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Found 1 result

  1. Uranium & Cameco (etf: URA/ U.t, CCJ / CCO.t) Uranium Prices are near key resistance at $29.50-$30 ($30 /7.66 = US$3.92) -@3/15/2019 Uranium ... update : U-st : Futs / Last: $27.25 /C$ 4.74= r5.75 (4.74 x 0.75= US$3.55: x7.66) U.t vs USO etc. update / Last: C$4.74 /UPDATE : URPTF: $3.55 -- /USO ($12.20): r-29.1% Uranium still falling... though U-stocks & Oil have been rising U.t : C$4.39 -0.05, 1.13% / Urptf: US$3.30 -0.40% x 7.8 = $25.75, est. U price @ 4/8/2019 U.t. vs CCO & USO ... 5-yrs : fr. 1/2018 : 10-d : : fr. 1/2018 : TRPTF Uranium etf (u.t in US$) ... update: 10d : w/etc : AHEAD:w/OilB / Last: $3.55 / H.ofYr: $3.90 Energy Prices are on the Upswing once again - chart updated to 3/15/2019 U.t vs USO/Oil, etc. update: 10d etc /U.t: $4.74 +0.01, USO: $12.20 -0.02, CCJ: $12.42 +0.20 , URA: $12.61 +0.16 Uranium-related shares compared -- as of 3/15/2019 URA -etc. update: $12.61, CCO/Cameco $16.56, PDN/Paladin $.165: LAM/Laramide $.365, FCU/Fission $.495 Sym : Price: MktCap EntVal : Ebitda : EV/eb.: Earns : PER-: Div. : Yield : BkVal : P/BV : Cco.t 16.56: $6.55b: $6.95M $617.M : r: 11.1: $0.42: 39.4 : $0.08 : 0.49%: 12.62: 131% : Nxe.t $2.27: $790M: $828M: (24.6M): r: N/a : (0.05): 00.0 : N/a— : 0.00%: $0.47: 482% : pdn.t $.165: $289M: $336.M (47.7M): r: 00.0 : $0.24: 00.0 : N/a— : N/a— : $0.12: 132% : UEC : $1.41: $253M: $250M: (14.4M) (r: 17.4): (0.09) 00.0 : N/a-- : N/a— : $0.46: 306% : Fcu.t: .495 : $241.M $219.M (5.37M) (r: 40.1): (0.04) 00.0 : N/a— : N/a— : $0.67: 74% : Lam.t .365 : $49.4M $56.8M (1.82M) (r: 31.3): (0.01) 00.0 : N/a— : N/a— : $0.54: 68% : Mga.t 0.10 : $32.6M $28.2M (2.65M) (r: 10.7): (0.03) 00.0 : N/a— : N/a— : $0.18: 55% : Other Gold : 13.01: $22.7b : $29.4B: $3.06b: r:9.60 : (1.32): N/a- : $0.16 : 1.22%: $6.50: 200%: NEM : 33.15: $17.7b : $20.2B: $2.74b: r:7.36 : $0.64: 51.8 : $0.56 : 1.68%: 19.70 : 168%: Goro : $3.96: $243M: $239M: $33.2M r: 7.18 : $0.16: 24.8 : $0.02 : 0.51% $2.16 : 183%: URA Components: https://www.globalxfunds.com/funds/ura/ OPINION: The Uranium Miner Sector (URA) Has Bottomed - David Erfle Jan 13 CCO -etc. CHART UPDATED TO 3/15/2019 Uranium vs. URA and Comeco/ CCO.t ... weekly : daily w/uso : 10d / Uranium Price : charts updated to 10/13/2017 URA / Global X Uranium ETF ... All-data : 5-years : 2-yrs : 6-mos / 10-d : vs-CCO.t : CCO.t ; Uranium participation / U.t ... all-data : : 5-yrs : 2-yrs : 6-mos / 10-d LONG TERM charts : w/o added Lines : From 1987 - 2013 ... with U.t added on To 2000 - 2013 PRICE UPDATE / 12-year low of US$18.00 per pound U3O8 in November 2016 / CHART : https://www.cameco.com/invest/markets/uranium-price UX Consulting CO. $20.30 US$/lb October 09, 2017 TradeTech $20.70 US$/lb October 06, 2017 Prices are published by independent market consultants Ux Consulting and ... The ETF to follow in the space is the URA, which holds over twenty Uranium miners with Cameco being the largest holding and sector leader. It is basically what the GDX and GDXJ are to the precious metal miner sector all in one ETF. The ETF began trading at the peak of the last Uranium boom and reached an all-time split-adjusted high less than four months later at over $134 per share. If you thought the precious metal miner bear was bad, during the last six years, URA lost over 90% including two roll-backs! A 1 for 3 reverse split in May of 2013, as well as a 1 for 2 roll-back in November of 2015. This magnifies the potential of buying a basket of U308 miners here with only a small portion of your miner portfolio if the sector has indeed bottomed. I believe the quality miners are still trading at perpetual warrant prices and should be held for long term gains. Uranium is a vital commodity as we head into a rush towards a clean energy revolution. The URA reached the $17 area on Jan. 12 and has had a 50% move off a double bottom reached at the end of October last year. However, I believe we could possibly see the $30 level before beginning a long-term consolidation so weakness should be bought here. A back-test of the break-out of an 18 month base around the $15 level could happen quickly, so be ready to enter the sector if this area is indeed tested. The GDX had a 179% move in six months off the major bottom reached last January, so this move in the Uranium miners has a chance to be equally explosive. The precious metal miner bear lasted just four years and lost 85%. A comparable move in the URA would take the ETF to the $30 level by May before we see a meaningful correction and consolidation! TOP Producing uranium co's 1. Cameco (TSX:CCO,NYSE:CCJ) 2016 uranium production: 27 million pounds (13,500 MT) Cameco accounts for approximately 17 percent of global uranium production, and has mines in three countries. In