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  1. That old Hopium sure helps us to stumble. David probably should slow down a little and think things through. He does exaggerate, and he's really eager, so that can put truth in a bind. But he tries. I guess my mantra is "Proceed with Caution" in most instances, and it's a good idea to get as much solid information as possible from whatever sources. David very well may be the reincarnation of Cayce. I just don't know. But there is a real resemblance. This life isn't easy. The checks, the balances, the constant adjustments and changes can be exhausting. It's worth it, though, and can be enjoyable. Re Drake, he gave me the creeps the first time I heard his voice. I listened to some of his stuff for awhile, but his words and delivery didn't ring true to my ears. I envy you your financial background. That's one area where I'm totally ignorant. I've always managed to get by on a little, and never thought much about money, but I'm beginning to get interested in the effects of wealth, or the lack of it, on human behavior, and how it works. This is the place to be for learning about that, and I'm reading.
  2. Maybe more of a continuation than reincarnation, like a family of souls who chose to keep physical resemblances and close association in order to complete an assignment. To mangle Hamlet a little, "There are more things in heaven and earth, akita, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." I do feel, and I choose the word "feel" rather than "believe" because I trust my feelings more than any human-taught belief, that some of us are here for a specific purpose to help in the advancement and ascension of this cycle of life on Earth, to learn and then lead others in some way to a more esoteric and evolved existence in mortality. David is doing that. For example, his involvement in the Law of One led him to his current activities in continuing the teachings of Ra, just as Jim McCarty and others are doing likewise in their own fashion. David incorporates and expands on many other subjects regarding life on Earth and beyond, just as all of us can if we put forth the effort in our own way and our own time.
  3. I lived in and near Hopkinsville (Hoptown) back in the 70s when I worked at Fort Campbell, and there was a fey aura all over that area. There was the Cayce story, the Bell Witch in Adams TN, Ghost Bridge near Oak Grove KY, all kinds of unusual happenings, and I dabbled in all of it. The energies were really mixed and powerful, what with all the variety of people in and out of Fort Campbell and the surrounding communities, and that was a very interesting period in my life.
  4. Ha. He'll be the same hateful smelly old goat, baaing and butting at everything that moves, but harmless if you don't get too close.
  5. This is turning into a pretty cool thread. I'm going to watch these videos and check back in tomorrow. Softly, thanks for the boost on my writing. It's just stuff that goes through my head and heart and out my fingers, so you'll probably find it all right here. If it gets to be too much, which I doubt, I can do a wordpress thing. And right back atcha. Your writing is rather awesome, and I always look forward to your posts. You have a lot to share.
  6. Bo Mikael probably made a lot of real and bogus connections because of his daddy. The only sure thing is, it's all about money and power. That motive can get really sinister.
  7. Is C.E.R.N. that powerful? I know that Isaiah says it now, I just don't remember it being that way a year ago or a lifetime ago. So strange I don't know. Things are getting curiouser, though. There have been so many translations of the Bible that anything can mean anything. The Jewish Publication Society English translation from the original Hebrew says the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, yadayada, and the lion, like the ox, shall eat straw. If I was the lamb, whether it was a wolf or a lion, I'd be a little nervous. Like Woody Allen says, the lamb won't get much sleep. Not much is static in this world. Things just flow and change, and we don't notice until there's a big difference. I don't know much about CERN, except it's a particle collider, and my brain won't wrap around that. It just goes duh. Help, anybody? Correction - CERN is the mixed gang of nuclear science types that made the collider, and there are lots of tunnels and heavy stuff in France and Switzerland.
  8. And, beautiful short story akita. I enjoyed reading it. Captivating. Have you thought about writing a book? Thanks, agaye. Nah, no books. That would be too much like work. I just have a lot of memories of my grandmother and the things she taught me. When I had sassed her or acted up, she would say, "Now, child, we need to talk," and she would talk and I listened. Daddy said she never ever hit any of her kids. She just talked to them. Memoirs, maybe, here and there, like I'm doing now. But I couldn't handle a book. My brain is too scattered.
  9. I'm not biblical but I too remember it as The lion shall lay down with the lamb. Isaiah does say the wolf also shall dwell with the lamb. I think the mixup started with that old song "Peace in the Valley", that says "and the lion shall lay down by the lamb." It's all Elvis' fault for singing it. My generation can remember Elvis songs better than anything, so yours picked it up, too. We believed in Elvis.
