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QEG: Working Free Energy device? / NOTES from Skype-chat

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[9:18:04 AM - Apr.10th]

naicheval.robitai: we are so proud of Germany!!! Can't wait to see all the countries popping up with resonance!!!
mmeta200: yes
mmeta200: You're either resonant with us, or you're dissonant against us...Meta (chuckle)
mmeta200: An I mean dat
naicheval.robitai: [Wednesday, April 9, 2014 3:42 PM] MMeta200 SPC/American Warrior Ambassador:

<<< We've established the QEG is a harmonic resonance machine
mmeta200: yup

. . .
naicheval.robitai: there are harmonics but it operates on the main frequency, not harmonics
naicheval.robitai: look up parametric oscillation

. . .
mmeta200: One more thing.....dont try for perfect resonance....detune just a hair.....this opens a whole spectrum of upper and lower partials
mmeta200: ok nai
. . .
mmeta200: Im not skilled in physics equations and maths...I operate in intuition mostly
mmeta200: 39,510+ books read...30 yrs in physics, metaphysics and religions, 12-15 hrs a day for 18 yrs
johnnblade: @ Naicheval, its now not about the resonance, any coil or object can go into resonance, the main shit with the QEG is to see a real self runner, and thats another story.

Greets JB

. . .
naicheval.robitai: ok that's it - I'm outta here
[9:39:53 AM] *** naicheval.robitai has left ***

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REAL REASON (s) : Mark Dansie's Negative article ?



False Hopes and the QEG SPIN Doctors

Categories: Bunk, Months, Quantum Energy, Tesla

. . .

April 10, 2014 by mark dansie

Nothing makes me more angry and sad than people promising things they can not deliver, not to us but those in less fortunate communities. The following is highly opinionated (be warned)

> http://revolution-green.com/false-hopes-qeg-spin-doctors-go-quiet/



[12:34:01 PM]

westaff3: What doesn't make sense about the article in the link posted by Jim Stewart, is the amount of money supposedly scammed by Hope and family. I've dealt with con artists and sociopaths in my life and that amount of money would be considered laughable. Unless, their was another motive behind this, such as making us all look like fools and the Free Energy Movement look like an impossible scam artists paradise and just another La La Land dreamscape.

Either way, we'll know very shortly and unless this guy has some information from behind the scenes, he doesn't come across as genuine. Why is he promoting Free Energy with such fervor, when he's disclaims every effort to produce such a device.

Something smells here, but I could be wrong

oldtimer-: Jim Stewart did you take some time before you posted that message about Hope and the QEG to think about what was said there?

john.vannooten: We all know (or should know) there are a lot of people, paid and unpaid, who are actively and obsessively trying to create division in communities such as this and debunking anything that doesn't fit the old paradigm (boxed in thinking, centralised power - banking, corporate, political and energy). Without naming names, we have at least one such person in this skype group.

. . .

oldtimer-: Jim Stewart did you take some time before you posted that message about Hope and the QEG to think about what was said there?
[12:53:20 PM] john.vannooten: We all know (or should know) there are a lot of people, paid and unpaid, who are actively and obsessively trying to create division in communities such as this and debunking anything that doesn't fit the old paradigm (boxed in thinking, centralised power - banking, corporate, political and energy). Without naming names, we have at least one such person in this skype group.


@DanielW : You can promote 'free energy', but still do it within the realms of the existing accepted scientific facts -- That is what Mark does.


[1:03:26 PM] ganesh.anandtech: For example, suppose one were to make a technological breakthrough to create a solar cell capable of generating enough voltage to electrolyse water on an economical scale (i.e, a single cell should produce ~1.25V), it could be used to produce hydrogen which can be used in fuel cells -- Research on this is going on in University of California at Santa Barbara. Mark covers these types of things as 'free energy' in a positive light.
[1:03:48 PM] ganesh.anandtech: On the other hand, none of the people who have tried to recreate Tesla's real free energy machine have been able to provide independent third party verification of their claims SO FAR. (The QEG may break the trend - I am an open minded sceptic).
[1:04:17 PM] ganesh.anandtech: Now, I am not sure that the 'powers that be' / 'corrupt people want to keep free energy devices out' / 'suppression' reasons are valid for the 'failure' of free energy schemes so far -- none of these make sense if you take a non-US centric view of the world. A lot of countries (including the US) are investing majorly in renewable energy, electric cars are becoming popular. Think about third-world countries (or, as someone mentioned in this chat before, even Finland not wanting to take French help to build nuclear reactors to generate power). If a free energy device were to really exist, these countries would be jumping at the opportunity to use them. There are many places where availability of
electricity is a luxury valid only for a few hours every day. Pretty sure China would love to use a free energy device too because that would help the Beijing smog situation -- None of this has happened because no free energy device has been able to work SO FAR.
[1:04:46 PM] ganesh.anandtech: Now, what I understand from Mark's post is that HopeGirl & the QEG team are not scam artists in the traditional sense - they are well intentioned enough to open source the plans. However, it is possible that they may have rushed a bit before ensuring that the device really works as claimed. I see that James is an excellent engineer with multiple patents in this domain, so that is a plus point , but, for sceptics the fact remains that many people are spending time and resources on building QEG without really knowing whether it works. That is the 'selling of hope' 'scam' that Mark is referring to. HopeGirl & QEG don't benefit from it, but the people following them might end up disappointed ('scammed' out of money spent on buying QEG components that may finally end up in the dustbin because the design doesn't work as advertised)

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Free Energy Devices in Bedrooms in Japan? Come on !


[1:10:01 PM] oldtimer-: brokenwrench there are 5000 suppresed patents in the US patent office I wonder why they would want to suppress them? Yopu are right there are working OU device in many places just waititng for the right time to come forward with out being killed or device taken away.
[1:11:07 PM] oldtimer-: All I am saying negative enrgy does not vreat postive manifestation. If you don't believe in free energy thats your right but why are you in this room?
[1:11:43 PM] oldtimer-: That last paragraph was for Ganesh
[1:11:52 PM] ganesh.anandtech: @Robert - That was answered in the last para in my post: "Again, before you brand me as someone trying to create 'division', please note that I am in this chat because I want to lower or eliminate my electricity bills and do good for the environment. I want the QEG to work so that I can go out and buy it a year or so down the line at the $2K that Val was quoting in the chat before. But, before I see proof that the device really works as claimed, I think I shouldn't get my hopes up. This is what I would suggest to other potential builders / enthusiasts too. Unless y"
[1:12:20 PM] ganesh.anandtech: I am in this room because I am waiting for proof of third party replication / proof of replication in Taiwan from QEG team
[1:13:03 PM] ganesh.anandtech: I am an open-minded sceptic here

. . .

