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Found 3 results

  1. Beating London: Living better at lower cost Have you been to Tring & Other Transition Towns =============================================== Help me out with this challenge - and we all can gain Leaving crowded London behind (& silly prices: GBP 800-1000 psf) GEI-ers came up with some great comments on the Buxton thread. There's a wealth of experience and knowledge about the UK on this website. Let's see what creative suggestions we can come up with for those who want to leave London behind. The basic premise is that London has become too expensive (and Hong Kong too), and there must be cheaper places to live (and live well!) within the UK. As the price of property in Greater London rises and rises, while prices in the rest of the UK stagnate, the COST of staying in London grows and grows Latest Prices : Greater London : GBP 456,237 (Sep. 2012- yoy: +0.00% - Rightmove) Hali-Wide U.K.-- : GBP 162,465 (Aug. 2012: yoy: - 0.00% ) Ratio: GrL / UK : 2.80 Friends of ours are selling their place in Chiswick, and buying a property in Chichester - and they are getting a new property, which is slightly larger for half the price. They are fortunate. They have reached retirement age, so they do not need to stay in London, and so making the switch makes great sense. An increasing number of people are reaching the right age, and so I expect to see this "switching out of London" become increasingly common. WHERE ELSE might people live? Some locations that have been suggested include: Bath, Buxton, East Grinstead, St.Albans ... the list goes on. And there is much to consider... I will come on to some of the "basic requirements" later = = = = = Transition Towns Network :: http://www.transitionnetwork.org/
  2. My Russian friend Alosha Lynov is an eco engineer, inventor, builder and teacher who gets his inspiration from Nature. He just finished building his innovative home above a 40000 Litre / 10000 Gal water tank. Alosha loves teaching fun DIY Weekend projects on Water Sustainability and Off - Grid home construction using recycled materials. He is currently running a complimentary eco home webinar (https://clck.ru/DZDkG) on how to: * Build a wetland to treat grey water, without smell or mosquitos * Passively heat and cool a home without fire or AC * Lessen EMR and avoid Geopathic stress zones * Use shapes and colours to affect our Wellbeing * Build and thrive in eco communities Join Alosha’s webinar here: https://clck.ru/DZDkG
  3. Wow, what a brilliant gift! My friend just released an online training combining 6 (!) eco workshops. * Alosha teaches simple DIY projects to harvest, store, filter rain and how to treat waste and pool water. * He will also show you how you can build an innovative off - grid eco home. * It's worth checking out - https://clck.ru/DZDkG As a precursor to the training Alosha is running a complimentary webinar on: * How to build a constructed wetland to treat your waste water * How to heat and cool your home without buying fuel * Electro Magnetic Radiation and invisible geopathic stress zones * How various shapes affect our health and wellbeing * Eco communities - the only way for a thriving humanity You can join the webinar here: https://clck.ru/DZDkG