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Village proves local investors + local leadership works

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German Village Achieves Energy Independence … And Then Some

By Christie Allen


Wildpoldsried produces 321 percent more energy than it needs and is generating $5.7 million in annual revenue — a remarkable accomplishment for a modest farming community that has been able to invest in new municipal infrastructure without going into debt.


In 1997, when the newly elected Mayor and Village Council of Wildpoldsried, Germany took their posts, everyone agreed that its goals should be to build new industry, keep initiatives local, bring in new revenues and create no debt. Those goals included construction of a new sports hall, theater stage, pub, and retirement house. Without going into debt, the mayor and council assumed it would take several decades to achieve. But clever thinking, a national policy that “paid back” on investments in renewable energy and a community-supported vision of environmental and economic stewardship, have led to fulfilling those goals in significantly less time. This article tells the story of Wildpoldsried, a small agricultural village in the state of Bavaria, which serves as a model of how to achieve community's ... more


This is cool. Now, to the council....

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This is cool. Now, to the council....

I like it !


The name rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it?



In 1999, the Village Council crafted a mission statement — WIR–2020, ‘Wildpoldsried Innovativ Richtungsweisend (Wildpoldsried Innovative Leadership) — which became the blueprint for how it should consider its citizens’ demands, community projects and future development and growth. In turn, the council hoped that the guidelines would inspire people to get involved, begin thinking greener and create jobs and businesses for the community


Many lessons to be learned here.


A key thing is to get widespread agreement on a common goal


AND They have a neat "each pot on its own bottom" philosophy:


Every decision the Village Council made was based on the financial feasibility and profitability of the project. Our terms are for six years, and we don’t want the next council to have to budget for our debt. If a project could be financed in six years or less we felt it was worth doing.”


What was once thought to be a 30-year wish list of community projects for a new council-elect, has turned out to be a blueprint for other villages to get into the renewables business. “The mitigation of climate change in practice can only be implemented with the citizens and with the Village Council behind them 100 percent of the way,” states Mayor Zengerle. “This model cannot be forced from only one side. We often spend a lot of time talking to our visitors about how to motivate the village council (and Mayor) to start thinking differently.

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During the second hour of the May 2011 town hall meeting, Mayor Zengerle laid out the next steps of Wildpoldsried’s sustainable community plan: Participation in Project IRENE (Integration of Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles) , which includes a Siemens Smart Grid, 37 eCars and a solar charging facility; Expansion of the district heating system and use of LED street lights; and Completion of Wildpoldsried’s new hotel that is attached to the already completed culture café, community hall and education center. The facilities will be used to hold renewable energy seminars and introduce “Eco-Energy Tourism.”


If i was in the area, I might want to visit.


ANother German city I would want to see is Vaubon:

See thread:

Vauban, Germany - a glimpse of the Carless future

Successful experiment in alternative mobility strategy:



A pity that there are not more cities like these two in the US and the UK

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