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  1. I'm researching where to sell my gold to raise the deposit for the flat I am about to purchase. I'm in Germany BTW. There are many options on where to sell my coins but none of them are selling many coins. Any ideas on why there is such a low supply of coins? Less being produced? more being bought? what does it even mean for the price of gold? Was the situation like this in 2011/2012 as well?
  2. Yeah. I don't know much about currencies but I am wondering if the Pound will strengthen on the back of the Olympics (at least for a short while) - Would good Olympic wins by the Brits lead to renewed Optimism and perhaps a fall in Gbp Vs Gold?
  3. badhairday

    Where do you want to bring up YOUR children?

    I think Munich is a pretty cool place to raise kids. It's extremely safe, the locals are not very materialistic at all and seem quite keen on recyling and saving, it's an outdoorsy lifestyle with cyling, skiing etc, people tend to cycle to work and car ownership seems relatively low. You can also get UK tv via satellite so you don't have to miss out on the british sense of humour completely.... I don't know much about the schooling system though... not sure if it encourages problem solving, creative thinking or not.
  4. As I understand it you can make 10k a year profit on the sale of shares before it becomes taxable due to CGT. That is plenty enough for me. However, I was idly wondering if, if you open a share dealing account in say, Singapore or Hong Kong where I understand there is no CGT, then there would be no tax to pay either in the UK or in the country where your account is. Right? Is opening a share dealing account in another country, which has no CGT a possibility or not? In the same vein, if I open a Goldmoney account in zurich, would I have to pay UK CGT on any profits? I presume none would be payable in Zurich. Thanks in advance
  5. Right now, I am invested in Gold, but given that quite a few people (including Dominic Frisby) think that gold might head downwards over the next few months, I am anxious to move out of my gold etf. What to do with the money though? I dont want to keep it in GBP. Any recs on how I can shift out of GBP to CAD$, any ETF's that might do the trick? or any bank accounts which will let you hold you cash in CAD$? Which currency are the GIM'ers most fond of? Thanks in advance.
  6. I'm not cut out for spread betting. I lose my nerve too easily and trade out too quickly.
  7. Surely, regardless of economic conditions, when one currency falls, another must rise. So, as long as the CAD$ is not in as much trouble as the UK there is money to be made. I just have no idea how to gain exposure to the CAD$.
  8. So is it worth moving from pound to euro, if in a few months the pound will merely switch over? or is it more likely UK will stay out of the euro/not be accepted in the club, and watch as the currency loses more and more value.
  9. I bought some ETF's recently and noticed I did not have to pay stamp duty ON them as you normally do with other stocks and shares. Does this mean that ETF's are also taxed differently? Are the gains exempt for the first 9K or so, as per capital gains tax?
  10. I personally believe wages will start to go up soon. If commodities keep going up in price there is no alternative.....is there? I understand that we are a global economy now but surely most nations (including china, india etc) are feeling the same pressure to increase wages.
  11. badhairday

    ETFs and the FSA

    Are ETF's covered by the FSA in the same way that banks are. For eg, if an etf goes under will the FSA refund me 90% of my holdings in the way they would with my bank account?
  12. A month ago, I went to the NS&I website with the intention of opening an account for index linked savings. Just a day later though, the rates were changed so that they were nowhere near as good as the original offer. Do other countries offer NS&I bonds? Are the current rates of the NS&I really any good ? Are there better rates out there? TIA
  13. Is there a rule as to how long you should have been holding the share for before you qualify to be paid a dividend. What if you buy a share the day before the payout is due? Would you get paid? If so, is there somewhere I can find out when a dividend is due to be paid out?
  14. badhairday

    Top UK Salaries

    hmmmm... I am surprised doctors are not on that list. Dont GP's earn 100k or something?