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QEG: Working Free Energy device? / NOTES from Skype-chat

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THE FANTASY CONTINUES - I would have wanted to see some "reflection on results" by now...


[5/11/2014 ] shean.oppt:

What it’s like to try to build a Free Energy Device in an Underdeveloped Country


("free energy device"? / or a 'failed experiment'?

The time for tolerance on the execution of this project is nearly over IMHO)


We have been in an area in Morocco –an underdeveloped country – building a Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) with at least 30 engineers, and a total of about 70 people from over 20 different countries. What we are doing here is a humanitarian project: to build a generator that will run a well and provide water to 300 poor people of this village. The excitement of opensourcing the QEG, and our open invitation to anyone who wanted to come join us, brought in a lot of amazing people with broad backgrounds and great forward-thinking ideas. Still, our goal remains the same; to help the people in this village.


30 engineers? 70 people? - What's all this?

Was there no attempt to PLAN anything? What a mess!


+ No internet
+ Local communications problems
+ No basic supply industry (90% of parts had to be brought here... we bought plane tickets)
+ Physical comfort (most people slept on mats)
+ The villagers (poor, with few skills; only 50% have electricity)
"As for myself and my mother Valerie, we are leaving Morocco to go where we can have the reliable internet access we need to catch up on the rest of the work around the QEG and Fix The World."
(haha ! They have failed in Morrocco -so far- and are seeking success elsewhere.
How very predictable this is!)

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From a Skyperoom:


[3:26:39 PM]

Bill-S.: I always said : The more time Hopegirl spends in Morrocco, the less "real" is the QEG devce.

Now she seems to be ready to settle there.
LAL : she has made a incredible invention that if you put 1000w into you get 800w out of it will change the world

Bill-S.: Why do I say this:

OPPT-Morrocco is really just a bunch of easily-duped uncritical people, who are ready to believe any hopeful crap that is thrown at them - The have self-selected themselves for the role of applauding idiots.


LAL : you put 1000w into it and get out 999.999999w out of it I call it a copper wire
: impresive huh

Bill-S.: There's no point in being kind-for-kind's sake. The real humanity is in "tough love", being kind-for-Truth's sake. and the Truth is now clear: there no reality to the QEG. Following is a write-up that "resonates" with me:

LAL: An overunity device that does not produce overunity is not impressive to you



"If the QEG description can be trusted (and, gee, why couldn't it?), the purpose of the capacitors is to tune the circuit to resonance with the core of the machine. The whole idea is that the machine is brought to resonance, and then it just sort of hums along, generating power from the resonance, with just an occasional push from the wall outlet to keep it going.

This is, of course, total nonsense. Taking energy off a resonating circuit damps the resonance, as you'd expect. This is actually a very useful way of handling resonance when it occurs in real power systems, as the phenomenon called ferroresonance, which is not dissimilar to what is supposed to be happening in the QEG. Ferroresonance, incidentally, is well known in the real power system, and it's not desirable. It destroys lightning arresters, among other things. It certainly does not provide free power.

According to the circuit diagram, the capacitors can't light up the bulbs if the machine is wired up as specified: they are on a totally isolated set of windings, so (assuming that someone's not just out-and-out lying) that shouldn't be a concern. (Anyway, at 0.25 µF total, you're not going to get any kind of delay in lighting the bulbs, or in extinguishing them. The time constant would be way too short to be noticeable.) Too bad. 1 kW in producing 10 kW out is really not all that remarkable: I can do roughly the same thing in my garage, any night of the week."


> source: http://www.quatloos.com/Q-Forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=9038&start=1260

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(From QL):


QEG : Has it reached "Over-unity"?

The same people who told you you had "Free Money" ($5 Billion each), are now telling you they will deliver "Free Energy".
Should we believe them ?
(from one of the Skypechat rooms):
: QEG Overunity:
: Haha
: If it was truly "over-unity", why disable comments?
: Wouldnt the world be celebrating?
: I dont believe Hopegirl for a second - she outrageously over-promotes everything
: Nice try, though.
: Much better than the bogus UCC filings

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QEG : Has it reached "Over-unity"?

icon_post_target.gifby AndyK » Tue May 20, 2014 3:22 am

morrand wrote:
It might be a battery charger,
In the sense that it charges a battery enough that it can draw down on it when unplugges, thereby continuing to "run"
but I don't really think so. The "official" plans don't show anything that would work for that, and the measurements they're giving don't seem to back up the idea of any sort of battery being involved. However, an earlier
has a shot of a circuit diagram in it that is significantly different from the official plans, and it's quite possible that something along that line is, in fact, up.

Watching one of the "building of" videos, it sounds like their engineer is at least somewhat knowledgeable, having modified the circuit to put DC into a DC motor, rather than AC, and also to put fuses on the thing so it doesn't catch fire and burn the whole shop down. In the same video, one of the builders says they're converting the machine output from AC to DC, to feed into an inverter
with inherent power losses
so it can be turned back into AC (which sounds stupid, but to their credit, this is basically a home-workshop form of frequency changer, so it's really no more stupid than building a perpetual motion machine).

The waveforms they show, if they can be trusted
which they can't because the main gimmick of these machines is to throw high-frequency voltage spikes into the output, thereby confusing voltmeters which expect fairly stable inout AND creating truly neat wave forms on a scope which make it look like the overall output voltage is much higher than it really is -- especially to people who don't comprehend scope traces
, show a power output of around 950 watts for a claimed input of 655 watts. That might be an over-unity condition, if true
BUZZ !!!! Wrong !!! Not true. Bogus, deceptive and (like any other machine constrained by the physics of the real world -- UNDER unity.
. Most likely, it is not. It is very hard to tell from the video what, exactly, they are measuring, but it's probably not what's going into the light bulb bank (1900 volts across five light bulbs tends not to be very friendly to the light bulbs, for one thing).

Whatever they are really showing, the fact that they're apparently able to light five and a half 100 W light bulbs for a 655 W input isn't really a ground-breaking outcome.

