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FACEBOOK at $38, FB = $104 Billion. Is it overvalued?

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Why Facebook shares are ‘dead money’ for the rest of 2018


FB ... update


Could bounce to $180 - but will struggle to get above that


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STOP THE HARVEST, shrink your corrupt Revenues, or Die, Fakebook!

"Give me Privacy, or Give you Death!"

Between fake news and data harvesting, FACEBOOK has no way to win...

Mark Zuckerberg is stuck in a catch-22. Any fix for Facebook’s previous big problem — fake news — would make the current big problem with data harvesting worse.

As a media company and one of Americans’ top sources of information, Facebook’s de facto anonymity and general lack of responsibility for user-generated content make it easy for propagandists to exploit. Making matters worse, it isn’t willing to impose tighter identification rules for fear of losing too many users, and it doesn’t want to be held responsible in any way for content, preferring to present itself as a neutral platform.

So Zuckerberg has been trying to fix the problem by showing people more material from friends and family and by prioritizing “trusted publishers” and local news sources over purveyors of fake news.

But the Cambridge Analytica scandal shows people may not be OK with Facebook’s data gathering, improved or not.




The scandal follows the revelation (to most Facebook users who read about it) that, until 2015, application developers on the social network’s platform were able to get information about a user’s Facebook friends after asking permission in the most perfunctory way. The 2012 Obama campaign used this functionality. So — though in a more underhanded way — did Cambridge Analytica.

> more: https://nypost.com/2018/03/23/between-fake-news-and-data-harvesting-facebook-has-no-way-to-win/

It is quite okay with me, if Facebook shrinks, even dies.

I never liked their leftwing virtue-signal corruption anyway - they "leaned-in" to something dark, as far as I could tell

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Facebook ZUCK'ing Itself into OBLIVION



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Facebook's new marketing mantra:

" FB has revolutionized the world of digital scamming"

" Thanks to the social network's influence, a lucrative cottage industry has been created to help connect sellers of sham goods - everything from "miracle" diet pills to "male enhancers" - to buyers. In addition to the manufacturers, there now exists a layer of so-called affiliate marketers: Middlemen who by online ad space in bulk then offer to create and place advertisements for companies in exchange for sales commissions. "

"We Find The Morons For You" - Facebook's Microtargeting Ad Pitch Exposed

Under the direction of CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook built tools to help the world's largest brands target ads to consumers with data-enhanced precision.

Then the company stood idly by as scammers hijacked those tools and used them to sell sham products and services to gullible consumers.

Shortly before news broke this morning that Zuckerberg would testify before at least two Congressional committees - while shunning lawmakers in the UK, Bloomberg published a detailed feature about the world of scammers, charlatans and hucksters who use Facebook's marketing tools to sucker unsuspecting Facebook users into buying their shoddy wares.
Affiliates say Facebook has sent mixed signals over the years. Their accounts would get banned, but company salespeople would also come to their meetups and parties and encourage them to buy more ads. Two former Facebook employees who worked in the Toronto sales office said it was common knowledge there that some of their best clients were affiliates who used deception. Still, the sources said, salespeople were instructed to push them to spea

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