has faltered in venues where he should shine, most recently the first Republican debate in Cleveland. Critics blame his lackluster performance on rustiness from not campaigning for more than a decade; supporters argue it is driven by his introverted nature and will improve with practice.

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USA TODAY - ‎38 minutes ago‎
Donald Trump has said he thinks he'll face Vice President Biden, not Hillary Clinton, in the general election (suffice it to say, he's also pretty sure he'll capture the GOP nomination).
Trump on Clinton Emails: "It's A Criminal Problem"


Published on 16 Aug 2015
Trump to CNN - Clinton Emails “Its a Criminal Problem” Trump is now eviscerating Hillary and Jeb Bush. Biden is preparing to enter the pres. race now which shows the clintons are now in deep trouble. Mainstream media is even now calling out Hillary which never used to happen. Hillary jokes about erasing emails but should be going to jail for it.

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Biden surges / Hillary slides


Joe Biden is suddenly polling a little better than Hillary


Peter Brown, assistant director of the Q poll, who is clearly happy when it makes news, says that Biden "gets the love" and "is becoming a more important player in the 2016 presidential race, with a solid grip on the 'from the gut' support of Pennsylvanians."


Joshua Alcorn, a senior adviser to the Draft Biden campaign — whose head gamely answered my annoying questions last month — was even happier. "The Vice President’s strength in these polls shows there is a desire to have him on the stage for the Democratic debate in October," Alcorn said in a statement. "Americans trust him to offer an alternative vision for our country."


> http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2015/08/20/joe-biden-is-suddenly-polling-a-little-better-than-hillary-i-didnt-see-that-coming/

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