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war drums?

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war drums? - reviving an old thread


(shows that there can be false alarms)

Israeli jet with Saudi markings



(i received this message by email)

In the previous 24 hours it has been publicly announced that at least one  of the F-16 jets which was shot-down over Yemen appears to have  (allegedly) been an Israeli jet with Saudi markings.  Related, it is also  alleged that at least one Neutron-type/LRR device has been deployed in  Yemen.Publicly-available information alleges that a high-ranking US military  officer has, very recently, been extracted from a position of dual-control  (effectively directing both IS and counter-IS operations) in a US SPECFOR  operation which allegedly terminated 41 hostiles during the extraction.In light of these events and given both the developing situation in the US  and the volume of incoming information (individual earth-changes/weather  events and geo-political events), it is time to adapt...



if that is true

it sounds like israel is trying to trigger war (again?), and has been caught


It may not be true...

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Saw some derisory comments about those 'Saudi' markings

Apparently they were very poorly made - the markings, I mean


May have been some comments in zerohedge as I haven't looked in VT for a while.

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With the Rothschilds back China (against the US and Russia?)


Boys will be boys as the Year of the Cock starts and war looms on the horizon
Posted by benjamin
January 30, 2017

The war drums are beating as the testosterone laden Year of the Cock (Rooster) begins and the boys get ready to show who is biggest and baddest. The biggest warnings are coming from China, which has seen many of its “red lines” crossed, at least verbally, by the macho-laden administration of US President Donald Trump. The fireworks could begin after February 5th as the Chinese New Year’s holidays wind down, Chinese intelligence and secret society sources say. As the Chinese have warned, if they make a move it will be “unexpected and worse than you can imagine.”

The Trump administration, meanwhile has been too preoccupied with redrawing the maps of the Middle East and dealing with ongoing power struggle in the West to fully appreciate what will happen if China makes a military move.

Before getting back to what China could do, let us take a look at the new Middle East that is being created by the Trump administration acting in unison with Russia. What we see is the region being divided into three spheres of influence. One is Turkey with expanded zones of influence penetrating Syria and Iraq. The other is the Persian (Iranian) empire now extending into Iraq, central Syria and Lebanon. The third is the Arab zone, including Egypt, the Gulf States, Sunni parts of Iraq, Jordan and Israel. Militarily the Russians and Americans have divided their spheres of influence with Russia to the East of the Euphrates and the US to the West. The map below shows the new zones of influence in Syria.
As many seasoned observers have noted, Trump has promised to destroy ISIS within a month even as he promises undivided support to Israel, the main sponsor of ISIS. What is really happening is that the Saudi monarchy is going to take on the fundamentalist Wahab clergy (who they secretly hate) while the Israelis will deal with fundamentalist Zionist fanatics, which are two sides of the same ISIS coin. The reward for doing this will be survival for the gulf monarchies and new pipeline routes for their gas exports to Europe via Israel and Turkey.

For the Trump regime, fixing the Middle East will be the easy part. Trump has announced he also plans to take on the hard part, dealing with the Federal Reserve Board, by hanging of portrait of Rothschild (Fed) nemesis Andrew Jackson in the White House, Pentagon sources note. This is not something the US military government will be able to solve merely by marching into Fed headquarters and rounding up central bankers or even by bumping off members of the Rothschild family. It will rather involve dealing with China.

Here is how a source close to the Rothschilds described the situation. “The Rothschilds are embedded in China, and have been for many years. All of their gold and liquid assets are in China…Everything that happens is well thought out and planned long in advance.”

Chinese intelligence agency and secret society sources told representatives of the White Dragon Society last week that if China decided to move military it would...


> Fulford: http://benjaminfulford.net/2017/01/30/boys-will-be-boys-as-the-year-of-the-cock-starts-and-war-looms-on-the-horizon/

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Iran Just Officially Ditched The Dollar



Following President Donald Trump’s ban on travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries, the Iranian government announced it would stop using the U.S. dollar “as its currency of choice in its financial and foreign exchange reports,” the local Financial Tribune reported.

Iran governor Valiollah Seif’s central bank announced the decision in a television interview on January 29. The change will take effect on March 21, and it will impact all official financial and foreign exchange reports.

Iran’s difficulties [in dealing] with the dollar
,” Seif said, “
were in place from the time of the primary sanctions and this trend is continuing
,” but
when it comes to other currencies, he added, “
we face no limitations

In a piece published by Forbes, Dominic Dudley contends that this move is significant “in the light of the recentMuslim ban” announced by Trump. Iran nationals were added to the order issued by the current U.S. administration, which prompted the Iranian government to vow to stop issuing visas to U.S. citizens.

Dudley notes that since 1975, “no Americans have been killed in terrorist attacks in the US by the citizens of the countries included in the ban,” while countries such as Saudi Arabia — “home of 15 of the 19 terrorists involved in the 9/11 attacks” — were left out of the list of prohibited countries.

Despite the country’s decision to halt the use of the U.S. dollar as its base currency for exchange with other nations, Iran’s top export is oil. In the global markets, oil is mainly purchased and sold in U.S. dollars. This fiscal year, Iran is expected to earn $41 billion from oil sales, with countries like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and China as their top clients. It’s still uncertain how the country will manage to switch currencies without relying on the American currency. The shift, Dudley notes, “will add a degree of currency risk and volatility and is likely to complicate matters for the authorities.”


That's usually the last thing a country does before being bombed back to the stoneage.

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Trump Doubles Down: "Iran Has Been Formally Put On Notice"


During a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room on Wednesday, Michael Flynn vowed a forceful U.S. response to Iran’s “destabilizing behavior across the Middle East.” Flynn said Iran “continues to threaten U.S. friends and allies in the region,” with a ballistic missile test launch over the weekend and other actions. Flynn also accused Barack Obama for allowing Iran to become “emboldened.”

“As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice,” he said, without elaborating what that meant.



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