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Financial crash? : 2017-18 peak / lasting until 2020 -21 ?

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NYSE Euronext Shutdown Before the Great Consolidation

In philosophy there is a term called the Hegelian Dialectic. For those of you who don’t know, it is the resolution of conflict between two opposing positions by way of the revelation of a higher truth which serves to unite all. There is a thesis, which is in contradiction to the antithesis, and both are united by the synthesis. These are the triads of the Hegelian Dialectic.


This philosophical principle has been widely used in our modern world as a form of manipulation. In simpler terms, thesis becomes the problem, antithesis becomes the reaction to the problem, and synthesis becomes the solution, or reconciliation of the first two.


In the coming weeks and months we will be witness to the perfection of this principle as it plays out on our televisions and across the internet world. We will be told that the world is in danger of an economic collapse as the threat of sovereign debt defaults loom over us like a black shroud of inevitability. Long gone will be talk of economic recovery.


The “problem” will be too much sovereign debt. The “reaction” will be economic collapse. The “solution” will be the Great Consolidation which will be sold as an economic restructuring.


Each of the three steps will be micro-managed to an extreme to ensure the outcome. The multitude of processes involved in each step have already been rehearsed many times. One of the safeguards to protect against uncontrolled runaway collapse will be to shutdown the stock exchanges.


Once the required drop has been achieved the trading floors will close. We will be told this is too protect the system when in fact its allowing the new system to be uploaded and integrated world wide. When the system is turned back on and the exchanges re-open, we will be functioning in the new economic system which has been developed over many years and endless geopolitical negotiations.....

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China Credit Trust Co. has repaid the principal to some investors of its 3b yuan ($496m) high-yield product that faced default, according to investors who accepted the bailout offer


Deutsche Bank AG cut total compensation for employees at its investment bank 23 percent in the fourth quarter as a slide in revenue contributed to a loss for the period


EM investors hoping for the Central Bank of Turkey to deliver “shock and awe” policy were not disappointed after the CBRT delivered a dramatic tightening across all main interest rates at the stroke of midnight local time. At its emergency meeting last night, the CBRT hiked the benchmark one-week repo rate by 550bp from 4.50% to 10%, the overnight lending rate by 425bp from 7.75% to 12% and the overnight borrowing rate by 450bp from 3.5% to 8%. This was against expectations were that the central bank would hike the overnight lending rate by around 225bp, and last night’s announcement has effectively reversed years of policy easing in the CBRT’s bid to ensure price stability and support the lira.


India ... delivered a surprise 25bp rate hike yesterday to address sticky inflation, the People’s Bank of China who has been active in injecting liquidity into the Chinese banking system over the past week, and the Central bank of Argentina who hiked rates earlier this week. The question remains whether the actions are sufficient enough to stabilize sentiment which has deteriorated sharply in recent weeks

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Turkey Central Bank Intervention Halflife 12 Hours As USDTRY Roundtrips

After the Lira soared, and the USDTRY plummeted by just under 1000 pips yesterday when the Turkish Central Bank announced its "shock and awe" intervention, it has since pared back virtually all gains, and at last check was just over 2.24 having nearly roundtripped in 12 hours. Why the loss of faith? Two reasons: First,.... the domestic situation in Turkey takes front stage again...... when looked at on a corridor basis, the CBRT hiked not by a shocking and awing 425 bps but by precisely the predicted 225 bps!

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Ken has another 2 updates #57 and #58

#57 : Ken reckons the banker deaths and Barclay travel ban are indications of loose ends being tied before pulling the switch

#58 : This coming mega false flag is meant to be totally debunked (like Boston) in order to get rid of Obama





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EXCERPT - in case it happens


Just imagine...

1) The government plans and executes the attack, then publicly blames it on Syrian/Iranian terrorists working in concert with "domestic terrorist" elements.

2) The alternative press says "hold on a minute!" and presents the public with the now-manifested Treason Bowl warning, along with an ever-mounting pile of photographic and video evidence as we collectively analyze everything we can get our hands on.

3) In the course of a few weeks, the general public says, "Aha!!!" and starts looking at Obama as the instigator.

4) At that time, probably in March, Sheriff Arpaio unveils his "universe-shattering" new evidence about Obama, thus giving both the public and the "patriotic military & agency white hat" elements a legal basis to take him down. With white hot rage and a legal excuse to exercise it, the Obama sock puppet is removed from office by a military coup or "Operation American Spring."

5) They roll out someone like Ron Paul as interim President, then hold new elections to kick off the new slavery cycle.