[1:13:04 PM] brokenwrench: outside of carbobale il a ww2 vet built a oU gravity engine that powered his farm it was featured on siu channel 8 pbs in the late 70s he built it out of junk farm machinery parts but could not get it patented . it still produces free power for his farm all it needs is greasing and oiling once per month
[1:13:42 PM] ganesh.anandtech: Patents are the last thing that prevent one from making a change in this world
[1:13:57 PM] ganesh.anandtech: do you know that Elon Musk doesn't have a patent for his Tesla electric car ?
[1:14:05 PM] *** franzmann.hypnotherapy joined. ***
[1:14:06 PM] ganesh.anandtech: or even the QEG team is not trying to file a patent
[1:14:33 PM] brokenwrench: make it in russia , become a national hero build it in the US you get suicide

. . .

[1:15:08 PM] oldtimer-: Ganesh I am not agianst anyone waiting to buy their unit later. I am asking everyone to consider how the QEG Team feels when so much is being said from some on here about why they have not done this or that. They are under tremendous pressure right now and they need our support.
[1:19:16 PM] ganesh.anandtech: All I am saying is that the QEG team had a great chance to answer the sceptics while open-sourcing the design - providing proof that the design really works -- that would have enabled all CICUs to raise funding very easily too.. Now, the absence of data & proof is what is giving rise to posts such as the one from Mark. As I have said multiple times before, I hope the QEG team succeeds
[1:19:55 PM] brokenwrench: when i find them i will post some links to youtubes of working units that may ne cheaper to build full size units. my son talks to friends in japan who have built or had units built they hook up in their basements that produce all the free power they need there are kits they can get but are not allowed in the US they only cost $500 for the big ones

. . .

[1:30:43 PM] ganesh.anandtech: @brokenwrench : If Japan has these free energy devices, I am pretty sure they would have loved to prevent Fukushima... I am a bit sceptical there :(
[1:31:33 PM] brokenwrench: this room is like a ham radio club we are here to do research and experimentation and share our results so all may benifit from the sharing. we have all been told it cant be done or it would have been done. but if everyone believed that lie we would not even have fire let alone the wheel
[1:32:27 PM] ganesh.anandtech: @brokenwrench not disagreeing there , but we don't want people pledging their life savings building the QEG right ?
[1:33:12 PM] ganesh.anandtech: there was a post on be-do.com forums about a guy who went bankrupt after his company went bust -- he was talking about using his last remaining money to begin a CICU
[1:33:31 PM] oldtimer-: [Wednesday, April 9, 2014 9:18 PM] Naicheval Robitai:

<<< Thanks Robert and Ganesh!!!

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[2:33:38 PM] clearwoody: Ganesh said - "However, it is possible that they may have rushed a bit before ensuring that the device really works as claimed. " We've been waiting 130 years too long for this. I think that she/they should have released it 129 years ago. Maybe we would be FREE from the usurping criminal energy corporations by now. Just think of all of the excited, well-intentioned people around the world now working to make this manifest! It's because of the QEG release. It gave us the empowerment to exit our old paradigm mind-cages. Everybody, FULL SPEED AHEAD! IT IS NOW MANIFEST...
[2:42:46 PM] ganesh.anandtech: Happy to help and looking forward to Mark being convinced :)
[2:49:12 PM] naoufel6110: Hello everybody
[2:49:20 PM] naoufel6110: Just arrived in London
[2:49:42 PM] naoufel6110: And tomo hope to see hope and get things clearer
[2:50:18 PM] naoufel6110: Is the conference still maintained in Hilton Heathrow ?
[2:51:06 PM] ganesh.anandtech: @woody : I made it very clear that the statement referred to what could be done in order to convince sceptics / take away the possibility of articles such as the one from Mark Dansie ;
[2:51:38 PM] ganesh.anandtech: @woody : Would you suggest someone spending their last bit of money to make a QEG with the current disclosures ?
[3:37:08 PM] hope.girl587: Apparently, things have gotten out of hand in this network and we have trolls and too many negative comments. To protect the integrity of this precious project for humanity I must leave this QEG Network room. For those of you who are sincere, please watch for updated blogposts as this breakthrough rolls out. Thank you and blessings to all. -HopeGirl
[3:37:44 PM] *** hope.girl587 has left ***


. . .

[7:21:21 PM] graememudie: I see you have all managed to get Hope to leave the group. Well done!! And who is this Ganesh character you are responding to. I can't see any of his posts!!
[7:25:33 PM] joe.wolfsburg: better conduct your energies in other directions
[7:26:19 PM] *** live:geoffwieden joined. ***
[7:26:26 PM] Benjamin: I assume, that Hope got direct messages and left all skype, not only the rooms
[7:28:03 PM] joe.wolfsburg: james is still a member here
[7:29:33 PM] graememudie: Who said he was not?
[7:30:16 PM] Benjamin: I can imagine how many messages James, Hope and Val are getting right now (positive and negative, most of them questions, i think). I would not want this either.

