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  1. Nothing but respect goes to you M. All things that have a beginning must have an end. My time here is done, good bye GEI, was fun.
  2. if your subjective interpretation of your small little world is this "truth" that you speak of ... then NO it is gold melted into the shape of an aboriginal/native chief, like i said already... or perhaps not... so then enlighten me
  3. Yes sweety, there is ... good luck! I am an altruistic person, I work for the benefit of others. I am not saying you are not/don't, I am just saying that I am not doing as you say "watching out for numero 1", 'tending my own garden', or just saving/helping myself, nor am I advocating such things. - some of you here, and all over this 'net', seem to think that a good use of your time is stopping people from getting a few cents, perhaps that is all you are capable and competent enough to do I am saying that, from my perspective, it is disgraceful towards a group of peoples and/or a way of life. The question mark is there because it is my own subjective analysis. aboriginal = nature, co-existing with nature indefinitely, preserving land and many other life-giving, beautiful, and wonderful things gold bar = greed, cavitation, destroying land and extracting it from its natural place for this fucked up system to run, etc.
  4. groups of people saying 'NO' will change the world... you make laugh ... this is a system lady, a well designed system, it doesn't care if you say no, it will show you to the complaint form, or call security and have your ass thrown in jail, say no all you want, all talk and no walk is what i'm hearing go stand outside with the christians and their anti-abortion signs or alongside drbubb and his disgraceful? avatar picture --- i asked you once what that meant but you decided to ignore me, ill tell you what i think it means aboriginal = nature, co-existing with nature indefinitely, preserving land and many other life-giving, beautiful, and wonderful things gold bar = greed, cavitation, destroying land and extracting it from its natural place for this fucked up system to run, etc. why, out of all the pictures of something sculpted into a gold bar, did you choose an aboriginal chief? maybe a golden-phallus would have been more representative
  5. 'we are the ones we have been waiting for' means that you are the one that can make a difference for your own life, and those around you trying to 'change the world' unless you own all the banks, media agencies, and have trillions of dollars is rather immature but obviously your life is your choice and the consequences will also be yours, be they good/bad 'you are the one you have been waiting for' does not mean neglecting your own responsibilities and duties because you spent too much time being a 'truth warrior on acore', which resulted in what? another puppet getting elected and making no difference? its 2016 ... time to wake up 'truth warriors' tick tock goes the clock
  6. The supreme being desires that we all grow and evolve. Being challenged, being pushed, etc. is one of the methods. Giving people what they want, in my experience, results in them realizing it isn't what they want. Does it keep them like children? - for some yes for some no - no because you can move on and find what you truly want - yes if you choose to do the same thing repeatedly It is not always necessary to be challenged to become 'full adults', or allies(slaves) of god, one can evolve and mature (a never-ending process, hence why i put 'full adults' in quotation marks) if he/she simply makes a firm and consistent decision to do so, therefore bypassing being challenged Heaven on Earth is already here and has always been here, along with all the other options/possibilities that we see and know of.
  7. There is a tidal wave coming from all of the lies, disinformation, vaccines, altered-history, manipulations, pharmaceuticals and other poisons, tyranical medical, education, government institutions. and many more atrocities. Once the wave subsides, just like with any other natural disaster, there will be a lot of broken habitats and people What we can do is build ourselves up, our roots, our relations, our health, our families, our minds, so that we can be there for those who will be needing help. Because for now, everyone is still lying to themselves; believing "i'm 'ok'". I think the cause is us (humanity) who have not grown up yet enough to understand the results of excessive greed and lack of responsibility for ourselves. What is required is maturation and responsibility, which can only be achieved through "growing up", which some have yet to do even in their late years. In regards to Neil Young's song: When we lay aside our 'stories' and useless baggage, we can begin to live, to give, and subsequently unite with our 'heart of gold' =) before we 'get old', meaning: have no energy or desire to do so anymore
  8. If the 5 senses are not to be trusted, then what can be? Our memory? Can't trust that. There goes the 'past'. Nevertheless, the 'dream argument' only says that we should not fully trust our 5-senses, but we can make use of them. So what do we use to discern? Now we are getting into fringe.
  9. Another question is: are we being played? What if "time" is actually running backwards, and we are moving towards the computer. What if we are being played like a record. Just as you can fire up a DVD with a movie from 20 years ago and have a full-sensory experience as if it was happening 'now'.
  10. vladimir899

