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GOLD SHARES / such as: GDX, GDXJ, CDNX etc.

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TEST of Gold's all time Peak ahead?

GLD/GBS ... all:10-yr /Last: $162 x 10.7 = $1,733 ... a-t-H: 185 x 10.7= $1,980



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Gold still moving with Bonds.

SLV showed a big lag, & may be starting catch-up move. Watching the SOXX to SLV ratio

GLD vs: TLT, LTPZ ... update


GLD vs SLV : fr. mid-march : reverse /  $159.78 / $13.92= r11.48 /

Gold vs Silver ($1700.9 / 14.94= Ratio: 113.86)


fr. mid-march : Reverse: vs.Favs /  $159.78 / $13.92


SOXX to SLV ratio @ 16.06



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He sees a Top in Silver coming at $24-26.  And then a 6-9 months correction, and a Stock bear market

"Stocks could rollover from a double top within the next month.

Then, as stocks fall, Gold and silver will rollover too."

After the correction in silver, it will be ready for a really huge move to $48 and beyond.

Chris Vermeulen: Caution Advised Before Gold Targets $5000 and Silver Targets $100+

He also sees the USD falling and is "in a major downtrend" ... to Major Support at $93-94... then a big bounce



"we are about to fill the last gap on the SPX. we are only 2.5% away.  When we do that, stocks could head into something very bad on the downside'

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