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[5:27:30 PM] heckelberry: who has a running QEG ?
[5:36:26 PM] benjihh1978: as far as i know, there are Mr. Thrapp, James and maybe a group in Taiwan (there are others as well, but not "running", because of problems with tuning)
[5:41:46 PM] sidhabo: 283 members in this group now
All playing our role
Awesome progress (sun)
[6:28:42 PM] wim.derix: http://be-do.com/index.php/en/forum/qeg-construction/200-totally-new-proposal-for-simplified-construction

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PURPOSE OF ROOM - and the London Conference


[7:43:31 PM |

rostislav.alexandrovich: Benijhh1978 - while you havent seen strong "negative" comments in that chat, its still a big waste of time when people start to talk about their own skeptisim and doubts - this room is not meant to deal with skeptisim - its meant to further develop QEG and as a meeting point for teams worlwide - Its a big waste of time to start conversations about skeptism with skeptics,
dont forget that skeptism is such a big movement that it's a kind of religion today,

where thoughts go - energy flows: if we deal with skeptisim - thats what your going to end up with - a skeptism.

if we instead invest our energy into developing and R&D of QEG - then thats what youll get in the end
Asgardian: (y)
live:paulelison: (y)
rostislav.alexandrovich: cause and effect
joe.wolfsburg: well spoken, rotislav

. . .

k15hor: heres just my simple thought... you will end up, in the next week or so ,developing splinter groups . Some will advance more than others, but all with the same end goals... The QEG...! You will from proples responces and verbiage over the last couple of days see who is who in this and will judge to catagorise their input into this end goal...! The trolls will need to them selves understand and help influences these groupe or they will get shut out and will gain no knowledge either way...
jimboot: In the absence of third party verified data though it hurts their cause as there are many, as you know that have put long hours and $ into machine replications of others only to realise that the original inventor was mistaken.

. . .
live:paulelison: Yes, let's clean this ship up so Val and Hope can feel free to come back in.
jimboot: I wish everyone who is is building here the very best and success. No offence was meant by me sharing the link
naoufel6110: Hello can you please confirm hope will be presenting in London tomo ?
Benjamin: @naoufel6110: here she is on the keynote speaker list: http://newhumanitymovement.com/

. . .

naoufel6110: I came all the way from North Africa to have more info about the qeg
naoufel6110: Thanks
naoufel6110: Will go see her tomo ))

. . .

[8:25:27 PM]

mbelicek: Hi all. I would like just to point out few things, for the benefit of everybody. You probably all know from Snowden affairs that everything you say in Skype goes directly to NSA. But more inportantly, besides that, on the practical part, it would be much more beneficial to the wohole world if this discussion was moved to some public internet web forum, where everybody can see it and google it and even find those answers in the years to come. Here all what you say is hidden in the abysses of the Skype mainframes and lost forever. If people want to make the history, please consider establishing to some forum and not hide in the Skype chat. Thank you all for the effort. (bow)
Paul fromMinnesota: mb, it is my understanding there is already a forum. Both Skype chat and Forums can coexist. As apparantly you just joined, what may be your motive in your message as you've not had a chance to interact?
mbelicek: thanks for info, do you happen to have a link?

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[9:04:14 PM] Evens Abellard: I would ask people with bad comments to keep them for themself or leave that room. As you may Know, Our Group QEGAC (QEG across Canada) as been working day and night to get ready and bring result. Today we are ready to built the first canadian QEG. All parts has been ordered many peaces has been delivered. To me this project is the best ting ever that could Happen. I have met some some very sincere people in this room tha share the phylosopy of helping. Please again. If you do not understand what this project is about just leave that room.
[9:07:39 PM] Asgardian: (y)
[9:11:24 PM] *** funkyjomedina joined. ***
[9:11:48 PM] Benjamin: Evens Abellard, that sounds great. Do you know how to TUNE the capacitors? Could you please explain it? In the schematics there are 12*1,5µF and in the "shopping list" there are 12*2,5µF.
[9:13:57 PM] Benjamin: "shopping list" = "parts list"
[9:14:59 PM] Evens Abellard: The right one should be 12*2.2 =.208333
[9:15:08 PM] Evens Abellard: sorry 2.5
[9:15:13 PM] Evens Abellard: 12*2.5
[9:15:41 PM] Evens Abellard: 12*2.5=.208xxxx
[9:17:29 PM] Benjamin: yes, i understand. But when i read "tune for resonance" i assume, that i have to add or put away one of them. If i don't have to tune the capacitors, i would take 1 HV capacitor instead of the 12 lower ones.
[9:17:39 PM] Jim Stewart: Hi Evens will yours be an exact replication? Do you have a YT channel where I can follow progress?
[9:19:58 PM] Evens Abellard: Id yo take one capacitor it has to be able to support 25kv
[9:20:27 PM] Evens Abellard: or at least 24Kv
[9:20:37 PM] Benjamin: Most of the capacitors, which i could find, have 2000V DC (and maybe 700V AC). Do you have a link for the ones, which you are using?
[9:20:47 PM] Tom Velnosky: Does anyone know what time the Skype Call with the QEG Team is tomorrow morning?

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[9:59:31 PM] DanielW: [7:17:11 AM] Robert Towers: ************************Good Morning everyone! ************* In order to get our question list sent to Jamie in time to give him a chace to read them before Fridays Answer time I will stop recording questions for this round at 12 Noon EST today. Any questions after that time will be added to next weeks Q&A session.
[10:00:28 PM] DanielW: Should be the same time as last week, but I assume Robert will let us know.
[10:18:12 PM] Asgardian: Does anyone have an update for today? It's 10pm in Taipei. They got the core back last night and were supposed to be working on it again today. Any news from the Team (Val?) would be welcome (nod)
[10:20:29 PM] *** spiralearth2 added Benji Taylor ***
[10:31:42 PM] *** Jim Stewart has left ***
[10:32:05 PM] *** markdansie joined. ***
[10:32:15 PM] markdansie: hello testing
[10:33:25 PM] Benjamin: hi Mark
[10:33:34 PM] markdansie: did I miss the party?
[10:34:15 PM] Asgardian: Why are you here Mark?
[10:34:54 PM] *** Steph has left ***
[10:36:26 PM] markdansie: I had many people asking me to join
[10:36:44 PM] markdansie: I also believe soem peopel were wanting my phone number
[10:37:08 PM] markdansie: and finally I have a few questions that I would liek answered if possible
[10:37:29 PM] markdansie: however if that is a problem I wil lleave you all to it
[10:37:40 PM] Benjamin: feel free to ask, Mark
[10:37:51 PM] markdansie: ok
[10:38:40 PM] markdansie: Question 1. Is there any evidence, data and third party verification this devcie can produce or ever did porduce excess energy
[10:39:19 PM] markdansie: Question 2. If so how long could it self sustain itself without any external inputs, after any batteries or caps storage had been accounted for
[10:39:52 PM] *** anr.smr has left ***
[10:40:26 PM] markdansie: 3. Given it is highly likely a working unit will not be able to be supplied to teh Morroco porject can the money still be used to supply solar powered water pumping and electicity?
[10:40:45 PM] Benjamin: 1. we have to prove it ourselves or wait for the Taiwan model (which means: just relax)
2. it runs until material defect
[10:41:19 PM] markdansie: actually one more question
[10:41:37 PM] Benjamin: 3. the Marocco unit will work, there are many engineers from all over the world
[10:41:44 PM] markdansie: Why did the billionaires and otehr wealthy people not fund it? I know many who would fund this project if a proof of concept was established?
[10:42:03 PM] markdansie: ok how do yo uknow it runs until material defect if one has never run
[10:43:14 PM] markdansie: well the number of engineers in a room does not equate to something working
[10:43:25 PM] Benjamin: James has a prototype at home
[10:43:37 PM] markdansie: at this stage if there is not working devcie how can one assume there will be one day?
[10:43:37 PM] Benjamin: the caps have a runtime (maybe 100.000 hours) and so might have some other parts
[10:43:54 PM] Asgardian: lol
[10:44:49 PM] markdansie: ok So why does James not film it running with the appropiate instrumentation and methodology measuring input and output. I and many others coudl have a team of engineers there in a heart beat with instruments at no charge.