/ unquote /

In any case, volt meters and scope traces aren't the tools to measure the thing. If they were honest (as if icon_rolleyes.gif ), they'd have TWO watt-hour meters -- one on the input and one on the output -- to measure the POWER goiong in and coming out. However, they won't ever do this because (1) the results will show that it actually CONSUMES power due to electrical and physical resistance and (2) the two meters would tell the machine it wasn't being trusted, thereby casting a pall of negative vibrations over it.

=== ===

Re: QEG : Has it reached "Over-unity"?

icon_post_target.gifby Deep Knight » Tue May 20, 2014 4:27 am

There are two reasons testing the QEG won't show the true truth.

1. Scientific testing relies on traditional units and laws, and thus is already biased against Quantum Zero and other non-traditional sources. Why should the QEGers use volts, amps, and Watt-hours when that would mean playing a game where the cards are stacked?

2. Testing implies doubt (why test something you KNOW is working?) and doubt creates negative vibes. These are resonance generators, if you mess with that the whole thing stops working. Which by the way proves it HAD been working.

Just wait until the village water pump is run for free by the QEG, although of course since that could be a "test" it will only run when people are not watching it, or using the water it pumps.
=== ===

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========== from the chatroom:


[5/15/2014 5:05:01 PM] graememudie: Education! This is Education. Professor Walter Lewin from MIT gives excellent lectures on electro magnetism. See the 1st lecture of 32 here.




[5/15/2014 11:52:06 PM] Bud Carlson: I bought Paul Babcock's lectures from the 2012 and 2013 energy conferences. If anyone is having trouble grasping the ideas behind energy, then you need to watch these. I'm about 2/3 of the wy through the 2013 lecture. He explains things in a way that to me seems rather easy to understand. For me, having training in classical EE theory, it just snapped together, and now I completely understand the simplicity of it all. There is discussion on here about understanding VARs (reactive power) but now that I have seen Babcock's lectures, I understand that the reactive power aspect of it and how to use that reactive power is ancillary, or rather, a subset of the issue at hand, which is defeating what Paul refers to as "Mother Nature's governors" which are Resistance (ohms) and Lenz's Law, or more accurately, reducing their effect and/or removing them from the equation. In short, I now get it. I just flat out get it, it's not just a what if, it just flat out is.

[5/15/2014 11:54:13 PM] johnny.hardin1: WONDERFUL "EUREKA!" moment huh? Good for you and us.


[5/15/2014 11:57:17 PM] Bud Carlson: I didn't mean that last post to sound like a sales pitch and I'm not trying to drive people to his site, and I'm not part of the "affiliate" program they have. I just have never seen someone explain all of this while using the basic existing physics, rules, laws, etc that I know and remember in conjunction with simple demonstrations to prove it and simple math to back it up. So simple, it seems insanely stupid that I didn't pick up on this in college. The simple concept that the strength of the magnetic field is not directly related to the amount of electrical energy required to create that field, and the way he explains the implications of that just blew my f---ing mind last night at 1am.

. . .

[5/16/2014 1:32:22 AM] Bud Carlson: They are videos that are copyrighted, etc, can't distribute them or post on the internet, you have to buy they, but it was probably the best $47 I have spent in a long time
[5/16/2014 1:37:46 AM] Paul fromMinnesota: Bud, do you have link for these lectures?
[5/16/2014 1:37:49 AM] Bud Carlson: here's the video that I first watched
[5/16/2014 1:37:51 AM] Bud Carlson:

[5/16/2014 1:38:10 AM] Bud Carlson: Here's the video series http://magneticenergysecrets.com/
[5/16/2014 1:38:56 AM] oldtimer-: Thanks Bud

. . .

[5/16/2014 1:40:19 AM] Bud Carlson: I downloaded the mp3 of the show from darkcityradio.com, I think it's the same as the video, it has some annoying overage audio right in the middle of it for about 3 minutes, not sure why it's there, but you can still hear everything
[5/16/2014 1:41:01 AM] david53185: There you go.. going to see it.
[5/16/2014 2:45:55 AM] blunskyper:

cosmic induction...interesting around the 15 min mark

. . .

[5/16/2014 3:20:01 AM] johndow1968: So this:

is the same as:

[5/16/2014 4:13:12 AM] Bud Carlson: No that's the one I posted earlier, that is an internet radio interview program. You can find that as well as others on www.darkcityradio.com
[5/16/2014 4:16:36 AM] Bud Carlson: trying to find the link I got the mp3 from last night, it wasn't on that site
[5/16/2014 4:18:40 AM] Bud Carlson: But that is the same interview, it's just on youtube instead of a streaming mp3
[5/16/2014 4:24:53 AM] Bud Carlson: oh yeah, it was on HERE duh. westaff3 posted the link yeasterday, just scroll up (8:02pm CST)
[5/16/2014 4:42:35 AM] Bud Carlson: Here is the "Inventing a Free World" with Matt McMahon archive where the Babcock radio interview, among others, can be found http://www.darkcityradio.com/?module=archive&host=Matt%20McMahon
[5/16/2014 8:47:51 AM] grant_horsfall: Great to hear of your shift in understanding Bud!
[5/16/2014 7:33:09 PM] johndow1968: Yeah thanks bud... great stuff.

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[5/16/2014 10:04:39 PM] Paul fromMinnesota: Jamie's asked anyone who is getting data/measurements to please hold off announcing publicly until these are verified and replicated (at least by him). An independent source who was at the Morocco build with all the equipment from one of the world's biggest systems and global development companies, writes:
his area of expertise is writing crystal clear reports which allow no room for ambiguity, and the ability to describe the measurement set-up, wiring diagrams, and the system and how it was tested and measured with an explanation of results. He knows exactly what the engineers and skeptics will be looking for and will cover all areas to eliminate doubt. This will save alot of bother and negativity and in his view needs to be accomplished so that the announcement of OU can happen with the accompanying document.

