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Simon Parkes: Exposed Illuminati, ET contacts. Posts on Proj-A

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OK, demons then

Or dark entities.

I asked a friend who's an incarnated crystal spirit to check me out for any A.I. infection.

I'm over half way through the healing.

There's no A.I. infection but she found some other stuff.

She said a woman cursed me long ago and there's stuff in me as well as some black magic thingys.

She pulled them out a couple of nights ago and I could hear it as it happened.

Now that rather surprised me as I had used the Shakuntala Modi prayers asking for dark entities to be removed and I know some thingys have gone because of that.

I had a lot of clearings by a sound healer working remotely a year ago and she removed a lot of dark entities.

So I was rather surprised when my crystal spirit friend found these other doodahs from long ago.

I guess these were very well entrenched.

I was hearing some rather strange conversations in my head after the extractions.


This person uses healing techniques I've never heard of but then I don't know much about healing.

She is really, really good.

She does it remotely as she's not even in the UK.

You don't find healers like that any old day.

This is really deep, deep cleansing.

She's healing my chakras now and said I may find myself rather psychic after she's finished with me.

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Very interesting, sound is an energy force in itself


I know nothing about this subject, but do you think these entities are some sort of energy parasite that lurk in our concious and subconscious mind. I suppose technically they could effect how we feel as wel as our wellbeing.

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Nope, demons.

Get the Shakuntala Modi's 'Remarkable Healings' if you wish to understand this topic.


I don't know if the sound healer was using sound remotely on me to clear the demons.

She remote viewed me and chatted with the demons though the first one was so insane, she wrestled it off me and some higher power took care of it. That one may be what people call a jinn from the way it was described to me. I think she used sound to clean me up remotely.


I had a face-to-face session with her in 2010 and it was really, really interesting.


But what surprised me was that she didn't spot these other ones but then the crystal spirit is exceptional.

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I recall Simon Parkes explaining how to summon a Jinn which can be used for good or bad purposes. They appear to come from another realm and will serve certain people if they have right blood line, if not, they will serve an item, like an iron ring, hence Lord of the rings movie.


If you want to venture down that route he recommends training by an appropriate magician, which I imagine are hard to find. Tinkering in those areas sounds problematic if you do not know what you're doing.


Could make the world an odd place if everyone was messing around with this stuff

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Yeah, I discovered which black magician sent it to me.

He's down for soul dissolution.

But that's water under the bridge - nearly a year ago now.

And I've got a friend to bag up all these nasties that had not been removed by my other friend.

Don't know what she does with them.

I was guided to ask for this healing possibly because I have to be spanking clean for something that I may be asked to do.

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This was pretty interesting and important Roundtable:

Pleiadian nuke destroyed Mars ecology. Cheney ran Mars Colony Corporation


Simon "reads" Randy K., and says:

"Randy must realize he has more than average Reptilian DNA"


Simon also talks about Enders Game, as a film that shows the reality of Mars training. Randy agrees



53 mins in, SP says:
Our planet (Earth) is Reptilian/Draconian created, in terms of its structures.
Humans who are desperate to climb the ladder are part of it... as are bloodline families.
Many people have built-in suicide programs, if they try to break the structure.
They are... losing control... many people want out... In the pure military, where people
see themselves as custodians... A number of people in high office have come together, secretly,
to form groups... and are changing orders... (and are ready to change things.)
Warrior class (of generational families) take the (war actions) as a violation (of the constitution)

SP: (at 1:05+ Hours)
A number of very powerful bloodline families feel betrayed. They have been promised a NWO, and
it has not been delivered... They are beginning to realise it will not happen... There is a split.
Many humans are becoming resistant to it (and the Pedophilia, etc.)
People are becoming aware of how the magicians are doing the tricks... they are watching closely...
They are in a flight of panic... it is a dangerous time.

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(not available in my country, unfortunately)


Ender’s Game (MOVIE) as suggested by Randy Cramer and Simon Parkes in Video with Alfred Webre

Posted on January 15, 2015by Jean

The link to Alfred’s round table discussion:

Published on Jan 27, 2014

In the near future, a hostile alien race called the Formics have attacked Earth. If not for the legendary heroics of International Fleet Commander Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley), all would have been lost. In preparation for the next attack, the highly esteemed Colonel Hyrum Graff (Harrison Ford) and the International Military are training only the best young minds to find the future Mazer.