    Busting Big Pharma & Monsanto

    “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine” http://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/05/14/how-big-pharma-chooses-which-drugs-to-develop/
  11. In this day and age, corruption, greed, ego, and many other negative emotions, actions, and beliefs, can give you power, money, fame, etc. If anyone is waiting for RVD to learn from his mistakes or admit to his mistakes, you need a wake-up call. His system is working for him, clearly. So his "mistakes" are what? Simply your judgements and beliefs about right/wrong. Not pointing any fingers; light breeds dark and dark breeds light.
  12. White power! <--- sarcastic cliche, not my stance! With a video from the aboriginal melded into a gold bar! =p I wonder what that represents. It is like a volleyball game, purple-power, now we go to orange-power, now we go back to purple-power, and back again for another round! Divide and conquer at it's finest, the brightest of us all pushing it. =( Indeed 'become who you are', but don't become a color, a pole (MGTOW/feminist), or a polarity. Unless of course, that is all you are and all you are capable of. =(
  13. I believe that his projects are real, for sure. However, they are just another step of the "totalitarian-tip-toe". Whether he is conscious of this or not.
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    Brexit: Will it happen? What then?

    Go Britain you can do it! Detach! He makes good points in his video.
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    Busting Big Pharma & Monsanto

    Type 1 Diabetes is destruction of the beta cells within the pancreas that produce insulin, resulting in a lack of production and a necessity for exogenous insulin. It is an auto-immune response, where the body targets it's own insulin-producing cells and destroys them, reasons for this are "unknown" to the medical community. Type 2 Diabetics still have full production of insulin but their bodies are unable to use it efficiently/effectively, resulting in an increase in glucose in the bloodstream. The whole "lower chance of hypo" is pretty diabolical and is pretty much a scam. About 10 years ago or so, don't quote me, they came out with a 24 hour duration insulin called Lantus, which trumped the previous 12 hour duration insulin. So theoretically because it has a longer duration of effect the "chance of hypoglycaemia" is lower, which is more just fancy talk. There are fast-acting insulins like Humalog, and many others, which if you mess up the dosage or forget to eat after injecting can you put you into quite a pickle, which will not occur with long-acting insulins. Levemir has a 12-24 hour duration, more like 16 hours, just like lantus, more like 16, which is why they are neck in neck, "low chance of hypo" has more to do with duration than "ingenious invention" or "lower risk of hypo", confuse the patient, confuse the marketer, confuse the researcher, confuse them all. Just like the horrible diet with "shit-shakes" article you linked that kept type 2 diabetics blood sugar stable. It is not very hard to stabilize a type 2 diabetic with an adequate-calorie proper diet and exercise. Using insulin is a nightmare, very complicated, and highly dangerous. I do not have any hope for the pharmaceutical community, they are an entity that seeks only monetary gain, not to help patients, which is fine by me, they can do as they please. Some pour much too much hope in them, hoping that one day they will solve their problems, they are only into problem-maintenance, not solutions.
  16. Although I do see your point. We can't sit idly and let these figure-heads decide our fate without discerning. You study and research the information available, keep a level-head, inform others on many levels, and many more things, probably more than anyone realizes or sees. We can't sit idly, we don't want history to repeat itself, we are putting forth the effort and doing what we can; what more can be done other than push even harder.
  17. Perhaps you care, and truly want to see him well. Especially if you have been following him for a while and had admiration. Indeed, a true friend will tell you the truth, even with the risk or breaking the friendship. For if it was a true friendship, it would be re-melded.
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    Busting Big Pharma & Monsanto

    I am a t1 so I have been on Lantus and other slow-acting's. Interesting to bump into the same experiences but from completely different vantage points when talking with you. Although, I would probably assume that you would have worked on/come across a wide-variety and it is mere coincidence. Do you have any insights into the causes of the destruction of the beta-cells causing t1 diabetes? More than just what is available out there? Do you have any insights into new inventions, that are not yet released to the public, that would be able to lower blood sugar, resulting in providing insight into how insulin lowers blood sugar and/or how one can find alternative methods to lower blood sugar? I've been able to have periods of time where I have done no insulin and my blood sugar has remained stable, while eating carbohydrates/normally, but have been unable to sustain this, more due to discipline and other intervening factors. Lantus has been around for a decade or so now, are we talking about the same thing; as you are saying that it is being released just this year. Enbrel would be provided at 3000$ CAD/month where I am currently residing. Although I would have no interest to take it even if it were given for free. And as soon as you stop taking it, the effects of the drug stop, and the problems with the disease come back, usually worse than when you started taking the drug, and multiple other "problems" have popped up in the mean time that the drug either has or hasn't masked/covered. I know someone that has been taking it for 20 years, and for the first part of those 2 decades, everything was fantastic, now she is starting to have pain and issues even on the drug. She wants to stop the drug, but does she have a choice at this point? IMO, no.
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    Apple just blew a hole in the $100 support

