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    What's Going To Happen In 2008

    I said that "I sounded like I was running on caffeine" as well Mike! You certainly didnt sound like you didnt know what you were talking about!!! Hopefully the interviews were of use to people, I have been hearing a lot of bearish noise about base metals and I suspect we could be seeing lead and zinc bottoming here (maybe copper as well). The theme of new projects being cancelled due to lack of economies of scale or excess capital is going to continue and I think the demand side is remaining strong for a while. But iron ore and coal are in major bull markets and I dont see a pullback yet.
  2. csmyth

    Late August Watch-list

    Most of these stocks are now selling on their cash backing, which is usually the sign of a stock that cant go any lower. Things like PLX only need a deal to change their picture, and it is usually done when things are darkest like right now (for the simple reason that egos have been crushed to the point of actually accepting a decent deal!). Even if China slows in its metal buying the resource shares have got TOO cheap, and you will see the leaders bottoming soon and starting turning positive. The sector is very oversold right now and in dire need of a bounce.
  3. hopefully a few of these will be winners. I have a few others to add to the list but as this market keeps running the charts get more and more exponential and the bargains fewer and fewer. Gateway Mining (1m oz project next to Queenstake's hungry mill in Nevada) Alexco (just taken over the historic Brewery Creek and Keno Hill silver districts) Nevsun (Sunridge and Nevsun are going to get taken out by Lundin Mining which has run up $30 plus and now holds 20% of Sunridge) Moneta PorcupineME:TSX (Energyi will laugh at this one) - 750,000 oz in the Destor area priced at under $20/oz Amera Resources AMS:TSXV (an old dog which hasnt run yet) - high grade copper project in peru. Golden Arrow, a sister company, just ran like crazy on thursday Simba Mines (SBAM:OTC) - theoretically one of the cheapest copper stocks in the market. Huge copper resources in Angola, still not yet promoted like the rest of the sector Tinka Resources (TK:TSXV) - silver project in Peru, just completing placement and ahead of promotion