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    CPI 1.9%

    This is without doubt the best bit of the reporting for the recent floods:- Not for the first time that day, a reporter stands in a puddle next to a stretch of water and explains how Oxford will soon be engulfed in an Atlantis style flooding while a passer-by pinches her bum. With regards to the CPI figures, it does seem a large drop, maybe we are heading for deflation after all
  2. Historically isn't movements towards gold not down to an inflationary environment? I notice you don't mention sterling. I'm assuming here (again, so sorry if i'm being dim) but are you linking the central banks interventions last week (and maybe this one) to an increase in the price of gold? I thought those interventions would be in the long term deflationary but maybe that's my wish rather than my understanding of the situation. Granted, Chinese inflation figures do point towards them exporting inflation in the near future. I'll try and listen to the link 'Tune2001' posted asap, but there just seem so many angles with gold. Not least of all, as an individual you can chart and predict as much as you like but humans, being irrational, can always run in entirely the opposite direction to the one you banked upon. I guess that's investing. To be honest i'm still struggling with how investors fleeing the Euro can be good for you if you buy assets priced in Euro's. Guess I just need to do some reading, the only reason I haven't done so yet is there seems to be a very polarised element to gold.....lots of VI's.
  3. Thanks, Tune. I'll check that out.
  4. Still trying to get my head around this issue. But can anyone explain in simple terms how the main gold price chart could not just be about to replicate this??:- Could it be that the price in dollars could collapse since the dollar could continue to slide? Whereas, since you are discussing things in Euro's you believe it will perform well against the dollar? The main reson i'd feel very cautious about gold is that you seem to be making two investments, one in gold and the other in currency.........or have I got that wrong too? Savo PS Apologies for not asking this in the the beginners section.
  5. It would appear that the average Joe is now further from FI now than at any point in the last 47 years. Savings hit a low Wonder what was happening in 1960? Or is this just caused by a chinese type mass rush into stock speculating rather than more conventional savings Personally I hate debt, which must be a good starting point. Probably take me a good few years to be FI. Bought a house in 2003 which at the time I thought was too expensive. Will hopefully have that paid off in the next two years (touch wood). I think another good way of eventually achieving FI is to be a contrarian. Can't see how many people who live a 'normal' life ,and have all the gadgets, cars and the 'lifestyle' that goes with it all, can ever be free of money.
  6. BUMP Knew nothing about the G-Whiz (sp?) until I saw it on BBC news the other day. Quite a bad bit of press, unless you're trying to sell top gear magazine. Plenty of safety concerns in the event of a crash. Was quite a misleading piece given how it didn't (as far as i can recall) state the speed required to hit an immobile object and create the carnage it showed (a few times). However a spokesman pointed out many london users would not be averaging much in terms of mph, but by then though I think the damage was done. Guess the real message was "buy a 4x4" and swat these silly motors like a bug on your neck. Bizarre.
  7. That first image of Shambala that DrBubb posted certainly look about like a sink estate to me. I can't imagine living there would be very relaxing. Guess it all comes down to your own perceptions.
  8. I'm not sure i'd personally invest in these companies at present, as party have demonstrated, they seem very susceptable to changing legislation. I guess that could actually in the long term work in a company such as party pokers favour. The govt recently seemed very keen to sell these companies the idea that rather then being based in the likes of costa rica, a base in England would be seen internationally as favourable........ As a former player I always enjoyed Party over every other site.....that's not to say i would invest in them though, the whole poker thing could just be fad, i'd now rather chew my own arm off than sit playing tables for a couple of hours.