THIS might work in other countries


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Thanks Dr B I'll watch that later. I've seen the Total Recall god knows how many times, good film but dated now

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Comment there...


Friar N.:

Simon Parkes loved it
.Is it a documentary, or a view of the Future?

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First Hour

Interview Transcript / Notes

Alfred Webre, Capt Randy Cramer, Simon Parkes 7th Jan 2015


I have not re-read these notes so excuse typos, it's took a bloody age


CMJ, you are right again!!


SP - “We have a situation where we do not have turf wars on earth but rather where countries are trying to push their ideologies. So it is mainly to do with humans and demonic entities (47 mins) and not the aliens, who not playing the key role they might have done 20 years ago.”


Randy “We do have the opportunity to move to a golden civilisation, more accountability. SP is correct, it is not ET, it is these proxies of human beings who are operating through non dimensional beings and multidimensional non human beings, puppeteering leaders”




Cramer has been authorised to go public, under the rules where 50% reduction or compromise in personnel in known apparatus of state personnel or 75% reduction in overall effectiveness is considered hostile and aggressive act trying to slow down or shit down influence and control and crosses a condition line where offices can take action in their best moral concience.


This rule applies to both terrestrial and ET cause in its origins because of all the players involved and is presumed to be an hostile action and threat and threatening the functionality and apparatus of the system, treasonous.


Both Randy and Simon are given some backing from the establishment but do get protection and support, some arms of the establishment wish to use them for their own purposes and others just want the truth to come out


Both hand Mantid experience, please describe and compare



1971 made agreement with Mantis for his soul to be transfered to a Mantis soul so has two view points


Has numerous experiences with Mantis, shadow beings, feline species, crystalline creatures, very rarely see the greys who are corrupted, robotic greys have no soul,



Mantid interaction. First interaction was an intelligence briefing and virtual 3d training video game type experiences. Essentially assaulted by swarms and swarms of insect type creatures.

First impression this is the enemy, this is the beast this is what you have to be concerned about.


First physical experience was combat situation which was really messy experience, physically, emotionally and tactically, strategically against an insect hive minded enemy


They're very well organised and difficult to tactically approach an opponent like that, they defy your strategic thinking 9 times out of 10.


First peaceful experience on his own. Had regular patrols on Mars between 1987 and 1995.

Was on patrol coming to a territorial line where he could see the mantids engaging in their activities. He felt if he put down his gun and walked towards them they would not attack. His colleagues said sure go ahead and get ripped apart, we'll take you back and get you rebuilt just like always. There was a type of drone between a mantid and an ant type being. It communicated pschonically quite clearly, this was considered very unusual and dangerous by his superiors.


We were engaged with them through our diplomatic core. Eventually had a temporary peace agreement where they had an exchange program where each side spent time with the other.


He was very impressed by their incredible intellect and understanding of biochemistry, genetic engineering and science which was opposite to his original thinking where they were seen as just a highly evolved insect species. They would design things but build an insect programmed to build it, they have a system where they're recycling organic matter all the time being managed by a queen hive mind and collective of souls and experiencing high mind consciousness.


This experience was both extremely fascinating it was also weird and had to be treated for high anxiety. Being surrounded by these other beings which were effectively giant bugs in our mind was very unnerving.




Simon Parkes - please ask Randy a question or make observations A. The Mantids have a patriarchal not a matriarchal society B. Whatever battle goes on diplomacy will always continue whatever


Q. Randy, were you employed by the U.S. Military or Private Multicorporation?


The Mars military defence force is a private military contractor, who is contracted by the Mars Colony Corporations, the MCC is the financial organisational arm. The Mars Defence Force(MDF) is not directly owned or commanded by the MCC there' different parts which include EDF and Naval Space Command and other military agencies It becomes managed as a private military organisation which means it is infused with a lot of corporate management, but still have a hierarchy of soldiers and officers who are contracted right out of these other military programs in order to run that private military organisation.