If all who are at the same juncture getting OU agree to this, Jamie and I think it is best not to make a public announcement just yet.
[8:42:18 AM] Paul fromMinnesota: Val, may this be posted in the other rooms?
[8:42:31 AM] Paul fromMinnesota: (hug)
[8:48:22 AM] Naicheval Robitai: yes I think that would be appropriate - at least get people thinking about opensourcing lock-tight results in order to keep momentum of free energy going
[5/16/2014 10:11:09 PM] blunskyper: this is the best approach. This is what we will be doing as well, in Canada Montreal
[5/16/2014 10:11:52 PM] Paul fromMinnesota: (y)
[5/16/2014 10:12:44 PM] blunskyper: new QEG Canada video coming later today! Interview with Evens, lead engineer Montreal build

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Bill-S.: Here's Brian K.:
"There is celebration in the Heavens for the new space of Freedom that has birthed on Earth.
Abundance is here,
Unity Consciousness is achieved,
Over Unity is achieved"

> http://briankellysblog.blogspot.hk/2014/05/free-energy-is-here.html


Bill-S.: Don't you think this is just a tad... er, exaggerated ?
: In Brian's world, the notion of accountability does not exist.
blunskyper: no, I think it is perfect. Thank you Brian (sun)
Bill-S.: Oh, dear. And you expect people to give YOU money ??
: Everything to do with OPPT and Heather has been a complete bust.
: And never, ever was there a smidge of accountability or apology.
: Is QEG just the same, all over again?
: Let's try a bit of honesty, if this is something different.


(this post and what followed, led to Bill S. being blocked on the QEG thread)

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LOOKS LIKE I AM DONE (on this subject)

The QEG Gang has shown their true colors - They cannot take any strong criticism or debate


The probability of it being a scam seems to now be approaching 100%, based on this BLOCKING action

- though part of me hopes that assessment is wrong



Here are the final postings - with NO WARNINGS...

- and no chance for comeback or discussion given to Bill S., before his posting privileges were removed.


[5/25/2014 8:09:43 AM]


Well, various people, Rob van der Zon? The link westaff3 posted contains a statement that there is OU (http://briankellysblog.blogspot.com/ top article)


Bill-S.: Brian K.:
: "There is celebration in the Heavens for the new space of Freedom that has birthed on Earth.
Abundance is here,
Unity Consciousness is achieved,
Over Unity is achieved"
Bill-S.: Don't you think this is just a tad... er, exaggerated ?
: In Brian's world, the notion of accountability does not exist.


blunskyper: no, I think it is perfect. Thank you Brian (sun)


Bill-S.: Oh, dear. And you expect people to give YOU money ??
: Everything to do with OPPT and Heather has been a complete bust.
: And never, ever was there a smidge of accountability or apology.
Bill-S.: Is QEG just the same, all over again?
: Let's try a bit of honesty, if this is something different.

Bill-S.: Sterling Allen on Whistleblower Radio spoke of QEG and others:
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EX3Pmbkl_rw

: He admits: "QEG said: Download the plans, Go build one.

Only thing is, it's NOT ready to go... A 'little bit' of hype involved."


Bill-S.: Honesty = The Best Policy; under-promise, over-deliver
: Over-promotion (ala Brian K., Hopegirl) DESTROYS credibility
: Brian Kelly is already a Joke for OPPT over-promises (WHERE is my $5 Billion?),

and Hopegirl is on her way to becoming: Jokegirl. Does anyone still trust her promises?


Bill-S.: In the interview for they question the Power calculations on QEG:
Sterling : "It is 6x. 500watts in, 3,000 watts out."
Matt ---- : "I calculate 3x."
Sterling : "There is some question as to whether they are reading the meters correctly,
and whether or not it is over-unity at all."

[5/25/2014 5:02:42 PM | Edited 5:05:15 PM]

westaff3: Hey BS, or Henry O'Leary or whatever avatar(s) your going under these days, take your dog and pony show somewhere else where they are dumbed down enough to listen to your useless mumblings, there are plenty of them out there. Your not impressing anybody but those who have just come into here and are not familiar with the developments, but they do catch on quickly, in case that fact hasn't impinged on your mini brain.

Why your employers are even keeping you on payroll with such weak bleatings, that only serve to make you sound like a sheep lost in the wilderness, I haven't a clue, but it's a definite sign of their failing ability to affect the emergence of the new paradigm.

When someone comes into a forum designed to exchange ideas to enhance the well being of humanity and continually only expresses misgivings about any of the real progress being made in the face of overwhelming evidence, and with nothing but abusive ad hominems

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ad_hominem to offer, in place of any real and well thought out criticism that could serve to enhance whatever technology is being developed to better our lot, then we know just what your all about, and expanding our knowledge is obviously not part of your goals.

Sooo....with that said I'm placing your useless utterances on BlOCK, so fire away with whatever blanks you care to employ. You've never said anything of import anyway, so I sure as hell, am not worried about missing something that would improve my condition on this planet. But, thanks for the transparency. We know, due to the feeble complaints of those, such as yourself, that we are on the right track and about to close down the misbegotten control mechanisms of your superiors.

auradoc: (y)
Paul fromMinnesota: Daniel, I learned new words today, "ad hominem." Yes, that is what goes on. Thank you. :D

[5/25/2014 9:09:35 PM]


blunskyper: sorry bill....everything with OPPT and Heather has NOT been a bust...you are just not listening.

I refuse to engage your negativity. Are you a shill? Get your facts straight before bringing your negative energy into this room.

I can't even finish reading what you wrote it is so off the mark. Do the research before opening your mouth dude. Really.....


blunskyper: someone kick that guy out for please....we are way beyond his small minded thinking....he is soooooooo, two years ago....yeeeeesh!!!

westaff3: Of course he's a shill Kevin, why else would he hang around rooms that are so diametrically opposed to his views, unless he's paid to do that.

Another agent was the turkey who went by the nom de plume of something or other but whose real name was Greg. He was exposed as an agent and then D kicked him out.

westaff3: This guy (Or girl, who can tell?) was apparent to me the day he made his appearance.

