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    Rio Narcea

    Up 15% in the week since I bought. I see no reason given the problems with new nickel projects that this won't double in the next twelve months. No doubt I have just cursed myself now. lol.
  2. Whilst i am not big on conspiracy theories i do believe market manipulation occurs. In the Gold world there are a host of commentators claiming barrack manipulates the market and is in the Feds pockets. Could today’s drop be engineered to encourage Nova Gold shareholders to turn in there shares to barrack as they fear a significant drop as the offer expires today and hance increase Barricks market control?? Just a thought…..
  3. Mr_Nice

    Ovoca Gold OVG

    Agreed could be 4th largest silver mine. I have a small stake too.
  4. Mr_Nice

    Rio Narcea

    Have'nt been posting for a while, have been lazy and getting a free ride from everyone elses effort! A stock that does'nt seem to be on many peoples radar is Rio Narcea Gold Mines TSX: RNG. The salient points are that is producing a miminium of 18 Million Pounds of nickel at a cash cost of $2 (net of copper, PGM credits). Now given a Nickel price of $15 that equates to 18000000 * (15-2) = 234 Million cash flow! If thats not enough it has several other mines and a significant gold project coming on producing 100k gold @ $240 oz. So ignoring the smaller projects you have additional cash flow of 100,000 * 400 = 40 Million Cash Flow It has an MCAP of c450 M so could be on a p/e of less than 2 next year. Thats why I bought a stake last week @ 2.70 Cdn. In addition with the bulk of revenue in Europe there is limited political risk and exploration upside. My only regret so far is that I have'nt bought enough of these. Will rectify that this week. Any comments......
  5. Mr_Nice

    Gold: the Bull's thread

    Try the silverxchange. Brilliant prices, excellent service, no VAT. I have ordered several times without any issues. The packages are marked as bronze medals so customs so far have just let them through. As an added bonus I get them delivered to my work and some colleagues have been buying a few 10z bars off me. Spreading the word and making me a few quid too. If you do order PM me and I will give you my name as a referrer if that adds confidence.
  6. Looks interesting. I like exploration companies that have cashflow as the dilution from constant new issues of stock is a common problem of juniors.
  7. Mr_Nice


    Looks good to me although the company accounts are a little obscure. This may account to some of the discount to NAV but it still 'seems' large. Ronald Bruce Rowan is a major holder too which is encouraging. Tempted though I will put in a order at 24p and see if it gets filled.
  8. www.clauderesources.com I have been holding this for a while and topped up last week as i expect the quarterly earnings next week to be strong. So the drill results news was a bonus. But i believe that this stock has further upside and is well worth looking at. Why i like it.... ENERGY Rising energy costs are hitting gold miners profits. Kitco extract... As oil rises in price, so does the cost of ore extraction and operations. We saw production energy and labor increases of +10% at some mines for 2005. This problem is still expanding particularly for mines in operation off the grid. This is the reason one large gold miner is building their own very expensive power plant in Nevada. Claude are an oil, gas and gold miner so oil price rises are good for them! PRODUCTION NOW In addition to the oil and gas they are producing 70,000 oz a year and this is growing. Recent upgrades to the mill and satellite deposits should see strong growth this year. EXPLORATION They have a massive potential on a range of excellect projects and joint ventures with majors such as Placer Dome. VALUE Gold at $700 should give them profits of around $20 Million. That would them on a P/E of 6-7! With the 'blue sky' (hate that term!) potential this has to be winner. ANy comments??
  9. Mr_Nice


    OK. I know I am radical which is probably another word for a c*nt. But if you have been unemployed for more than say 6 months then this is exactly the type of work you should be forced to do if you want to continue receiving benefits. Same goes for single mums. Whilst the kid is at school why should i pay for them to sit and smoke fags and eat pies? I think you might see a marked improvment in peoples efforts to get a a job! Well thats my cards on the table. I'll go now.
  10. I actually think that the lack of posting in some way is positive sign. The quality of postings on this site is far greater than that of e.g HPC and the likes of ADVFN and I suspect many users recognise that too and respect it and don't wish to post for fear of ridicule. I don't know if this is true and if it is what if anything can and should be done? I prefer to read less but of a higher quality. But to all those posters keep it up!
  11. Thanks for that. Well I won't make the accredited status just yet but not so very far so maybe next year. I will look the sites of the companies that place the shares to see if they have more accommodative terms. In the mean time if you had any suggestions on how lower net worth investors can get in I would be interested. AIM placements are much easier to get but far less attractive! Agreed. I once invested in a company called HIGHAMS systems and subsequently worked on a project with them and their management and was less than impressed. I quickly sold my shares and shortly after they tanked. So meeting the management must give you an edge. Incidentally, I had been in and out of MAW and had built up a very nice profit on the table and was about to top up again but saw a video presentation with their senior management. Quickly, changed my mind as all he kept going on about was 'getting the story' out. Well I agree that promoting the company is important but I think he had forgotten what the core of his business was. Have you met them?
  12. OK. Some back ground of what I am attempting to do here. I like advfn discussion but don't as rule post there and they tend to be more UK focused so I thought I would try this forum. Clearly I have looked and this company and like what I see and am having a 'speculative' punt. So my goal is not to ramp this stock but rather to understand others opinions and views. I also am interested in other people’s views on the points that i see as negative and positive as this will have a bearing on my future stock selection. Background TSX:PFN Market Cap just 13Million, Cash in the bank 3.5 Million. Resource 30.5 million tonnes containing 953,900 ounces of palladium (0.97 g/t), 329,500 ounces of platinum (0.34 g/t) and 59,500 ounces of gold (0.061g/t) with an additional 2.3 million tonnes containing 67,000 ounces of palladium (0.87g/t), 23,800 ounces of platinum (0.31g/t) and 4,000 ounces of gold (0.05 g/t) of Inferred Resources using a 0.7 g/t cut off (pt/pd). Valuation of SADAR measured resources Palladium: 300$ Million Platinum: 300$ Million So $600 Million of resources and a net valuation of 10 Million valuing the PGMS in the ground at circa $10 per OZ Stengths: Resources in the ground. Location of projects in both political terms and proximity to platinum majors make them a potential takeover project. No Debt. Weeknesses -Management are diversifying into Nickel does this suggest lack of faith in the river valley PGM project. -Complicated join ventures may put off of takeover approaches? -Very poor self promotion. ( I would be interested to look at the relationship between PR campaigns and stock price in general in the juniors section. I have in the past considered this and jumped on stocks if I see a first time add on kitco and it has been successful)
  13. Can you elaborate on getting in on Canadian Private placements. Cheers
  14. Just got here so sorry if in about 10 minutes I find an existing topic commenting on this site. But impressed so far. I have always appreciated your (Dr Bubb) comments on HPC and whilst I was aware and considering precious metal etc it was your analysis that led me to invest considerable amounts and needless to say this has been a good year for me! Of late i have grown tired of HPC, hence the few posts. I browse advfn a lot but rarely post so this site looks like I may make a home here. Another reason I have lost much interest in HPC.co.uk is that I suspect that there will no longer be a crash in sterling terms at least. However, in commodity terms house are crashing and I believe will continue to do so for some time to come. And I take great comfort that no one at work or on the 'bus' (don’t use them they suck) is yet discussing gold, zinc, silver uranium etc. I will browse and digest what I seen here but I am specifically looking for advice on how to get into private placements in Canada. I am registered with Cornhill in the uk so get sent AIM listings etc. Cheers Jon