. . .

[10:45:04 PM] Benjamin: if you do not believe in the thing, please come back in some weeks, Mark, at the moment it seems, that you will not be satisfied here
[10:45:19 PM] markdansie: I have travelled to many countries over several years with engineers and scientists testing these claims, so its no ta problem
[10:46:10 PM] Mark Dansie: no teh caps have only a limitedstorage, so once that storage capacity has been exceeded (think of a battery running flat) then it should still self run
[10:46:19 PM] Mark Dansie: no ist not about belief its about claims being made
[10:46:48 PM] Benjamin: Short version: please read the blog of HopeGirl, than you might understand, what this family is risking to bring the generator to us
[10:47:08 PM] Benjamin: there is no battery
[10:47:15 PM] Mark Dansie: and no one willing to support those claims with any proof or evidence, just faith and heresay
[10:47:20 PM] Mark Dansie: ok I iwll leave you in peace here, its yoru space

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QUESTIONS IMPORTANT? / Mark Dansie leaves too


[10:47:30 PM]

Mark Dansie: but externally many peopel will ask teh same questions
Mark Dansie: 'and many people wil lbe disappointed unless straight answers are given
Benjamin: as i've already said: if you need proof and evidence, please come back later
Mark Dansie: i have no problems with teh project, teh good intentions and the research.
Mark Dansie: well yo uclaim tehre is a devcie exists now at teh house, why not use that for a simpel test to support teh claims????
Mark Dansie: i do have a problem when a claim is made and is not supported...then we are in a different paradygm all together
Mark Dansie: so your answer is there is no proof, or evidence to support teh claims made by Hopegirl in her fund raising camapiagn and media statements"We haev a running devcie"
[10:51:14 PM] *** Super-AZ -Mike has left ***
Asgardian: You know Mark, we have a great deal of respect for your work but perhaps you should stop acting childish. All your question are rhetorical, your mind is already made up, you made it abundantly clear in the nice piece you wrote yesterday. Give these nice people enough time to get their work done please.

. . .

[10:59:15 PM] Evens Abellard: I would ask people with bad comments to keep them for themself or leave that room. As you may Know, Our Group QEGAC (QEG across Canada) as been working day and night to get ready and bring result. Today we are ready to built the first canadian QEG. All parts has been ordered many peaces has been delivered. To me this project is the best ting ever that could Happen. I have met some some very sincere people in this room tha share the phylosopy of helping. Please again. If you do not understand what this project is about just leave that room.
[11:03:23 PM] DanielW: There are those critters who are "Gatekeepers". They put out 85 or even 95% truth, and get the followers believing that they are on the side of freedom and liberty and truth - but they never do anything, and when the time comes for the crucial information to come out, they poo-poo it and mislead those who follow away from what would have been real revelations. Alex Jones comes to mind.

It's simply a tactic from Sun Tzu's The Art of War. The smart general doesn't only control his own army but the army of the enemy. So always be aware of those "generals" that seem to be saying all the right things,but don't have the right intent.

The Art of War is the real bible of the Jesuits
[11:05:12 PM] *** Mark Dansie has left ***
[11:05:54 PM] Graeme Mudie: Ah ok he's left.
[11:06:16 PM] Tivon Rivers: Nice.

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MARK DANSIE's Key Points


The truth is people have been misled. Not only everyone donating, but the poor people who have been promised this technology. And we will hear now the spin doctors exclaiming “they had the right intentions ,but”. Do not be fooled, this is about ego, greed and vanity. Reality, reason, logic and science was never allowed to be part of this project.


His Questions:


1. Given the QEG does not work, will the money donated be used for solar electricity and pumping devices to assist these people?

2. Who audits how the money is spent?

3. Why make these promises when you have never had a free energy device ever running producing more energy out than in?

4. If you did where is the evidence, the data and thrid party verification?

5. How do the Chinese and Taiwan engineers and investors feel now ?


> Link to article: http://revolution-green.com/false-hopes-qeg-spin-doctors-go-quiet/



Hope's Funding appeal post - was a clear Over-Promote:


Help Bring Energy and Hope to Morocco!

Created by Hope Moore on March 12, 2014

We have some very exciting news to share and we need your help! Fix the World (FTW) and the One People Community (OPC) of Aouchtam Morocco have joined efforts to help a village in need. This is an altruistic and humanitarian effort to help transform an entire village of people that need it the most. Thanks to the success of our campaign, FTW has been able to donate a Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) to the village! The generator will be used to pump water from the town well and supply 300 people with running water.

In addition, The One People Community of Aouchtam is now acquiring the warehouse, the tools, the engineers, and the people necessary to create their own cottage industry community unit (CICU) for QEG manufacturing and production to supply North Africa with QEG’s. This will completely transform the economy of the entire village, who are now living in poverty. Less than 50% of the people living there have electricity.


> Link to GoFundMe appeal : http://www.gofundme.com/7hyss4



Some in the Room are blaming Mark Dansie for his "negative article".