I covered the Boston bombings in my old blog, and there were a couple of times when I had to stop and say, "This is too easy. They are throwing the game." And in the unlikely event that they do attempt something at the Super Bowl, I think they'll be throwing the game again. But it will be a gambit to carry out their larger strategy of changing the government and the financial system and making it look like a good thing.

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Update #59 from Ken



He refers to this article



It points out the problem, gives us the reaction and Ken says, Expect to hear more and more "experts" speaking of the need to jump into the banksters' New Titanic.

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Warning: This may be disinfo!



Insider spills the beans on impending financial market collapse
Posted by silveristhenew on January 26, 2014

godlikeproductions.com / By Wall streetz / 01-25-2014 04:15 PM


I work as a stock broker for Piper Jaffray located in Los Angeles. What happened yesterday left me absolutely stunned in disbelief. I manage the portfolios for more than half of our richest clients and my boss called me into his office and told me to cash them all out immediately. My obvious thought was that there was going to be a crash but it was strange that he was so adamant about cashing them out. He clearly knew something so I asked him what was up.


He spilled the beans and said look, we are going into a currency crisis. Major banks are going to default in the next 3 weeks. The stock markets are going to go in a violent downward trend not only here but all around the world. The currencies of the world are going to move in every direction and there’s no predicting which ones will still be standing after this is all over. It will spill into the bond markets here and it will be interesting to see what the fed will do. He warned whatever the fed did it was not going to help and not solve any problem.


When I asked who told him this. My boss said he talked to a buddy of his who happens to be an executive in JP Morgan. I asked what triggers it and he said the Chinese trust default is going to cause a domino effect which will spill into every market and every currency in the world. He also said this coming week from the 27th to the 31st will have volatile trading and that this collapse is imminent within the next 3 weeks.


I am dumping all my stocks and bonds but the problem is holding dollars is not a safe haven as well. I’m in the process of putting my dollars in precious metals, property, Swiss francs, Vietnamese Dong, Nigerian Naira, Russian Ruble, and Mexican Pesos. Why not Yuan? It’s not safe at all, they are dependent on the consumerism of other nations. Why buy currency of third world countries? They don’t have much industry to be affected. They have more of an agricultural and energy based economy. If anyone has questions please ask, especially if it is advice on what to do with your assets.


Read thread

Comment by intruth on January 30, 2014 @ 8:52 pm

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"My boss said he talked to a buddy of his who happens to be an executive in JP Morgan. I asked what triggers it and he said the Chinese trust default is going to cause a domino effect which will spill into every market and every currency in the world"


THAT isn't happening.


Someone wrote a cheque, and saved the China TrustCo

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Former US Treasury Official - World Faces Catastrophic Danger


Eric King: “Dr. Roberts, what is the biggest danger facing the world today?”


Dr. Roberts: “The biggest danger is the drive in Washington for world hegemony because that brings up nuclear war....


“I don’t think the Russians and Chinese are going to roll over for Washington and accept Washington’s hegemony. So that’s the biggest danger.


The biggest financial danger is the collapse of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. ...


If the world’s reserve currency collapses, the payments mechanism everywhere is disrupted, and the reserves of central banks evaporate. The panic that would result, the domestic inflation in the United States that would result, this type of crisis dwarfs having JP Morgan, Citibank, and two or three others fail.


Because when the banks fail, they just reorganize. The deposits in the banks are very small compared to the bailout of the banks. And so the Fed would simply have to ask, ‘Can we stand the collapse of the dollar? This crisis is far bigger than failing to save the banks.’


Now since the Fed is really run more by the banks than by the public policy interests, we can’t assume the Fed would make the right decision. But that is the choice it would face. And I think it may face that choice before the year is out. So that is the big financial danger: What does the Fed do? Save the dollar, or save the banks. It can’t do both.”

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":What does the Fed do? Save the dollar, or save the banks. It can’t do both.”


They can save the banks with Bail-ins, robbing depositors, and THEN crash the dollar.


That will leave most of the population WEAK and DEPENDENT - as TPTB may want

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Fits here too.


From Terry Burnham, former Harvard economics professor, author of “Mean Genes” and “Mean Markets and Lizard Brains,” provocative poster on this page and long-time critic of the Federal Reserve, argues that the Fed’s efforts to strengthen America’s banks have perversely weakened them. First posted in PBS.


Is your money safe at the bank? An economist says ‘no’ and withdraws his

Last week I had over $1,000,000 in a checking account at Bank of America. Next week, I will have $10,000.

