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Civil Liberties

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You could be forgiven for thinking the US are in the early stages of a police state. What is going so terribly wrong in the US?




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I watched the whole thing.


Some highlights, most of them familiar by now

- the stripper in a club who refused the $20 in cash, saying that it would have to be given to her manager to be logged

- how the US is attempting to pass a bill that will make growing your own food illegal (no ability to barter, monopoly to large industry giants)

- the invasion of a raw milk/organic farms with armed guards

- a five/six year old on "the list" as a potential trouble maker.....wooo better watch out for that one!

- pawn shops requiring a thumb print and photo id, buying a new toyota neccessiates filming the purchase and giving this and your details to the department of Homeland Security, anyone paying a toll booth in New Jersey with a note above $20 has their vehical number/etc given to Homeland security etc etc.

- a bill about healthcare with a section that will require ANY transaction $600 or more to have a special IRS form filled out which will lead to more govt employees and freakish compliance costs.

- San Fan running a pilot scheme with vollunteers to act as investigators (they call them detectives in other states, same job) for minor crimes collecting crime scene photos and interviewing people (but will anything a non sworn vollunteer collect actually hold up in a criminal court??)


Definately a police state from here.




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