Get Real, People !

He was doing truth-telling - we need that on Hopium-like stories like this

There are far too many people this days who are ready to believe ANYTHING that sounds hopeful.


Even as I post this, I am saddened.

I liked many elements of the project, and I would not like to see it die:


+ The grass roots nature

+ The crowd-funding, of what is actually a rather modest amount of money, for a project with such big aims

+ The global excitement that was generated, with parallel projects going in many countries

+ The use of Youtube, and Skype to get communications out, quickly to almost everyone who showed an interest

+ The willingness of Val and James to answer questions and give regular updates


On the negative side, there was over promotion. And the attempt to suggest this little (unverified) device could solve

so may big problems, was way over the top.


This shows the need for balance and discipline when promoting projects of this nature.


But there are some positive lessons to be learned in how to create an almost-instant impact across the globe.


*Here's a key sentence from Dansie's report:

"These people making these promises who say they have good intentions should first think about the desperate people they are letting down. (not even an apology offered just finger pointing). Before publicly proclaiming your good intentions when it comes to deploying free energy devices, then given the history, people should seek proof of concept first."


(If you think I am being unfair with my comments, please let me know!)

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UPDATES Coming - many positive people are still onboard


[1:46:52 AM - April 11]

johnnblade: greets, so whats the latest news?

. . .
westaff3: I'm hearing that the news is good roomies, so hang in there
. Can't reveal source at this time, but it's someone I trust implicitly
gmeader: This room is full of positive folks supporting the QEG efforts. It is not a good sign that the FTW Team has left. I request that they return so that we can continue working together. If trolls are ignored, they will leave - note that their postings are easily blocked. We are aware of HopeGirl's sensitivity to the effects of negative postings, however troll postings are not a good reason to abandon this large group of ardent supporters.

. . .

darknorr: Its interesting that if the HopeGirl Team was scamming.... why would they place themselves in harms way, by going out of the USA and inolve foriegners?

Not logical, for a smart scam.... so say the scam was to, what, fund me while I fly over to asia and hang around a shop for a week?

westaff3: Yep, good observation Darren
westaff3: And if my deductive reasoning serves me right, the Chinese who are responsible for funding the engineers to go there are not the kind of people you want to start pulling a phoney on. (worry) Especially if you are still there when the scam becomes apparent.
elkiv54: Guys, IMHO - I would not give scam a second thought, it does not make sense. There is no doubt about intentions from the heart. However, it's a good idea to stay grounded in the process.
live:paulelison: Yes, and let those who are bad mouthing PROVE their allegations. So easy to cast the first stone...
elkiv54: I don't know if there is a need to let them do anything, just ignore - and focus without derailings..
elkiv54: What happened here lately is very typical. stay calm, it will blow over.

. . .

[3:51:31 AM]

sidhabo: [Thursday, April 10, 2014 11:06 AM]

Ed Weatherall:

<<< Sooo…on a lighter note:) they achieved resonance this morning with the newly wound core :)

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Thanks for providing a neutral forum to discuss this technology. Mark Danise's post / Disqus thread is one way to interact with fellow enthusiasts, but I prefer a threaded forum to Disqus, and hopefully this is one.


Currently, the state of the project is that it is too early to become enthused. Unless we can get some proof (video that can prove overunity beyond reasonable doubt and/or third party verification / replication), there is really no point in spreading the word.


My opinion is that the longer they delay the proof, the less likely the fact that this works as claimed.


On a generic note, I am really enthusiastic about reneable energy / alternative energy claims / projects. I believe the best chance for something concrete is from university labs / companies whic are founded based on some university research project.

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Thanks for the post, Ganesh


"Currently, the state of the project is that it is too early to become enthused. Unless we can get some proof..."


I totally agree.

I really think "Open Minded Skeptic" I the best way to be on this.


The True Believer syndrome, which is so very common amongst alternative/NewAgers is pretty dangerous, since it leads them to over-invest in all sorts of dodgy ideas.


OPPT, Swissindo, The RV... are just a few examples of ideas which do not stand up very well to scrutiny.


I WANT to see this, or other Free Energy technology work, but I am not willing to suspend my disbelief to the standpoint where I will not accept the possibility that a failure is... well, pretty likely.


On the other side, I do not want to abuse James and Val for carrying on what seems to be a pretty sincere effort to get this to work. I don't think the rather modest sums they have raised so far, minus their expenses, make this a lucrative scam. So I do not see them as scammers at all.


If we can get a few more people discussing this in a neutral way, I might ask Mark Dansie to join us

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The playbook for QEG was written by Timothy Thrapp, so you dont need to be a rocket scientist to see that this can be strung out for many years while the gullible fund the QEG family.

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I disagree.


I think they have been playing this out in far too transparent a way to have the excitement last long, if there are no results.


LOOK at the situation of the last few days : Big deflation in the excitement bubble, thanks to One Debunking article.


If this will get a second wind, and I hope it does, I think we will need some encouraging results from somewhere

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ENHANCEMENTS Needed: GOOD CAPS- per the Chat


[1:04:32 PM]

shynes11: New to group, this is awesome, we are so close to having 3 or 4 solid ones. DOES The new manufacturer of the CORE have these changes posted by EIM in teh forum? "I already found a flaw in my original design. The two cores must be turned around the vertical axis, over 90 degrees.
Another thing that has to change is a slit in the rotor."
shynes11: Keep up the good work in here.
shynes11: Since the 2.5uF 2000V capictors are sold out, any word on how much variance we can have in those numbers to LIKELY get it to work?
shynes11: WIM not EIM
brokenwrench: are you sure you dont mean 2.5v 2000uf capacitors?
: http://www.electronicsurplus.com/LeftNav/CapacitorsSORTBYCAPACITANCE/Oil_Filled.cat
: http://czjiaguan.en.alibaba.com/collection_product/2.5uF_2000V/1.html
: http://czjiaguan.en.alibaba.com/product/904449752-212212373/2_5uF_polyester_film_capacitor_for_pitch_22_5mm.html

: http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/5uF-2000V-Film-Capacitors_566490860.html
brokenwrench: these are in stock
brokenwrench: from these suppliers
brokenwrench: what kind of capacitor do you need film ceramic oil filled etc

. . .

