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Found 3 results

  1. Dear friends, Celebrate massive Summer Sale with Eco-Minded Club (http://ecominded.net): get 20% discount for all 680+ eco friendly products, when you enter code: Summer-20 at checkout. The offer valid till June 30th.
  2. Wow, what a brilliant gift! My friend just released an online training combining 6 (!) eco workshops. * Alosha teaches simple DIY projects to harvest, store, filter rain and how to treat waste and pool water. * He will also show you how you can build an innovative off - grid eco home. * It's worth checking out - https://clck.ru/DZDkG As a precursor to the training Alosha is running a complimentary webinar on: * How to build a constructed wetland to treat your waste water * How to heat and cool your home without buying fuel * Electro Magnetic Radiation and invisible geopathic stress zones * How various shapes affect our health and wellbeing * Eco communities - the only way for a thriving humanity You can join the webinar here: https://clck.ru/DZDkG
  3. My dear friends, We have just launched an affiliate program integrated with our Eco-Minded shop. Please feel free to join it and earn 10 to 50 % commission on sales of all eco-friendly products produced in Russian family homesteads. For details please check this page: http://ecominded.net/affiliate/affiliate-program.html