A lot of us can tell their energy signatures or sense their intent right from the get go.


westaff3: http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/qeg-3rd-phase-development-self-running/
westaff3: http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/show-them-the-money-fix-the-world-qeg-statement-of-expenditures-report/
westaff3: http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/qeg-morocco-test-and-measurement-report-opensourced/


[5/25/2014 10:49:10 PM]

aardvark007: Bill-S: I dunno, I reckon we ALL make mistakes all the time (like every day, lots of them I should think). So, you know......

maybe best to give the people who are actively trying to make things better a bit of a break sometimes?

(I think your posts have some errors in them, and probably this one does too, so, like, we all gotta live here so should try to make the best of it?)


aardvark007: (There you go, just spotted one of my errors, I should've written "Bill-S."! Sorry! :))
aardvark007: Having said that, it looks to me like HopeGiirl and team consistently show amazingly good judgment and timing and uinderstanding,

so I find it difficult to fault them on anything much other than being human ;):)

aardvark007: (Which isn't a fault! :P:D)
[5/25/2014 11:26:39 PM]

aardvark007: All: As far as I understand it, the road leads to increased unity for the world. So shill/turkey or other, the process includes *everybody* whether they currently agree with it or not. This is perhaps why it has taken so long.... So, in practice, now, sometimes people maybe need to exclude some others to get stuff done, but at all times it is best to try and include as many as possible?

raymond.gordon: http://hopegirl2012.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/morocco-qeg-may-2014-test-and-measurement-report-v1-0.doc

This document originates from http://hopegirl2012.wordpress.com/2014/05/25/qeg-3rd-phase-development-self-running/

and is a very profesional compilation of data and test information freely given in an editable format for others to take advantage of or modify to thier taste.

I would like to thank the author(s) for their hours of work and for their dedication to their craft on the shop floor and in cyberspace to help knit this community (share/follow/succeed) together.

We will respond in kind to keep the spirit of the scientific method in tact and not stray from the generous intent to accomplish, share and distribute.
[12:31:44 AM] sidhabo: Real good with data from Marocko
Seems it's no big issue on what value for the 12 x caps
They tested like 1 - 2.3 µF
Output pretty much the same over that scale
[12:34:00 AM] sidhabo:

This one will I will also monitor, Youtube channel for FTW QEG info


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Bill S. wanted to post this:

(in the QEG Skyperoom, but was blocked)



:"Cough! Cough! :

"People who WANT to make things better" Yeah, Right!

This Gang around Heather (which includes Hopegirl) is the same mob that:

+ Promised everyone on the planet $5 Billion, from what had supposedly been stolen from them

+ Told everyone that all the world banks have been foreclosed upon in July 2012

+ Pumped out 3-4 different sets of documents to allow people to "access their value",

and which the banks found incomprehensible, and/or just ignored


Hopegirl herself, announced 18 months that she was going to raise a $1 Billion+ Fund,

managed by women, to support Free Energy and other worthy causes of Fix-the-World

She changed her plan at the end of 2013, after raising just $50,000 and put all her efforts into supporting

her father-in-laws supposedly working Free Energy device.


It turns out that the technology is partly based on Tesla's work, and partly borrowed or stolen from another inventor,

who has threatened, or maybe is suing the QEG Team for stealing technology.

But Hopegirl says: That's okay, because this technology belongs to the world, not one inventor (paraphrased)


I actually like their willingness to launch the plans Free on the internet.

But I will like it less if it turns out to be an invention that belongs legally to someone else.

(I am not trying to make a judgment on this issue. There are probably two sides to the story.)


I don't think that Silencing anyone who disagrees with you is going to win over the skeptics.

I think it will have the opposite effect of just giving more evidence to those who think QEG has been vastly overpromoted






( Count at 5/26 : 208 replies / 3,925 views )



I have been asked to CLOSE this thread,

and leave it available for viewing on the web - it has about 4,000 Hits.

So people can make up their own minds about what value the QEG information has.


I did spend quite a long time, many hours, copying posts from the QEG-related skyperoom, and I hope some people find some value


Even if it is only a cautionary lesson, in the payoffs, positive and negative, to what looks like over-promotion, and misinformation

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Bill S. has been accused of being a Shill, by WeStaff3 above:

"Of course he's a shill Kevin, why else would he hang around rooms that are so diametrically opposed to his views, unless he's paid to do that..."


Bill is one of many people on the web who has spent a great deal of time looking into the QEG Device.

Many, of not most, of those who examine it, wind up as debunkers, as can be seen from the links below.


(some links - as per Google)



May 3, 2014 - QEG Quantum Free Energy Generator – Resonance In Morocco! ...
Possibility#1: It's a total scam, Hope Girl knows it, maybe along with several others, and ...


(Comment from there):

Carl Cunningham 21 days ago

The big issue with this is that although they are making it open source, when people find it is not working the helpline to call charges $300.00 add to that the $70,000+ hope girl has raised via crowdfunding to be able to travel the world and it all stinks. I only came across fix the world after coming to understand some of the deception and mis-direction of the OPPT(one peoples public trust), i there attempts to get a convicted child sex offender exempted from a sex offenders register (just one of the many false 'hopes' of oppt). Also all the parts have to be sourced through hope girl too and I may be wrong but you do have to wonder if they will receive some sort of commissions from the suppliers too.

Class act! Give away schematics for a wealth machine that will not produce the goods and sell premium support services for it, adding the clause 'having the right frame of mind' required.

"but sir, it's not a scam you simply have the wrong attitude, that's why it won't work". "and when it is working for you, we're selling today only at a rock-bottom price of $1million a month, a five-year exclusive sales right for your area" "p,s, want to buy a bridge?"



Free energy device - QEG. Is this for real? - Physics Stack ...

Actually the claims made in the article are true in one sense, which gives the idea the whiff of sophisticated fraud. In the linked article, it is claimed that the device ...



