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CRASHING into a Brighter Future: Out with Old, In with New

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CRASHING into a Brighter Future: Out with the Old, In with the New

I want to look on the "bright side" of the Coming Financial Crash.



We need a new economy - The Old one is no longer viable.

The present system is draining the wealth of the west, and has been associated with a near-permanent state of War.

Supposedly, the West is spreading "democracy" around the world - but it more be more accurate to say that's really a cover for regime change and the creation of failed states, The hidden purpose? These almost leaderless countries can be manipulated through corrupted "new leaders" put into place to serve the cabal.

Our world can be improved.

Let's use our imaginal abilities, and and create a new vision of what we want for our Future.


What's OLD and has to go?:

+ Lies from politicians and the traditional media

+ The 1% (and Israel) buying political influence, and setting the political agenda

+ Endless wars, and big profits for defense contractors

+ Big pharma pushing pills through a corrupted medical system, designed for profit

+ Oil profits lifted by an addiction to driving

+ Financial speculation, and rule breaking fueling bank profits

+ Global business practices shifting jobs and putting local enterprise out of business

+ Corrupt elites (legally?) grabbing larger "slices of the pie"


(each of the above has its opposite, and this the change that we need to embrace)


What's NEW and we want more of (throughout the world)?

+ Once-hidden Truths leaking out via the internet and insider whistle blowers

+ Ordinary voters ignoring TV advertising from politicians to "throw the old bums out"

+ Alternative media and its rising viewership dissecting lies before they trigger wars

+ People avoiding vaccines and GMOs for healthier food and lifestyle

+ People seeking to live and build walkable neighborhoods and stronger communities

+ The Fed broken, as the role of big banks is reduced

+ Communities bootstraping growth, and focusing on local customer needs

+ Predatory practices, usury, and immoral profiteering taxed at much higher rates

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Looking into the Old-and-discredited economy... to envision and co-create something better :




= quote =


There are four main areas were we can make vast improvement in our current economy, as it exists today (in the USA):

+ Medicine is highly inefficient in the US, where it is essentially a system of disease maintenance, which profits big pharma and insurance co’s at everyone’s cost, Now, under Obamacare, much of that cost will be borne by hard pressed taxpayers, The whole system needs reform, and we need to have doctors who are more than pill pushers, who no longer have incentives to prescribe expensive drugs.

+ The War-making Industry, which we call defense, is far too big, and should be cut in half, and then cut in half again. The world would be a safer and less agressive place, if we had fewer bases overseas, and Americans were not manipulated into being bullly-boys to support Zionist Israel’s agenda.

+ Banking now finances speculation and outsized salaries and bonuses for bankers. It should be cut bank to half of its current size, and focus on boring but essential lending, not speculation. Ending the Fed might be a good first step, because it would end the practices where the banks tied to the Fed get the cheapest money, and everyone else must pay them a spread to borrow it.

– and finally:

+ American are far too dependent on their cars. There’s a better and healthier future in walkable communities and small towns. The suburbs have destroyed community life, while making the US dependent on foreign oil producers. (Check any of the excellent books by JH Kunstler on these subjects.)

= unquote =
There you see it

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WHO has the Vision and the Integrity to lead the change to a more Peaceful world?


Leadership from Putin and the BRIC countries can be a critical part of the needed change.

But Putin is not claiming special Leadership. Instead, he argues for a multi-polar world,

where countries respect each other - and operate under agreed Rules and Principles.


Vladimir Putin Is The Leader of the “Moral World”, by Paul Craig Roberts . . .

These are the remarks of a humanitarian political leader, the like of which the world has not seen in my lifetime.


