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Detroit: "Motor City" is becoming "Farm City"

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Detroit: "Motor City" is becoming "Farm City"

Half the land could become agricultural



The "urban farming" fad is Detroit is picking up steam, and may put the old "Motor City" into a leadership position in Urban farming


Democracy Now has reported on it:


Detroit's Mayor Bing (ex NBA star) is supporting it:



Bing says "half the city's land may be available" for farming, and he is trying to get the supermarkets that are left in the city to show some interest. Most have departed, and left behind "Party Stores" that serve nothing but unhealthy Junk Food.




city farmer :: http://www.cityfarmer.info/

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Nice quote at the end of the first, "once people are mobilised and see they can work for their own benefit, thats what holds politicians accountable. If people aren't mobilised and don't see how to help themselves that's when politicians come in and do whatever they want to do"


I like what he said about reframing farm labour from something that is exploitative for the black community into something that is empowering for the community to do.


As for the second video it sounds like a blessing in disguise. They are gonna help people remove any impediments (consents, finding land etc) to growing things and making money available to the smaller grocers to expand their business. Awesome stuff from the Mayor and his crew. Going from motor city to farming city is a shift we will all need to make to some degree over the coming years.

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There were a few videos on the Gaia Uk website re: Urban Farming in Detroit which I'm unable to source now. I think one of the main groups promoting it AFAICR were a group called 'Fresh'. Might be worth researching as it will show you the 'roots' of the movement.

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Rising from the Ashes? Farm City adds a "Silicon Garage"...


Silicon Valley. San Francisco. New York. Boulder.


Those are the cities that typically come to mind when thinking of locations breeding healthy and vibrant startup cultures, especially for technology. It’s where one can find the investors and other resources necessary to help a budding business grow.


Now, Detroit, with the Valley-inspired moniker “Silicon Garage,” is on the verge of experiencing its own tech renaissance.


“What I've seen over the past several months has made me more hungry and confident that the area is going to be a model city in the very near future. It is bustling with all sorts of hard working types from entrepreneurs to activists to mechanics to farmers,” explained an exuberant entrepreneur from the Detroit area, Raji Bedi, who I originally met at SXSW a month ago.


“There’s capital, there are smart people, there are entrepreneurs and there are resources available, but the ecosystem is lacking infrastructure,” he went on further.


He’s obviously excited about Detroit becoming a rich environment for the kind of entrepreneurial creativity and energy bubbling in other cities around the country, which is why he, Jordan Wolfe and Jeff Epstein decided to lead the charge in laying down that much-needed infrastructure.


And they’re making that happen with a startup showcase called Funded by Night.


Taking place at the end of the month in Detroit’s Eastern Market neighborhood, Funded by Night will bring in 25 startups--pooled from over a hundred--to compete for a $100,000 convertible note from Detroit Venture Partners and Ludlow Ventures. The winner will be chosen by a panel of VC judges hailing from both DVP and Ludlow.


Presenting startups are listed online here (though right now it’s a few short of the full 25) and, already, you can see the caliber of talent that will be there. There’s Evoz, the mom-baby connection service that demoed two weeks ago as one of the 500 Startups Seed companies. And LaunchRock also made the cut, which isn’t surprising considering how many startups use the service these days to create quick viral launch pages.


Some are funded and some are completely bootstrapped, Bedi tells me, and their development stages range from having sophisticated prototypes ready to having already launched. A little less than half are from Metro Detroit.


/more: http://links.eqentia.com/520b2ad1536d771f/?dst=http://vator.tv/news/2011-04-19-entrepreneurs-brewing-renaissance-in-detroit&utm_campaign=visibli&utm_source=techvc&utm_medium=twitter


This commentary is a little OTT, but it does show that start-ups are not dead in Detroit,

and no doubt: Space for experimentation is cheap

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