Debunked: Quantum Energy Generator (QEG), 10kw out for 1kw in ...
www.metabunk.org › ForumsMetabunkScience and Pseudoscience
Apr 30, 2014 - 40 posts - ‎12 authors

Our Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) provides 10KW of power output for ..... Well, am finding a lot when using a simple search of "qeg scam"



QEG : Has it reached "Over-unity"?
12by DailyPlanet » Mon May 19, 2014

The same people who told you you had "Free Money" ($5 Billion each), are now telling you they will deliver "Free Energy"...
Should we believe them ?

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(5) Mark Dansie's article

False Hopes and the QEG SPIN Doctors

April 10, 2014

by mark dansie

Nothing makes me more angry and sad than people promising things they can not deliver, not to us but those in less fortunate communities. The following is highly opinionated (be warned)



The above are just two of Hope Girls campaign, there have been failed ones in the past. But questions have to be asked.

1. Given the QEG does not work, will the money donated be used for solar electricity and pumping devices to assist these people?

2. Who audits how the money is spent?

3. Why make these promises when you have never had a free energy device ever running producing more energy out than in?

4. If you did where is the evidence, the data and thrid party verification?

5. How do the Chinese and Taiwan engineers and investors feel now ?

Spin Doctors

The spin doctors will now come on board. We will be given a variety of technical excuses then the finger pointing will start. The truth is people have been misled. Not only everyone donating, but the poor people who have been promised this technology. And we will hear now the spin doctors exclaiming “they had the right intentions ,but”. Do not be fooled, this is about ego, greed and vanity. Reality, reason, logic and science was never allowed to be part of this project. We will also start seeing all the failed attempts appearing on YouTube (see end of article). It is always amusing to see the reasons for failure they come up with.



> more: http://revolution-green.com/false-hopes-qeg-spin-doctors-go-quiet/

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Oh Dear, it looks as if Ben Fulford has fallen for the QEG scam.

Perhaps he listened to much to Cobra (?)


New energy technology moving ahead even as financial chaos deepens
Posted by benjamin
May 27, 2014

Last week saw major cabal set-backs in the financial war together with several big moves on the energy front.

On the financial front, former World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes and lawyer Winston Shrout tried to sue the World Bank into returning 1000 tons of gold deposited with it by the government of Japan, according to CIA and Japanese government sources (Ms. Hudes did not answer an e-mail asking for confirmation of this). However, the US Treasury Department, the de facto controllers of the World Bank, refused, saying the gold Japan had deposited with the World Bank was stolen from the dragon family, the sources said.

In any case, the dragon family has not gotten its gold back either, so the fact remains the United States corporate government has stolen all the gold it held in trust for the planet and is bankrupt. The only rational option for the United States is now to bankrupt the corporate government, nationalize the Federal Reserve Board and start issuing greenbacks. The cabal, of course, will use all its power to prevent that from happening so continued financial turbulence is inevitable until the whole structure collapses (more about that below).

  1. On the energy front things are looking much better: it has now become clear that the suppressed energy technology genie is out of the bottle. A major Japanese manufacturer contacted the White Dragon Society last week to say they were going ahead with the production of Tesla Quantum Energy Generators. The WDS has still not been able to test such a device though.

On a different front, a major Japanese government research organization has started, in conjunction with the Pentagon, to manufacture a one meter by two meter sized nuclear reactor that.....


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THARP's TROUBLES - with reference to James of the QEG Team


The following day Jamie explained how he had approached Timothy Thrapp from the WITTS "Christian" Ministry who, despite their altruistic claims of releasing free energy to the world, demanded $400 for one hour of his time. Jamie was able to get a basic understanding of this replication of Tesla’s work, but it was clear that he was leaving out a lot of information and being intentionally vague about what he did share, and when Jamie compared notes with someone else, who had paid handsomely for the privilege, there were several contradictions. It also became obvious that the intent was to seduce customers into repeated "donations" to the Ministry. Moreover, when Thrapp learned of Jamie’s intent to open source the technology, relations between them became frosty.



>more: http://www.allegedlydave.com/blog.htm?article_id=5

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update from morocco


this video fails to demonstrate overunity* - but it does show they are still alive



does it surprise anyone that it comes with a request for donations?



*i think the title insults the intelligence of the viewers, and undermines Hope' s credibility

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NOW - Limitations of "Reactive Power" seem to be the latest problem for the QEG


[1:43:48 PM

elkiv54: Question: Can getting energy from reactive power be compared with getting energy from a pendulum without loading it down?
[2:07:42 PM |

Alex Bell: Just seen this: http://www.siriusdisclosure.com/special-dc-afternoon-workshop-with-dr-greer-the-crossing-point-of-light/ .

I'd say Dr Greer's been at the coal-face since at least '93, and will get that coal out with his bare hands if he has to.....

The briefing could very well be interesting from a science/engineering-based point of view, I think. Only 45 tickets though, so may be none left, it's in DC (Dupont Circle Metro is closest) on 29th June, there was a tweet 14 hours ago.... (please excuse my unfortunate old-energy metaphor! :))
[4:32:30 PM]

rostislav.alexandrovich: Dr. Greer is heavy disinfo, stay way
Alex Bell: That's not my opinion, Rotislav, though I'll agree that the field of ET contact is very very heavily disinfo-ised!
Viggo Kleven: This is QEG Q and A group. I want to understand reactive power better. How about that pendulum comparison?

Alex Bell: Sorry, Viggo! :)
Viggo Kleven: Well, I think the other QEGNetwork group already is mostly off topic, so it would be nice to keep this group a little more on topic ;)
Viggo Kleven: Resolving the reactive power is a major step for the QEG development.

. . .

Alex Bell: You're probably right, actually .... :)

I might now start trying to think of QEG engineering questions (or even answers), though, you know..... :P
Viggo Kleven: Unless that is solved no one should talk about QEG overunity yet.
Alex Bell: *is sorely tempted to get into the pendulum question* ;)

Viggo Kleven: Output must be isolated from input, else the load will kill the source. But how..
Viggo Kleven: This is one way to isolate it: http://www.veljkomilkovic.com/OscilacijeEng.html
andi_art1983: @rostislav: You say Dr Greer is heavy disinfo?