April 12th:

[4:51:39 AM] mmeta200: no...Caps are very expensive
mmeta200: I wish I had access to a lab and equipment....I know two ways to achieve overunity
bodyart1812: where can you buy good caps outside of USA for a reasonable price?
benjihh1978: the problem is 2000VAC, Peter, not so easy to find or 50,- Euro each
bodyart1812: I've seen very good caps from US factories, but.... the price

shynes11: Mmeta check out your hackerspaces / shared workspaces some of them do
bodyart1812: 50 euro is not too much, if you considder...
shynes11: 2000VDC = about 500Vac I think
benjihh1978: you need at least 12, so 600,- Euro out of the window for "testing"
shynes11: 700VAC
bodyart1812: @ Ben: tomorrow I'll attend to a radioamateur market with Wim, perhaps I can buy some there
benjihh1978: Sean, we have 24kV AC, don't we?
shynes11: Does anyone Manufacturer them in the US?
bodyart1812: coul'd we make some DIY ? or am i completelly wrong?
benjihh1978: i am a fan of those here, but not sure, if the 30kV (probably DC) are enough or not: http://www.plusparktec.com/sdp/1085232/4/pd-5218922/12221392-2675507/High_voltage_capacitor_0_20uF_30KV_Kondensator.html
[4:59:50 AM] shynes11: Ben, not sure I just know 12 2000VDC is enought to make 24V .
[4:59:56 AM] shynes11: 24K
[4:59:56 AM] bodyart1812: and ofcourse they soul'd be resistent against flash discharge
[5:01:11 AM] shynes11: should or shouldn't
[5:01:57 AM] townhill263: 0.2 uF capacitor at 30 000 volt for under 100 dollars on alibaba.com you do not need 12 capacitors
[5:02:10 AM] benjihh1978: Peter, you can google the microwave capacitors (which were used in the youtube-video, test 1), uiuiui, really expensive
[5:02:13 AM] shynes11: If you go up to yesterday, there are 5 links to get the 2000VDC capacitor from (many from china)

[5:02:16 AM] bodyart1812: Should
[5:03:05 AM] bodyart1812: this is not my knowledge of fysics, jus a gutfeeling
[5:03:35 AM] shynes11: The main vendor in US is out, so we got to try others.. ANyone let us know what is feasible
[5:03:39 AM] benjihh1978: 2000VDC is not the problem, "easy" to find
[5:03:52 AM] bodyart1812: Ben perhaps it's cheaper to buy some secondhand microwaves, hhh
[5:04:17 AM] shynes11: But can it be an uF Value?
[5:04:27 AM] shynes11: 2.5uF was in spec
[5:04:44 AM] bodyart1812: IF they are suitable
[5:04:51 AM] townhill263: They are 2100 volt at 1.07 uF
[5:05:01 AM] benjihh1978: You need about 0,208 µF in total

[5:08:04 AM] benjihh1978: 24 of these would be cheap: http://de.farnell.com/vishay/mkp1848s55010jp2c/kondensator-1000v-5uf-5/dp/2133987
[5:08:31 AM] bodyart1812: not as expensive as i expected
[5:09:14 AM] bodyart1812: Ben, its only 1000V
[5:09:20 AM] benjihh1978: yes, so you need 24, not 1
[5:09:21 AM] benjihh1978: 12
[5:10:11 AM] townhill263: In series you divide the farad and add the voltage
shynes11: Sure, plenty of space around that core to pick up voltage.. Is it Focused to a point?
bodyart1812: in that test video the caps were far from the core... I think they sould be very short to the core
bodyart1812: near
bodyart1812: any opinions?
benjihh1978: 1 / (12 * (1 / 2,5µF)) is the same as 1 / (24 * (1 / 5µF)) = 0,208µF (total)
velnoskt: Capacitor Manufacturer in Germany

- http://www.epcos.com/epcos-en/529492/products/product-catalog/film-capacitors - not sure about stock or cost info - 2.5uf 2000V

- http://www.datasheets360.com/part/detail/b25856-k4255-k003/-5041889168372033027/
jimboot: SO do we have some data after the presentation yesterday?
shynes11: Just talked to a capacitor manufacturer. He said this one is a bit rare, because of high Discharge rates
shynes11: dON'T THINK any ol one will do?
shynes11: Distributor not manuf.

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A CALL OUT for help and cooperation in Germany


[5:40:07 PM] Michael Belicek: Hi, What I believe is needed is more groups of people which get the working motor, not just repeated demos from one or two groups. I would be willing to invest money into parts and building, but I'm not electrical engineer. Are there any people from Frankfurt/Germany area who are or would like to build it?

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You already agreed there were debunking articles available on overunity.com from at least 27th of March.


QEG has been fraudulently presented since 2013 as an original device created by James R.


In reality QEG has a direct connection to Thrapps Witts quantum generator


Thrapp has been flogging the plans for this thing since 2010.


People continue to be defrauded by Thrapp and others, and yet not withstanding the absence of results, people like Sterling Alan enthusiastically promote their ideas.

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With each passing day of absence of proof, the probability of this being a damp squib goes up.


However, the QEG team has open sourced the plans and they are not demanding money to let people have those plans. This makes it a bit different from the Thrapp milk machine.


Also, 'gullible people providing for the QEG family' : The money they raised is not too much.. less than $40K (unless there are some private donations we don't know about) on the crowdfunding websites. Taking into account all the travel and even cost of purchasing the supposedly existing working prototype -- this is not really a lot of money ; Also the 'popularity' to 'scam money' raised ratio seems sort of low -- usually if this were a scam and this popular, the QEG team would probably be taking along some high profile 'investments' too. I think the intentions of Jamie are fine (as an experimenter and engineer, he believes he may have stumbled upon something), but I can't say the same for FTW (considering its association with sketchy outfits such as the OPPT).


If proof for this doesn't come within the next few months from some quarter, I think the funding sources will dry up.

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The unknown question is whether these people are misguided fools or if they are just con artists. The impression given is that they are a mixture of both.


It is totally clear they began by presenting this thing as a working over unity device creating free energy and all of this was made possible by the trusted inventor they were working with.


