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  1. hello dr bubb, Where is the link to join the Kroma delay campaign? thanks! :-) We MUST spread this out if we want action from AYALA side.
  2. Cant wait for the turnover of Kroma! BTW, I was looking at the presentation and according to the number 57 photo, The Metropolitan suite ( Applicable to Contrast units only ) , there should be a sliding door partition, is this true? Are there photos of these partitions? Thanks :-)
  3. How can we achieve grade A office type rental?
  4. How come I am not allowed to post photos in here ? :-(
  5. My unit is 1 bedroom in the High Floors section :-) And yes, it would be great if we can achieve office grade rental.
  6. Kroma has 23 units ( maximum ) per floor :-)