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  1. Max possibly breaking out of the long term downtrend?
  2. squeek

    The BP thread

    They went ex-div today didn't they? So the drop so far has only been roughly what the dividend was. I suppose that it went down yesterday too.
  3. squeek

    Uranium is going nuts

    What fundamentals have changed in such a short time to make Uranium go from $7 in 2000 to $75 in 2007? I would have thought changes in Uranium prices would be slow as it would be an illiquid market, takes quite a long time to set up reactors and mines.
  4. squeek

    The BP thread

    Last company I've added to my ISA now. Looking cheap, and even if it doesn't go up anytime soon it's still giving 4% dividend yield.
  5. Can't say that peak oil prices has had any influence in where I've been looking, although I'm not looking to buy for 3 years, so I'm just keeping myself up to date with local market than buying. I'm looking nearer to work because the 32 mile one way trip is a bit of a pain even if it does only take 35 minutes. If oil triples in price, then pump prices would double, which would be an expense, but still affordable, if they went up 10 times and no one could afford to run a car on petrol then I would think the car makers would start making electric cars or something else that people could afford. If not I've got a MTB and road bike, so can get anywhere in a 15-20 mile radius within about an hour. Houses I'm looking at are near rail links to Mcr in case I ended up with a job there in future. There are lots of farms nearby that produce milk, cheese, vegetables, fruit, animals so I could get food from those. Plus I'll be buying a house with a garden so I can grow my own food too. There are lots of stables near here so I could also get a horse and use that for transport. All in all, I am not worried that I won't be near a city center.
  6. squeek

    "Hello out there" - Starting out on GEI

    Dr Bubb/web admin: Any chance of changing the favicon.ico for the site, which is the icon displayed in the address bar of your browser. it's currently the default one for the forum software. When I have multiple tabs I can't tell the difference between this site and others that have this software and the default icon, namely GHPC. It also gives the site a bit more identity.
  7. squeek

    "Hello out there" - Starting out on GEI

    I am also new to GEI having come from GHPC and HPC, a well traveled route by the sounds of it. I'm relatively young and am looking to buy a house in roughly 3 years. I have been saving money over the last 3 years best i can and don't waste it on consumables, but still spend some on having a good time ie holidays. Having all my money in savings I've decided to invest some of it in shares. Only a very small portfolio, hoping to get some medium term growth companies, and hoping to invest in some companies that look like they have the potential to grow substantially in the future. I'll also try to pick one of the large oil companies up soon, hoping to pick the bottom of the current downtrend as I've no big companies at the minute. Maybe Burren energy, I like the fact they're cash rich, no debt, and the PE for next year at current prices is looking low. I'm very new to investing too, and wouldn't be surprised if I don't do very well. Next tax year I think I'll try to invest some money in companies that give good dividend yield to try to make the portfolio less risky. Although I'm a bit concerned that the rise in repossessions might have a bad effect on banks share price, which is the area I was looking to invest for dividend yield. This is all in an ISA, so I'd be interested to hear why you think they're not very good Dr Bubb.
  8. Long enough to be worth me currently running it. Adverts are annoying and slow websites down, AdBlock plus stops that, it doesn't cost anything and takes mere moments to set up. I was just trying to post a helpful comment. I would say it will be around for at least the next 1 year, 3 months, 6 days and 23 minutes, probably more. Just because you might not be able to get around them in the future doesn't mean you shouldn't now.
  9. squeek

    The Oil and Energy Price Thread

    I'm watching that one quite closely at the minute, even if oil doesn't go up in price it seems like a good buy, anyone see any major negatives or is it just due to the oil price decrease?
  10. Get firefox and use AdBlock Plus, you can then stop adverts appearing, making the internet more pleasing to the eye, and faster. Most online adverts are provided by a small number of advert companies so there aren't many to block, plus there's a predefined list to use.
  11. 12% sharp rise today, no news I can see. Heard a few people tip this now.
  12. Anyone buy any of these before the increase? I'm looking at a lot of these shares now, probably add one or two to my new ISA as I've not got any oil/gas companies yet. I'm looking for midterm gains and Venture is looking promising, hopefully a rebound from the low and maybe some good news for the oil price at the same time.
  13. squeek

    The BP thread

    New CEO just announced to set off the spike. unfortunately the details of my self cert ISA haven't come in time.
  14. You are only able to watch TV on a computer if you have a tv card. So in theory you should be exempt in you don't have one, but I bet you get some hassle off the tv licensing people.
  15. I've only just started to be interested in shares and companies so please go easy. I've had a look at Aurum Mining who are at 123p at the minute with 12.4m shares, so a value of £15m. They have a news article about a proposed mine at Andash Zone 1 in the Kyrgyz Republic. Now by my thinking if they got 1 million oz and gold was £300 an oz, that's £300 million so quite a large discrepancy on my £15m I worked out. There's the cost of mining it, but I'm sure this doesn't cover the difference. Am I missing something?