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    Safest jobs in a recession.

    I definitely agree with this. The PFI/PPP projects would cost a lot less if they were done in-house rather than being out-sourced. The massive government spending programmes over the past few years have been keeping the unemployment figures down. Once Gordon runs out of money then it will all get very messy.
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    Safest jobs in a recession.

    Birth and Deaths are the one certainty. So work related to either should be pretty recession proof. Though the NHS have been laying off midwives recently, so maybe nothing is certain anymore.
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    A very moderate solution to the middle east problem proposed by Iran. http://breakingnews.iol.ie/news/story.asp?...amp;p=y9yxz948x
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    Gold: the Bull's thread

    http://www.kitco.com/ind/swanson/jun222006.html Gold Stocks Turn the Corner! Mike Swanson (or maybe not judging by today so far!)
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    Gold: the Bull's thread

    http://www.jsmineset.com/cwsimages/Miscfil...ld_06_21_06.pdf Very bullish comments in this techical analysis chart, suggesting we are beginning fifth wave which will go to 650 dollars.
  6. http://www.financialsense.com/editorials/s.../2006/0620.html INVESTING IN ETHANOL A "New" Stock Play on Soaring Energy Prices... and Why Now is the Time to Invest in this "Fuel of the Future" Some serious big money players are investing in ethanol.
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    New Energy Company Float

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    New Emerging Markets

    http://www.nydailynews.com/front/story/426551p-359705c.html Its not as far fetched as it might seem. http://www.colonyfund.com/
  9. http://www.londonstockexchange.co.uk/LSECW...2756&source=RNS
  10. Caledon Drill Report RNS Number:2030C Caledon Resources PLC 28 April 2006 PRESS RELEASE April 27, 2006 Mojiang Drill Update Caledon Resources ("Caledon" or "the Company") is pleased to report on further interim results from current drilling in the Mojiang gold project, situated in South-western Yunnan Province, PRC. Drilling operations at Mojiang commenced in early February 2006, with a planned programme of 2500 meters of Reverse Circulation (43 holes) drilling and 1500 metres (22 holes) of diamond drilling. To date, 43 RC holes and 6 diamond drill holes have been completed for a total length of 2525 metres. Highlights from the recent Mojiang drilling include: MJDDH009 intersected 10.12 g/t gold over 26.00 metres MJRC057 intersected 4.84 g/t gold over 5.00 metres MJRC059 intersected 2.54 g/t gold over 45.00 metres MJRC061 intersected 1.54 g/t gold over 24.00 metres MJRC071 intersected 2.29 g/t gold over 16.00 metres MJRC074 intersected 8.85 g/t gold over 1.00 metre MJRC075 intersected 15.35 g/t gold over 2.00 metres A complete breakdown of these results has been included as an appendix to this press release. Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling operations have been completed at Mojiang, while diamond drilling continues to progress. A further 16 holes for a total of 1100 metres of drilling remain to be completed. Caledon's technical management team continues to be satisfied with the results obtained to date from the 2006 drilling program, with excellent mineralisation continuity established and at the same time preserving the significant upside potential of the property. Results to date (see releases: March 1st and March 29th, 2006) continue to prove the existence of a flat-lying near surface zone of disseminated gold mineralisation, averaging 20 to 40 metres in true thickness, occurring over a strike length in excess of 2 kilometers. More narrow (2 to 10 metre wide) zones of high grade gold mineralisation cross-cut the low grade zones, occurring as banded epithermal veins and intense silification. Upon completion of the drill programme in June, Caledon's field crews will begin the task of resource modeling using geological, structural and assay data collected from the 2005 and 2006 drill programs. Once this step has been completed, the resource model and drill hole database will be passed to SRK Consulting, who have been engaged by Caledon to complete a resource estimate at Mojiang. This resource estimate should be completed in 2006. The Mojiang goldmine is situated in Yunnan Province, South Western China and lies 200 kms southwest of the provincial capital city of Kunming and 10 kms northeast of Mojiang City. In 2004, an agreement was signed between Caledon Resources PLC (Caledon) and the Mojiang Mining Company to conduct exploration at the Mojiang goldmine. Caledon has the right to acquire 70% of the project. Harry Mustard (MAusIMM), Caledon Resources' Senior Geologist, is the 'competent person' as defined by London AIM's recent 'Guidance Note for Mining, Oil and Gas Companies, March, 2006 - AIM 16'. Mr. Mustard is overseeing the company's exploration work at Mojiang and supervised the preparation of the information in this release. On behalf of the board, Robert Alford George Salamis Chairman Chief Executive Officer For further information, please visit our website at www.caledonresources.com or contact: George Salamis gsalamis@caledonresources.com Donal Douglas, Investor Relations ddouglas@caledonresources.com Caledon Resources Plc 18 Upper Brook Street. London W1K 7PU England Telephone +44 (0) 20 7318 5780 Facsimile +44 (0) 20 7318 5781 APPENDIX Interim Drill Results - Mojiang Gold Project, Yunnan, PRC Drill Hole From To Width Gold Grade MJRC054 2 17 15 1.69 g/t MJRC055 2 16 14 0.61 g/t MJRC056 0 18 18 1.83 g/t MJRC057 1 6 5 4.84 g/t MJRC057 22 58 36 0.85 g/t MJRC058 0 30 30 1.69 g/t MJRC059 0 45 45 2.54 g/t MJRC060 0 18 18 0.91 g/t MJRC060 24 32 8 0.80 g/t MJRC061 0 24 24 1.54 g/t MJRC062 1 54 53 1.43 g/t MJRC063 0 44 44 1.00 g/t MJRC064 0 26 26 0.52 g/t MJRC066 37 48 11 0.65 g/t MJRC067 0 25 25 0.81 g/t MJRC067 43 56 13 0.58 g/t MJRC068 9 24 15 1.66 g/t MJRC068 35 47 12 0.78 g/t MJRC070 20 32 12 1.48 g/t MJRC071 7 23 16 2.29 g/t MJRC072 7 17 10 0.99 g/t MJRC073 0 24 24 1.17 g/t MJRC074 15 16 1 8.55 g/t MJRC074 47 52 5 2.86 g/t MJRC075 7 9 2 15.35 g/t MJRC075 22 46 24 1.62 g/t MJRC076 0 2 2 3.46 g/t MJRC076 8 13 5 1.23 g/t MJRC076 34 43 9 2.88 g/t MJRC076 57 59 2 1.31 g/t MJRC077 11 17 6 0.82 g/t MJDDH008 58 60 2 3.58 g/t MJDDH009 22 48 26 10.12 g/t This information is provided by RNS The company news service from the London Stock Exchange END
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    Why I Like Junior Miners & Explorers