They have definitely learned the mistake of letting private industry individuals get their hands on the military parts which leads to very bad things happening, need to have military folk running military programs. But it still means the corporates get their fingers in everything as far as what tools are being approved or used or policies.


He would say the military commanders have a certain amount of ability to say no and has examples were his military commander at Forward Station Zebra objected and would not do it this way or that way, because it was inappropriate.


A from Simon, would it be right to say that Dick Cherney was in charge at that particular arm and at that particular time you were on Mars the humans had the technology to bring you back to life had you been physically dead?


Randy, would agree DC was had his thumb prints in a number of these areas. Yes would agree they can bring you back because he.s had his arms and legs and body blown apart that many times and has been rebuilt and put back together. As long as there is some electrical activity left in your brain that you can connect cords to they can still bring you back, the soul is retrievable. When the soul connection is gone you are completely dead


Simon confirmed that we have three genuine people around this round table and the questions I have asked Randy he would not have been able to answer unless he had experienced what he has, this information is not on the Internet. Furthermore I would not have asked the question unless I knew the correct answer.


Randy Q to Simon

Why are you curious about Dick Chernys involvement, who I like to call Darth Cherny because he's this figure always trying to be behind and in controlling so much of everything and there's not a single indication that he is up to nothing other than bad feelings all around. The dark side of the force moves through him with great strength.


We had a limited experience with the hive, meaning we only experienced one but there were multiple hives that were run by multiple collective consciousness.


The hive consciousness that exists, top down if you like, how much conscious connection is there between hive to hive , or queen to queen, does that change, are there divisions


Simon reply

There are no queens, it's a patriarchal society. There is title know as The Great One. In different locations in our Universe and others there will be a 'Stand Alone. Unit' to be one hive where communication is made simultaneously to all other gives. If one hive is cut out all other hives will receive the same information at the same time. There is communication between hives, thT is not reporting it is just status updating.



Mars is in no way a cohesive unified place, there are multiple species involved including native species. Some have left and are coming back. There are at least half a dozen or so genetically distinct species that process and compete for territories.


It is often thought there is a fight for global dominance on Mars, but this is far from the truth. It was determined a long time ago that this would not be financially or militarily practical at all. So people settled for maintaining your own territory


His understanding is that some are friendlier and on better terms than others, some are more hostile. He can only speak clearly about what happened on the northern polar regions ( Forward Base Zebra) I always liked the film ice station zebra, lol


His station and the northern tribe raptor/reptile. The Navy Space command and US Marine Core Special section has diplomats and connections with the raptors.


Interesting films by Simon Parkes - Total Recall and Enders Game - very real and on the list of films for military training.


SP - Training children from a very young age is very effective in creating a disciplined military. It is what our own military and large corporations do.


Reptilians find it very hard to play within the rules and find it hard to not to physically and non physically expand its influence, they would have difficulty with Randy because of what he stands for, cross the line and you'll get conflict.


The Mantids are incredibly spiritual in some ways, very ancient and learned and are not that worried.


Reptiles are very much into expansion of territory, dominating species, controlling people.


Mars Species

Terrestrials from Earth

Mars ian Humans - hominids

Small Grey Zeta type being

Drone Beings - Programmable Biological Robots Draconian infiltration now extracted by group effort Mantid


In reality we should anticipate and expect messy GEI-political situations on just about every planet in the Galaxy, why shouldn't we


Even when talking about collective consciousness and hive mentality an individual Mantid can still have an opinion separate from the hive as long as it doesn't go to far from overall hive mentality.


SP - reply. We still have free will providing it does not endanger the race, there is a high council within the Mantis and runs on a traffic light system.


Example, let's say a Mantis is on earth in its true form interacting with a human child and wishes to bring that child to a craft, underground base or another dimension. It can either take the physical body or its energetic signature. When it gets to where it is getting and another Mantid interacts with that child and a new connection is made and is beneficial, the first Mantid will say shall I withdraw and allow you to carry on. Primary rule -survival of the collective.


Alfred - can we compare this to earth to Mars conflict


SP - No conflicts on earth between. The only major struggle on our planet is the taking out of some of the DUMBS.


