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Sustainability Indicator: 130 Billion Pints of Beer - China

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Sustainability Indicator: 130 Billion Pints of Beer


Today's sustainability indicator, 130 billion pints, is the beer consumption expected in China in 2016.

That's 29% more than the beer drunk in 2011 as China's growing middle class can increasingly afford the luxury.


This month's indicators:

$1 trillion: worldwide investments in renewable energy through 2011.

82%: decline in solar panel prices since August 2009.

117,182: electric cars and hybrids vehicles sold globally last quarter.

49%: rise in electric and hybrid sales compared with the same quarter a year ago.

$260 billion: global investment in renewable energy in 2011.

$54 billion: investment in renewables in 2004.

73.3 gigawatts: additional global wind and solar capacity planned for 2012.

55 million: U.S. homes powered by 73.3 gigawatts.

2 billion: people expected to be added to the Earth's population by 2050.

80%: additional energy capacity needed for anticipated energy needs in 2050.

15,000: temperature records broken in the U.S. in March.



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Points towards OPPORTUNITIES


In making things like Solar Panels more economic

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