    This is quite an old article but provides a useful introduction for investors in gold and silver mining. "Why Is It So Difficult To Make Money In Gold & Silver Mining Stocks?". http://www.safehaven.com/article-2378.htm
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    The Cycling Thread

    The bromptons have a very good reputation. There are some reviews on the folding societys website. http://www.foldsoc.co.uk/
  13. Dispatches goes undercover to investigate the waste industry, including exposing the criminals who make a fortune out of Britain's waste mountain. Reporter Simon Barnes penetrates deep into the murky world of illegal dumping and exposes the criminals who put two fingers up to the law. With environmental issues at the top of the agenda, we're all being told to recycle. But what actually happens to the stuff? Simon also goes undercover to work at one of the country's top recycling companies and finds that huge amounts are not recycled at all but end up in landfill. http://www.channel4.com/news/microsites/D/...bish/index.html
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    too funny
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    Energy Balance of a Wind Turbine

    Yes I think life will have to change. Wearing jumpers and thermals might just be fashionable again when oil prices go up another ten times.
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    Energy Balance of a Wind Turbine

    I caught the tail end of a programme on radio two at lunchtime. It was all about dealing with the energy crisis. One very irate caller was objecting to wind farms and claimed that they were completely useless as an energy source and a blot on the landscape. She claimed that wind power couldn't replace ordinary power stations and ordinary power stations were still needed. But for most of the time the power stations would be running at half capacity which would be very inefficient and hence negate the benefits of the windfarm. I have no idea whether this is true or not but I do know that lots of people are going to object to wind farms etc being built. In fact as the very sensible government minister guy said some people will just object to anything being built whether its a wind farm, electricity sub-station or a nuclear plant. People want the energy but everyone objects to it being in their own backyard.
  17. Interview with Jim Rogers on ROBTV. His favourite commodity is sugar. http://www.robtv.com/servlet/HTMLTemplate/...ip1/h/220asf/// PS Jim is at about 40 minutes
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    Cameco delays Cigar Lake construction

    Interesting piece on ROBTV about the water leaks at Cameco. (about half way through). They see strong support at 39/40 Canadian Dollars and very strong fundamentals. http://www.robtv.com/servlet/HTMLTemplate/...ip1/h/220asf///
  19. Wolfden begins drilling at high grade copper discovery - continues to advance High Lake project toward production. http://ca.finance.yahoo.com/q/h?s=WLF.TO They look quite interesting but please note that I am a complete newbie to all this metals stuff. I trying at the minute to understand the terminology used in the exploration reports. But not making much sense of any of them yet.
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    WHY aren't more people posting here?

    I'm just trying to get my head around all this stuff so I haven't contributed so far. A basic novices thread on investment sounds a good idea and might encourage a few lurkers out of the crevices. Its a great site and will just take a bit of time until a few more posters have anything worthwhile to contribute. Many thanks for all your hard work Bubb