Then there are 2 possibilities :

1. you are a troll/shill/disinfo agent or

2. you have not researched Dr Greer's Work and the ET phenomen properly.
[7:03:59 PM]

Craig G. Lewis Lewis: We need a Magnetic Motor for the input like this one :)http://www.gofundme.com/8nytuw
Viggo Kleven: Then we would not need the QEG..

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The QEG "Promotional Exercise" May be Failing...


Will Hope change her name, and that of her organisation?




(from QL): http://www.quatloos.com/Q-Forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10010&start=20


From Brian Kelly's blog
A Word for the Skeptics:
Please try to have an open mind. This is real and many people desperately need this. If we told you 30 years ago that everyone would be walking around with smartphones, you would have thought we were crazy. If you want to be skeptical that is your right and we can respect that. In the next few months as people start building QEG’s you will have whatever you need to feel comfortable with this change. In the meantime we ask that you refrain from spreading negativity during the infant stages of something that so many brave souls are making great sacrifices to achieve.
So, having an open mind mean shutting the @#$! up, eh?
- D.K.
Hope Moore has noticed that the money from the True Believers is not pouring in as quickly this time and has added this update (bolding mine):
For those that are contemplating a donation, the time is now, see with your heart the intention behind this movement and lend it your support. I know there can be some doubts when the QEG is not completely proven itself yet but what is needed now is momentum.. Even if the QEG doesn't work as originally intended this momentum will help us to see that free energy is given to the people, where it rightfully belongs.
Well look what we have here, begging for money while already setting up for what happens when it fails ("doesn't work as originally intended").
- L.in D.
PLEASE : Don't Waste Your Money on a HopeLess endeavor !
(Personally, I gave this QEG thing, both my Time and SPACE on my website.
And I have heard nothing but excuses - so THAT"S Enough.
Time to Pull the Plug ?? )

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About The Stalled "good effort" going into QEG development


I believe that there are many well-intention folks working on the QEG,


/ To be honest, I really Wish that they WILL succeed -

And if someone has good evidence :

PLEASE CONTACT ME, and I will revise some posts here /


If you want an Update from a well-intentioned guy in Canada,

I suggest you listen to Kevin Blundell, of QEG-Canada


There's a good podcast here:

Ep # 45 QEG- Canada with Guest Kevin Blundell:



He has had problems:

+ Sourcing components,

+ Raising funding


He sees the QEG's problem is that:

"90% of the energy is unphased energy, which is hard to capture"

"Only 10% is phased."

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Moving from QEG ... to Reality




I gave the QEG a chance - It has failed (so far) - I'm moving on:

+ I invested several hours of Time following the story, and
+ Gave SPACE on GEI to discuss and monitor the QEG "Free Energy" machine,
+ I summarized many postings from a Skype Room onto a QEG-related thread here,

which was started on 29 March 2014 :

"QEG: Working Free Energy device? / NOTES from Skype-chat"

> http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=18939
/ posts: 216 - views: 4,300 - approx. /


If you do a Google Search for :
"Working Free Energy" - the thread shows up on page 2 (in the middle)
QEG Free Energy - the thread shows up on pg.2 (third one down)
"QEG: Working Free Energy" - it is the First Hit !


Although it was promoted as a "Working Free Energy device", it has not yet demonstrated Over-unity in any sort of convincing way.

(The promoters have issued Videos SAYING they HAVE achieved over-unity, but I do not "buy" the evidence they have provided.)


I am annoyed by the over-promotion that has surrounded this device, after many promises that have not been kept.


So I have decided to "blow the whistle", and no longer support the story of this machine. I will no longer provide summaries

and updates on the thread.


I think the time has come to move on to a more robust and scientific approach, so I am starting a NEW thread about

Free Energy, and I plan a more careful approach, following the work and suggestions of Joel Garbon and others:


"Free" Energy is a possible Future - Looking beyond the Scams

Started with Videos from Global-BEM-2013, and some ideas and suggestions of;
Jole Garbon of the New Energy movement and zeropoint Energy pioneer, Tom Valone

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CLAIMS LIKE THIS ONE - are still common on the web:


My name is Bruce McBurney, I have been a researcher and inventor in to special fuel saving devices from the many stories heard over the years. Stories of people making modifications to engines, to get amazing fuel mileage, up to 5 times the regular mileage. After reading a book advertised in the Farmer Almanac, "Secrets of the 200 MPG carburetors " (fuel injection systems). I started researching and building and trying many different devices, I found what worked and what did not and why. Because I love life, living and all children and thought if I figured this out and I am not a rocket scientist, it must have been suppressed or put on a shelf by who ever, oil companies or governments, who ever, some thing big. So I put together a book that would explain the technology so complete that it I could sell it money back guarantee. I have sold over 2500 now and only 2 refunds. I also put 95 % of the book for free on the net at www.himacresearch.com as well links to other websites and others stories and research that confirm this is real.

Now here is why I am writing and posting this today, a few years back I heard about Ron Hatton of www.gadgetmangroove.com an inventor of one of these modifications, a small groove placed at the butterfly valve of the engine that caused turbulence to break down the gasoline, getting better mileage. He started in 2009 and has hundreds of successful installations with 20-30% gains and some up to doubling the mileage, he has many positive testimonials on YouTube search gadgetmanglobal. With doing this invention, it has brought on to him this situation, in jail facing hard time. You can read and hear his story of suppressive forces from the following links

See story at,
http://nesaranews.blogspot.ca/2013/12/a-letter-from-ron-hatton-about-montana.html , down the page
Hello Friends or Fellow Earthlings or Air Breathers:
With Ron Hatton after seeing the set up he was put through, fearing for his life, he fled and went to Bahamas and was apprehended there and brought back. Now Ron is sitting in a Montana jail awaiting trial that could give up to 55 years. We need to raise awareness of this injustice and stop how corporate dictatorship ruin inventors lives and turns good cops into Nazi Gestapo, Inventors rail roaded, setting up and causing good men to fall. This has happened many time before. Some may say, no that is not possible, but I have heard this before with Tom Ogle in 1977 big V8 Ford 100 MPG in Texas ended up dead at 26 years old. Allen Caggiano did 10 years in jail to stop his system to get over 100 MPG and I have heard many more and have on record over 900 patents filed on these systems, with many bought by oil companies. Why would oil companies buy the patents if it does not work? When they can not buy it? Then how far will they go to stop this technology?