Heaven knows why you keep wanting to believe they are open. Even if they are misguided fools it is clear they are creating a smokescreen to cover up the fact they dont have a working arrangement.

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I think this is a case of Truth will win out.

As GT has said:

"With each passing day of absence of proof, the probability of this being a damp squib goes up."


That's a sensible attitude: waiting to see what develops.

I always saw this as a long shot, and it still is IMHO. And the odds get longer with each passing day.


But I liked their approach, of sharing plans, and answering questions as they come it,

and I do hope that others will embrace it, as they launch their devices.


Maybe we will see 2-3 "open, too early" launches like this, before we get a genuine breakthrough.


I certainly have no embarrassment in offering GEI's "window" into this experience.

And if you think I am "too gullible", those on the other side are accusing "Bill S" of being too intellectual,

for simply being an "open-minded skeptic": The Skeptical side is a problem for them:

== ==


[4/11/2014 8:58:01 PM]

Ed Weatherall: Well…you're in here bill :). So I guess there are all sorts
Bill-S.: Yeah Ed.
Bill-S.: I am an Open Minded Skeptic on this, impressed with the openness that Val and James have shown us.
Bill-S.: I think this is a long shot, but I am grateful that they have given it a shot in such a way
Bill-S.: If I deviate from this attitude, I expect it will only be with a very good reason. And I am still on board
Bill-S.: So I really do not know where Paul was coming from in attacking me like that
Ed Weatherall: The amount of weight given to either open minded or skeptic will determine your progress in getting the insight you need and want

. . .
Bill-S.: Balance is my aim, Ed. let me know if i lose it
Ed Weatherall: You have to dare to believe its possible and want it for yourself
Nicholas Cafarelli: Patience seems a good option. I too would love to see much more technical detail. However if you found yourself in front of 50, 200, 3,000 people and they all demanded answers, how would you feel? Answers will come.
Ed Weatherall: Then doors open up…
Benjamin: Is someone here in contact with Jamie, Val oder HopeGirl and can tell, that they are still alive?
Ed Weatherall: Alive and smiling
Benjamin: Why smiling? Because half the world is waiting for news?
Ed Weatherall: Bill…people on the forefront of development respond mostly to heart … not intellect.
Bill-S.: Okay
Bill-S.: Again, I strive for balance on that
Ed Weatherall: Yes Benjamin …they are very sadistic that way (wasntme)
Bill-S.: Good Intentions alone, will not deliver Free Energy imho
Ed Weatherall: And I wish it was half the world :)
Bill-S.: In fact, James has worked long and hard on this
Bill-S.: From what I see
Viggo Kleven: [Friday, April 11, 2014 4:53 AM] Ed Weatherall:

<<< Bill…people on the forefront of development respond mostly to heart … not intellect. (y)
Ed Weatherall: Good intentions are mostly intellect… at least the ones you refer to … otherwise they would not disappear so quickly:)
Ed Weatherall: Intentions of the heart are purely creative
[benjamin: Then i hope, they enjoy it, Ed. At least for me it is hard to understand, why there is no update after the great "hype" at the beginning, but maybe i am missing something here.
Ed Weatherall: It requires a certain transparency to allow that
Ed Weatherall: Benjamin…just back up a bit and realize they are mostly trying to get this out…not run a pr campaign. Updates will come as they are ready to ... Not necessarily on your time table :)
Bill-S.: Heart and Head is both... possible and necessary IMHO

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Luc Choquette's Video (test #1) : Resonance: "Something is going on"


[4/11/2014 10:09:53 PM] Asgardian: Just found this, an excellent test done replicating the QEG phenomena.


Testing of QEG Effects test 1


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLiZDQxywqE =


[4/11/2014 10:24:46 PM] nickeca: Very interesting. I have been thinking about ways to build QEG-like embodiments by recycling components and scrounging material. The video you linked might show that such a strategy - repurposing inexpensive commodity parts - can succeed. Thank you for sharing.
[4/11/2014 10:30:47 PM] expanderzman: Yes, sometimes the solution can be found in everyday parts that we have laying around
[4/11/2014 10:32:09 PM] nickeca: Indeed.
[4/11/2014 10:32:55 PM] expanderzman: I hope he does a Part 2


== ==




Testing of QEG Effects test 2


= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_CN6aE2meY =

(from the Skype-chat):

[8:27:16 AM - Apr.12th]

jimboot: Thought you might enjoy - gotoluc examines the effect https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_CN6aE2meY
abellard1er: Just to let you know that i have registered Luc in the QEG canadian room


Interesting that 61.8 Hz seems to be the key resonance frequency

Golden Ratio = 1.61803398875

Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_ratio

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Golden Ratio Talk



[2:39:01 AM] mmeta200: [Friday, April 11, 2014 7:54 AM] Benjamin wrote:

<<< "yes, they are. This week the US navy also has publicated, that they can use saltwater as fuel"


If earth resonance used in QEG is 1.3 MHz, and John Kanzius could disassociate the hydrogen from oxygen in water using 13.56 MHz, thus using hydrogen as fuel (yes burning water) then 1.3 MHZ and 13.56 MHz are fractal resonances therefore the QEG may have the capacity to break water into hydrogen/oxygen also.... the way frequency works in Mayan mathematics...is just move the decimal for fractal resonances 1.3, 13.56, 135.6, 1356.0, 13,560, 135,600 MHz etc
[2:59:47 AM |

mmeta200: Double 13.56.... x2....27.12, 54.24, 108.48, 216.96, 433.92..etc 13, 27, 54, 108, 216, 432 are sacred music resonances...
bodyart1812: perhaps this will help a little to understand those frequencies. It did for me, hhh


The Secrets of Cymatics and Sacred Geometry

bodyart1812: I mean in relation to QEG
shynes11: Wow, wild stuff. Love the science. You would figure their would be a tie into 1.62 phi mate or .38, .62.. Is there not?
shynes11: Golden ratio
bodyart1812: isn't golden ratio common fibonacci row?
shynes11: Easy to type 1.3 to 13.56 but how easy would that be for the QEG ?;0 :o
shynes11: Body.. hey are intimately connected with the golden ratio; for example, the closest rational approximations to the ratio are 2/1, 3/2, 5/3, 8/5, ..
shynes11: says wiki. ;)
shynes11: fib numbers that is