the US it owns the Smith Ranch-Highland operation in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin, as well as the Crow Butte operation in Nebraska. The company’s notable Canadian operations include Cigar Lake and McArthur River/Key Lake, where it holds partial ownership. Additionally, Cameco has a 60-percent stake in a mine in Kazakhstan. In 2016, Cameco produced slightly less uranium than it did the previous year. Commenting on the company’s performance, President and CEO Tim Gitzel said, “[t]he past year proved to be another difficult period for the uranium market. However, despite the uranium spot price hitting a 12-year low, the performance of our core business — uranium — was solid, and in line with our outlook.” So far in 2017, the company has hit at least one snag. In February, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings terminated its uranium supply contract with the company, citing force majeure circumstances. Cameco has rejected the termination, and has said it will enforce its rights to recover losses. Terminating the contract could cost the company $1.3 billion in revenue for uranium deliveries through 2028. 2. AREVA (EPA:AREVA) 2016 uranium production: 24.7 million pounds (11,186 MT) AREVA produces about 15 percent of the world’s uranium at mines in Canada, Kazakhstan and Niger. Unlike Cameco, the company saw a slight increase in uranium production from 2015 to 2016. Notably, AREVA has a 51-percent stake in the KATCO joint venture. Kazatomprom holds the other 49-percent stake, and the companies are operating the Kazakhstan-based Muyunkum and Tortkuduk mines; together they reportedly cover the world’s largest in-situ recovery uranium mining site in the world. In April 2017, AREVA and Kazatomprom signed an agreement to further strengthen and develop the KATCO partnership. 3. Rio Tinto (NYSE:RIO,ASX:RIO,LSE:RIO) 2016 uranium production: 6.3 million pounds (3,171 MT) Rio Tinto produced more uranium in 2016 than it did in 2015, and plans to continue increasing production. In its 2016 report, the company says it plans to produce between 6.5 and 7.5 million pounds of uranium in 2017. The company’s uranium output comes partially through the 68.4-percent stake it holds in Energy Resources of Australia (ASX:ERA), which holds the Ranger mine, Australia’s longest continually operating producer of uranium. Rio Tinto also has a stake in Rossing Uranium, which runs the Rossing mine in Namibia; Rossing is one of the world’s largest and longest-running open-pit uranium mines. 4. Paladin Energy (TSX:PDN) 2016 uranium production: 4.9 million pounds (2,460.5 MT) of U3O8 Paladin Energy’s flagship operation is the Langer Heinrich mine in Namibia, though it also holds the Kayelekera mine in Malawi. The former is currently producing, but the latter is on care and maintenance. While Paladin was a significant uranium-producing company last year, in 2017 it has struggled. Early in the year it proposed a balance sheet restructuring in order to reduce its debt obligations and and extend the maturity of its remaining debt. Since then, CNNC Overseas Uranium Holdings, which bought a 25-percent stake in Langer Heinrich last year, has attempted to exercise an option to acquire the rest of the mine. Paladin has said it plans to enter arbitration with CNNC. Uranium Price Forecasts 2017 and Top Uranium Stocks to Watch 5. BHP Billiton (NYSE:BHP,ASX:BHP,LSE:BLT) 2016 uranium production: 4.4 million pounds (2,460.5 MT) of payable uranium in concentrate BHP Billiton’s Olympic Dam mine in Australia is one of the largest ore bodies in the world. In addition to uranium, it also holds copper, gold and silver. According to the company, Olympic Dam has a fully integrated processing facility. Midway through 2016, the company announced plans for a low-key expansion of the mine over the course of five years. Other uranium-producing companies Wondering which other companies produced uranium last year? Companies that produced smaller amounts include Energy Fuels (TSX:EFR,NYSEMKT:UUUU), which put out 1 million pounds (460.4 MT) of U3O8, and Ur-Energy (TSX:URE,NYSEMKT:URG), whose 2016 U3O8 output came in at 538,004 pounds (244 MT). It’s also worth noting that Energy Resources of Australia produced 5.2 million pounds (2,351 MT) of uranium oxide last year. As mentioned, the company holds the Ranger mine in Australia. While mining stopped at Ranger in 2012, the company is currently still producing uranium oxide from stockpiled ore. In 2017 it is forecast to produce about the same amount it put out in 2016. Kazatomprom and Uranium One are also major uranium-producing companies, but are not included on this list because they are privately owned. LINKS > NEWS headlines : > http://www.u3o8.biz/s/Home.asp > Cameco/CCO - Presentations, 2017: Q2,