(Paul Craig Roberts):
"No one can read Putin’s remarks without concluding that Putin is the leader of the world."
. . .
"The immoral, wicked, and declining West is incapable of producing leadership of Putin’s quality. Having defamed Putin, assassinating him will cause little comment in the Western media."
Here are Putin’s remarkable remarks:
Today’s discussion took place under the theme: New Rules or a Game without Rules. I think that this formula accurately describes the historic turning point we have reached today and the choice we all face....\
. . .
... the United States, having declared itself the winner of the Cold War, saw no need for this. Instead of establishing a new balance of power, essential for maintaining order and stability, they took steps that threw the system into sharp and deep imbalance.
The Cold War ended, but it did not end with the signing of a peace treaty with clear and transparent agreements on respecting existing rules or creating new rules and standards. This created the impression that the so-called ‘victors’ in the Cold War had decided to pressure events and reshape the world to suit their own needs and interests. If the existing system of international relations, international law and the checks and balances in place got in the way of these aims, this system was declared worthless, outdated and in need of immediate demolition.
. . .
The very notion of ‘national sovereignty’ became a relative value for most countries. In essence, what was being proposed was the formula: the greater the loyalty towards the world’s sole power centre, the greater this or that ruling regime’s legitimacy...
Let’s ask ourselves, how comfortable are we with this, how safe are we, how happy living in this world, and how fair and rational has it become?
. . .
...Only after horrific terrorist attacks were committed on US soil itself did the United States wake up to the common threat of terrorism. Let me remind you that we were the first country to support the American people back then, the first to react as friends and partners to the terrible tragedy of September 11.
During my conversations with American and European leaders, I always spoke of the need to fight terrorism together, as a challenge on a global scale. We cannot resign ourselves to and accept this threat, cannot cut it into separate pieces using double standards. Our partners expressed agreement, but a little time passed and we ended up back where we started. First there was the military operation in Iraq, then in Libya, which got pushed to the brink of falling apart. Why was Libya pushed into this situation? Today it is a country in danger of breaking apart and has become a training ground for terrorists.
. . .
As for financing sources, today, the money is coming not just from drugs, production of which has increased not just by a few percentage points but many-fold, since the international coalition forces have been present in Afghanistan. You are aware of this. The terrorists are getting money from selling oil too. Oil is produced in territory controlled by the terrorists, who sell it at dumping prices, produce it and transport it. But someone buys this oil, resells it, and makes a profit from it...
. . .
Colleagues, this period of unipolar domination has convincingly demonstrated that having only one power centre does not make global processes more manageable. On the contrary, this kind of unstable construction has shown its inability to fight the real threats such as regional conflicts, terrorism, drug trafficking, religious fanaticism, chauvinism and neo-Nazism. At the same time, it has opened the road wide for inflated national pride, manipulating public opinion and letting the strong bully and suppress the weak.
. . .
Colleagues, given the global situation, it is time to start agreeing on fundamental things. This is incredibly important and necessary; this is much better than going back to our own corners. The more we all face common problems, the more we find ourselves in the same boat, so to speak. And the logical way out is in cooperation between nations, societies, in finding collective answers to increasing challenges, and in joint risk management. Granted, some of our partners, for some reason, remember this only when it suits their interests.
. . .
...We had discussions on all topics related to Ukraine’s association with the EU, persistent discussions, but I want to stress that this was done in an entirely civilised manner, indicating possible problems, showing the obvious reasoning and arguments. Nobody wanted to listen to us and nobody wanted to talk. They simply told us: this is none of your business, point, end of discussion. Instead of a comprehensive but – I stress – civilised dialogue, it all came down to a government overthrow; they plunged the country into chaos, into economic and social collapse, into a civil war with enormous casualties.
. . .
Colleagues, Russia made its choice. Our priorities are further improving our democratic and open economy institutions, accelerated internal development, taking into account all the positive modern trends in the world, and consolidating society based on traditional values and patriotism.
We have an integration-oriented, positive, peaceful agenda; we are working actively with our colleagues in the Eurasian Economic Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, BRICS and other partners. This agenda is aimed at developing ties between governments, not dissociating. We are not planning to cobble together any blocs or get involved in an exchange of blows.
The allegations and statements that Russia is trying to establish some sort of empire, encroaching on the sovereignty of its neighbours, are groundless. Russia does not need any kind of special, exclusive place in the world – I want to emphasise this. While respecting the interests of others, we simply want for our own interests to be taken into account and for our position to be respected.

=== SUMMARY , based on sidebar in the Link ===

1. Russia will no longer play games and engage in back-room negotiations over trifles. But Russia is prepared for serious conversations and agreements, if these are conducive to collective security, are based on fairness and take into account the interests of each side.

