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    Here's your chance, Bill has just logged in. Click my sig.
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    It's easier to click the link in my sig. However, if you want to argue the case for a gold standard, register and post away. Should be a good scrap if some of the heavyweight here get involved.
  3. dom


    But well worth the effort whether you agree with him or not.
  4. dom


    Hey, that "good" money is worth more bad money than it was yesterday! Bill don't like gold too much, find out why.
  5. Bill Still: The Secret of OZ and Monetary Reforum Still's Film and New discussion board ====================== Bill Still was the filmmaker behind MONEYMASTERS, one of the top 15 films on YouTube He also made a film called, The Secret of Oz - a follow-up See Post#4 below: And he had his own chatboard http://z6.invisionfree.com/Bill_Still_Reforum/index.php?showforum=1 (in edit): Eventually, in 2012 he ran for President, within the Libertarian Party
  6. dom

    Leveraged ETCs in your UK ISA

    LNGA has been whipped hard since the OP. Looks like a screaming buy now.
  7. dom

    Ed Griffin's Explorations into Truth

    Is it a new interview or the one from 2006?
  8. dom


    feels good!
  9. Very interested in this one. It's probably the best shorting opportunity for some time IMO. Spread bet? Long everything quoted in USD?
  10. dom


    Who's got short positions on US treasuries?
  11. dom


    Fascinating times we live in.
  12. Yeah right, and government bonds are immune. Get the banks to buy at the top of the market - brilliant!
  13. dom

    Green Energy (for GEI)

    Yes, but in its own vacuum? Surely a bubble in green energy will run in parallel with with the next reflationary period. So it's long energy? Hardly a revelation.