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  1. Good luck Bubb ! and keep up the good work ,i'm sure we all apreciate it p.s i watched a program on the discovery channel last night ,about the hanging coffins of china has anyone ever heard of this before? http://www.china.org.cn/english/culture/55407.htm instead of burying they're dead the Bo mysteriously manadged to place the coffins on limestone cliffs upto 130 metres high ,fascinating and weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. halebop

    (AEY.L )antrim energy

    I bought in at 1.55 pds about 700 up so far but i was thinking of doubling my holding on monday Average broker target price is now 2.80 pds but if the other well is as big of a success as the first i can see this taking off again imo After reading comments on here and elsewhere about a downturn it puts me off buying at the moment. But have you noticed that exploration stocks have been hit hard and not come back .But producers in general are doing better than ever . Could this happen again? esp with the price of oil and gas my timing for buying stocks is crap but as long as my purchase is up in the future im happy. Wheres my crystal ball?
  3. Hi GEI.ers not posted for a while as i have nothing usefull to say over on ADVFN energi's old freind /now foe A.J is plugging this stock as a big winner!!! Antrim have just had a big find in causeway of oil .and it looks good to my eye's A few weeks ago Bubb said he was buying some gas stocks obviuosly not on the LSE. I for one would be very intrested what you bought Bubb?. as you never got round to starting a topic on it Also how do you see antrim doing longer term 12 /18 months i know its already had a run up but does anyone see it going further? p.s frizzers sold too early with hindsight
  4. halebop

    (AEY.L )antrim energy

    Hi frizzers well at least you made 30% .Which is good isn't it esp for a few days My question is how do you see it doing in the next 12/18 months ? Mr A.J who i regard as a very savvy investor /trader .as i'm sure many here do also. has big expectations of this stock and is qouting possibly 10/ 12 pds in that time frame I am absolutely uselless at trading .But the thought of buying some and sticking it away for a year sounds good . I know you shouldn't buy a stock after a big run up .Which is why i am asking here ? On a technical basis the price should come down .But the fundamentals are driving it here i beleive and it could go a lot further according to some on other bb's Whats does any of the traders on here think? Thanks in advance.
  5. whats your thoughts on this one Bubb? gold producing miner heavily in debt? it fell a long way since the early days if the pog stays high or goes higher surely it can only benefit this co. and its shareholders. i would assume you have traded this co.'s shares before? is it still on your radar or do you think its one worth avoiding? from what i can see its rock bottom and can only go up!
  6. This is Bubbs call Riser he told us all about it
  7. Give Yourself a slap. How on earth can they be trolls if they dont even join or post?
  8. Guests....... Why not join ?. Even if just to say hello!,and why you visit here?
  9. Holland, they arent my words i just cut n pasted. although i think the price is going to rocket also! I think there will be a scramble for this monday morning
  10. This is posted on another board............. This Following taken from todays Times Online. "Caledon Resources held steady at 5 1/2p on talk of a "transformational" acquisition next week. The deal is understood to entail the injection of up to £50 million of Australian assets - currently owned by a major - into the £19 million company, so turning it from an explorer into a producer." At last after 2 1/2 years I am "Very" excited. The true potential of the company which all us long term holders have known about is about to take off. Good luck to all long term holders... 5p will soon be a distant memory. and heres the link.........http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,748-2230082.html
  11. I decided to give this one a miss in the end, it doesnt look a good bet to me!(probably wrong again) just dont trust the Irish , They take your eyballs out and come back for the sockets! as for CDN.L i am thinking of having a punt and THR.L looks very cheap at the moment IMO How do you see TMG.L doing in the next 12 months Bubb? Looks pretty cheap to me and could be breaking out ? only thing that puts me off is the spread But since i last posted this has decreased so its looking better by the day
  12. Looks like it will be off to a flying start in the morning.Ive been watching this one good story behind it IMO Maybe one for the daytraders?
  13. Your not wrong there !!!! Brickies are earning up to 1500 quid a week I worked with a plumber before christmass 2000 a week sparks about 1000,This is on building sites by the way. and in the north .I can earn a day what my freinds earn a week . But the work seems to be drying up The building trade has had its day again IMO ,its downhill from here! This is what stops me from buying again at the moment ,After STR last year my plan is to buy a house outright(no mortgage) and after saving up this last two years ,And with my profit from my last house .I could buy it back mortgage free .But i will wait you never know i could possibly be buying a lot bigger house mortgage free with the same money in a few years. P.S sounds like your happy in your job! I f@@cking hate mine .but life is such
  14. any chance of adding (debt free and have a job i dislike)
  15. halebop

    Thistle mining (TMG.L)

    forget i mentioned this one the spread is huge . bid 10 p offer 20p
  16. thanks vish ! maybe it was a daft question to ask? looked it up on advn its fell about 50% the last week or two i'm trying to learn . as for (might it be cheaper later? ) can you tell me?
  17. tried to place a limit order for 11p today (no luck) price went the other way do you think its still worth getting in? i know you dont like lse spreads bubb but ive only got a barclays acc.
  18. NO6 sorry for taking this thread away from the subjct it was intended but this reply reminds my of a joke : few of the lads in the pub the footy's about to start, so they shout to the barman put the telly on! barman shouts back the telly's been nicked! paddy turns round and say's, well it doesn't supprise me the will put it where it can be seen!
  19. what caused this to loose that much in two days? does anyone know? This is the downside to stocks you can win big but you can loose bigger!
  20. halebop

    The Cycling Thread

    what about electric bikes ? whatever happened to them . i personnally think theres more oppurtunity for investment returns along these lines esp with the latest battery technology i:e. nihm /nicad there again what do i know?
  21. for whats on it i dont blame you
  22. a few quick questions which stockbroker do you use ? and why? and can you turn my 10k into 20k for me? or shall i just cut it in half so it looks like ive got twice as much
  23. thanks bubb whats td waterhouse like any good? ive been reading what shares you have been buying.and wondered about buying the same as a sort of copycat account . but i think youve just answered my question for me . (it would'nt work) i would not know where to start. plus it would be like living off immoral earnings using your knowledge for my gain . thanks bubb but i think i'll just watch for now. as i cant afford to learn especially the hard way
  24. first post here too! came here coz bubb knows his stuff but dont know if i will post here much all this stocks/shares buying puts thing just goes over the top of my head although i will stick around and try and learn something you never know i might even give it a go sometime