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  1. Since Jim is pushing the whole DRS thing hard at the moment, I thought I would see what can be done from the UK. Best I can find so far is to go down the Paper Certificates route - TD do a Certificated Account for instance (limited to UK markets), or you can go direct to Computershare UK if they are the Transfer Agent (limited selection). Anyone else looked into this? Especially interested to know if anything is possible inside an ISA.
  2. Where are you Marceau? Missing your posts!

  3. stobar


    As the creator and owner of this forum I think DrB deserves a certain amount of control. As a prolific contributor, I think he just wants a bit of respect - like anyone else.
  4. stobar

    gold/silver stock suggestions

    I think a managed fund like this one would be my choice, although I actually own individual stocks ATM. But it's almost a full time job picking and tracking them, plus most of the time I probably end up following the advice of other novices and rampers, which probably isn't the best strategy! I think I would rather leave it to a pro(?) and save myself the effort and stress. Seems much tidier to have everything all in one basket too IMO. My only hesitancy is; can you trust a fund either?? Are they really as actively managed as suggested - and there also seems to be ample opportunity to fiddle and cream an even larger profit on top of the charges, since you never know exactly where the money is at any given time. Thing is, no matter how much research anyone does and even if you know the industry inside out, you probably just can't trust even half of the companies out there! The ETFs seem OK but they are very diversified (so less risk) and only 'rebalanced' from time to time. Easier to trade and cheaper though. I think my choice of these would be GGGG - not ISAable though.
  5. I recall a writing from Jim a while ago stating he would be leaving us at $1650. I wonder if he has changed his mind? We shouldn't have to wait too much longer to find out...
  6. "Put a french curve on silver and you will see the bottom change in trend event." Has anyone tried this yet?
  7. If gold and oil are representative of the global edge of investing - then yeah, it's OK...looks more professional than previous DIY efforts by the good Dr Strap line looks like a bit of an after-thought though.
  8. stobar

    Gold One / Goliath Gold

    Thanks for the tip Conrad. I'm in on this one (D.M.O.R. first of course) with a smallish holding. You are one of those posters on here who has been around for ages. People should celebrate you more!
  9. Of course you do, me too...been holding for a while, have been tempted to sell in the past but always had a good feeling about this company.
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    Yeah - what did you get?
  11. Back up to the $0.5 price range again. I bought some on the way down but lost courage after it more than halved from where I originally bought in. Nice drill results this week - not sure whether to bail out now with a view to buying back in at a lower price, but as a longer term holding in my SIPP. Any thoughts?
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    Quite a simple solution to this one - Ask if you can return it if you take it to a dealer and they say it's not genuine...easy.
  13. I can't speak for the higher rate tax payers but ALL of our 'child benefit' is used to 'benefit' our child. That's another 1.2 Bn LESS going BACK into the economy then...oops.
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    Anyone like to comment on the so called "New Gold Tax" mentioned in Armstrong's latest piece - linked from Jim Sinclair's site? Is this actually likely to happen?? http://jsmineset.com/2010/09/25/gold-an-11...-high-for-2010/ Starts on page 11, last paragraph.