Why am I getting in line to take my money out of Bank of America? Because of Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen, who officially begins her term as chairwoman on Feb. 1.

Before I explain, let me disclose that I have been a stopped clock of criticism of the Federal Reserve for half a decade. That’s because I believe that when the Fed intervenes in markets, it has two effects — both negative. First, it decreases overall wealth by distorting markets and causing bad investment decisions. Second, the members of the Fed become reverse Robin Hoods as they take from the poor (and unsophisticated) investors and give to the rich (and politically connected). These effects have been noticed; a Gallup poll taken in the last few days reports that only the richest Americans support the Fed. (See the table.)


> http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-01-31/why-harvard-economist-pulling-all-his-money-bank-america





In recent days, the chances for trouble at Bank of America have become more salient because of woes in the emerging markets, particularly Argentina, Turkey, Russia and China. The emerging market fears caused the Dow Jones Industrial Average to lose more than 500 points over the last week.


Returning to my money now entrusted to Bank of America, market turmoil reminded me that this particular trustee is simply not safe. Or not safe enough, given the fact that safety is the reason I put the money there at all. The market turmoil could threaten “BofA” with bankruptcy today as it did in 2008, and as banks have experienced again and again over time.


If the chance that Bank of America will not return my money is, say, a mere 1 percent, then the expected cost to me is 1 percent of my million, or $10,000. That far exceeds the interest I receive, which, I hardly need remind depositors out there, is a cool $0. Even a 0.1 percent chance of loss has an expected cost to me of $1,000. Bank of America pays me the zero interest rate because the Federal Reserve has set interest rates to zero. Thus my incentive to leave at the first whiff of instability."

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From DrB's Diary : Doug Casey always has something interesting to say


Greg Hunter has finally landed an interview with one of his favorite Forecasters


"We are Going into the GREATER Depression" (almost everyone will be worse off)


Doug Casey: Bond Bubble Blowing Up, Gold-Silver More Important to Own than 1971 or 2001 & More




Doug Casey thinks the bursting of the BOND Bubble, will be a huge thing - "biggest bubble yet"?


It will burst: "anytime between Tomorrow and the end of the year."


And "It may take longer than many expect, but once it starts, the bubble will burst faster than you can imagine."


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Worldwide False Flag Cyber Bank Drill. / SERVICE DISRUPTION BETWEEN NOW & FEB 15-16 2014

Transcript of first few minutes:


Feb 15/16
.... Someone uncovered a bank memo in Oklahoma, Arizona.
They're going to have a regionwide, maybe nationwide, maybe international, the way things are looking now.

We need everybody to be looking at thus on Feb 15th and 16th and looking towards your bank and seeing if they are participating in this insanity.
They're going to have a "disaster recovery drill" and during this drill, people are not going to have access to their bank accounts.
No electronic banking, no ATM withdrawals, no debit cards for this test.
And they're telling their customers now, "Hey guys!. The test's coming up on the 15th and the 16th. We want to be ready in case there's a cyber attack like if there is a cyber warfare event. Just so you know, you're not going to get any money."
Now the person that discovered this - it seems like somebody in Oklahoma and Arizona slipped up and let this out.
Because S.W.I.F.T. is an international network that does mega gigantic money transfers; like billions of dollars between banks.
That's the big kahuna pipeline of the currency transfers

S.W.I.F.T. is participating in this as well.
And there's also some banks in New Zealand that are particpating in it
So something weird; it doesn't smell right on the 15th and 16th.
Smells a lot like Greece (Cyprus?)
And if you remember, the government went in and froze all the accounts; went on bank holiday with everybody's money.
And said, "We're going to take 10% of your money and put it into the national debt."
It turned out a few weeks went by, that was 40% of the money.
So, any time a bank says you can't have access to your money, I'd get worried.
I'd be vigilant
We can overreact and maybe be blamed that we are over zealous and militant about our money but you're damn right - I am over m ilitant about my money.