2. All systems of global collective security now lie in ruins. There are no longer any international security guarantees at all. And the entity that destroyed them has a name: The United States of America.

3. The builders of the New World Order have failed, having built a sand castle. Whether or not a new world order of any sort is to be built is not just Russia’s decision, but it is a decision that will not be made without Russia.

4. Russia favors a conservative approach to introducing innovations into the social order...

(#5-8 : see link, above)

9. In her external, and, even more so, internal politics, Russia’s power will rely not on the elites and their back-room dealing, but on the will of the people.

To these nine points I would like to add a tenth:

10. There is still a chance to construct a new world order that will avoid a world war. This new world order must of necessity include the United States—but can only do so on the same terms as everyone else: subject to international law and international agreements; refraining from all unilateral action; in full respect of the sovereignty of other nations.

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"+ Banking now finances speculation and outsized salaries and bonuses for bankers. It should be cut bank to half of its current size, and focus on boring but essential lending, not speculation. Ending the Fed might be a good first step, because it would end the practices where the banks tied to the Fed get the cheapest money, and everyone else must pay them a spread to borrow it."

== ==


Here's a guy who sees the problems in the banking sector clearly


Jeff Nielson: The Old World Order, Rigged markets, China Gold backed Yuan, Real Estate Bubbles, more


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p818rO0QZ7o =


Published on Oct 16, 2014

Jeff Nielson joins me to discuss some of his latest articles on

1. The Old World Order
2. The Banker's Manifesto
3. Rise of Gold backed Chinese Yuan
4. Western Real Estate bubbles

Jeff Nielson website: www.bullionbullscanada.com

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David Wilcock envisions an End Game where the Truth pours out in his Cabal Defeat article :


(The fact that Hollywood would dare to make such a daring movie, seeding with imaginal power

the ending of the cabal shows that the worm has turned, and the bad guys no longer are in sole control

of the image factory):



Before we get to Scarlett Johansson's trial at the end of the film, two other scenes are worth mentioning.

At 1:12:44, a scene begins where Garry Shandling, playing a US senator, meets with a top SHIELD operative.

In a shocking moment, Shandling shakes the agent's hand and whispers “Heil Hydra” into his ear at 1:13:16.

This nausea-inducing scene reveals how the penetration of this cabal goes all the way up through the elected government and intelligence apparatus.


The other pivotal scene is after Captain America and his allies have successfully destroyed all three aircraft carriers at the last minute.

At 1:55:04 Robert Redford’s character Pierce, the apparent head of Hydra, dies of bloody gunshot wounds after his cover has been blown.

Although I do not in any way advocate violence, this could indicate that certain high-level operatives within the Cabal may be assassinated, rather than given an open, public trial.

My guess is that if this happens at all, it will only be for the most extreme, threatening cases.



It is very likely that if the takedown of the Cabal proceeds as various insiders -- and now these movies -- have leaked, there will be public tribunals.

Very high-ranking Cabal members who did not get killed or commit suicide will end up on national television -- revealing everything they know before a judicial panel.

We may very well see famous pop stars and film actors in these tribunals -- revealing things we never would have expected them to say.

This could go all the way up to senior elected officials and heads of state. If this ever happens, it will be the most revealing moment of modern history.

Just imagine what it would / will be like to have presidents on national television breaking down in tears as they talk about how they were bullied, threatened and tortured by an occult group.


This cabal is so secretive that even the top-level people know a lot less about them than we would expect -- but their stories will be extremely poignant.

The collective walls of denial will break down. We will all be forced to move out of our "comfort zone" and accept new truths as self-evident facts.