The running of earth, who was in charge and how was decided a very long time ago. The difficulty we have had from a good perspective is that those elite governments now totally control a number of countries with their corporations and politicians that is not the aliens that are the problem anymore, it is the humans who are in very strong positions who are full of greed and only out for themselves.


We have a situation where we do not have turf wars on earth but rather where countries are trying to push their ideologies. So it is mainly to do with humans and demonic entities (47 mins) and not the aliens, who not playing the key role they might have done 20 years ago.


Randy Cramer - terrestrial earth geopolitics is very complicated. SP is correct, there are no territorial conflicts that we are concerned about. The ones that are hear are based on treaties which everyone has agreed to and are not here to do harmful or negative things. Of all of the ET species we've had over the last 70 years we've had some bad relationships which have had to be broken up, some kicked off planet. It's complicated because we have factions within factions and are at a crossroads, do we move towards a golden civilisation or total fachist civilisation? That is the tug of war.


We do have the opportunity to move to a golden civilisation, more accountability. SP is correct, it is not ET, it is these proxies of human beings who are operating through non dimensional beings and multidimensional non human beings, puppeteering leaders


The corporate banking model is an Alpha draconian model and is all about usury, debt and imaginary money, creating pyramid corporations to subvert law and order, that is their structure. The fact that they infiltrated earths structure, creating the East India Trading company, earth corporation. We do not understand how to reel in business and corporate power, not short term greedy models.


What we are seeing now is now really dark / demonic beings, energy, Wizards, black magic whatever, who are using very dark psionic energy where they manipulate and bend reality and behaviour in a certain way.


We have a pedaphile problem because of dark psionic Magic users have been sending those frequencies into society over and over again until people start mimicking and puppeteering that behaviour. If we eliminate those forces of psionic infiltration that behaviour would come to an end.


SP reply- absolutely agree entirely. The whole of this prison planet is Draconus reptilian created in terms of its systems and structures. Those humans who are so despite to climb the ladder embrace this and are part of it. In most cases they are mind controlled, bloodline families. This is a very effective control system but very dispassionate.


Many people have suited programs placed in them if they begin to break the programming or they turn against their masters, they will be dead within 2 weeks. As far as the authorities are concerned they just committed suicide.


Looking at one aspect it all appears to be sown up, but Randy is right, there is something very important going on and slowly but surely the off worlders or bad guys on the planet are losing control of not just the populace but also their own organisation.


There are a large number of people who are saying I do not want this anymore, I cannot live with myself and want out. As you go higher up the chain of command not necessarily in the corporations, but I believe pure military where these people believe themselves to be custodians of the peace of the planet. When you are aware that it is not a war with Russia that is going to cause you serious problems, it is potential wars from other races from other worlds. When you know that everything else becomes much less important, so you begin to realise that humanity has been lied to and it's time to grow up and develop. ( hmm, unite against a common threat, come together with a NWO - Alarm Bell !!)


We have a number of people in very high office, military and a few politicians who have come together quite secretly, forming their own groups, trying to move it across high ranking officers who will change the orders that he's been given. This is what occurring and where we need to place our faith


RC - that is a very good assessment. My experience in talking off the record with various offices he finds this consensus to be very true. Over the last few decades you have the 'warrior cast' of the USA who are men and women officers whose parent and grand parents were officers who now see what's is going on as a breach of our own National Security apparatus which makes us very vulnerable. We create terrorism when we stomp on someone with our boot and say do it our way. This hate for US passes down the line to other generations. This kind of aggression does not gain peace, a marine core concept is to help people, this is not happening now, hence the internal reaction.

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Thanks for the notes. I haven't listened to it yet.

Not sure I have the time for that.

There's too much going on at the moment.


There are some positive incarnated insectoids here on Earth right now.

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Perhaps they might be connected with Simon. He always appears to make sense and comes across as being in the right side as it were.


As Dennis Wheatley said, The Devil Rides Out, I remember reading the book years ago, quite spooked at the time!

