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10 Skills Needed to Thrive in a Post-Collapse World

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Just a couple of thoughts on this. Which food + energy do we need?


Realistically, 1 goat + 2 hens should give you enough milk+cheese+eggs.

Meat, 2 rabbits will breed around 25kg of clean meat per year. They don't eat much either and are very strong(any of these animals)

Regarding vegetables, more difficult as I'm not a specialist, but potatoes are a must plus stuff like cabbages which can sustain the winter outside and other roots. Summer stuff can be preserved in salt or dried for re-hydration.

Vines are a must since they yeld quite a lot and, although you won't make any Chateau Petrus anytime soon, you'll get wine + Grape skins for fermentation which will give you grappa (good for preserves and curing infections). They grow anywhere in the UK.

A good set of tools is obviously mandatory

A digester to create some methane from fermentation.

What else?

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Thanks for the link - looks really good stuff.


You're welcome. Personally found their service very prompt and efficient, with useful planting instructions on all parcels.


Check this thread out too. http://www.greenenergyinvestors.com/index.php?showtopic=6533&st=0 Some smart(and novice) ideas thrown up, if grow your own appeals.

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