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    I too recently read' WAKE UP - Survive And Prosper In The Coming Economic Turmoil by Jim Mellon and Al Chalabi. You can save time by simply subscribing to the Daily Reckoning to get the same message. I am currently reading Hedge Hogging by Barton Biggs, about the people behind the hedge fund industry and his experience in setting up a fund. Not a how to book, but plenty of investment anecdotes and worthwhile tips on the psychology of market behaviour. Also have Jim Rogers Adventure Capitalist. Will get there eventually.
  2. DrBubb, you are not trying to start a conspiracy theory are you? You just might have disclosed the real reason why the US is planning, in the opinion of some, to attack Iran.
  3. You get the same with organic food. I suppose the big question is what it costs to produce and the size of the actual market. Bigger is not necessarily better, but it can be more cost effective. As the market grows, more competition, cheaper prices - in theory.
  4. This may well be because after many have paid for the essentials of life, they don't have much choice but to be frugal. It is well known that many FTB's in the housing market are now so stretched that after they have bought their property, they cannot afford to buy the things that turn it into a home. Can't say that I have come across too many people who like and choose the frugal life by choice, but many are now having to tighten their expenditure, paying the price for the credit debt spending of recent years. The coming change in the economic cycle will not be friendly to the over-spenders.
  5. Well, Buffett did say that he missed the tech boom because he didn't understand technology companies. When the bust happened he was probably happy to have stayed out. Oh, and he did reportedly buy 129.7 million ounces of silver between July 1997 and January 1998 (between $4.40 and $6.50). I think he still holds it, or most of it, so he's still doing something right. Can't find anything to indicate that he has sold or thinking of selling. "Buffett purchased silver because he believed that the market price did not reflect the underlying value. He has purchased physical silver most likely to ensure that he is not time constrained regarding his exit from this position. However, those who think that this is necessarily a long term investment are wrong. Buffett's long term investments have exclusively been in great businesses with managers he likes. The silver play is more akin to his foray into RJR Nabisco bonds in 1990 and as soon as his profit objectives have been achieved, or he believes the downside risk has become greater than the upside potential, he will sell. In the absence of Buffett's purchases, silver would most likely have hit 18 year lows in January 1998 along with gold. However, silver prices have increased steadily over the past 6 months as gold moved lower, with a huge divergence between the prices of the metals occurring in the aftermath of the BH announcement due to panic speculative buying of silver. It is now worth considering what, if anything, Buffett's silver play means for gold." http://www.gold-eagle.com/gold_digest_98/milhouse020998.html
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    CONSA's Story

    I seem to remember The Monkey announcing his comeback recently. He started a thread on the big day, which was immediately put to off-topic by the mods. I think The Monkey took offence as I can't remember him posting much since. There again, I haven't been on HPC much recently, so maybe he is still around?
  7. Given all the porn on the internet and who it is aimed at, you are probably right.
  8. Quite an impressive website for a scam, until you see the address is a PO Box number! And you do get a guarantee
  9. Webmaster, I've followed the instructions to load an avatar, which are basically the same as HPC, and for some reason it just won't accept it here. The avatars I've tried are all the right size, etc, but I just get the error loading message. Not that important that I have an avatar, but I don't think I'm doing anything wrong. Are others having problems or are there any known problems?
  10. Well, the amount of time I spend here is about the same as I do on HPC. In fact, I'm spending more time on here recently. Lots of interesting, but often challenging subjects on here. It is possible that many don't feel they have the knowledge to comment on some of the subjects, so it's a learning process. I know I'm learning from much of the stuff on here, which is what a good forum should be all about for me. As others have said, it is early days, I'm sure it will pick up gradually and evolve.
  11. A few years ago, I read Nick Cook's (mentioned on the web link above, a journo for Jane's Defense Weekly) book "The Hunt for Zero Point". At about the same time he presented a programme on C4, in which he attempted to disprove the UFO phenomenon linking it instead to US black projects, anti-gravity and zero point experiments. It makes fascinating reading as he believed that it all got started with the Nazi's working on anti-gravity projects during WW2. That explained the "foo fighters" that tracked allied planes on their raids. These nazi scientists ended up working for the US and USSR after 1945. For a well respected, credible journo, he comes up with some surprising conclusions. And you would have thought that considering the US government syphons off $20-30 billion a year for black projects, there must be some interesting exotic energy projects going on. I don't think there can be much doubt that they are working on them, but whether they are getting anywhere is another matter. http://www.randomhouse.co.uk/minisites/zer...zero_point.html
  12. Great that he took the time to reply. His point about oil stocks is interesting as while it looks like a boom time ahead for these companies, ultimately they will need to diversify into other areas. Of course, some of the bigger oil companies are now making billions of profit and have been investing significant amounts in alternative energies. They certainly have the money to be amongst the leaders in the new technologies. I wonder which will be the first to announce it's moving to a new Green alternative future? Years down the line of course.
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    Peak Oil - Bull or Bear?

    I voted for "I'm a Peak Oil bear. This has the potential to take down our civilisation", simply because it is true. Sooner or later, the oil runs out, and I'm siding on sooner because of the lack of major finds and the fact that you can't really trust the "reserves" figures given by any of the major oil producing nations. Alternatives need to be found quickly to make this a peaceful transition.
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    Welcome to visitors from HPC

    Thanks for the invite Dr Bubb. A number of "crashers" already signed up I see. Looking forward to seeing how this site develops, while hopefully finding plenty of new investment ideas along the way.