    Nope. "Second place" is the first loser; the first person/party that lost.
  20. I don't know how this website reacted when Obama was soon-to-be in power, but I have a feeling it was optimistic and hopium/hopieistic. What happened when he got in power? Even worse than Bush. My prediction is that: "history repeats itself."
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    Busting Big Pharma & Monsanto

    I am talking about the simple molecules getting into the cells. It is not bioavability because that is something else. "Molecules entering cells" are the difference between why for one individual 1 ibuprofen capsule will have a dramatic effect, while in another it takes 5 capsules to have the same effect. My understanding and knowledge on this subject and for the reason as to why this occurs is low, perhaps you would like to shed more light onto why this phenomenon takes place from a professional/medical/literary perspective, it would be much appreciated. I know about TNF-blockers, Humira, Enbrel, etc. because they have been aggressively pushed onto me, even though I have refused to take any. These are biologics and, like you said: specific process targeting and efficacy. In this case, they inhibit an aspect of the immune system, which leads to an increase in risk of infections and cancers, which is not just "kidney/organ elimination damage" as you stated, however each case is individual and we are both citing different cases/situations. This is a very fascinating example of what the body can exponential amplify, given only a minute amount of a "trigger", which could provide the cutting/leading-edge discovers soon-to-come. The placebo effect is something that extends to the other "bodies", which is something science will take a while to come into realization of. Everyone knows about 1. the physical body, now we are coming into the understand of 2. the mental body, the highly-misunderstood and some belief to be non-exitant and that is the animating-component of life, which some term 3. the "spiritual/soul/spirit body". "effective treatments" are already here and are available for little money. However, they are not for the weak-minded, weak-willed, ignorant, superficial, etc. "The cabal" is not keeping anything from the masses, per se. There are corporations and vested interests by the hundreds, if not thousands, that are trying their best to keep these from the public, for their own monetary gain. This whole implanting nanobots, chemtrails, mind-maniplation with all sorts of wild weapons and ideas, etc., gets taken way out of context and proportion due to lack of education/information (ignorance). As for "tinkering with our immune system", they don't even need to do that when people are obsessed with "the cabal", "nanoparticles", crazy consipracy theories, all day and all night (during their dreams) that keeps them in the autonomic flight/fight nervous system.
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    Busting Big Pharma & Monsanto

    A drug or medicine needs not only enter the system, and subsequently circulation, but also the cells of the body, which is quite a difficult task, as there are so many cells in the human body and quite a high number of issues that will inhibit the drug/medicine to reach and/or penetrate the required cells. msparks, how much have you come across this notion? how much importance/research is placed upon this? what other insights can you give us regarding this? That is why there is so much programming and mind-manipulation occurring. It is clear that they are a few steps ahead and are laying out the bread crumbs. The thing with most medicine/drugs that the system creates go 1 of 2 ways: 1. it has a profound effect - a "cure" but over a longer period of time the effect almost instantaneously disappears or a different "effect" appears 2. the effect is only temporary, therefore the drug/medicine must be administered continuously or the "disease" returns. And if there is a monopoly then the providers can set the price to whatever they wish These 2 can be argued that they are one and the same, which would give rise to the questions: 1. why are all drugs/medicines temporary? 2. why does an individual have perfect health upon the first period of their lives and then subsequently loses it -- epigenetics "Experimenting with DNA" can be as innocent as putting up the ideas that "asian women are hot", therefore combining/experimenting/manipulating DNA, which would otherwise, theoretically never mix. ex. caucasian with asian If this has been done for thousands of years, through conquering and pillaging... we know the rest DNA experimenting/combining can be as far-fetched as advanced genetic scientists doing their thing. But more likely and simply: combining the human genome with animal species, or just coming to the realization that we came from bacteria and along line of evolutions and therefore have bacterial, mammalian, reptilian (reptile-family), etc. DNA within our current genome/DNA structure As was previously thought: "90% of DNA was 'junk' DNA", which is simply just ancestral DNA from the creatures we have evolved from -- feel free to give your opinion on this Epigenetics, is relatively new and it is more accurate than "DNA experimenting" or "DNA manipulation". It involves which segment/genes are expressed. Since there is just such a vast amount of information within our DNA that is unused, it is more about which strands of DNA get expressed into protein-strands and subsequently have an affect on one's current physical body. The ability to turn genes on or off is quite a vast subject. What is not properly understood is that it is not the "immediate environment" that affects the genes, meaning the environment outside of your body. Gene expression is affected by the environment within the body, within the cells, etc.. Aka. the chemicals/substances/nutrients/toxins within the human organism (the inter/intra-cellular fluid, blood, lymph, etc.)