Now is the time to end this on going suppression and help Ron Hatton to stop this injustice against him and us all. Help by passing this information on to all you know and encouraging them to do the same by getting this and his story out he has a greater survivor rate, as well as we might find some serious caring legal help. Please help by sending a donation for Ron’s legal bills to gadgetman@gadgetmangroove.com(please designate as 'gift'. Thank you!), or send check or money order to Gadget man C/O , PO Box 343, Hamilton MT 59840.

You can do credit cards by calling me Bruce McBurney 905 358 8541

If Ron Has helped you before in some way? Please write it down, sign it and send it to him to help encourage him and show the courts. If you appreciate his candor in sharing his technology then send him a thank you His address is
R.C.S.O.D.C. , Ron Hatton, 205 Bedford St. , Hamilton Montana, 59840

Please Pray for him that he would be set free and we get out this badly needed technology.
Or you can sit and do nothing until they come for you, or life gets so bad you will wish they would.
Please do something now, while we yet still can.
Bruce McBurney
Researcher, Author, Re-inventor, Publisher



> more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDhq3RLmLF4

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I know zilch about QEG but found this posted


Hope Girl Update – June 10, 2014
Updated posted by Hope Moore 5 hours ago


Thank you so much everyone for your amazing support! All preparations for the next QEG build are underway and things are going very very well! The planning is in place, accommodations are booked, and the QEG room is being set up. This build is feeling like “the one”!


Amazing news to report… not far from where we are, there was a crop circle that formed a week ago. The interpretation shows that the message shows aspects of electricity and magnetism- like the inner workings of a free energy motor. Looks like the land is preparing for the QEG self looping!!! Amazing stuff. Check out the latest link to see the crop circle. And thank you again for making this all possible!





Comment by intruth on June 11, 2014 @ 1:45 am

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(there are still some posts being made in the old Skyperoom - though not many"):


[6/15/2014 8:24:45 AM] wisehealing: Thanks Ray -- this clarifies things for me. So it is not exactly a perpetual motion device on its own (only if some of the output power is diverted to run the motor driving it does it become a perpetual motion device as a complete unit). But in terms of conventional thinking and design it is more a motor than a generator? i wonder if it could be designed so that it does become an internally self-powering unit (an integral perpetual motion device (w/o the external motor (except maybe needed to get it up to speed)))?
[6/15/2014 8:26:28 AM] wisehealing: (or w/o a separate motor on the same shaft)
[6/15/2014 8:27:41 AM] wisehealing: There are no magnets in it then? Other free energy devices use magnets significantly, no?
[6/15/2014 8:33:19 AM] john-carl.anderson: other systems do, but magnets eventually wear down, whereas the QEG uses the mass of the rotor to create a fluctuation in the inductance of the toroid, collecting energy somewhat similar to a whimshurst generator. (sort of... not quite the same but similar.)
[6/15/2014 8:37:53 AM | Edited 8:38:31 AM] westaff3: Petra, a perpetual motion device is not the same as a quantum energy generator. This is what I have been told. The QEG draws energy from the quantum field/source field and uses vibration to accomplish this. Actually there is a good discussion about how the device works on be-do.com in the forum.

http://be-do.com/index.php/en/forum/qeg-general-topics/376-what-happens-when-overunity-is-achieveds .
[6/15/2014 9:27:22 AM] wisehealing: i checked out the above link -- it's gr8 i think -- these EEs trained in contemporary theory and application grappling w thinking outside the box yet needing to bring "it" (free energy) into the box -- meaning 'converting it' (making it bahave) to 110 v standard power. Because well nothing else will do will it? -- we have all those nice devices and that will only take THAT (except if you use those funny pronged plugs) (l o l)
[6/15/2014 9:29:06 AM] wisehealing: But is having a "circuit" really even necessary? (a closed loop): can't the energy just flow on one wire do it's thing in our device (thank you) and then flow right back to where it came?
[6/15/2014 9:32:41 AM] wisehealing: i know i'm being facetious but it seems funny that here we have this device that does it's weird thing (nicely contained) and then we take that output (forget about any alternate realities, we don't need them now) and go into our house and watch TV.
. . .
[6/15/2014 10:24:06 AM | Edited 10:24:38 AM] westaff3: This theory of the QEG as a transformer, explains how they can entertain the concept of a solid state QEG as all it is doing is entraining the Source Field and then vacuuming it into a set up that supports the manifestation of electrical energy.

Some of the researchers I'm in contact with are entraining it for health benefits. This was done a few years ago with the Zero Point/Scalar Wands, which you can buy on Ebay, Amazon, etc.

Also orgonite performs a similar function.
[6/15/2014 10:25:23 AM] wisehealing: What about the harmonizers (per Slim Spurling etc.)?
[6/15/2014 10:26:24 AM] westaff3: Not familiar with those
[6/15/2014 10:27:09 AM] wisehealing: i'll get you a link
[6/15/2014 10:30:19 AM] wisehealing: But you must admit -- these terms generator vs transformer, as well as "concept of a solid state QEG as all it is doing is entraining the Source Field and then vacuuming it into a set up that supports the manifestation of electrical energy." -- these are just intellectual constructs to be comfortable w it (and perhaps to extend the effect on a theoretical level) but how will we bring it into our own personal reality -- to relate w it intuitively?
[6/15/2014 10:31:46 AM] wisehealing: Harmonizers: http://spiritofmaat.com/store/harmonizing-tools/
[6/15/2014 10:32:27 AM] westaff3: Not really, as you will see in the Primer Fields. This energy is "vacuumed" through arrangements with magnetic vortex bowls. A vacuum jar is necessary for this to occur. Of course a real vacuum does not exist as the Void has more energy density by trillions of magnitude, as opposed to matter.
[6/15/2014 10:33:14 AM] westaff3: These people are thinking outside the box Petra
. . .
[6/15/2014 10:34:33 AM] wisehealing: But still its in a transition area -- don't you think that once it's all out in the open -- the whole structure of the understanding of our reality will shift -- for everyone, not just the scientists?
[6/15/2014 10:35:04 AM] westaff3: One of the researchers has now claimed OU and he is utilizing a vacuum arrangement in order to produce 5 times the 33xOU so far achieved by the QEG.
[6/15/2014 10:36:40 AM] westaff3: Yep, agree Petra. Even the best of the minds at work on this are only starting to break the ground. Does this mean that we will spend decades in transition. Maybe, but I don't think so, as once we regain our memory then all will be known, as it always, in reality was.
. . .
[6/15/2014 11:38:41 AM] wisehealing: i disagree that it is a "scientific" device -- even Hope brings in so much other awareness -- of the Love that is necessary for this to work. i think you are mistaken there quite a bit.