I'd rather have $500 worth of tools in a toolbag, than to give some 23 year old punk who just got his MBA on Wall St my $500 so he can piss it away in some trade for toxic instruments with his frat brother in another brokerage house
That's why we're taking our money out of the banks.
Because of these kind of shenanighans
And if you look at what an act of war is.
Cyberwars; an act of cyberwar.
And you look at the big build up about the Syrian Electronic Army.
The Syrian Electronic Army is engaged in cyberwar
... They attack CNN
So what? Who cares?
Or they attack The New York Times. So? Big deal.
But now, they're going to be blamed possibly for an attack on the US financial system
And supposedly the US financial system is so fragile that just a puff of smoke will knock the whole thing over and a couple of people running around in Syria have the wherwithal to launch an attack like Stuxnet
I don't know if you guys remember Stuxnet from 2009 which did cause actual physical damage to nuclear reactors
It could have caused a lot of problems.
It could have killed somebody and that by definition, from NATO, is an act of war.
So Stuxnet was an act of war and now if the cyber attack comes into the US financial system, it's just going to be a virus.
It's going to be software.
You can't see it. You can't touch it. You can't feel it.
And all of a sudden, these banks are going to shut down.
So is this an excuse to tell all the customers that are too dumb to figure it out because they're on their way to Disneyworld on their credit card and they're buying trinkets for their kids and eating sushi?
And they're not going to figure it out?
Is that what this is - a cover story?
Because I can just see it now.
Well, you know, you can't have access to your money because the Syrian Electronic Army launched a cyber attack.
It's an act of war.
That's why you can't get your credit card to pay for your sushi at Disneyland
What shall we do about it America?
I think we should bomb the hell out of them! Let's go to war!
That's exactly what they're going to say.
So I think it's very important that we monitor the situation on Feb 15th and 16th
I also think it's important for you to go to your bank, get your money out and get some tangible assets for SHTF
Get $500's worth of tools and not $500 in a CD

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What you can learn from the founders of Hong Kong


.... the biggest merchant in the Orient fell into the same trap as many people do today. He failed to recognize the risks and diversify accordingly.


He was obviously aware of the threats, but didn’t act when he had the time and opportunity to do so.

The world is not that different today.


Just last week we talked about how HSBC in the UK is restricting its customers’ access to their own money. As revolting as it seems, this is what banks with capital shortfalls and liquidity crunches do.


Another thing from Europe which has gone completely unnoticed was a hearing in the European Parliament on banking, during which the new German board member of the European Central Bank, Sabine Lautenschlaeger said that it should be possible to wind down failing eurozone banks over a weekend “before markets open in Japan on Monday.”


The threats and warning signs are there for everyone to see even today.


The question is, will you have the foresight to act and mitigate your risks beforehand, or will you end up regretting your inaction

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The Economy Is Going To Implode - Part 1 of 8 | Ann Barnhardt


This is from late 2012 - but still useful

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Warning: Stocks Will Collapse by 50% in 2014

Tuesday, 11 Feb 2014


It is only a matter of time before the stock market plunges by 50% or more, according to several reputable experts.

“We have no right to be surprised by a severe and imminent stock market crash,” explains Mark Spitznagel, a hedge fund manager who is notorious for his hugely profitable billion-dollar bet on the 2008 crisis. “In fact, we must absolutely expect it."

Unfortunately Spitznagel isn’t alone.

“We are in a gigantic financial asset bubble,” warns Swiss adviser and fund manager Marc Faber. “It could burst any day.”

Faber doesn’t hesitate to put the blame squarely on President Obama’s big government policies and the Federal Reserve’s risky low-rate policies, which, he says, “penalize the income earners, the savers who save, your parents — why should your parents be forced to speculate in stocks and in real estate and everything under the sun?”

Billion-dollar investor Warren Buffett is rumored to be preparing for a crash as well. The “Warren Buffett Indicator,” also known as the “Total-Market-Cap to GDP Ratio,” is breaching sell-alert status and a collapse may happen at any moment.


Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com http://www.moneynews.com/MKTNewsIntl/Stock-market-recession-alert/2014/02/10/id/551985#ixzz2t7ZTRDag

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Update from Ken



[update 79 - 17 February 2014]

Debt limit-caused default risk now officially neutralized

The mainstream media is now reporting that Obama signed the new debt limit suspension into law on Saturday, thus delaying the risk of a Congressionally-caused debt default until the Ides of March next year. The first hurdle is now cleared; two more to go.

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Gregory Mannarino: JPMorgan, George Soros And Goldman Sachs Are Seeing Something Big On The Horizon. . . .

We Could Be Weeks Away From A Major Market Event, Massive Sell-off Here


"The effort to push money from the Emerging Markets into the US markets is done... It has played out.

"I am scared..." (he then refers to Elliott Waves)

"The blow-up could start any day."


Comment from YT:

mk ultra

8 hours ago

Hey guys, STG report had a great interview with a guy on who said the market will crash so hard, the government will step in to transfer peoples money from 401k accounts into government bonds. The Mi-era, a way to get people's retirement money, and keep the Ponzi scheme going a bit longer, what do you think about that? 

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