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Found 5 results



    I am increasingly favouring the lower risk precious metals streaming and royalty companies despite the valuations of some of the producers. My favourite stock is Sandstorm, which is the only pure 100% gold streaming company. The streaming market is growing rapidly - here is an overview of Sandstorm: http://commodityshares.net/sandstorm-gold-cash-machine/ I would be interested in hearing view on the streamers/royalty stocks. Does anyone have any favourites?
  2. There's an 800lb elephant wrt. physical gold and silver ownership that doesn't get much attention, namely the risk of massive capital gains type taxes. It's all well and good gold prices going to the moon, but what if the hammer comes down? For example, a 90% "emergency" capital gains tax, reliefs or allowances that suddenly don't apply, or special transaction fees/taxes putting off potential buyers of your metals? I don't see much popular opposition to this, particularly during a crisis situation. Metals in bailment will be the softest of targets. With capital and currency controls at Customs anyone with coins and small bars trying to sell abroad will be stuffed too. Is this just the (de-bunked) confiscation argument but by different name? Thoughts anyone...
  3. Global Sustainable Currency Summit, as a satellite meeting of Euro-Asia Economic forum, will be held in Xi’an from 26-28 September, 2013. This conference aims to show solutions how to overcome losses because of currency speculations and currency wars, economic crises due to budgetary shortcomings and currency problems. And develop a harmonized currency system without injustices to developing countries allowing a level-playing trade field for all. Well-designed program consists of four parts: plenary sessions, panel discussions and press conferences. The topics of GSCS will cover currency issues, monetary policy, banking systems, economic interdependence and the possible merits of the creation of a global currency. Press conferences will report and release the latest findings and relevant data by WTO, IMF, World Bank, ECB, and PBC etc. Part One: Opening Ceremony Part Two: The Keynote Session- Eurasian Economic Cooperation summit 1. International Monetary Policy 2. Currency Speculation 3. Monetary Dominance in the Petroleum Age and Sustainable Energy Era 4. Relationship between Currency Policies and Sustainable Development 5. Foreign Exchange Risks and Reserves 6. Role of Banks in Currency Trading 7. Recession and loose monetary policy as growth stimulus 8. Solutions to avoid risks for banks, investors, savings and hedge funds 9. Impact of the Basel Accord III on the Central Banks policies 10. Currency Clearing between China, Taiwan, HK and the World 11. Pegged mechanism in Gulf countries 12. The way to trade harmonization with a Global Currency

    Aureus Mining

    An overview on Aureus, which is moving towards gold production in Liberia. I know this it's a company Frizzers was/is keen on. http://commodityshares.net/aureus-mining-high-grade-gold-developer/
  5. Fairly detailed but shows how undervalued Stratex is. This is a very interesting business model for a junior mining company. http://commodityshares.net/stratex-multiple-projects-and-cash-rich/