> MORE: http://divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1170-cabal-defeat

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Martin Armstrong also sees a possible "silk lining" inside the "Cloud" of a future economic Crash


In a time economic stress, the public will lose its tolerance for lying :

"At what point does revolution take place? , asks Martin Armstrong ( LINK ):

It does not appear to be a percentage in our review of history, but the economic trend. In other words, turn the economy down and the percent of discontent rises exponentially. So beware – not ghosts and goblins, but politicians 2015.75-2020. So perhaps Americans will wise up only when the economy turns down and the Internet provides a greater proportion of real news compared to mainstream media. Indeed, the younger generation under 40 rely on the internet and those who subscribe to newspapers or watch the TV news are diminishing rapidly. This in itself will be a dynamic shift that restores freedom of the press and only then perhaps we will see Americans rise in the Ignorance Index."

Do we need a CRASH to bring back TRUTH in our media?


Because after a crash, the need for truth will be even more urgent !

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Larry Page, CEO of Google, envisions a better world




(as was recorded in "A New Page", an article in this weekend's Life&Art's section of the Weekend FT):


Page asks:

Wouldn't the world be a better place if:

+ 90 per cent of the people put their feet up, and let the robots do the work?; if

+ Your new house cost just 5% of what it cost to build before?; if:

+ We had limitless cheap power from nuclear fusion?, and if:

+ We all had a greatly extended lifespan?


How are these visions going to come about?

Larry Page has shifted his day to day responsibilities at Google to a colleague, and he will now focus on indulging his ambitious urges.

He plans to invest cash from Google's search engine, into developing new technologies for the 21st century,


Google's original mission was to "organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."

And now Page wants to expand on that. He wants to chase the real breakthrough technologies, and thinks (with some real justification) that his success at Google shows that he is highly qualified to pick and develop the future winning technologies. He says that only 50 investors are are chasing the real winners, that will make a real difference in the lives of most people on earth.


The big challenge, he says, is not the capital required, but getting (really smart) people to focus in working on these challenges with a high level of ambition.


I suppose that after a crash, if Google's cash flow is still intact - which seems likely - people will be even hungrier for jobs, and Page and his Google team will have an ability to pursue these sorts of ideas with less competition and their choice of people.


Some fringe areas that Google is already looking into include:

+ Self-driving cars

+ Diseases that afflict older people

+ Artificial intelligence that can "read people's minds", by observing the images they are looking at


Page reckons that these new technologies will make people 10 times are efficient, and that many people will no longer have to work. He thinks that having people working less efficiently so they can maintain their jobs "can't be the right answer." And he sees a massive deflation ahead, as new efficiencies come into the economy.


For example, he thinks that the median house price in Palo Alto, California can be brought down from $1 Million to just $50,000.


Though some may seen these sorts of price disruptions as disturbing, Page wants to have the world embrace them.

"You can't wish these things from happening, they are going to happen," says Page.

"... When we have computers that can do more and more jobs, it's going to change the way we think about work."

"... We cannot wish it away."

(David Wilcock says here ; at 11-mins in: 37% of the people who want to work are without jobs.

A problem is: the tax and economic framework of our society does not support this reality.)


Page does realize that there are some big challenges ahead in how we cope with the changes ahead.

"How do we organize ourselves? How do we motivate people?" he asks.

"It is a really interesting problem... If you look at satisfaction in the US, it's not going up, it's going down."


He doesn't think that Europe has the answer, since he sees there weak support for entrepreneurship and technology.


And there are challenges within his own company. Can Google really be successful at so many things?

Steve Jobs used to tell Page that they were active in too many areas, and Page would respond that Apple wasn't doing enough.

"We we have these billions, we should be investing to make people's lives better," Page would say.


Google may already be pressing up against natural limits of what can be successfully managed by one company.

The biggest companies are all within the same order of magnitude of size in terms of market cap.

So far, there's no example of any company jumping ahead, above the limits of its large peers.


Page's firm has set up Google X, the internal laboratory for new projects. This was the brainchild of Sergey Brin,

Google's other principle founder. In that context, Brin was reaching for the biggest bets, and he remains a close

ally of Larry Page.


One possibility is that these new enterprises will be housed in stand-alone business units, with semi-independent leaders,

charged with building them, but still with some help and financial support from Google.


"There's no model for the type of company Google wants to become," Page admits. The closest successful model may be

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway. In a phrase that might have been spoken by Buffett, Larry Page explains his intent:

"One thing we are providing is long-term, patient capital."