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Simon seems to be able to connect with all sorts of people


Including this slightly eccentric couple from Oz;


Episode 60. Simon Parkes & Solreta Antaria - The Peter Maxwell Slattery Show



Peter's accent gets a bit thick at times


SP's comments at about 37 minutes (Our Future) are very interesting

He talks about the importance of the Navy


50 mins:

"There will be some sort of conflict

I predict elite organizations going down, one after another... with elites jumping ship... Some perps may go off planet, or go underground


New Site : SimonParkes.org

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Simon Parkes January 25th 2015




At about 25 minutes in. he is talking about the Hadron Collider,

which he is "sure" will not become operational, and then he

mentions the Archons, who he says "are at the top of the tree,

and are masters of the Reptilians."


"Their conscience is getting the better of some elites... and we have the influence of benevolent ET's"

"Over the last several years, there have been 7 attempts to detonate nuclear bombs in America. Those ordered to do so have refused."

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Good video, thanks for posting. No mention of the Mantids though


My ad hoc notes


Many Illuminti and high ranking officials are waking up and want positive change

Numerous Generals have refused to carryout certain orders - nuke strikes and have been replaced. But ET will continue to prevent escalation

Part of the Illuminati still want earth to themselves

Cabal realise that no longer need to annialate 75% of world if people can be mind controlled and chipped

The Cabal are having to cancel their plans as researches make them public, Cabal will not pursue the plan if people know about it and it might fail


Negatives ED mainly reside in 4th dimension

Archons are at top of tree and use AI to control Reptilians and others

Marconi lost 20 scientists working with AI - discovered an off planet source using AI

Negatives ED have technology to partially or fully come into our reality - seen as ghost's, neon light, black shadow or fully visible, touchable

Orbs can form when higher dimensional beings consciously enter our dimension.

As high dimensions frequency enters a lower dimension energy becomes concentrated


Believes Hadron collider will fail again, courtesy of very advanced group of ET's now helping out

Because man has been deceived and lied to non I teresference protocol no longer applies because we do not have free will without tru knowledge and understanding - at last some common sense.

Collider is designed to provide an energy boost to keep a collapsing portal open needed by archons to replenish their energy and other needs


When the Buffdale Supercomputer was switched off prior to official opening Google stored the mass NSA spy info on floating barges in international waters until super computer power was restored - switched off by advanced ET


DUMBS were a continuation of NAZI programme

Many DUMBS on land and sea taken out - mainly occupied by Greys and Reptilians

Current bases being built as refuge centres for some lower level, Elites, not illuminati family


Many Benevolent and very advanced races pooled together to help us once it was agreed we had no real free will. These races share genetics with us, about 12 /13 races could call us family - many 5th dimensional

Paleidians, Andromedians, Esterians if spelt right, who are extremely advanced knowledge beyond reptiles, no physical body

To resolve these issues many battles going on, in space, Government, Corporations and DUMBS

Curtain is being lifted in Western world, people now now Governments are corrupt, a split is occurring as people seek truth


Putin is good guy backed by Nordics and their technology

Ukraine was orchestrated by Cabal / CIA for mineral reserves

Putin is running campaign against the U.S.A

Decoupled from dollar, pact with China and India


All souls created at Source

Souls re-incarnate on earth over and over again

Humanity is heading for 4th dimension

We'll start to see negative Reptilians in society - similar to film They Live, we can then kick them out - payback


Expect Disruption 2015 to early 2017

Potential financial disruption Aug to Oct 2015

Cabal want total economic collapse with chaos

Positive elements of Illuminati want a smooth transition

Maintain 2wks weeks water and food whilst things normalise


Abductees / Contactees have negative memories, often screen memory implanted

Black people are more resilient to mind control

Reptilians trained the Zulu's in warfare hence their legendary fighting skills and bravery


Simon Parkes receives his information from 4th dimensional sources ( mantids) and connections within Elite circles


Earth has a soul and conscience with underground waterways act like arteries. Often old monuments like stone henge and in particular Ireland build on these high energy nodes

Dowsing allows you to connect to these

Earth does communicate with other planets in the Universe

Shamans connect with earth energy


Cabal looking at how to communicate with global masses through WiFi

Need accepted international carrier frequency wave.