. . .

bodyart1812: Just a Q. in my mind... imagine that we all have running QEG's all over the planet... WOul'd it influence the Earth magnetic filed in any negative way?
bodyart1812: @MMmeta: woul'd you like to recommend some usefull resources about sacr. geo?
sidhabo: Fibonaccci Rules (sun)
bodyart1812: @Bosse right (sun)
mmeta200: fib numbers are 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21, etc
mmeta200: Find Jerry Iuliano using sacred maths..hes a genius...at http://www.greatdreams.com
bodyart1812: some source start fibo with 0
sidhabo: Not sure on the practical difference .... starting with 0 or one
mmeta200: the Mayans invented 0

. . .

mmeta200: univese knows resonance
sidhabo: [Friday, April 11, 2014 12:19 PM] MMeta200 SPC/American Warrior Ambassador:

<<< numbers, are indeed, inventions....universe knows no numbers (y)
bodyart1812: universe also "knows" a set of rules
mmeta200: Jerry Iuliano's sacred maths : http://www.greatdreams.com/numbers/jerry/jindex.htm
bodyart1812: as far as I'm aware there are 23 basic rules + factor X

. . .

sidhabo: Ultimate rule of "Universe" is LOVE
Just to kill the scientifics on this (rofl)
mmeta200: 23+factorx = 24....same number of U shaped magnets in Ed Leedskalnins Perpetural Motion Holder
bodyart1812: LOVE isn't a rule imho, but the basic "building" material of this and other universes

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Hopegirl's Update (from FB)


[1:15:36 AM]

johnnblade: Does anyone know when the chat with hopegirl starts?
shepherdstewart: One sec
darknorr: send me ask skype contact request when ready
darknorr: is there gonna be a hopegirl update here?
darknorr: I thought they bailed from this channel
[1:52:48 AM] *** kpz2010 joined. ***
[1:59:27 AM] *** ronald.chinnery joined. ***
[2:03:20 AM] *** dainismichel joined. ***
. . .

[3:46:20 AM] darknorr: HopeGirl Update from her FB Page:


The “Alchemy Event” conference in London today. (AKA New Humanity Movement)




Sad to say the conference today did not go as well as we would have hoped.

First my 1 hour presentation time was cut short to 45 minutes, then the conference schedule was running late, then there were technical problems with the live stream causing further delay to my start time (so I don’t know how much actually was available for viewing). And then I was rushed off the stage (because we had to break for lunch). My presentation was cut short and many people in the audience were very disappointed because they were very interested in what I was presenting. At this point I felt that it was for my highest safety to leave the venue to protect my own energy and the integrity of the QEG from any further chaos and harm.


The QEG is a precious breakthrough and I have sworn to protect her in honor of Tesla’s spirit. Please realize, I am traveling around the world releasing free energy to the people and it is a dangerous task. A lot of the old paradigm forces are not happy with what we are doing because we are freeing people from energy slavery and cracking the paradigm. Today’s chaos was evidence of that for me and I’ve been learning to protect myself and the QEG especially while travelling alone in a foreign country.


However, THE PEOPLE are, and always will be, the most important thing to all of us at Fix the World. Many people at today’s conference told me they came today just to see my QEG presentation. Some even flew in to London from other countries just to hear me speak. For what little of the presentation I was allowed to give, there were many who were cheering, many sitting on the edge of their seats, and many who were incredibly excited.


In full transparency I want everyone to know how important it was to me to present the QEG to all of you today.

I spent 17 hours on a plane from Taiwan just to be here in person. I spent hours putting together the presentation. And not only was I not paid to speak, but I spent close to $4,000 of my own money to pay for my travel expenses, including an $835 required donation to the event manager for the privilege of getting up there to present to you. Why? Because IT IS THAT IMPORTANT TO ME TO GET THIS INFORMATION TO THE PEOPLE. What happened today was wrong. And I am happy to make this attempt to make it right:


Luckily the amazing team of New Earth Nation have planned another event in London tomorrow. There are many great speakers there. I have been booked for a one hour slot to give my QEG presentation. This EVENT IS FREE to the public. If you would like to give a donation to help the Volunteer Goddess event coordinator Avi to cover the 2,000 pound cost she paid for the venue this would be greatly appreciated and you can do so on the event brite link below.


I have also contributed to hire someone to video tape the presentation so that we can put it up on Youtube for all those who cannot make the event in person.

I am grateful for this last minute opportunity with my friends at the New Earth Nation who are eager to help bring the QEG out to the world. I will be speaking at 2:30 on Saturday for one hour and may join a panel later on in the event for Q&A. I will also do my best to make myself available to anyone who would like to meet with me. Hope to see you there tomorrow if you can make it. If not I’ll post the Youtube video on my FB page and blog as soon as its up.


[3:49:36 AM] Paul fromMinnesota: TY Darren
benjihh1978: not so good and good news, thanks
[sidhabo: Just good news to me
No way they can stop FTW, Hope girl and all of US Knowing
I'll just continue to establish QEG dist or any of the other techs that will ROLL in now (sun)
benjihh1978: the "not so good" news ist, that Hope had a worse day
. . .
[4:05:12 AM] sidhabo: I have total confidence Hope Girl
She knows what she has to cope with
We just need to send her LOVE


== ==

"We just need to send her LOVE"

Bill S: (privately, not posted in the Skype-chat):

Good luck with that! I would have thought she has had buckets of LOVE SENT, by OPPT-ers already.

Is she still operating at a deficit ?

Maybe someone should send her a message on how to be more careful and disciplined in promotions.

That might prove a tough more useful to her


The more time she spends in Morocco, the less seriously I will take her efforts

OPPT is a "flytrap" energy sink imho. I have experience with these people


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[5:29:07 AM - April 12th]

jimboot: Is Hope's presentation available anywhere?

. . .
[5:30:05 AM] benjihh1978: The presentation will be recorded tomorrow, because today's audition was worse
jimboot: ahh ok. audition?
jimboot: Who has an auction for a speaking gig
[benjihh1978: "audition" -> "lecture"


The Promo



= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=faGGSJQbzkY =

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