  10. Eilish probably thought better of her hasty invitation and tried to back out, and RVD pushed. Then he put what he calls God to the test to provide for him. I read somewhere that God will not be mocked, so RVD was left to his own devices. He had plenty of good advice from people whose vision of the probable outcome was much clearer than his own. So he twisted the story line, got angry, upset people, and wound up in a hotel begging for money again. Even Aristo went further with suggestions than he usually does, and was ignored. So the pattern is holding, and we can expect more of the same when he returns. He'll rant about the Hate Ron people, who truly have tried to help, while his "friends" are horselaughing about how easy it is to manipulate him. and a few bleeding hearts send him money. What a life.
  11. She was born in 1881, and couldn't even vote until 1920. Without women like her, this country would have failed miserably. Those weren't the good old days. There never were any, to my knowledge. Life was brutal and hardscrabble and totally not fair. But we survived, and now it's up to us. Oh, and she lived to be 92.
  12. Having morning coffee on this Memorial Day, and remembering my grandmother. I only had one, my daddy's mother, since my mother's mother died before I was a twinkle in my daddy's eyes. Ma, as we called her, was a wise woman. Back then there were very few male doctors, so the women had to do most of the medicine work. Ma mixed potions and ointments, was a midwife, treated wounds, everything. She watched over the farm critters and was their veterinarian. She raised a huge garden, and grew her own medicinal herbs. She taught school for a few years after she graduated from high school, since there was no college close enough. She had nine children of her own, four boys and five girls. Her own mother died of typhoid fever when Ma was ten years old. She was the oldest, and raised her younger brother and sister. She lost one of her sons when he was three to scarlet fever, and another one was killed in a tornado that hit the schoolhouse when he was fourteen. Ma's people were Scots-Irish, tough and smart and independent. They took care of their own, and resented any interference in their private business. When I was a kid, every Sunday after church we made the 30-mile trip out to the farm to visit with her and Poppy, as we called my grandfather. The whole tribe would show up, and my cousins and I would explore everything we could in the barns and the old farmhouse (where I lived until a few years ago, more later about that). Ma made the best biscuits in the world, and on Sunday she would make extra so we kids could grab one off the old cookstove (she never cooked on an electric stove). She was a phenomenal cook, and could lay out a whole feast with pies and cakes and fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and green beans and tomatoes and corn, everything you could imagine. There was nothing my Ma couldn't do, except drive the old T-model Ford. Women didn't drive back then, and there weren't many cars around anyway. But she could ride a horse like nobody's business. Daddy used to tell me that when Ma was younger, she had hair black as a fire coal that fell to the floor, and every night she would stand in the living room and comb it out, and then put it in a braid before she went to bed. She was a small woman, and was beautiful. I've seen pictures of her from then, and couldn't believe it. Life was hard. There was no end of things that absolutely had to be done, and they got done. Speaking of which, I have things that have to be done, so I"ll leave off for now. I haven't even begun to do justice to my Ma, but maybe I can do more as time allows. She was awesome, and I could never live up to her.
  13. I like the temp name, too. And men can certainly be crones. Gender has little to do with it. I would also like to welcome old souls in young bodies, if there are any present. I live in southwest Virginia, back in the hills close to Tennessee, and OOPS, I just caught leelou's post, and she's another Blue Ridge Virginian. We certainly have seasons, with blizzards and floods and heat and cold, and it's beautiful. Right now it's GREEN. I've lived here all my life except for a couple of excursions, and am a born and bred hillbilly. I turned 70 back in October. I'm twice divorced and once widowed, my last husband having died of cancer several years ago. I live alone except for a pack of unruly dogs that other people mostly set out, and lots of yard birds and deer and coons and skunks and a bear or two and much wildlife. I never had children of my own, but helped raise a couple of needy boys, who survived my oddities and are doing quite well in Atlanta and Raleigh. Hot damn, Softly, come on home and all us'ns can have a big homecoming and dinner on the ground! DrBubb, looks like so far you have some mountain hermit crones on the roster, for a start. And I certainly agree, RVD not spoken here. I need advice on practical matters sometimes, and will share what I remember of what I've learned (yes, my memory is going) when needful. Thanks!
  14. Welcome, leelou. Softly is the best at handling quotes and posts, if you need help. I'm not so good at it myself.
  15. Good morning akita....I'm all for that....I could tell of my many mistakes and tell the young how not make the same ones I made? lol Thee and me. Even though circumstances may differ, the causes and effects are pretty much the same. We can talk about irrational fear, defiance, ignorance, all kinds of things that affect thought and behavior, and have some good laughs and tears. I generally only see actual humans when I go into town for dog food at the Walmart, since I live in the woods and am pretty much solitary except for critters, so I could do with a little human communication from time to time on subjects other than RVD.