The FT article by Richard Waters ends with this short paragraph:

"He is at an age where he can still afford to take the long view. But with an ambition that shows few bounds,

patience may be another matter."


GOOG / Google Inc ... update



/ Note: the housing unit aiming at producing cheaper houses is called "Nest",

and there are separate units for internet access and energy. /

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(I have moved this thoughtful thread to a new Forum):


" Put on your Thinking Caps ! "


thinking-cap.jpg : http://tinyurl.com/Thinking-Caps


It has been a while since I put much focus on thoughtful threads and longer commentary on GEI.

I few people have asked me: What happened to those articles you used to write?

Well, I think they got a bit lost in the General Discussion (GD) section, so I am going to experiment with

something new !


I have renamed the GD forum to : "General News & Commentary", and created a new forum called:

"Thoughtful Discussion". I hope people will visit it at: http://tinyurl.com/Thinking-Caps

I also invite and encourage people to participate in the discussions there.


Right now, this new forum is at the bottom of "Worldview Forums" section, but as participation grows, I will make it more visible.

(There's also a more open-minded Alternative discussion Forum in the Acore section.)


===== =====


Synchronicity : We are all part of a Heroes Journey ! (says David Wilcock)
/ take a break from the Capsules, and open your mind by listening to this podcast /
David Wilcock The Hidden Intelligence 2014
David Wilcock has many verfy creative ideas jammed into this interview.
Listening to a random 5-10 minutes will help to open your mind, for discussion on this thread
At 1:21 Hours : "we are moving into a post-money society."
/ More Notes will follow, as I listen to random bits in the future. /

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Catherine Austin-Fitts is asking the right questions...

Like: How can we win in the tough times ahead?


Caravan To Midnight - Episode 133 Catherine Austin Fitts

= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2LDpvebtPdY =


"To become Free: You have to decide what Life you want to live, and live it !

TPTB want depopulation... Are you going to be on their side, or the divine side?

You need to ask: Who and what did I come here to serve?

To many people are entwined with the people who want to kill you..."

"They have embraced and are feeding their own tapeworms."

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Fringe areas that Google is already looking into include:

+ Self-driving cars

+ Diseases that afflict older people

+ Artificial intelligence that can "read people's minds", by observing the images they are looking at...

=== ===

FOOTAGE RELEASED: Driverless UBER kills pedestrian...

Insurers Race to Develop Coverage...

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — Video of a deadly self-driving vehicle crash in suburban Phoenix shows a pedestrian walking from a darkened area onto a street just moments before an Uber SUV strikes her.

The lights on the SUV didn’t illuminate 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg on Sunday night until a second or two before impact, raising questions about whether the vehicle could have stopped in time.

The crash Sunday night in Tempe was the first death involving a full autonomous test vehicle. The Volvo was in self-driving mode with a human backup driver at the wheel when it struck Herzberg, police said.

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On 3/22/2018 at 6:50 PM, drbubb said:

Fringe areas that Google is already looking into include:

+ Self-driving cars

=== ===

FOOTAGE RELEASED: Driverless UBER kills pedestrian...

Insurers Race to Develop Coverage...

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) — Video of a deadly self-driving vehicle crash in suburban Phoenix...

People are slashing tyres and throwing rocks at self-driving cars in Arizona

Vigilante citizens in a town in Arizona have slashed tyres, thrown rocks and even pointed guns at self-driving vehicles being tested in their neighbourhood, an investigation has revealed.

Police in Chandler recorded 21 incidents over the past two years in which the autonomous vehicles and their test drivers were targeted by local residents.

One incident on 24 October saw a man emerge from a park and slash the tyres of a Waymo vehicle stopped at an intersection. Earlier this year a Waymo test driver reported a man in shorts aiming a gun at his car when it passed the man’s driveway.

Police reports also show that rocks were thrown at Waymo’s fleet on at least four separate occasions, according to The Arizona Republic, while other incidents include people yelling at the vehicles, chasing them and forcing them off the road.

Many other incidents may have gone unreported, the newspaper suggested, with Waymo reportedly keen to minimise police interaction.


How long before they start hurling rocks at Google?


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