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Listening to Harry Schultz, one of the most proitable newsletter writers last year, and a gold trader/investor of many years experience, on Goldseek Radio last week, I heard what I thought was a brilliantly simple strategy, called the Schultz index.





It is an index which follows a basket of gold stocks , which are unhedged and unmanipulated. He doesn't disclose which stocks as he doesn't want people coming in and manipulating them. The movements these stocks, or this index, makes act as a very effective indicator for the coming movements of gold and gold shares prices.


Can we devise a similar index here?


Which companies would we include on the index?


Is there a piece of software that would condense all the share price movements of these companies into one readable chart?

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I have a proposal that would add a little twist onto the Schultz index. How about starting an index with the gold miners in which management and the board of directors own large amounts of the stock (and I'm talking actual shares - not unexercised options). I am very skeptical (after having been screwed over a couple times) of these mining companies where management owns less than 1% of shares.

This would require some research on my part, but it's really something I've been wanting to do anyway. Perhaps I could get it up on a spreadsheet on the web so it can be viewed and compared against indices like the HUI. Check out the following spreadsheet prepared by one of our posters on a Rio Narcea messageboard; this was a contest we started back in January:



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