Negative info and harmful data can piggyback WiFi signal ( this is already being done)

Subliminal messages transmitted


Paris event was a distraction to other events going on like pedophilia allegations

Number of countries, including UK distancing itself from the US

Countries trying to leave control of Cabal are threatened with terrorism

Greece may cause other countries to leave Euro

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For Upcoming Events please check the Events Page

Welcome to the March edition of the Newsletter. There was no February edition which I was sorry about but circumstances did not permit it!

Sharpe eyed readers will have seen that the established press ran with the story about me and President Putin, this came about from my workshop last week where I was speaking to a group of awake people who had attended "The Vault" in Newcastle in the UK. I had been asked questions about the situation in the Ukraine and as part of my reply I explained that The Russian President was being advised by a group of off-world human related species and that these were at odds with the different group currently advising/running the show in the USA. This clearly did not go down well with the establishment, who have been running the line "Putin Bad - Russia Bad - US President Good - USA - Good". Interestingly this support for Putin caused my own political party grandees to put pressure on me to retract, having never interfered in regard to my alien information in the past, the Putin story was a step to far for them! Of course I did not retract my story. About this time I came under attack by a paid troll posting on web sites, who's only command of the English language seamed to be "your a liar". We did offer to put him on the Newsletter distribution list but so far no reply. We continue to suffer cyber attacks and would ask you all to be patient when waiting for replies to mails as were often taken down and mails are lost. On a positive note it was nice to get a mention in Cobra’s latest interview and also the galaticconnection.com, I am also told that my name came up in the Vatican!

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has announced a 50 billion injection of cash into European banks, with more to follow - this is because collapse is imminent - and the elite are doing all they can to prop up the falling house of cards, they may well do it! It depends on 3 men who are "on the ground" one is in Frankfurt, one in Bonn and one in London. If they think that the worthless zeros on the computer screen can be made to work and hood-wink ordinary people they will stay the course and there will be no crash this year - if not then look for the months of September to November for a crash. The elite in the US are forcing the petro dollar down to levels that can NOT be sustained and will have to rise back up to $120 a barrel. In their desperate efforts to bring Putin down they are putting their own people and the people of the West into hardship - here in the UK. In Scotland oil jobs are on the point of being axed, of course we need alternative energy, but any transference must be within a managed process. As it stands it’s just one crazy fair ground ride, with mad-men at the controls.

The biggest threat in the coming 8 months is yet another false flag, however its effect, if realised, would be to knock out mains electricity to many cities in the US - more on this as I get it. In regard to CERN and the particle generator (a time machine as I had publicly stated 2 years ago) is undergoing a massive expansion to UP its power output. The linear collider in Japan is never going to be built in time, and thus CERN is the elites only hope.

Presently the Vatican is putting out a number of peace initiatives, testing the water so to speak, because who wants to be on the losing side, eh? And as I write this it’s far from clear who has the upper hand. More on this as and when.

Over the last few weeks I have met so many wonderful spiritual awake people during the Soul readings via Skype, it gives me so much hope to connect with so many fantastic people, all dedicated to delivering a better fairer world. As we all agree its not the planet that is at fault, its the rules and values, the regulations and laws designed to hold down ordinary decent good people - that is wrong! It really is quite amazing how a handful of greedy people control nearly the whole planet and its resources – it’s scandalous! It’s one that will have to be reversed in order to gain balance.

So I close with a thank you. Thank you to all of you, no matter who you are, thank you for holding the truth, keeping the flame of love and compassion burning bright, not being corrupted, but walking the straight path. Keep walking forward, there are many of us, and we are united in our common values and shared goals!

Much strength, much hope much love

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I think there will come a time that we will need to coexist with other beings, as long as they don't eat us

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He sort of says the right things, but do you trust that smile?



The smile?

No. It is a politician's smile.

But he seems to be saying "the right things" - which is a huge improvement over other politicians.

He's willing to go against the dictates of his party too - which is a good thing.


Compare him to creeps like Hillary and Jeb Bush... and Tony Blair and David Cameron...

and especially: ugh, the ultra-creep Gordon Brown... and you may like him better

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The right things to get elected, said Obama...


But not the right things from a Truth and revelation of Truth perspective.

(Ron Paul did better imho.)

I think Parkes does far better still than Obama on that score

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