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Found 4 results

  1. Our scientific group is looking for an investor for the construction of the world's first ecologically clean power plant that uses atmospheric oxygen as fuel. Its efficiency exceeds all known power stations. https://youtu.be/mWauOXjUppU For the investor there is a full guarantee of return of the invested funds, since two years after the start of the project we will have a ready-to-sell product in which several foreign companies are interested. The video shows a test stand that demonstrates the working capacity of our technology. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9N7qS9ZreQHUi15UmtHcWFWTkE/view?usp=sharing Oxygen power plant1.doc
  2. Wow, what a brilliant gift! My friend just released an online training combining 6 (!) eco workshops. * Alosha teaches simple DIY projects to harvest, store, filter rain and how to treat waste and pool water. * He will also show you how you can build an innovative off - grid eco home. * It's worth checking out - https://clck.ru/DZDkG As a precursor to the training Alosha is running a complimentary webinar on: * How to build a constructed wetland to treat your waste water * How to heat and cool your home without buying fuel * Electro Magnetic Radiation and invisible geopathic stress zones * How various shapes affect our health and wellbeing * Eco communities - the only way for a thriving humanity You can join the webinar here: https://clck.ru/DZDkG
  3. I am a 16 year old student (secundary school), working on a project at the Technical Univeristy Eindhoven. For this project I thought of a new way to generate electricity. I try to solve the question: Is it possible to generate electricity (positive energy balance) by using gravity and buoyancy? I would like to know from people if this idea (see below) is feasible. Feel free to give comments on this idea. I am curious to hear your tips! I would also appreciate it if someone could help me with a few other questions: 1. Can the coil be placed inside the magnet? 2. Does someone know what type of linear alternator I should use/ Can someone give some (simple) information on the working of lineair alternators? 3. Does seawater have an effect? Idea (see attachment) A linear alternator is placed vertically on the seafloor. De coil of the alternator is facing upwards and has a length of a few hundred meters (to be defined). The necessary magnet is placed around the coil. A ballast tank is permanently attached to the magnet. The movement of the magnet can be realized by changing the density of the ballast tank / magnet construction. If the ballast tank is partially filled with seawater the magnet will sink when a) the density becomes higher than the density of the surrounding seawater and when it will bridge the further resistance of the system. When the magnet reaches the sea floor the water is pumped out. The density will decrease and the magnet will go upwards (it must bridge the other resistance of the system as well). During the down- and upward movement electricity will be generated. ©Veerle 2013
  4. Bruno Andreis

    Renewables Main Issue

    To date, renewable energy generation is more expensive than most non-renewable! In most cases renewables are only financially profitable with state subsidies. Now there is a new technology that will reliably produces clean electricity at a cost (less than 4 cent/kWh) that is very competitive with other conventional power generation systems. The NEXUS Water Turbine is an augmented turbine system that is designed to extract energy from ocean currents and rivers in the most efficient and cost effective method possible to produce electricity with zero carbon emissions. http://www.fundable....s-water-turbine