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The Dream - from QEG-Germany



The Reality -

QEG conference call, June 29 2014


"We're almost breaking over the co-efficient of one..."


This is the very latest Video from the QEG Team,

and they are now talking bravely about "soon" reaching Over-Unity


This comes after having announced it, even "33X Over unity" in the past

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[6/1/2014 8:43:22 AM | Edited 8:51:46 AM] blunskyper: okay everyone. for the layman, here is what I have learned (thanks to Evens) about VARS.

1. Resonance is important. When the QEG resonates it is producing max power.
2. Of the power that it is creating, some of it is what traditional science tells us is usable power and most of it is VARS (unusable reactive power).
3. Why is power usable: When the current and the voltage are in phase, this is usable power. So on the scope when you see the current and the voltage (the hills and valleys) line up, start at the same place on the scope, say at 0 degrees, and they hill and valley in sync, they are in phase.
4. In sync voltage and current = usable power, traditionally.
5. Out of sync power is called VARS, it's reactive power. Most of the power in the core of the QEG is reactive power, it is out of phase which means that the voltage hills and valley start at say 10 degrees while the current starts at 0 degrees...the hills and valleys of each on the scope don't sync up...they are distinct and you can see that on the scope.
6. HOWEVER, AND THIS IS OVER UNITY. letting go of traditional thinking, what if you could figure out a way to make the out of phase reactive power, the VARS, sync up? Can you imagine the amount of power you could use? Guess what? There is a way to do this and the engineers working on the QEG know how to do it. A circuit is patented and can be used to do just this thing.

So, we have the circuit to convert the out of phase power, VARS into usable power...and there is a great deal more of it in the QEG than usable traditional in phase power. It is so simple. All you have to do, is let go of traditional brain washing and see the truth.
[6/1/2014 8:57:41 AM] budcarlson2: (beer)
[6/1/2014 12:05:40 PM] worldimport24: Nicely explained thx kevin

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QEG Update - Get Real? Naw. Forget that !

The UK QEG build, while it achieved resonance and over-unity, it failed to achieve self running within the strict time limit that was allotted to usu, however, the worldwide open source research and development project continues undaunted. (a detailed report will follow shortly) I offer this alternative perspective as it appeared to me in a flash this morning...

. . .

One glorious afternoon, myself, Impossible Girl, Val (Hope's mother) and a few others from the QEG team took time out of the build schedule to sit in a field and bask in the glory of nature. Val asked us to close our eyes and imagine what Tesla himself would be thinking if he were here with us; I closed my eyes but for the life of me I couldn't picture the great man's thoughts. The next morning, however, it came to me, Tesla wouldn't have used left brained thinking* at all, he always said he received the information from elsewhere and that does not require thinking, it requires an open heart and a readiness to receive the information that the universe is screaming at you.

. . .

All these events seemed disparate and unconnected until this morning when I had a relapse of my "creative time" that I had experienced during my Breatharian Experiment, I awoke at 4:00 am having linked all our experiences into a coherent thought, with an intriguing conclusion.

What if we are looking at self running in the wrong way; in the moments before the resonant speed is achieved, the QEG itself, pulls itself into resonance and then is phase locked so that even when you increase power to the motor it's resonant frequency is maintained, as if it wants to stay at resonance. During my Cannabis Journey, I saw the QEG self sustaining...

> http://www.allegedlydave.com/blog.htm?article_id=6


Tesla - No Left brain thinking?

Sure . Right, That's how he got a job with Edison, and Money from JP Morgan. (Give me a break !)

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REALITY is such a b/tch ! (haha)


(Notes from the Skyperoom):


[7/2/2014 1:28:58 AM]

Alex Bell: [05:03:50 |

MMeta200 SPC/American Warrior Ambassador: What I see is the QEG is producing 80-83% but not overunity.

For it to be true that the QEG is producing only 80-83% of input power, several (very) good electronics engineers and many other interested parties at the builds in Morocco and UK would have to be lying or mistaken - which I think is very very unlikely. Isn't my statement more or less correct? MMeta, aren't you perhaps judging things almost solely by intellect and not enough with your heart? (Intellect is not quite the right word, but I couldn't think of anything better (maybe "head", but that is not quite right either).)

rob.d.hayes: I’m also under the standing that overunity, by its very definition, was not achieved in Morocco.

I believe what they saw is *potential* for overunity, IF they are able to convert the reactive power.

I believe they did not use the term overunity once when describing the UK build in the hour-long conference call. To me, this indicates that claim is all but redacted. The new phrase of the phase appears to be “research and development”, which was mentioned at least a dozen times.

I still wholly support the efforts of all the engineers involved. It’s just a shame about all the confidence artistry and censorship going on.

. . .

[7/2/2014 3:22:16 AM]

Alex Bell: I'm still confused though, about this whole overunity or not thing, though. Find it difficult to believe that the previous statements that it had been achieved were simply mistaken, or deliberately misleading. Think there might be something going on which we don't have information about, yet.

alirobaie: Radio interview with ftw community and quantum energy research group

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